Review by krillin4553

Reviewed: 01/09/04

It's been worth the wait!

It's been a while since we saw the first screens and its finally here. A brand new Sonic console game after a long while since the Dreamcast days. But Sonic and his pals are back and taking a new spin on the series. As some people know Chaotix which had the teams wasn't to good but they gave it another shot and its freaking awesome.
Graphics 10/10
The graphics are great. I have been playing for hours and had no lag at all. Also, the CG movies are great it totally blew my dad's mind when he saw it. They're good but I do find that somewhat strange. But for some people including myself it goes to fast for the camera angles. Like remember in Sonic Adventure Two running from the semi. Well in this one you run from two rocks in the first level and there are so many turns and your going so fast and the camera is set on you and you have almost no clue where your going. And that's the only flaw on this.
Story 8/10
The story is a little unclear. I'm playing the first few levels and then I get to a casino like level and they mention they only have a day until um what? It needs a little more information or maybe its easy to miss something in this game.
Controls 9/10
The controls take a while to learn. If your a real Sonic veteran you will find that the controls are like the Sonic Adventure series. Except one thing the Y and X buttons are used to change your team leader. A little annoying at times but you get used to it.
Gameplay 10/10
I played this game before I went to school this morning because school got delayed for snow and didn't want to leave but I did. The gameplay is a lot like Sonic Adventure Two. Except for two things. Extremely long levels and everyone's attacks are basically the same just a little different except for the team blasts. But even though all the story's are basically the same it doesn't keep you from having a great time. Also, one story line is almost completely different the Chaotix story the only cool character in that one though is Espio.
Sound 9/10
Not to shabby. Some of the sounds are from Sonic Adventure One or Two I can't remember. But the option music and sounds are the same. The music isn't that bad at all like the Sonic Heroes' theme. Also, the song that plays in the Dark team opening is great.
Overall 10/10
An excellent game with some minor flaws. But they can be easily overlooked. This is a great way to spend the fifty dollars you got for Christmas.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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