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Reviewed: 01/20/04

Not bad at all...

Sonic has come a long way since 1991. It started with Sonic 1, where we met Sonic and Robotnik. Then came Sonic 2, where we first met Miles ''Tails'' Prower. Then came Sonic CD, where we met Amy Rose and Metal Sonic. Then Sonic 3, where we met Knuckles, along with Sonic & Knuckles lock on cartridge. After a while, we got Sonic Adventure, where we met Big the Cat and Gamma. In Sonic Adventure 2, we met Shadow the hedgehog and Rouge the Bat. Sonic Heroes is the latest Sonic the Hedgehog game out for Gamecube. I have been somewhat of a sonic fan over the years. I've been waiting for Sonic Heroes ever since I played the first two Sonic Adventures. The wait was pretty much worth it. I enjoyed Sonic Heroes as much as the other games. Although it wasn't perfect, this game has some nice features.

The story is pretty much the same as the other sonic games with a little bit of a twist. Stop Dr. Robotnik (A.K.A Eggman, but i like to refer to him as Doc) from taking over the world. In Sonic Adventure 1, you got to choose a character and play their own story. In Sonic Adventure 2, you got to choose the hero or dark storylines. This time, you get to choose between four different teams: Team Sonic, which features Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles (the main heroes pretty much), Team Dark, which includes Shadow, Rouge, and Omega (the last E-Series robot), Team Rose, which features Amy, Cream, and Big the Cat, and finally Team Chaotrix with Espio, Charmy, and Vector (for those unaware, they where in the 32x game, Knuckles Chaotrix). For team Sonic, the Doc gives Sonic and friends a note, saying that he has an all new plan, and will conquer the world in 3 days. Sonic, of course, goes out to stop him. For team Dark, Rouge is looking for Docs secret treasure, when she comes across a capsule with Shadow the Hedgehog in it. Apparantly, Shadow ISN'T dead (though i can't see how he survived) but he has amnesia. She also activates Gamma, the last E-Series robot, who wants revenge on Doc for locking him in the room. They decide to work together to get revenge. For team Rose, Amy is looking for Sonic....again, Cream is looking for Chocola, the brother of her Chao, Cheese, and Big is looking for the annoying frog, which he can't seem to keep in his sight. For team Chaotrix, they are detectives, and they recieve a job from a mysterious person who promises to make them rich if they help him/her. Like the previous games, beat all the storylines to access the final story, which features another returning Sonic character (but I won't tell you who it is :P).

The play controls are simple, and all the teams controls are pretty much the same. There are three formations: speed, fly, and power. Speed is used for running, homing attacks, and using tornado attacks (and more). Fly formation is used to fly (duh) and to shoot flying enemies down. Power is used for gliding and punching heavy objects. You can even use team blast, which is different for every team. Also, the emblem system is back. Collect all the emblems to unlock all types of different features (but if your like me, and had to collect all of the emblems in Sonic Adventure 2, then you probably want to wait a little while before trying for the emblems, because it drove me crazy.) One complaint that is have is that this game didn't contain a Chao garden, because I like raising the cute little things (don't laugh, as you probably are right now).

I don't think the sound and music isn't THAT bad. I enjoy some of the songs in the game, and the sounds aren't bad. Some can be annoying though (such as any sound Team Rose makes).

Graphics are impressive. The characters of the game are well detailed, and so are the CG movies. They could have made them a bit smoother though.

So....should you rent or buy? If your a Sonic fan, and like Sonic games, the buy it. If your unsure, then rent it first. If you like, buy it. If you don't, then don't buy it. I personally liked this game, and I think Sonic Team has done it again. I only hope that the next Sonic game will come out sometime in the near future. They better start working on it now, because I don't want to have to resort to playing Donkey Kong games. *shudder* Anyway, Sonic Team did a good job on this game, and one can only hope that they keep up the good work. Remember this: DO NOT USE THIS GAME AS A HOCKEY PUCK!!! Its that good!

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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