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"Sonic Smash!"

A good game but kind of disappointed me. When I first played the demo, I expected high results for this game. When I ordered it online I was very eager to get this but when I played it for a while it started looking bad... Sure the graphics were nice and the effects and control are easy to master, but the 3 character idea and the repetitive level playing got boring. Also SEGA could have lowered the difficulty level for the bosses and A-ranks a bit. The characters from Sonic Adventure 2 Battle and Sonic Adventure DX came back. Except that Gamma is replaced by a new robot, E-123 Omega. Also, Espio, Vector, and Charmy from Knuckles' Chaotix have returned as Team Chaotix! A big surprise. Also Cream, who was introduced in Sonic Advance 2 and was previewed in Sonic Adventure DX, is playable! All Cream the Rabbit fans will rejoice and love this!

As for the story and the teams go, there are 4 teams with their own stories. The first one, Team Sonic with Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles, is better for gamers who are more experienced. Team Sonic's story begins with Eggman challenging Sonic to stop his greatest plan that's be complete in 3 days. They must thwart his plan! If you can take fast-paced action you should play as this team.

The next team, Team Dark with Shadow, Rouge, and Omega, are for expert players because it has a lot of fighting with Eggman's robots. Team Dark's story begins with Rouge searching Eggman's hideout for jewels. She finds Shadow in a capsule and awakens him, accidentally waking up Omega who was shutdown by Eggman. Omega attacks Shadow mistaking him for one of Eggman's robots because he wants revenge. Rouge stops them and finds out Shadow lost his memory. They join up to get to Eggman. If you're very experienced, you should play as this team.

The third team, Team Rose with Amy, Cream, and Big, is for beginner players. The story starts as Amy is reading the newspaper and it shows a picture of Sonic, Chocola Chao, and Froggy. Strong wind blows it out of her hands and Cream and Cheese catch it. Wind blows them away and they land on Big's Fishing Pole/Umbrella. They then decide to team up to find Sonic, Froggy, and Chocola, Cheese's twin. If you're new to Sonic, they should be your first team.

The last team, Team Chaotix with Espio, Charmy, and Vector, are running a detective agency and get a case from a mysterious client. Espio is hesitant about taking the job, but Vector says they do any job if it pays. If you enjoy hunting games and enjoyed Knuckles' levels for Sonic Adventure DX and Sonic Adventure 2 Battle, you'll love this.

Story and Gameplay-8/10
Well it's a team work kind of thing where you switch between the Speed, Flight, and Power formations. The special stages with Chaos Emeralds have come back, and SEGA revived the 2 act thing they had in the original games.

Sound Effects, Music, and Graphics-10/10
The soundtrack is really catchy! I have most of these songs stuck in my head! And the sounds make the game more realistic. The levels are awesome. They can be kind of long but they are still fun to play in. The character designs look somewhat like those of Sonic Adventure 2 Battle,which had good character designs anyway.

Replay Ability-6/10
Replay ability?! Each story uses the same levels for each other story! But it has a challenge mode to get A-Ranks or Chaos Emeralds more easily or to just play the levels without playing the whole story. The 2 player mode uses the levels to even though the modes have to be unlocked.

Fun Factor-9/10
It's really enjoyable. Except for the 2 player mode in which the frame rate is messed up. The sound track matches the levels and situations perfectly! The levels are fun to play. If you don't own this game, you should get it, especially if you're a major Sonic fan! And if you don't have Game cube but another next-generation gaming system, don't fret! This game is on all 3! This may continue for future Sonic games so rejoice! Hopefully all bad points to the game will be fixed in those future games.

Too much confusion about the game caused a lot of problems. And the repetition of the levels in all stories can get very frustrating. Also for a new people to the game who are major fans of Shadow may decide to play that story first, which will annoy them on the difficulty of that story. It could have been better if the difficulty was more easier. The return of the Chaotix characters was exciting and unexpected. But some fans were disappointed when they found out Mighty wasn't in the game. So, if you enjoy high-speed gaming, tough challenges, hunting games, or just like everything easy, then this game is for you!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 01/22/04

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