"The Blue Blur strikes again"

Ever since E3 2003, I've been anticipating this Sonic Title. I loved the adventure series, and hoped this game would deliver. Although it wasn't what I was expecting, I like it anyways. I thought the adventure series was excellent, and was sorta hoping for a Sonic Adventure 3, but Sonic Heroes was a nice surprise. Though it doesn't contain the adventuring part that I loved from the adventure series, it's a great game. Read on!

Graphics - 8

Cool, crisp, and smooth frame rate in 1 player makes this game an enjoyable experience. Really good graphics in the cut scenes, too. 2 Player, on the other hand, has a ****ing bad frame rate, that makes 2 Player virtually unplayable. It's good that I play 1 Player way more. Overall, 1 Player = good. 2 Player = bad. (The 2 Player mode with the best results is battle, but that has a junky camera that shows all)

Sound - 7

I LOVE the music. Sweet original scores, and spiffy level music. The ol' school sound effects are cool too. Now you're probably wondering why I gave it a 7. 1 reason. TAILS' VOICE. Listening to him talk makes me want to tear out my intestines, and shove them into my ears, just to make his comments inaudible. THANK YOU GOD FOR A MUTE BUTTON! (Cream's annoying too, but not nearly as annoying). I REALLY prefer to not listen to a 3 year old try and sound smart, like he really knows what a reactor is...... Well, the other Voice Actors are well suited, but sometimes Big and Rouge sound off, (Rouge on occasion breaks out with a british accent). Well that, or Big's froggy comments are driving me insane, (Me thinks the latter. I would like to kill that frog......)

Gameplay - 10

Perfect, old school Sonic mechanics. Speed! No bull like treasure hunting or shooting or fishing, just speed. You have 4 teams to choose from, which are: Team Sonic, (Sonic, Tails, Knuckles), Team Dark (Shadow, Rouge, Omega), Team Rose, (Amy, Cheese, Big) and finally the imfamous Team Chaotix, (Espio, Vector, Charmy). Their Gameplay are all basically similar, but they vary in good ways, such as assorted moves, level designs, and in Chaotix, different missions. They all have different stories as well. The levels are well designed, and keep you playing. All 4 teams are well-executed, and all have their own moves and such. The game is real long and hard too. Classic roots of Sonic. The extras aren't bad either, but I hate how basically all the unlockables are reflected on a terrible game mode. (2 Player) There are also less glitches than the adventure series, but still the same ol' crappy camera...

Replayability - 8

Lots of stuff to unlock. (But as I said ealier, they're mostly for 2 player). The actual Story mode is fairly long, and you have 4 teams' storylines to choose from, all which vary is many ways. You'll also go back to play excellent levels like Frog Forest. (Best. Level. EVER) Also a helluva amount of emblems to find.

Overall - 8

If you're thirsty for some classic Sonic action, pick this gem up. Basically the only thing wrong with it is Tails' voice actor! (Which I would one day like to seek and kill)

Rent or buy?

Well, if you're a Sonic fan, be sure to buy this. If you just like platformers, or a casual Sonic fan ( you're not really a fan, but'll play his games, IE me) rent it. (I rented it first, and loved it so much I bought it). You won't be disapointed, I can assure you*

* = Results may vary >.> <.<

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 01/11/04

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