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"How lazy is lazy?"

Sonic Heroes is a game that was eagerly awaited by many Sonic fans everywhere. This is about Sonic Heroes, a game I expected at least SA2:B or SA:DX quality from.

Graphics 6/10:

The graphics in this game are not great. In the story select menu (where you select which team you want to play) they look like old Mario Party people. In other words, not too colorful, and kinda board game like. Its better in-game which is where it matters, but not much better. The graphics are quite bad but there are some graces that save this from lower than a 6. I just have one question, why does everyone look so shiny? Its getting to be an annoying trend.

Engine (camera controls etc.) 4/10:

First of all, the camera is horrible as in most Sonic games. I don't know what is wrong with Sonic Team but they just seem to have some disorder with programming cameras. 3D games made in 1997 and before had better cameras, which is saying a lot about how bad this camera is. Now the controls, they are ok in most places, but in the Special Stages, I can't tell you how many times the characters got stuck for no reason and repeatidly hammering the boost button did nothing to help. The game fails here, but there is more failure to go around.

Gameplay 2/10:

Ok now this is where the laziness REALLY shows. If you play through a story that has long levels (like team dark or team sonic) you may notice something. What you may notice is, that the level repeats itself identically, most likely because they were too lazy, of course the second time around you may go to a new area where the level ends. I don't understand why they did this, but going through a level twice within the same level (like going through level 5 twice while still in level 5) isn't exactly fun. Oh yeah, then you have to go through the level AGAIN (though there may be a part or two not in the other teams level) for the other teams. Now I could go through the levels more than once in Sonic 3 with different characters, but when most levels reapeat themselves and the fun is hard to find, it is not too fun. Not to mention the whole 3 person thing is a gimmic hoping to make sales.

Sound 5/10:

The game has horrible voice acting, Tails sounds like he has peanut butter jammed in his mouth, even worse than in previous games. Cream has the most annoying high pitched voice you could ever hear. And I'm not gonna bother explaining Big, Amy, or Charmy. Not to mention even the acting isn't too good. Expressionless voices aren't too good when facial expressions are few and far between. The thing saving this from total and utter failure is the music. The music is good, but nothing great.

Lastibility and replayibility 3/10:

The game is short, I beat it in a few days. There is plenty of replayability crammed into this game, if you don't mind being bored. This game is good for a few times through then becomes tedious and boring.

Final score 5/10:

Even though gameplay and replayability is the meat of a game I gave this a 5/10 because Sega obviously tried and the game IS fun, for a bit. Anyway its your choice to buy or rent, if you're a Sonic fan I'd suggest buying, but even a fan like me didn't like it too much. renting it could get the job done. Of course this is just my opinion so don't take it like the ''Word of the Game Guru'' or something. Either way I hope you squeeze the fun out of this game and have the most fun you can have with it.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 01/11/04

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