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"12 Heroes, 4 Teams, 1 Amazing Game!"

Sonic Team has outdone themselves with their new game, Sonic Heroes is a mix of High Speed Action with a small amount of adventure. This game is not like the Sonic Adventure series so it is more of an Action game than an adventure.

Story 10/10

In sonic heroes there are four different teams to choose from each with their own difficulty level and story. Each Team and story is unique and are very enjoyable. The four teams stories do not affect any of the others like in Sonic Adventure 2 Battle so it's much better to play all four of them instead of just one and trying to figure out what the others are like. There are even seven Chaos Emeralds to collect. So to know what the game truly has in store for you, you'll need to play it for yourself to find out.

Gameplay 10/10

The gameplay in Sonic heroes is closer to the style in the original Sonic games, Run through levels at incredible speeds while collecting rings and destroying Eggman's robots. But this game adds a new twist to the gameplay. Using teams of three characters you must dash through, break, or fly over certain obstacles. Each team has three formations, Fly, Speed, and Power, each member being the best at one of those three attributes.

Graphics 10/10

Sonic Heroes uses a new game engine so the graphics are much better and much smoother than in the Sonic adventure series. Along with the graphics, there are the CG movies that are seen throughout the various stories. These are in my opinion very well done in both graphics and plot. Watching these is also very enjoyable.

Sound 10/10

The Music in Sonic Heroes is still worthy of the Sonic series of games, it's crisp, clear and very doesn't get stuck in your head and annoy you. The voices are just as I had imagined most of them, such as Eggman's. In most other review they say they aren't good, but I say they are.

Replayablility 10/10

Sonic Heroes has a very good replayability since you need to replay the stages as other teams to truly complete the game, and to keep the game fresh, each team travels through each level in a different fashion. As another bonus, each stage has multiple paths through them all so it can be fun to discover what awaits on each path.

Final Statement

If you've ever played the old Sonic games on the Sega Genesis you'll love Sonic heroes, even those who have never played any Sonic games could easily pick up the basics of this game and be able to play it like anyone else. This game is meant for players of all skill levels and is basically a very good game all around. With Blazing Speed, and a gripping story with a mysterious enemy and the seven chaos emeralds to be collected, this is some of the best work Sonic Team has done in a long time.

Final Score 10/10

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 01/11/04

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