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I would have written this review 17 days ago but as stated in my Sonic 1 review, I was determinned not to do so until I got every secter in the game ang I did. Took me 19 days to do so so now I can finally get on with the review of what
I've bee waiting for since ever! This game came out on the 6th of last month, and the day after Sonic Battle landed on American GBAs. I have both, but I'll do Heroes for now. As with most reviews, this one has spoilers so be careful!

Story Gameplay- 10/10

Pretty good story if I do say so myself. Amy Rose is at the beach one day and sees a photo of Sonic. Amy is determined to chase after and marry him. The photo is then blown away and caught by Cream the Rabbit. Cream also gets blown away in the wind by another gust and caught by none other than Big the Cat. It turns out Big is looking for his friend, Froggy and Cream is looking for Chocola, Cheese's twin bro. The three then form a Team Rose and try to look for their friends.

Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles have been a team for quite some time now. Tails, and Knuckles finally catch up with Sonic while flying in the Tornado 2. They give him a notice from Dr. Eggman stating that in 3 days, he will put his ultimate
plan to conquer the world into action. Sonic thinks of it as an invitation to a party. Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles activate Team sonic to thwart Eggman's evil scheme for the billionth time. No matter how old this story gets, I never get tired of it. It's a classic.

Rouge sneaks into Eggman's base in order to find Eggman's secret streasure. She accidenally awakens the last E-100 series mecha, E-123 Omega. She also awakens Shadow from his capsule. I turns out he was found to be alive after
his incident with the Final Hazard. Omega mistakes him for one of Eggman's robots and starts to fire at him since he wants revenge at Eggman for shutting him down and abandonning him. Rouge breaks the two up and suggests that they track down Eggman to find the answer to Shadow's problem since he now has amnesia and can't remember most of what happened before. This forms Team Dark.

The Chaotix Detective Agency haven't reciened a mission for a long time until one day Charmy Bee flies in the office with a package. Espio opens it to reveal a walkie talkie sent my a mysterious client. The client says if they solve this case, he can pay them handsomely. And they never turn down work that pays so says their boss, Vector. Team Chaotix is resurected after a VERY LONG time to track down the client and get their ca$h. Just who is this client, you'll just have to play to find out!

When all 4 teams' games are done, there is one more big suprise waiting for you! This game has a lot of story in it. To find out all of the story, you will have to play all the way through. I find this to be an absolutely terriffic
method! No flaws at all!

Graphics- 10/10

Sweet fatherly Gosh! What georgeous graphics! A sewwt 60 frames makes this one of the best looking games ever! The characters are very shiny and deatailed and have great character models that are not even blocky! There is absolutely no slowdown at all! The graphics are also very sharp and crisp! The colors are very bright and vivid while the camera has finally been fixed! The CG movies are realistic and improve the ratings a whole bunch! Also, during those movies, no dubbing! I've noticed that the words match the movement of the character's mouth. Hmm, I wonder what the movies are like in the Japanese version. The only slowdown in this game is the 2p mode. But I like 30 frames better than 60, so I won't let them spoil my score on the perfect graphics.

Music- 8/10

I am not into rock music, but the Sonic Series has always been one of the very few exceptions. I love alot of music in this game and not all of them are rock. I do miss Knuckles' raps, but there is more than enough to satisfy me. There are also several theme songs to listen to. My favorite is Team Chaotix. The Event and Boss musics are also among the best ones.

Sound- 10/10

The sound is a real hoot! Surround sound fills my ears like nothing before as I get to hear the game in real 3-D! Many sounds are recycled from other Sonic games, especially once you reach the Casino and Bingo levels. Others are new and fit the situation that calls for those sounds. No flaws at all.

Voices- 10/10

The vocies have really improved in this game. Many people have complained that characters have put no effort into their voice acting, but I am an exception. This game finally satisfies them and removes the cheeziness from their minds for good! The characters sound quite well. Sonic sounds alot more confident and stronger in this game, though I'll always put Urkel as the best voice actor
for Sonic. Tails sounds too young but I haven't a problem. Knuckles sounds gruffer and that meams alot! Amy sounds downright sexy and Big sounds just as dull as ever(which isn't a bad thing). Cream sounds high-pitched but I like it
and can deal with it as it fits her. Shadow and Rouge sound OK while Omega sounds half metalic and half man. OK. Vector sounds gruff and bearable while Charmy sounds girly and silly. I should shudder like everyone else has but I can't. I can deal with it. Then there's Espio, who sounds way too deep; something I wasn't expecting but like alot. Cheese and Chocola sound even higher than Cream but that's a good thing for Chao. Eggman sounds pseudo-Brittish and is the king of all voices! I love a Brittish Eggman. Lastly, there's someone else who I haven't mentioned but to avoid spoilers, I'll let you figure this character out. At first, he sounds like God, but then sounds internally hollow and even better. Overall, perfect voices in this game
and not one complaint!

Control- 10/10

Lots better than Sonic Adventure 2: Battle. The control is simple. Move with the control stick. The speed changes depending on how far the stick is pushed. Jump with A, and press A again in the air to do your arial action. Sonic, Amy, Shadow, and Espio will do a homing attack. If your other teammates are with you, they will also do a homing attack. If you do a homing attack against 1 of 2 narrow walls, you will stick to that wall and can leap to the next one as long as the space is narrow. Amy can't do a wall jump but has a nifty floating techinque I usually forget about. Hold A all the way through your jump and you will float in the air using the hammer. When the float is done,
you can press B while still holding A to do a second float. Knuckles and Omega will do a Triangle Dive where all the characters join together to slowly glide. This can be used to catch drafts from fans to ascend to greater heights. Big
will pull out his umbrella and Vector will blow a big bubble using his bubblegum. Both techniques do the same as the Triangle Dives. Cream, Tails, Rouge, and Charmy do a Thunder Shoot in which the flying character shoots the
other characters like a lighting bolt. They will come back, so don't worry.

The B button is used to unleash your character's attack. Sonic, Amy, Espio, and Shadow will spin and slowly roll. Releasing the button will cause them to do a fast spin. Holding the button until the other characters on the team
are behind you will cause you to do a Rocket Accell. Pressing the B button when your teammates are alone will make you do a solo attack. Tails and Rouge throw dummy ring bombs that paralyze the enemy. Cream orders Cheese to attack
the enemy in one blow and Charmy stings the oponent with his stinger. Sonic and Shadow do a somersault. Amy does a swinging hammer move while Espio throws a Shuriken ninja star. Pressing B with Knuckles and Omega will make them do
punches into the enemy. Big will swing Amy and Cream like baseballs using his fishing rod as a bat. Vector will spit Espio and Charmy out of his mouth like rockets. If you've levelled up, you can do a third attack that varies depending
on the character and the level. While in the air,other B moves can be done. Sonic, Amy, Espio, and Shadow will do various tornado attacks that stun the nemy. Knuckles and Omega will swing the characters around like and can even
shoot them like fireball. Vector and Big throws the haracters on the ground to ttack enemies and when no one is there, they will body slam on the ground. If the power characters are near enemies, then the other characters will
automatically attack them if you're standing.

Pressing Y and X will switch characters. Pressing Z will allow you to do a Team Blast. The C-Stick allows you to look around. The L and R triggers rotate the now-perfect camera. So the control isn't that simple afterall, but takes a short time to get used to and couldn't be better. Tons of moves and tons of ways to use 'em!

Gameplay- 10/10

This is where the game shines! The game introduces the ''Team System'' that will eventually be used in future games such as Sonic Advance 3. You control 3 characters at once. Speed Characters are used for high-speed action.
Flying is used to reach new height that the others can't. Power is used to clear passages and for some real action. As you collect Power Cores, your level increases(up to a maximum of 3 levels) from 0. As this happens, your attacks become more powerful. Different formations are required for different situations. Such as the cannon. Depending on which formation you're in, you'll be shot in different directions. You'll have to be creative as you will be
forced to use your brain to get bast vertain areas. The level design is just plain magnificent! Huge levels and lots of secrets to discover as you play. Like in most Sonic games, a ring is required for life and 100 for an extra
one. The steel cages must be broken to collect a special key, which allows you to enter the bonus stages when you finish the each level. Act 1 features a bonus challenge where you can gain extra lives. Act 2 contains a Emerald
challenge where you can get a Chaos Emerald. When all 7 Emeralds are in hands, it's time for a showdown with an old foe! Team Rose is the easiest and is recomended to everyone to play as first because this is under no
circumsatances an easy game! Team Sonic is in-between and Team Dark is downright hard! Team Chaotix features mission-based assignments. The Emblems are back and give you extra options during 2-P mode. 2 players can compete against each other in 1 of 7 games. The Extra menu gives you access to a sound test and movie theatre. This game has 99 save files like Kindgom Hearts and also has a logo similar to Kingdom Hearts. As you collect rings and attack enemies, your Team Blast gauge fills up. PRess the Z button when it's full to do a Team Blast. All of the enemies in the vicinity are destroyed and a special ability is temporarily available. Sonic can continuously use the Light Attack, Shadow
used Chaos conrtol to warp, Team Chaotix reciece a random ammount of rings when an enemy is killed, and Team Rose become invincible. There are 7 Zones with 2 Acts each. At the end of the 2nd Act, there is a boss. Defeat the boss to move on to the next Zone. There is so much gameplay, I forget it all! Just play it yourself and experience a masterpeice that was well worth the wait!


This game was released on the 2nd-to-last day of 2003 in Japan and a week later in the US. Many people have been refering to Big the Cat as a pimp but I don't see why. This will not be the only appearance of the Team System. It has been confirmed for a future return. Can't wait! They're making a Sonic Heroes 2! This is currently my longest review ever!

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Originally Posted: 02/12/04

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