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"Another Great Edition to the Sonic Series!"

Sonic Heroes is a game that I have had fun playing since the day I got it. I have had it for many months now, and even though I beat all the levels, I will still play this game because of the levels being so much fun! There are many new challenges you have, and there are many new areas to discover in on all the levels. To get everything done in the game offers a great challenge, and if you manage to beat everything with the best ranks, you will know that you have accomplished something, for this game is extremely hard!

Gameplay: 10/10: Now this is where the game is really good! You get to go through each course, destroying enemies, collecting rings, doing all sorts of crazy stunts and so on. The levels are all pretty long also, which is a good thing also. They offer a tutorial mode, which shows you the controls, and all the fighting tactics you can do. In this game, there are four teams which you can choose from to play as. Team Sonic, which consists of Sonic the Hedgehog, Knuckles the Echidna, and Tails the Fox, Team Dark, which consists of Shadow the Hedgehog, Omega the Robot, and Rouge the Bat, Team Rose, which consists of Amy Rose the Hedgehog, Cream the Rabbit and her sidekick Cheese the Chao, and Big the Cat, and finally, Team Chaotix, which consists of Espio the Chameleon, Charmy the Bee, and Vector the Crododile. All these teams go through the same stages, but the stages are modified a bit, so that is not too bad. Team Sonic mainly goes through the speed courses, and are about medium difficulty. Team Dark goes through the same stages, which are the same lengths, but have many more enemies, and these stages are really hard! Team Rose goes through the same stages, although there are less enemies and the stages end sooner, making these the easiest, and possibly the ones you want to start with. Team Chaotix has the odd stages, which require you to find certain objects within the level. Whichever team you choose, the missions are fun, and you will enjoy yourself. After every stage you will receive a rank from A to E, A being the best of course. Your rank is determined by how many enemies you defeated, how many level pickups you have (which add points) and how many rings you have at the end of the course. Getting hit by an enemy will cause you to lose all your rings, but you will stay alive, but getting hit without any rings will cause you to die, just like in the other Sonic games. By getting level pickups, which are dropped by enemies when you defeat them, your characters will get more powerful. Blue Powerups add to the speed person (Sonic, Shadow, Amy, Espio) Red Powerups add to the Power person (Knuckles, Omega, Big, Vector) and Yellow Powerups add to the fly person (Tails, Rouge, Cream, Charmy). You can change to different people, which will change the formation from speed, power, or fly. Each formation has it's own advantages and to complete the stage, you must use them all at the right time!

Graphics: 10/10: The graphics in this game are really good as well! All the characters look how they should, escept they are a little shiny, and I think that Sonic's quills on his back should be shorter, but all around they are really good. The stages are full and detailed, the backgrounds in the stages are really good, the bosses look great, the enemies are great as well, everything is perfect in this game!

Challenge: 10/10: The challenge in this game is great! You can choose which team to play as, which is also like choosing the difficulty. Beating all the stages is a pretty tough job, beating everything with every team is really hard, but getting all A ranks, and beating everything after that is extremely hard! Getting an A rank on a stage requires you to do the stage almost perfectly, which always keeps you playing.

Sound: 10/10: This is where the game really shines! The soundtrack in this game, like all the other Sonic games is really amazing! The theme songs for the teams are really great, and the course songs match the courses really well, and sound like they were meant to be put in that course! The song for the last boss is really good, but you'll have to wait to you get there ;) Music in this game really pulls everything together to make a great game!

Storyline: 8/10: This storyline is like all the other Sonic games. Dr. Eggman is going to destroy the world, and it is up to you to stop him! The only difference is that every team is after Eggman for different reasons. Team Sonic is of course after him to stop him from taking over the world. Team Dark is after him to find out answers. Shadow has forgotten his past, and knows the only way to find out about it is to get Dr. Eggman. Omega is angry at Eggman for sealing him in a room, and not letting him show Eggman how much of a great fightig robot he really is! Rouge is in this for the treasure, which is how she found Shaodw and Omega in the first place, which looking for Eggman's "Secret Treasure." Team Rose is after Team Sonic at first, for they believe Sonic stole Chocola (Cheese's Brother) and Froggie (Big's Frog) and they are out to find the and get them back. They however find out that Eggman is the one behind everything, and go after him. Team Chaotix received a walkie talkie, and are following the orders of a mysterious person who promises to pay them valiantly if they do what the person says. All the storylines mix together in some way, which keeps you guessing until the very end

Replayability: 10/10: As I have been saying throughout the whole review, the replay value in this game is really good! You will be playing the levels over and over again, either to get the A ranks you need to beat the game all the way through and get the true 100%, or just for fun. The best part is, every team has a "Second Mission" which you need to get A ranks on as well! Team Sonic gets to complete a course in a certain amount of time, Team Dark gets to kill 100 enemies in one stage (They get to start back at the beginning of the stage if they can't kill 100 one time through the course) Team Rose gets to try to collect 200 rings, which is very frustrating because of the numerous enemies that can try to take them all from you in one hit (shields very helpful here!) and Team Chaotix, which does the same type of mission as they did in the first missions, but they are harder now, for they need to find twice as many of the objects, or find more rare objects in these ones. You always have new things to do in this game, and I guarantee it will take you a while to beat this game entirely!

Rent/Buy: Buy, absolutely. You will play this game over and over again, and it never gets old! There is a multiplayer mode for you and a friend to race or fight each other, and the one player mode is just as great! This game is really a great game made by Sonic Team, and I can't wait for the next one they make!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 07/12/05

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