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"I was expecting too much..."

Sonic Heroes, the first 3D Sonic game that not only didn't originate on the Dreamcast, but was available for the Gamecube, X-Box, and PlayStation 2. There are 4 teams. Team Sonic, comprised of Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles, have received a letter from Dr. Robotnik (AKA Eggman), challenging them to try to stop him from taking over the world in three days. Team Rose, with Amy, Cream the rabbit, and Big the cat, are looking for Cream's chao's brother, Chocola. This team is easier than the rest, and the stages are shortened big time. Team Chaotix, from the game Knuckle's Chaotix, is made up of detectives Vector the crocodile, Espio the chameleon, and Charmy the bee. They have been offered money by a mysterious someone to do an unknown mission. This one has you completing many different objectives, like finding things and destroying all of the enemies in a stage. And finally, Team Dark, made up of Shadow, Rouge, and E-123 Omega. Shadow has lost his memory and Rouge found him and Omega in Dr. Robotnik's lab, and now they are trying to find him. This team is pretty much a harder team Sonic. But enough of the intro, let's get on with the actual review.

Game play:
This time you control 3 characters at once, one each specializing in power, flying, or speed. You need to use each character to get past different obstacles, for instance, if you were facing a barrier of rock, you would want Knuckles to smash it. There are also various ways to level up your characters, allowing them to hit harder, run faster, and a variety of other things. You can level up by finding the item boxes and smashing them or running through a checkpoint. For instance, at level zero, Omega simply attacks with his arms. At levels one, two, and three, he can use a machine gun, a flamethrower, and missiles respectively. To balance this out, and to give you a reason to level up, most, if not all enemies take more than one hit to destroy unless you level up. Level ups last the whole stage, or until you die. Another cool thing you can do is a powerful blast that destroys all enemies on-screen.

One thing that gets me about the game-play is that although the game-play is new and refreshing, you have to keep stopping to do something, or pull a switch, and although this would be okay if it were in one or two stages, this is throughout the entire game, CONSTANTLY. The only time the game really speeds up is in the bonus stages, my favorite part of the game. Not to mention the fact that THE CAMERA IS EVIL! If there is one thing that has killed gamers from SA2B and Heroes, it's the CAMERA! If you miss something you need… oops! Guess I'll just have to jump of the edge so I don't have to waste time fighting the camera so I can get to the other side! Luckily for you there isn't as much speed involved as in the other Sonic games (NOT a good thing), so you won't be thrown off the edge because of bad camera angles.

The bosses are pretty cool, but not great. They are all pretty much the same from story to story, and 2 from each story are just comprised of defeating hordes of enemies. They also get quite repetitive, and the first boss doesn't even go into that “you weakened me now I'm pissed” mode… 2 Player is also disappointing. The battle mode is just plain stupid, as you simply have to knock your opponent's team off, so you can just spam attacks that are extrememly difficult to miss with. The races are ok, but you could play just about any other multiplayer game and have more fun….

Overall, I give game-play a 5/10. Maybe it isn't just my cup of tea, so I gave this a point or two extra.

Sonic the hedgehog and his pals Miles (Tails) Prower and Knuckles the Echidna have found out that Dr. Robotnik plans on taking over the Earth, bla bla bla… The introduction has enough info on the story for you to get the gist. The story mediocre, and not nearly as good as the SA2B story in my opinion. It really gets you mad when you find out almost NOTHING about Shadow. Omega, the new kid on the block, is quite an interesting character, if only we got more info on him. Sadly, he is the only new character (besides Team Chaotix if you haven't heard of Knuckles' Chaotix). I would tell you more but that would put in spoilers… Find out yourself. 6.5/10

The graphics are nice, but really not THAT much different from SA2B. There is something about Shadow that looks kind of weird....7/10 and not much to say.

This is where this game earns most of its points. The voices for the characters are nice, and everyone finally sounds like they should, in my opinion, Tails included. I don't know why everyone hates his voice, but HE'S SUPPOSED TO SOUND HIS AGE FOLKS! Cream also sounds kinda weird when she does her little “Battle Cry”. However, the characters have PATHETIC LINES!! “Let's find Eggman, and show him the real power of teamwork!” Ugh. Anyway, the music has something for everyone. The stage music gives you that old-school Sonic feel, and the team themes are phenomenal. However, Omochao is even MORE annoying sounding than he was in SA2B (although he hardly is in the game)! I could go on and on about the sound… but I won't for your sake. 9/10.

Play-Time and Replayability:
It doesn't take very long at all to beat this game, and the bosses are pathetic, even for Team Dark, after you've had 3 times to practice them with the other teams. Team dark is the only one that presents a real challenge. As for replayability, well, unless you want to get all A-Ranks and all Emblems, there pretty much isn't one. 2-player helps a little… but it gets old and there are better multiplayer games you could play instead. It doesn't have anything like the chao garden, which will REALLY keep you playing, either. 2/10.

Overall: It isn't like the game has any REALLY TERRIBLE aspects, but it just doesn't cut it. It is simply outclassed by other games. Its single player is short and boring, and if you want to try something new play Sonic Battle or something. Maybe this game just isn't for me, but as you can see, many other people have rated this game with similar ratings, so be careful. Why waste your time playing multiplayer when you could be playing vastly superior multiplayer games that you will actually play? Its music is what gives it one or two of its points.

Rent or Buy: Do not make the mistake of buying like I did… Rent or play at a friend's even if you are a hard-core Sonic fan, and if not, avoid completely unless you KNOW this game is for you.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Originally Posted: 08/07/04

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