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"Heroes or Zeroes?"

After a controversial debate, the biggest hacking scene in Sonic history, and eager waiting, the Sonic game of the year has finally been released. Heroes may not seem it, but it is actually the first original Sonic console game in two and a half years.

Even though by now this is a rare misconception, I want to get it out of the way. Sonic Heroes is NOT a continuation of the Sonic Adventure series.

Sonic Heroes introduces a new style of gameplay to the industry, featuring team based operation, with each member having different abilities. The three formations suit the three team members, allowing for an experience unlike any other game. This is not quite as good as it sounds, however.

The graphics in Sonic Heroes are absolutely gorgeous. They knock out anything we've previously seen be a mile. The only complaint I have is how everyone is shiny. It just doesn't really fit.
10 out of 10


The Team gameplay is surprisingly fun, and you'll find yourself returning for more quite often. However, there are problems. To change team members, you have to be on the ground. This is really annoying when you fall off a ledge and can't switch to the flying character. Another problem is that your team shifts position when changing formation, so you can easily fall off ledges.
7 out of 10


I appreciate the gift of sound from God, but this game makes me wish I were deaf. If this is not the worst voice acting in history, I don't want to know what is, because this is incredibly bad for a Sonic game - which is REALLY bad. I dare you to find a game that places sound and captions at the bottom of the screen every 15 seconds. Other than this once of course. Some of the characters' voices are so nauseating (Tails, Charmy, Amy, Cream, Big) that you'll mute the game. The music itself is like an 80's style techno, which fails because it is SO repetitive. This is a huge letdown in my opinion.
2 out of 10


There aren't many problems other than the camera. Moving it around can be very confusing, and you'll find yourself getting hit while fooling around with it. The game also does many things for you, which can be annoying. The formation change gates are bad because it throws you off of your plans.
7 out of 10

Replay Value

Very similar to Sonic Adventure 2 for me in this aspect. With many teams and levels, along with 140 emblems to grab, this will last a while. The 2 player mode isn't bad either.
10 out of 10


The first game of its kind, Sonic Heroes does the job well.
10 out of 10


I will admit that this game exceeded my expectations in fun, but it was worse in many ways too. Heroes would have been much better if they had taken a few more weeks to finish polishing it up. It seems a little bit rough for a Sonic Team game, and since it's Sega's mascot, you'd think they'd be more careful.
8 out of 10


Heroes is a fun game that is worth a buy if you bought the Sonic Adventure games, but better off as a rental for everyone else.


8 out of 10

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 01/09/04

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