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"T3h S0nic H3r03s"


This game was quite the rutabaga. I, for one, am a HEE-AH-OOJ fan of the Sonic the Hedgehog series. However, despite my love for these games, this game was not very great. Sure, it is fun at first, but when you play it for too long, you just want to throw up if you play it anymore.

Story- 9/10

This game is hardly story driven. You could throw in a moose crushing a major character and it wouldn't make a difference! All cutscenes are notoriously short, even the CG ones. The storyline was hardly progressing until the very end of the game. As soon as it got interesting, it ended. The only decent storyline other than the last one was Team Dark's. Team Chaotix's storyline had an obvious ending. Team Sonic didn't even have a storyline worth following. It was just the same old stuff: Hunt down and beat Eggman with no other motives. I feel that Knuckles went through major character development in between games. He normally wouldn't go on an adventure without something of his being at stake. The only possible reason he could have had for going was to get stronger, which was hardly necessary. This just shows that Sonic Team was getting desperate for ideas.

Gameplay- 10/10

This is the best part of the game. You don't want to stick around for the cutscenes or anything when you have this! Three characters are selectable for each team. Each is based on something different: Speed, Flying, and Power. The only bad part about having four different teams is that 2 of them are EXACTLY the same. Team Sonic and Team Dark have no differences WHATSOEVER other than Team Dark's superior Team Blast and SLIGHTLY different power character moves while Team Chaotix and Team Rose's only differences are Power attacks, more annoying characters on Team Roses part, Team Blast, and Espio's ability to turn invisible and leave his teammates behind while Amy can fly with her hammer momentarily. Also, Espio is the ONLY character that can do Triangle Jump without falling off of the wall while Amy is the only speed character that CAN'T do Triangle Jump at all! The very sad truth is that the teams are not far from identical. However, I hate to give this section a 10/10 and do nothing but criticize. Each type of character is based on an element. Speed is wind, Flying is Thunder, and Power is Fire. All of their attacks are based on these elements, so remember them well. Juggling three characters at one time may seem difficult, but it is actually made easy. To switch, press X or Y depending on who you want to switch to. The image in the top-right corner of the screen indicates which character you are currently playing as. The face of the character is bigger than that of the other two. To help better indicate, Speed is assigned a blue circle around it, Flying is yellow-orange, and Power is red. A unique part of this game that has never been in any Sonic game preceding it is the ''Level-up'' system. A character is given a level-up when they find one or pass through a checkpoint. The maximum amount of level-ups allowed at a time is 3. For speed characters, attacks are increased with this. For flying characters, the power of the ''Thunder Shoot'' attack is increased. For power characters, more powerful moves are gained. The power characters are a little more complex in this manner. When they have no level-ups, they have no ''special'' move. With one level-up, they gain a weak, short ranged special move. With another, they gain a stronger, average ranged special move. With the third, they obtain a special move with great distance on it and power to boot! Explosions will often surround the character thereby destroying just about any enemies nearby. Level-ups are lost after a level is beaten or you lose a life and must be obtained again afterwards.

Graphics- 9/10

The graphics for this game are very good when compared to any preceding Sonic the Hedgehog game. Sonic Team obviously put a lot of effort into doing this. The CG movies are very good. However, the characters cannot look as good as the backgrounds do since they are very fantastic looking. If they were humans, they would look AMAZING. You can't make a blue hedgehog look as good as a human since they don't actually exist. In-game graphics are not as good, but are still pretty cool. I like how the characters are shiny. Ooh.... shiny....

Sound- 7/10

The sound in this game is not very good at all. Like the Sonic Adventure games, the voiceovers were disgusting as hippopotamus in a dirty lagoon! The new theme songs are the only things that keep this section from getting a 5 or 6. The music in levels is decent. Overall, the sound isn't THAT bad, but a lack of good sound effects and voiceovers just ruins some of the game.

Replay Value- 6/10

This is the kind of game that you want to play every second of your life. This is the kind of game that consumes you like gravy might consume a turkey breast. This is the kind of game that you NEVER want to play EVER again after you have played through the game once! It gets on my nerves when such a great game is created with absolutely no uniqueness in a second playthrough. That is exactly what this game does. Every time you play through any mission, it is no different. There is no alternate route, nothing gets harder until you get every A-rank and Emblem and start ''Super-Hard'' mode. You know whats Super-Hard? Obtaining Super-Hard Mode, thats what! Most people don't want to spend their time perfecting a level with every team just to make the game harder on themselves. This is what ruins the game.


Sonic Heroes is a very unique and addictive game, but once you finish it, you don't want to play it again. You just want to listen to the theme songs and watch the cutscenes. The idea of this game is something that is pretty new to the world of gaming and should have been brought out better than this. I just hope that if there is a sequel, it will have more replay value and they will finally do better voiceovers. Talk faster, talk slower, do whatever it takes to make this game a better experience for everyone who plays it.

Buy or Rent

If you have 3 friends that like this game, it is a must-buy. If you play games all by yourself all the time, don't even look for it in a store. Just rent it and save yourself time and money. Luckily for me, I have a few friends who like this game.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 01/30/04

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