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"Sonic Adventure Battle 2 was better then this..."

I'm not much of a Sonic fan or anything, but I've waited for this game for a pretty long time since I had nothing esle to do. Before I start this review don't come to me saying I bashed it. You can keep your little opinions like ''He bashed Sonic thats wrong''. I'm doing this review from my opinion. Read the rest of the review and see why first.

Story: 2/10
The story isn't that interesting. Once again Eggman has done his so called ''plan'' anyone knows about. Why are they hunting Eggman down anyway? I really don't seem him doing anything in this story. Although I haven't beaten all the teams yet. I only beated half. Anyway, Each team has to try and stop him. Yet, its sorta boring. In the boss team fights, sometimes they have no reason to fight. If Shadow doesn't know who Sonic is, why fight him? Why team up with people you don't even know? Is all confusing. Even if you played all the other Sonic games. You won't understand anything.

Graphics: 8/10
The graphics are very nice and details. The stages are very detailed that almost look real. The only bad thing is some of the charecters look, how should I say ''shiny''. Sonic Adventure Battle 2 had the charecters look better. Also, the charecters look alot smaller. Why? I know Sonic isn't THAT small, and Shadow really doesn't look like himself either.

Sound/Audio: 7/10
I really like the Audio in this game. It fits every stage perfectly. The jungle stage sounded the best. Now, the sounds is the main problem. I really hated hearing the same thing over and over. Like ''Level up'', and other stuff that they repeat over and over continously through out the level, and Tails sound like a 4 year old. I really hated hearing his voice. He also sounds like a female. What have they done to Tails?

Gameplay: 2/10
There are 4 teams to choose from who all have the same abilities. You have three people in them. This is where the game really loses its style. First of all, switching makes the hold game boring and repetive. This game also doesn't have the speed of Sonic in the old games. You can't go as fast anymore. By the time I start becoming Sonic so I can start going through the level faster, I have to switch again. I can't even stick to one charecter for atleast 5 minutes, and the levels are so long. I was stook on a level for atleast ten minutes and then finally died and had to start the whole ten minutes all over. The rings are kinda more harder to collect since they bounce so high. Is very frustrating. The levels are also hard. The only way you could possibly beat them is remembering what comes up at that moment, which is not fun at all. Grinding is worser then ever even if you hold B. I still find myself slowing down. You also have to go through each frustrating, hard level four times if you plan beating the whole game. They also took away alot of abilities. Homing attacks are a bit not accurate, I find myself falling off alot of times because of that. They changed how much health the robots have now. You have to hit a robot atleast two times now. They also took Sonic spindash and Knuckles gliding ability away, and once again they added one of the most stupidest charecters you don't want to play as, nor care about. The most dissapointing thing is the bosses. My god, they are not creative. A bunch of robots? A machine would of been better but the Robots are hard, frustrating and tedious, and the bosses aren't that interesting. The team battle bosses are cheap. Once you get hit on the ground with no rings, they'll continously hit you, even though your in the ''blinking mode''. I fell off the stage while I was recovering from an attack. That is VERY cheap.

Replay: 2/10
I do not wanna go through those 15 minute hand hurting levels again. Theres no replay vaule in this game whatsoever unless your gonna play Multiplayer, which has a bad framerate anyway. The Multiplayer won't keep you lasting long. They could of added a co-play mode or something. It would of been funner. Also, The Collecting emblems is useless now. They only give you uneeded 2Player options. Once you beat the game, thats pretty much it. Nothing esle. They left out Chao garden which has endless replay vaule. Now is gone.

Rent or Buy?:
Rent. I'm glad that I didn't buy it. Theres no use of buying. This game is not worth $50 of what I would expect for. You can pretty much beat it in a weekend. Once you did, you just experienced it less then a week with only the cost of $5 dollars.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 01/30/04

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