"The Blue Tornado is back and he is burning up the track"

Thesis Statement
Sonic is back with all his friends and even his enemies. Sonic Heroes has taken a new turn in Sonic history. Sega has came up with a team of three system. The teams consist of a speed character, power character, and flight character. This is the best next generation Sonic.

Control 10
The controls are responsive, easy to get the hang of no complaints. The controls don't differ from SA2b or SADX.

Graphics 10
The graphics look beautiful. The characters' are well done and the levels are stunning. The bright colors combined with the speed the game moves can be a bother. The speed causes my eyes to blur but that is minor and only happens after about 2 hours of not taking my eyes off the screen.

Sound 10
The sound is right on target. The music sounds like other Sonic games. The voice acting is well done and I have no gripes on. The characters don't have the ''vampire teeth'' when they talk (Remember SADX?). The theme songs are like the last games, a hit and miss the kind of stuff most people have came to expect.

Game Play 10
THE CHAOS EMERALDS ARE IN A 3-D SONIC FOR THE FIRST TIME!! Sega finally has given the task to collect emeralds back to the heroes. The Ranking system has came back once again. So racing to get A rank is a goal once again. It has gotten a lot easier and the missions have now been reduced to just getting through the stage in a time limit. The team system works well and gets simple. There are four teams. Team Sonic contains; Sonic, Tails, Knuckles. Team Dark contains; Shadow, Rouge, and E-123. Team Rose is made up of; Amy Rose, Cream and Cheese, and Big. The last team took me by surprise but maybe this means Sega hasn't forgotten about the chaotix. Team Chaotix consists of; Espio, Vector, and Charmy.

Story 10
The story is actually stories. They don't appear to overlap but they might. The game isn't about story so if you expect Final Fantasy story you may be better off playing that.

Final 10
Sonic is back and better than his other 3-D games. This game has been design for multiple level of gamers with difficulty different for each team, what could be better? I love this game after only a few hours and I am sure fellow Sonic fans will not be disappointed. Get it! You will thank your self.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 01/07/04

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