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"Sonic Team spins up another good Sonic title"

Sonic is back from his 2D roots. I was hyped for Sonic Heroes. The moment it came out, I would spend my $50 dollars on the game. Then, I put the game into my GC. Sonic Heroes has seen the light of it's.......mediocrity. It's not a bad game, but there should have been more improvements from Sonic Adventure 2: Battle which I really liked as a Sonic game. There are four teams in the game. They are Team Sonic, Team Dark, Team Rose, and Team Chaotix. Team Sonic consists more of teamwork and challenges. Team Dark consists of harder gameplay and challenging action that is the second hardest team. Team Rose consists of easier gameplay and challenges that should be played first. Team Chaotix adds a new type of gameplay in Sonic Heroes (much like Knuckles' levels in SA2:B). You have to participate by collecting every item or destroying every enemy to advance to the next level. It is the hardest team because you have to collect all the items otherwise you have to restart at the beginning of the level. Team Sonic contains Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles. Team Dark contains Shadow, Rouge, and Omega (a robot). Team Rose consists of Amy, Cream, and Big. Team Chaotix consists of Espio, Charmy, and Vector (which all came back from the Sega 32X). Now that you know all the basics of the characters, time to get on the review:

Story - 8/10 - Eggman is at it again! He sends a letter to Team Sonic that he will be launching his most evil weapon within three days. He then locks up Omega and Shadow in a capsule and Team Dark wants to get revenge on him. Team Rose suspects that Froggy and Chocolat (Cheese's brother) were kidnapped by him, so they set out to find him. Team Chaotix gets a radio with a strange voice and for some unknown reason goes out to find Eggman. The story is good and all with some nice depth. This time, Eggman really isn't the main villian in the game. A new robot called Metal Sonic is actually behind all this trouble. This is bad news for the Sonic Heroes. I liked the story a lot for having these four teams having different kinds of troubles.

Gameplay - 7/10 - The gameplay is challenging (especially for Team Chaotix). You will mostly be fighting robots in the game. I find that the challenges in Team Sonic, Dark, and Rose weren't that much hard. The only challenge I find were in Team Chaotix because you have to search all these items or destroy every boss. It will be challenging to get all A's with Team Chaotix . In Sonic Heroes, each character has their different kind of element. One character is speed, in which the character can lead to run with the team. One character is fly, in which the character leads the team up to high ledges or across paths that you can't normally reach if you can't fly. One character is power, in which the character can break stuff like metal boxes or large objects that can't normally be broken. This adds a new type of gameplay to the Sonic series. It really isn't that bad to switch between each character. I kind of like this idea a bit. It is a good idea for the Sonic series.

Controls - 8/10 - The controls are fairly simple. The X and Y buttons switch between each character. The Start button takes you to the pause screen. The A button allows the character to jump, do a homing attack, fly, or do a Triangle Dive. The B button is the action button in which a character does an action to destroy the character. The analog stick allows you to move the team. The C stick allows you to see into first-person view. The Z button allows you to do a Team Blast once the gauge is filled up. The L and R buttons allow you to rotate the camera. Yeah, it's pretty basic controls here. Hopefully, they don't make much affect with the game.

Music - 7/10 - This is music that you will hear in pretty much every Sonic game. There are some tunes that sound peaceful depending on which area you are on. The music is well done and is good to hear. They don't distract me in each level that I'm in. I feel that the music is done right and it's Sonic Team's best they could offer with the music. I would have liked it if they included Japanese voice acting in Sonic Heroes, but instead I got Japanese text. I liked this feature a lot in SA2:B, unfortunately, it isn't here in Sonic Heroes.

Graphics - 7/10 - The graphics look shiny and they looked a bit improved over SA2:B's graphic style. I have seen some graphical problems like for example there is some shoddy character designs. I saw Cheese go straight through Cream when he was flying around and I was looking in First-Person view. The environments look wonderful and they look a bit realistic than before. It isn't the game's weakest point that there were some graphical problems. Otherwise, it was done right for a Sonic game.

Voice Acting - 5/10 - There are some voice actors that came back from SA2:B. However, I'm uncomfortable with Tails's voice acting. It looked like as if though he had been voiced by an 6-year-old. Tails's voice in SA2:B was great and I liked listening to him, however, it wasn't the same as in Sonic Heroes. The voice acting in this game is still better than Sonic X's voice acting that 4Kids horribly dubbed.

Replay Value - 8/10 - The replay value is fairly decent. I kept playing so I wanted to get all A's for the game. You will be coming back and playing through it again. There are also second missions for each level in which you participate in a different kind of mini-game. There are also special stages for some levels. When you get a key and keep it at the end of the level, you participate in a special stage. This is much similar to Sonic 2's special stages as well. You can get the Chaos Emeralds or you can get extra lives in these stages.

Extras - 6/10 - There are extras like watching CG movies or listening to music. I recommend CG movies better because it adds up to the story line. I liked each CG movie and they are probably the best extra in the game. You can watch shorts from Team Sonic, Dark, Chaotix, Rose and Last Story. What is Last Story, you ask? It basically is another story mode when you finish all four team stories. You have to fight Metal Sonic in this game, which is challenging. I loved the extras, but I don't use the Music section too often, mainly because I have already listened to it during the levels.

Multiplayer - 8/10 - Multiplayers has different mini-games you can participate with only two players. There should have been a four player mode with the Gamecube, though. You can get different mini-games by getting every 20 emblems in the game to play the mini-games. I liked the multiplayer mode for it's great gameplay and challenges for the multiplayer mode.

Rent or Buy - I'd say buy this game if your an hardcore Sonic fan and you want to try this new gameplay concept. Everyone else, I'd say a rental will do just fine if your not into the whole team thing. The game is better than Sonic Adventure, but it isn't better than SA2:B by just a step.

Story: 8/10
Gameplay: 7/10
Controls: 8/10
Music: 7/10
Graphics: 7/10
Voice Acting: 5/10
Replay Value: 8/10
Extras: 6/10
Multiplayer: 8/10

Overall - 7/10

I'd like Sonic Heroes and it is definitely fun. But it's not for everyone else. It is porbably fit for the younger/teen audience.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 12/20/04

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