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"Fun for a few minutes"

Anticipation: First off this game looked fun, tons of worlds, being able to play on all the "teams" of good guys and bad guys. I was eagerly awaiting this one hoping for an amazing experience. But all I got was the annual Sonic crap.

Graphics: Not much here, just some repeated bland enviroments with a bad attempt on a sort of Anime-ish style. The character models are average as what they always are, no improvements. Just bland boringness that leaves you wanting more after an hour. you dont know where your running to or where your going because the maps are so pitifully layed out and drawn. There are some nice lighting effects in city levels but its really nothing. The Gambling level was really the most fun, nice lighting and very detailed, play a game of bingo with a rolling sonic cant beat it.

Graphics: 4/10 Filthy dirty I cant go on much longer.

Gameplay: Ouch...This is where the game dies. You can choose from 4 different teams each character on the team is pretty much like the character on the other. One flys, One can punch and is strong and one can run fast. But, you quickly find yourself doing the same thing over and over again then they make it harder and harder until you are bored. The 4 teams are, Sonic team, Rose Team, Toxic Team and the Chao Team I still dont know if the Toxic team is good or bad. But there are usually different enviroments involved which is nice. But the enemies just keep on coming and they look excactly the same, lemme tell you they only have like 4 different enemies and they are all annoying. Boss battles against, you guessed it "
Eggman" and he is always riding some type of ship that the developers thought were cool. These battles are amazingly easy, they might throw in a cheap robo-thug, But thats about it. The "High-Adrenaline" parts where you run as sonic are boring because you are constantly just holding down the forward button bored to death.

They didnt make switching characters very easy either. You are constantly fumbling, scrolling through characters as they say "im ready to go". The only cool part is how you watch the team work together. Knuckles will pick up Sonic and Tails and throw them at enemies repeatedly but seriously, it gets old way to fast. The most fun I had was...wait...I didnt have any fun. Who said holding onto B while riding on a rail for 15 minutes was fun. The camera is very awkward you have to constanly adjust it. This limits your ariel manuveurs and leaves you frustrated as you get killed by an enemies way off the screen. You are constantly falling off cliffs and constantly getting killed. It does make the game hard; which makes it last. But still you will be driven to play this by pure bordem. I rented this one and beat it, I was bored the whole way through I only played it just to beat it and say "thank God thats over". Some levels were down right atrocious, the haunted spooky castle level was right-side-up then sometimes it was up-side-down I couldnt navigate this level in any way without falling off a cliff by my junky camera. I also had a problem with sonics "pole-swinging" power, I couldnt do it, I did all the right moves the right buttons, but he still wouldnt swing up that darned pole. Then they started putting these annoying poles on platforms, I fell of that platform over ten times. Wow just wow.

Alright so there is some good, the game is slightly stylish and it keeps at a solid framerate some moves look cool. Plus, you can progressively upgrade your characters weapons throughout the level, just the level. The load times are short, which is also a plus. But even when it was done loading I found myself starring at a wall and having lots of fun.

During story mode you might run into an opposing team and battle them in a SSBM type thing. Before the battles they stand back and taunt eachother. It reminded be of West Side Story. I mashed the A and B button because these battles were so bad that I closed my eyes and won. Skill.

Gameplay: 5/10 Some good but too much bad.

Story: Classic Eggman taking over world story. Very very original never heard this type of in-depth story in my life. The teams decide to take down Eggman and be like "Yeah we are cool we dont need your help yeah yeah yeah." Please Sonic team please think up a new bad guy besides Eggman. But still, Eggman is a pure loser with his eggness you just have to beat him up he looks so dumb and annoying, but thats a good thing.

Story: 2/10 No comment.

Replayability: Beat the game, use a different team they have different missions and the characters look different kinda. Multiplayer aspects extend the game also. This extends the game for awhile and for that I will give them some credit. There are also tons of collectables throught the game, but, the gameplay is so frustrating you might not have the incentive to play it over again. The enemies are the same throughout the game, there is the flying thing (they range in different colors). The knight with a jousting stick (they also come in different colors). Yupe those are about the only guys you will see throughout the game.

Replayability: 7/10 A fair amount of stuff to do, not bad

Sound: Japanese cutsie voiceovers with squeaky little chirps are so sad that I was laughing. From the big dope purple cat talking in his "dumb" voice, to tails never ending quest to find puberty as his voice has been squeaking forever. The music is alright is does play often, so you better like it. I do have a major problem, when I turn on the game the "Press Start" menu comes on. The music suddenly turns on and I hear "Sonic Heroes! Sonic Heroes! Dununu." I got so tired of this annoying intro I turned my gamecube off, opened the cover and bit the game. I returned it non-working (sorry Blockbuster!) but you really should'nt have made me pay for this awful game in the first place.

Sound: 3/10 No...just no

Overall: I really did'nt enjoy this game it was sub-par of the standard that was set. I was getting hyped for this game too! Please this game is just a rainy day renter, rent it, play it, take it back. They should really go back to making a really really good 2D sonic game. Because these 3D ones really aren't cutting it.


Reviewer's Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Originally Posted: 07/19/04

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