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"Sonic's back, and this time he's not alone!"

The first time I heard about Sonic Heroes, which was at E3 2003, I got excited. The game was gonna come out for all 3 systems. I hoped it wouldn't turn as bad as Sonic Adventure 2 Battle and Sonic Adventure DX. When the game finally came out in January, I picked it up, put it in the gamecube, turned it on, picked up the controller, started playing, and got hooked. Better than Sonic Adventure 2 Battle, better than Sonic Adventure DX! In fact, let me tell you that this is the best Sonic game to come out in a long time!

Gameplay: 9/10
Sonic Team dropped the shooting and hunting games from the adventure games, and now, it's all about speed, and teamwork. There has been no teamwork in the sonic games (Knuckles chaotix doesn't count), and Sonic team did pretty good when they added it in. There are 4 teams, 3 characters in each, with their own formation. Speed characters, such as Sonic, are the fastest in the group, useful for getting in quick attacks and getting through the stage quickly. Flight characters, such as Tails, can fly for a few seconds, and can use thunder shoot attack to stun enemies for awhile. They also have a seperate attack when not with their teammates. Cream, for example, can throw her chao cheese at enemies. Last is power characters, like Knuckles. They have pretty powerful attacks, useful when facing groups of enemies.
Each team has their own kind of levels. Team Sonic (Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles) has speedy gameplay and medium difficulty. Team Dark (Shadow, yep he's back, Rouge and Omega a new character) focuses more on combat and have a harder difficulty. Team Rose (Amy, Cream her first time in a 3-D sonic game, and Big) is recommended for beginners. They have easier and shorter levels. And Team Chaotix (Espio, Charmy, and Vector from the game, Knuckles Chaotix) has a unique style of gameplay, such as, find a certain number of something. There's 14 levels, and they are pretty long too. 14 levels, and each team plays through them, for a total of over 50 LEVELS! The later levels are pretty tough (except for perhaps team rose's levels since they are the easiest). They also have bosses, usually it's eggman, but sometimes it's a battle against another team and it can be an endurance to beat all the enemies in an area.

Story: 9/10
Each team has their own story. Team Sonic wants to find eggman to stop him from taking over the world with his ultimate weapon. They have 3 days to stop him and, well, Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles just can't let that happen.
Team Dark has Rouge finding eggman's secret treasure, and discovers Shadow in a capsule, who was presumed dead. Omega wakes up and when Rouge releases Shadow, Omega starts firing at him, mistaking him for one of Eggman's robots. Turns out Omega is mad at eggman for shutting him down, and Shadow can't remember a thing. They form a team to find eggman. Team Rose has Amy wondering where Sonic is after seeing him in a newspaper. Cream wants find Cheese's brother Chocola, and Big lost froggy (again). They set off in search of Sonic, Chocola, and Froggy together. In team Chaotix, the team is out of work, and Charmy comes in with a package from a client who needs their detective skills. Charmy and Vector have dollor signs in there eyes, but espio has a bad feeling about that. Vector says to remember the policy *We never turn down work that pays!*They work for him, for some money of course. The stories intervine sometimes and when you beat all stories, you get something special. I'm not goona spoil it though!

Graphics: 9/10
Stunning! The fps stays at 60 and never slows down, even with all the action going on. The levels are nice, and the characters are done pretty good. Not perfect, but better than the other two Sonic games for GCN. The cutscenes look spectacular too, better than the other sonic games.

Music/Sound: 8/10
The music is good, no complaints here. It's enjoyable, especially in the levels. Pretty catchy. The sound is good too. Most of them are from Sonic Adventure 2 Battle and are decent. The voices are okay, but there are some voices, like Cream and Charmy, that I can't stand espicially Charmy's voice. Sonic sounds the same, Tails sounds more like an 8-year old, and Omega sounds like what he should be, a robot! Big sounds pretty dull like in Sonic Adventure DX, and Amy sounds just the same as in past Sonic games. Shadow and Espio sound the coolest in my opinion, and eggman sounds evil! Metal Sonic, a returning enemy from Sonic games, also sounds pretty evil. Decent overall. They are better than Sonic Adventure 2 Battle's, heck everything in this game is better than SA2B's. Better than Sonic Adventure DX as well.

Replay Value: 9/10
You can be playing for days and not get tired for a long time. I have the urge to play this again as I type this!

Rent or buy?
Any hardcore Sonic fan should buy this. If you played the demo and thought it was good, you should buy this. If you haven't played the demo or just thought it wasn't good, you can rent it first and see if you think it's as good as you thought. It's still better to buy still.

Overall: 9/10
Well that was a pretty long review, and now I'll say my final words for the game. This game is great! You can play for a long time. Good graphics, fast gameplay, decent sound and music, I could say this is sonic's best game yet. There's a few problems, like the camera that can annoy you but you should be able to overlook the problems found in the previous Sonic games and still have fun! Not to mention, the return of a long time enemy of Sonic's, METAL SONIC!! This game is all about what Sonic the Hedgehog is truly about, speed.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 02/13/04

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