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"Sonic Heroes Overcomes All Odds!"

Well, I guess it really is time to get some new heroes...and MAN! We got those Heroes!

As most of you know, Sonic Heroes allows you to take control of 3 characters per team and that there are 4 teams: Dark, Sonic, Rose and Chaotix.

Gameplay: 10/10
The controls for the game are top-notch. Difficult moves to exicute, but easy to remember the button movements. Like Team Blast. A POWERFUL move that is exicuted by hitting only one button. A simple move to do and good one at that.

Sound/Voices: 9/10
The sound is good, but the songs with words can be hard to understand at times ('This Machine' for instance). The music in stages retreats back to the old Sonic The Hedgehog style, but redone with an up-beat, head-banging (sometimes) music! The only flaw with music: The theme wasn't the hard-core rock of the last 2 Adventure games, but it was good none the less.

Now to the voices. They're great, and would have been better if they had kept the SA2 voices in this game *excluding the Chaotix, Cream, E-123 Omega, and Big* Tails' voice sounds like a little kid, Cream is a bit too childish and Charmy is just plain....scary....

But why does Tails' voice sound so familiar to us? Well, if you own the Sonic Movie *a two part series in Japan*, it's the same voice. Luckily, it doesn't sound like Tails has a really bad stuffed nose.

Story: 10/10
Well...Sonic games of the past have all consisted on ONE story. Until we entered the Blue Blur's 3D generation. Sonic Adventure/DX introduced the seperate character story lines. Fishing, Shooting, and Hunting were introduced to us, and now, I'm kinda glad *and a little sad* that they're gone.

SA Random Factoid: Gamma was only introduced because Sonic players in Japan wanted a Sonic game with a shooting capability, but SA Director said that Sonic would NEVER hold a gun *except in my fan art*, so Gamma was introduced.

Anyway. Since each character had their own story, they all kinda blended together in some way. Sonic met with Amy *some stories even had the same cutscenes!* Gamma met with Big and so on and so forth.

SA2/SA2:B introduced a new type of story mode...Hero and Dark. They REALLY overlapped each other *the whole Sonic VS Shadow thing* And when you beat each one, they came together to make the ending, which was really...*sniffle and tear*...sad.

FINALLY, I come to my point about the stories. Each Team has a story of their own.

Sonic: As usual, they just wanna stop eggman's plot of releasing an super weapon on the earth.

Dark: Shadow and Omega wanna get revenge for being locked up and Rouge just heard that Eggman has emeralds.

Chaotix: They're detectives, so they hear about a huge bounty if they solve this mystery.

Rose: They wanna find stuff. Amy wants to find Sonic, Cream is searching for Cheese's brother Choco and Big wants to find Froggy *ah....Good ol' SA....*

Graphics and Characters: 9/10
The graphics are really TOP NOTCH! Cel Shading became a new type of graphical design, but this type of design may revolutionize the modern least until Halo 2 is released...

The reason for the 9...the characters. And I'm not talking about the playable ones. Those are the ones we all love and loath *Personally, I hate Amy, but that's just me. Cream and Big are cool...* The characters I'm talking about are the enemies within stages and the first ship that you see in the Sonic Heroes movie. I mean, from the first couple screen shots released, it seems like all the monsters are mecha-crabs. I know there are others, but I mean....

Now the first ship we see in the movie...what's with it?! It looks like a fish to me. Looks like a giant plane that would be in Billy Hatcher *a very, VERY fine game, if I don't say so myself*

Well, it looks like my review is reaching the end, but I have a few last things to say. Like SSB:M, this game will truly shine among others. It goes into the awesomeness*is that a word?* of the new demension of gaming, but at the same time, returns Sonic The Hedgehog back to his action roots.*not that the Adventure games were bad. I loved them* The gameplay and replay abilities of this game are truly, truly remarkable.

So is it a 'buy', 'rent', or 'screw this, I'm going home'? Well, for a hard-core Sonic fan, or just the budding flower of the new generation of the Blur's followers, it is DEFINATLY a buy.
On the otherhand, we have people who think Sonic is fun, but just not worth keeping for a long time. If you are like that, then rent the game *and truly, depending on where you go, 5 days-to one week really isn't enough time to beat this game, unless you play non-stop*
Then we have the 'disser-dossers'. The 'd-ds' are those who give poor ratings to this game *look at the review that gave it a four and a 6* so you can ::cough cough imitates Cartman:: 'Screw this, I'm going home.'

So in conclusion, this game is a gem for the Sonic Lover.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 01/11/04

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