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Reviewed: 01/09/04

Old - School Sonic With A New Twist

Sonic Heroes will leave you jumping for joy or out crying. Most of you won't have any problems with this game, but others who are picky about sounds and/or graphics, or don't like three character gameplay, may be disappointed in witnessing the blue blur's latest adventure.

Story: 9 /10

The storyline style is basic just like SEGA had done it during the Genesis. (This is NOT by any means ''Bad'' though)It's not as in - depth in plot like the Sonic Adventure games, which some may or may not like. However, it's charming, and the fact that all four teams have a story and cinemas is a plus. For Old - School's sake and Cinemas added into the game, it gets a 9.

Graphics: 9 /10

The graphics were just what I was expecting - about the same as the Sonic Adventure games. Unfortunately, Sonic Adventure 2: Battle's graphics were more flamboyant, and it's sad they didn't make the visuals at least as good. No major complaints though - the game is still colorful and visually appealing, and even surpasses others I've seen. And for those reasons, it gets a fair, solid 9.

Sound: 8 / 10

Not as charming as the Sonic Adventure games, but still better than other games by far. (Believe me, the music is still worthy of recognition) It's sad that they couldn't have made the sounds (and the voice acting) at least as good as past Sonic games though. Again, no destructive complaints, but the voice acting forced me to bring the grade in this category down to an 8.

Gameplay: Depends

There's a new twist to this game: and that's the fact that you play with not one but three characters at one time. The characters are split into teams: Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles in Team Sonic; Shadow, Rouge, and Omega in Team Dark; Amy, Cream, and Big the Cat in Team Rose; and Vector, Espio, and Charmy in Team Chaotix. The fact that you play with three characters at one time will appeal to some and be disgraceful to others. Some like being able to play ''just Sonic'' or ''just Shadow'', and that's understandable, especially if you're a hard - core Sonic fan. On the bright side, most of you will actually grow to enjoy this new style, or at least be able to live with it. It all comes down to the person playing.

Replay value: 9 / 10

With Multiplayer mode, Sound Test, Movies, 4 different teams to choose from, loads of emblems, and a wide variety of other options, this game shines in the replay category and will likely have you playing for several hours. It gets a well deserved 9.


. Old - School gameplay
. 4 different teams; all were nice additions
. No Chao
. New style of gameplay (Three characters instead of one)
. Decent amount of cinemas
. Special Stages! (Like in the Genesis)


. Same bad cameras (They have improved on this, though)
. A few bad voice actings (Tails being one of them)
. If you don't like the new style of gameplay
. Story could have been more in - depth like Sonic Adventure
. Graphics could have been improved a notch, as with sounds


9 / 10 - If you approve of or enjoy team gameplay, you're also likely to not mind the minor lack in the sound and graphics department too, which is why this game gets a 9.

6 / 10 - If you hate the gameplay or anything else I explained with a passion.

Most any Sonic game is pure gold in gaming sense, which is why they have become so popular. (And have attracted so many fans - like me) Some will like Sonic Heroes, others won't - but most will! If you're a Sonic fan this is an automatic ''at least rent'' but to most of you I say BUY! (Isn't it refreshing to play games as fast - paced as our busy lives?)

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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