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"We have waited.... And it wasn't exactly what we expected..."

I'll rate this section individually, because otherwise this would be unfairly rated.
Team sonic: 1/10. Even long-time sonic gamers will probably not understand Team Sonic's story. All that you can really say is that they know Dr. Eggman attempting conquering the world again, and they know nothing else, unlike earlier games. Sega should have at least put a little more story into it.
Team Dark: 4/10: Ok, it's pretty much basic for Team Dark this time. Rouge drops in one of Dr. Eggman's bases, hoping to find a big treasure(as normal). Then, she opens up a tube, which contained Shadow(which surprises her, because in SA2B, she thought shadow died). Opening his tube woke him up, along with a robot who had been trapped in this base for a very long time. They all learn to get along after a fight, and they all want eggman dead. My question: Even though shadow lost his memory, WHY can't he remember Maria?(Shadow is supposed to ALWAYS remember her, memory loss or not!) I didn't like the fact that this game didn't reveal more about Maria and Shadow. Revealing the past was critical to Shadow's sucess in SA2B. Again, sega needed more story here, but not as much as team sonic.

Team rose: 3/10. All that could really be said is that Amy wants to see sonic, and Cream and Big have lost Chucola and Froggy. Then they decide to team up, and beat up Eggman for them. Pretty basic for a storyline. Yet again, needs more storyline, such as memories before it happened.

Team Chaotix:7/10. This must be the best storyline available in the game. Charmy Bee, Vector, and Epsio are the head leaders of The Chaotix Detective Agency. They have'nt had work in a long time, so they have been taking a vacation. One day, Charmy Bee checks the mail, and he comes running down to the office to tell them that they got work. Then, you see a kiddish scene of charmy and vector trying to get the work. They find a Walkie Talkie as the work, and they hear the person on the walkie talkie tell them that if they do some work for him, they will get a really big award. Epsio gets a bad feeling about this, but Charmy and vector want to go anyway. Epsio comes along.

Again, the stories section got a overall of 4/10.(if they put more story in it, this would have gotten a 8/10.)

Gameplay and controls: 4/10. Look at it this way; the camera was only slightly repaired, and it still occasionally causes trouble. There are quite a few glitches too. If you have never played a Sonic 3D game before, the team switching will get on your nerves. If you have played any Sonic 3D games, the conrols are almost the same except fot the team-thiis-team-that. That's pretty much all I can say here.

Graphics:10/10. Yes, 10/10. Liquid clear. Glitchs don't even interfere with the graphics. They all look as if they were in a liquid. The robots have very unique graphics, such as the turtle enemies. The characters have updated movement graphics. There's too much to say, but I' not gonna fit them all here. Still, this gets 10/10.

Entertainment:8/10. Sonic Heroes is indeed a highly enjoyable game .But when you are done with story mode, it gets boring, unless you are trying to get all A-Ranks, or show off in front of your friends how well you can do. There's not much else I can say about this section.

Multiplayer: 8/10. It appears that multiplayer was one of the mainly focused objectives for sega here. After you unlock the modes, you'll be blasting away with both normal and mini-games, which are all very fun to play around with. Some include a bobsledding race, a fight, and ring collecting. There are 8 options available for play, so have fun with them all. The only drawback is that the game has a bit of a latency problem, but that shouldn't interfere.

Level design: 6/10. It occasionally repeats the same terrain in stages with different enemies/ring amounts(and for some, that in annoyingly repetitive). But otherwise, this game has very good level design for a sonic 3D game.

Enemies and bosses/Final Boss: 8/10. They are now a lot harder to destroy. Some require you to blast thier shield off before hurting them, or occasionally, blasting a helmet off just to be able to hurt its only vulnerable spot (its head). Some even drop off enemies at certain coodinates just to be able to attack you. When you defeat certain enemies, you also gain a level-up(which boosts your power and speed) By far, enemies must have been the main focus of this game. Out of every sonic 3D game I have played, this game has the toughest, best-thought-about enemies in any sonic game.

The bosses are pretty good, but not the best. The first is too easy. The second is easy. Only later in the story do the true challenges come.

The final boss is really easy at first, but then comes the true form of the final boss. For some reason, he is easier than Biolizard or Chaos. Heck, I beat him the first time around. And he seemed too short to battle, too.

Overall, the enemies, bosses, and final boss section gets a 8/10.

Replay value: 6/10, but when you get all A ranks, 2/10. After you have gotten all A-Ranks on the normal and extra stages, the only thing left to do is a special mode. And it's so hard, it gets boring(and plus, the really, really boring thing is that you can't play it as Team dark, Team Rose, or Team Chaotix). But if you don't have all A-Ranks, you'll be replaying a long time to get them all.

Rent or buy: Rent, and if you like it, buy. Buying first is not a good idea.

Overall:6/10. It's a great game. The graphics are great, and multiplayer will keep you at this for hours. But the stories are plain not-so-good(except team chaotix's brilliant minded story), and the camera is still slightly annoying, as in other sonic 3D games. But anyway, you should at least try it for a day or two and see how you like it.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 04/04/04

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