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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Duoryu

    Version: .95 | Updated: 04/25/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

            Phantasy Star Online Episode 3 C.A.R.D Revolution
                          By: Tempest-Hawk & Duo Ryu
                                 Version .6
    Table of Contents
    I. Version History
    II. Usage of Guide
    III. Controls
    IV. Hunters Story
    A. Fossil Find 1(Hunt1)
    B. Haywire Pallet (Hunt 2)
    C. Fossil Find 2 (Hunt3)
    D. Sighting 1 (Hunt4)
    E. Chance Meeting (Hunt5)
    F. Phantom Shop 1 (Hunt6)
    G. Homework Help (Hunt6)
    H. Monument Watch (Hunt7)
    I. Sighting 2 (Hunt8)
    J. Called Out (Hunt9)
    K. Called Again (Hunt10)
    L. Development 1(Hunt11)
    M. Clean-Up Job (Hunt12)
    N. A Brief Rest (Hunt13)
    O. Development 2(Hunt14)
    P. The Great Rescue (Hunt15)
    V. Arkz Story
    A. First Battle (Ark1)
    B. Recon Duty (Ark2)
    C. Ruin Smugglers (Ark3)
    D. Nostalgic Spot (Ark4)
    E. Lost Rappy (Ark5)
    F. Unseen Enemy (Ark6)
    G. Perfect Ones (Ark7)
    H. Research 1 (Ark8)
    VI. Card List
    VII. Contacts
    IX. Copyright
    Version History
    Version .01
    Began guide. Started with intro, usage, controls, story and first mission. More
    to be added soon, will be separating guide for Arkz and Hunters (Did not post)
    Version.20 Added four hunter missions and 1 arkz mission. I also added the
    first cutscene character.(once again not posted)
    Version .4 Have gone up to mission 7 for hunters and 3 for arkz
    Version .45 Have added 3 more missions for arkz and currently working on one
    more set.
    Version .6 Went up to mission 16 for hunters and did 2 more for Arkz. I've
    decided I'll finish the hunter storyline first, then the Arkz, sorry if this is
    an inconvience but I try to work daily and get in at least 4 missions a day.
    Usage of Guide
    This guide (as of yet) May only be used on Gamefaqs, if you would like to post
    this on your site please ask for written permission. If you would like to post
    this guide please contact me at duo797@netscape.net. And for a little more
    formality. This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for
    personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise
    distributed publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on
    any other web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited,
    and a violation of copyright.
    In the Visual Lobby/Morgue or R. Base
    Start/Pause/Z button - Show/Hide Main menu
    Control Stick - Move Character
    D-pad/C-stick - Select Menu Item
    A button - Enter selection/Cancel Movie
    B button - Cancel Selection
    X button - Show Details (During Item selection)/ Toggle between letters and
    symbols (when software Keyboard is displayed)
    Y button - Show/Hide Software Keyboard
    L button - Correct camera view/Switch between pages
    R button - Switch between pages/ Toggle player display (online only)
    During Battle
    Start/Pause - Show/Hide Main Menu
    Control Stick - Select
    L button + D-pad - Whisper to certain player (online during battle)
    C-stick - Change view angle
    A button - Enter selection
    B button - Cancel selection
    X button - Show details (during item selection)/Toggle between letters and
    symbol(For keyboard)
    Y button - Show/Hide software keyboard
    R button - Show details of the card
    Z button - Toggle between status displays
    With Keyboard
    D-pad/C-stick - Move cursor
    A button - Enter selected letter/character
    B button - Delete a letter
    X button - Display word select/Set phrases/Chat symbols/Sounds
    Y button - Show/Hide Keyboard
    L/R button - Toggle between letters and Symbols
    (next commands are on keyboard)
    ESC - Delete Whole Sentence
    DEL - Delete selected letter
    OK - Send Message
    SPACE - Put in a space
    BS - Delete a letter
    EXIT - Close Keyboard
    Hunter's Story
    Hunters Mission 1: Fossil Find 1 (Hunt1)
    Enemy: Lura
    Info on this Mission: This message we received from the research team is as
    follows: "This is Lagnet of the Unguis Lapis research team. As we were getting
    underway with our investigation we were suddenly attacked! Please send help!"
    We do not have any concrete information regarding the nature of the attackers,
    so extreme caution is advised.
    Battle Info: Here we start off in a nice 3X3 square to get acquainted with the
    battle system. This was quite an easy battle, I suggest just going for lura to
    lower your time and get a better rating. Against me she only seemed to use the
    savage wolf.
    After battle message: It seems that the research team is safe and sound. They
    have sent word expressing their heartfelt thanks. Thank you for your efforts,
    and good luck on your future assignments.
    Security Division
    Cutscene Character: None (played through with all three)
    Hunters mission 2: Haywire Pallet (Hunt2)
    Enemy: Endu
    Dimensions: 3X4
    Map: Nebula Montana
    Info on this mission: This Mission Concerns the High-Speed Transit Net: the
    crown jewel of Ragol's development. We've received word that the Arkz have
    caused a prototype pallet vehicle to malfunction. We'd like you to stop it
    before it causes any accidents
    Battle Info: Battles are always easier if you're mindful of your action points,
    once you have a weapon out don't equip more weapons, its more helpful to equip
    a MAG or barrier. And try to leave some Action Points left over for fighting
    against the enemy. My strategy is almost always to attack the hero, in this
    case Endu, and not the monsters when you're playing against arkz. The more
    direct approach tends to end battles faster, though if you focus on killing
    monsters you are going to get a dice bonus faster. And for those who don't know
    what a dice bonus is, a dice bonus is when you get enough in battle experience
    to up the little meter that appears after an enemy is defeated. This will
    always up your dice roll by the amount shown after it (Example. You roll a 5 AP
    3 DP and you have a dice bonus. It will become a 6 AP and 4 DP if you have a
    +1. 7AP and 4 DP if you have a +2 dice bonus and so on and so forth)
    After battle info: Fortunately, you solved the problem before any harm was
    done. However, it seems they made off with some development documents. We can
    only guess what they might be planning...
    We've decided to place a bounty on all Arkz members to catch them before they
    can cause any more trouble. We look forward to your help.
    Security Division
    Cutscene Character:
    Hunters Mission 3: Fossil Find 2 (Hunt3)
    Enemy: Break
    Dimensions: 5X5
    Author's note: though two quests arise at this time if you take the sighting 1
    quest first then the Fossil find 2 quest will disappear
    Info on this Mission: We'd like to send another research team out to the giant
    fossil. I'd like you to guard against any further interference from the Arkz
    Battle Info: Break appears to like to combine the movement of himself with the
    movement of his monsters, whenever his monster moves, he moves. He appears to
    like trying to surround you with his monsters and blocking it up with himself,
    which leaves himself open to attack though I suggest you finish off his nearby
    monsters soon if at all possible because they will cause the greatest problem.
    After battle info:
    Cutscene character: Sil'fer
    Hunters Mission 4: Sighting 1 (Hunt4)
    Enemy: Lura
    Dimensions: 3X5
    Map: Via Tubus
    Info on this mission: We've received reports of a shady figure sighted in Via
    Tubus. It's probably nothing but we'd still like you to head to the scene to
    Battle Info: This may have just been us but Lura only used one Savage wolf then
    tried to attack us head on. This battle was over in about four turns for us and
    was probably the easiest one we've ever had.
    After Battle Info: It appears that the Arkz are trying to destroy the Via Tubus
    Pallet for some unknown reasons. We do not understand their motives, but we
    intend to continue monitoring their activities. Good work.
    Security Division
    Cutscene Character:
    Note: After this battle we get characters Teifu, Viviana and Kylria.
    Hunters Mission 5: Chance Meeting (Hunt5)
    Enemy: Memoru
    Dimensions: 5X5
    Map: Tower of Caelum
    Info on this mission: An anomaly has been discovered in the transport system at
    the Tower of Caelum. We don't think it's a real malfunction, but we'd like you
    to investigate anyway.
    ((Required, you MUST send Viviana on this mission))
    Battle Info: Memoru seems to favor mines type enemies. This should be an easy
    battle if you load your deck with techniques. Not too much to this battle.
    After Battle Info: Hold on a minute! Why the heck was Memoru there?! Now I'm
    remembering things I'd rather forget! She hasn't changed a single bit! Oh how I
    can't stand her! And how could she go and join the Arkz?! How could she... Ugh!
    She's always making people worry about her like this!
    Cutscene Character: None, only Viviana can be deployed on this mission and no
    cutscene was activated
    Hunters Mission 6: Phantom Shop 1 (Hunt6)
    Enemies: Break, Lura
    Map: Via Tubus
    Info on this mission: I'm looking for a certain food... Somewhere there's a
    famous old shop that sells this yummy treat. I red on the 'Net that the shop's
    staff goes to Via Tubus every week at this time to gather the food ingredients.
    I simply MUST have it. Please find the staff and buy this food for me!
    Battle info: In the first turn break and Lura both will usually use up their
    attack points summoning monsters. Once again break will try to move with his
    monsters. Lura on the other hand will stay back. Go for break if he gets near
    you. The only monsters I saw them use were wolves (both kinds) and boomas, with
    the exception of an al rappy. But oddly enough when I was about to deal the
    finishing blow to Break, Lura stepped in and blocked the attack. This has
    happened a few times before and only happens to the computers I believe.
    After Battle Info: ... No luck, huh? And the site definitely said they would be
    there... This is such a bummer. ... And my mother would have been so happy to
    get one... Well, I'm sorry for taking up your time. Thank you for all your help
    Author's note: Accepting this quest also gets rid of the Homework Help Quest.
    After doing this mission talk to Viviana and you will get the Alive AQHU card.
    It's a monster card so save it for Arkz missions
    Cutscene character: (Looking)
    Hunters Mission 6: Homework Help (Hunt6)
    Info on this mission:
    Battle Info:
    After battle info:
    Cutscene Charcter: (Looking)
    Hunters Mission 7:Monument Watch (Hunt7)
    Enemies: Peko, Creinu
    Dimensions: (two rectangular structures, second dimensions are of square on top
    of rectangle) 3X6, 3X3
    Map: Lupus Silva
    Info on this mission: Apparently, some suspicious figures have been spotted
    near the Central Dome Monument. It'd be terrible if something were to happen to
    the monument so we'd like you to go stand guard over it
    Battle Info: Mostly in this battle your opponents will use the higher level
    forest creatures along with the lower level ones and some ruin creatures too.
    Peko and Creinu will not move, if at all, throughout the battle. They will
    place their monsters in front of them as barriers in hopes of stopping them.
    Your team mate kranz though will rush in to attack. But he may be easily
    overwhelmed and be careful, if he dies you lose also. Creinu also has the HP
    Assist ability, which gives one HP to any ally within one block of herself.
    After battle info: Good Job. So it really was the Arkz. ... Just as we thought.
    Thanks to you, no significant damage was done. Thank you for your assistance
    Cutscene Character: Kylria
    Hunters Mission 8: Sighting 2 (Hunt8)
    Enemy: Rufina
    Dimensions: 4X6 with two rocks in the middle, diagonally
    Map: Tener Sinus
    Info on this mission: This time, we've received reports that a suspicious
    figure has been spotted in Tener Sinus. Considering the events in Via Tubus
    last time, we'd like you to proceed to the scene and look into this ASAP
    Battle info: Rufina will start out by summoning a monster and if you go for it
    she will try to sneak up behind you for an attack. And be careful of her range,
    she wields a partisan which is not the same as other weapons. She should be
    easy to pick off if you have a well built ranger deck.
    After Battle Info: It would appear that the Arkz was trying to plant some sort
    of device in Tener Sinus for unknown reasons. We believe we can extract some
    clues from the information you recovered.
    Security Division
    Author's note: Doing this mission gets rid of the second option. You also gain
    three new characters Oriand, Guykild, Relmitos
    Hunters Mission 9: Called Out (Hunt9)
    Enemy: Break
    Dimensions: 7X5 with one square missing in each corner
    Map: Lupus Silva
    Info on this mission: I've heard that there's a woman named Sil'fer among the
    Hunters. I'd very much like to meet her. Please come see me, and come alone
    Author's Note: Sil'fer MUST be dispatched to this map.
    Battle Info: For once Break doesn't try to move with his monster and stays
    back. I decided if he wasn't going to come to me then it would be best if I
    went to him and took him out early. If you have the Dragon Slayer weapon it
    will be very useful in this battle because most of his monsters will be Forest
    or dark.
    After Battle Info: None ( a cutscene is activated)
    Hunters Mission 10: Called again (Hunt10)
    Enemy: Lura
    Dimensions: 4X6
    Map: Molae Venti
    Info on this Mission: I apologize for the rush but could you come as quickly as
    possible? I am in serious trouble.
    Battle info: It should've been odd that you were dispatched by Lura and yet
    facing her in the battle. This was a sneak attack. This should be an easy
    battle because all she uses are canadine related cards so charge up the field
    picking off canadines as you go and you should have no problem
    After Battle info: I, I'm sorry.. It appears we were the unfortunate victims of
    an Arkz hacking attack. We'll try to improve our security to make sure
    something like this won't happen again
    Cutscene Character: (Looking)
    Hunters Mission 11: Development 1 (Hunt11)
    Enemy: Hyze
    Dimensions: 5X5
    Map: Unguis Lapis
    Info on this mission: Research has begun on the feasibility of developing
    Unguis Lapis into a habitable area. But the truth is, we're short on manpower
    and progress has been slow. We'd like you to simply go there to help
    Battle Info: Hyze will start with a double sword weapon that Resembles a
    yamato. Being in a small area it might be best to just go for him if he doesn't
    go for you. He will summon some pretty strong monsters if he's given the
    chance. What was odd was that when I attacked him, his pan arms took the
    damage. I was able to take him out quite quickly because I went straight for
    him, which is better then sitting back and picking off monsters in this case.
    After battle info: Looks like you brought back some data. Good work. Now we can
    go ahead and complete our investigation. We hope that development of the
    habitable areas on Ragol can proceed quickly. I think I've grown more
    accustomed to life onboard this ship than I'd like...
    Gunther, Development Division
    Cutscene Character: (looking)
    Author's note: Accepting this quest gets rid of the "Tower Check" quest. You
    also get Sailgun, Stella and Glustar. The final hero characters.
    Hunters Mission 12: Clean-up Job (Hunt12)
    Enemies: Peko, Creinu
    Dimensions: 7X7 with a parts missing on left and right side (hard to describe)
    Map: Mortis Fons
    Info on this mission: Recently there's been a series of accidents at Mortis
    Fons, famous for its active geyser. Moss growth in the area has dramatically
    increased causing many visitors to slip and hurt themselves. We'd like you to
    go and give the place a good cleaning.
    Battle info: Peko and Creinu will most likely start off there first turn by
    summoning monsters. They will probably be either A. beast or Dark monsters. Do
    not forget about Creinu's HP assist ability either. Once again your computer
    ally, Guykild, will rush in to battle. And once again it would be a good idea
    to go and make sure he's not in over his head. Be careful of dimenians, they
    gain AP for each one on the field. Your opponents will rarely protect their
    monsters, and with the amount of monsters they play per turn it may be a long
    time before you break through to either of the Arkz heroes.
    After Battle info: It is once again safe to travel through the area. Thank you
    very much for your help. We'll be sure to call on you again if anything else
    comes up.
    Development Division.
    Hunters Mission 13: A brief rest (Hunt13)
    Enemies: Memoru, Peko
    Dimensions: 3X9 (spots missing but hard to describe them)
    Map: Lupus Silva
    Info on this mission: We'd like you to conduct some basic research at Lupus
    Silva. We are in need of air samples from the area in order to get a better
    ideal of the role Ragol's forests play in atmospheric purification.
    Battle info: Well this is odd, this may not be common in other battles but in
    front of you are teleporters to move you across faster, IMPORTANT NOTE the
    monsters can also use the teleporters so be careful. And once again your
    opponents will use their entire turn summoning creatures. They will try to
    summon canadines on the teleporter closest to you at the beginning to slow your
    progress. They will also use many assist cards to help out their monsters.
    After battle info: Thank you. I was a bit startled when the two Arkz suddenly
    appeared, but teifu was there to help, so it all worked out. After that, I was
    able to enjoy a most relzing experience. Thank you.
    P.S. - Trying to explain "spirit" to Teifu wasn't as easy as I'd hoped...
    Hunters Mission 14: Development 2 (Hunt14)
    Enemy: Break
    Dimensions: 5X5 with the corners missing
    Map: Tower of Caelum
    Info on this mission: Have you heard? The resumption of development on Ragol
    has been getting lots of attention lately, Lupus Silva was selected as a
    prospective development area. But as usual, we don't have enough staff for the
    job. We simply want you to investigate, just like last time.
    Battle info: Break will begin in the back by summoning monsters from the ruins
    and mines. Trying to kill each monster may become tedious as he can summon one
    each turn after you kill it so go straight for him after one or two kills
    After battle info: Lupus Silva is a serene area that holds a great natural
    park. Within which lies the central dome monument. In addition, the area
    developed by Pioneer 1 has a good flow of photon, and preparation for
    resumption of development is proceeding smoothly. However, we've heard rumors
    of the Arkz snooping about in the area, so please be careful.
    Author's note: talk to Relmitos after this mission to get the "Broom" card
    Cutscene character: (looking)
    Hunters Mission 15: The Great Rescue (Hunt15)
    Enemy: Memoru
    Dimensions: 7X5 with the corners missing
    Map: Lupus Silva
    Info on this mission: We'd heard rumors of Arkz activity in Lupus Silva, and
    now it seems this "Glustar" of yours has come into contact with them. He sent
    us an emergency message; it seems he's been wounded in combat and needs help.
    If you want to save him, go now.
    Battle Info: This is a pretty easy battle, if you've got a weapon that deals
    about 5-6 damage an attack then go straight for her, if not the battle may take
    a bit longer.
    After battle info: Teehee. Stella can take on anything! Nyaaaaah! Stella is so
    happy Glustar's injury isn't very serious, nyah. Well as you can see, when you
    leave it up to stella everything is wonderful nyah! Teehee. The hunters would
    never get anywhere without Stella! Teehee!.
    Hunters Mission 16: Taken Away (Hunt16)
    Enemy: Lura
    Dimensions: Same as previous Mortis Fons map
    Map: Mortis Fons
    Info on this mission: Someone has been kidnapping humanoids in great numbers.
    We'd like you to find the perpetrators and discover their true motives
    Battle Info: As with most all Arkz, Lura will start off her first turn by using
    all her AP to summon monsters, of the cave and mines. You will have to go for
    Lura in the beginning because it looks like she doesn't want to move. If she
    gets cornered she'll play monsters for her defence so have a few mechguns or
    LK-14s if you don't want to wait it out.
    After battle info: We're quite certain that this event is related to the OPSS
    incident. It's hard to believe someone would target humanoids in this manner
    yet again. We all thought that this was truly behind us... We ask that you
    please keep this incident in the strictest confidence. The public is quite
    sensitive when it comes to this sort of thing...
    Security Division
    Hunters Mission 17: Repair Work 2 (Hunt17)
    Enemy: Rio
    Dimensions: 3X6 rectangle with a 3X3 square on top to the right
    Map: Lupus Silva
    Info on this mission: We found out that parts of the Central Dome have
    collapsed. Because it symbolizes our history and progress on Ragol, we need to
    repair it right away. The Arkz will probably interfere with the repair work, so
    we'd like you to secure the safety of this operation.
    Battle info: You will be fighting against one of the newest Arkz members this
    time, Rio the RAmarl. She will start off her turn by using almost all of her AP
    to summon monsters. Usually they are weak and placed in front of you to slow
    progress. If at all possible avoid the monsters unless it is impossible to move
    around them in one turn. I avoided the poison lily she placed and when I got a
    bit more than half way to her before she played another monster. All in all if
    you get up to her fast she won't have time to set up too much defence and you
    should be able to take her out easily. She will tend to summon monsters from
    the caves and ruins. Be careful though, if you get close to her she may try to
    surround you so make sure you have a few strong weapons equipped to take them
    After Battle Info: Good job. Once again, thanks to you, we were able to proceed
    onward with our work.
    Development Division
    Cutscene Character: (Looking)
    Author's Note: Well after this mission you'll have to search around to find a
    quest. No this is not the end of the game you'll just have to take some time to
    find out about each character and maybe you'll get a quest. (Talking to Guykild
    gets you the quest "No Reason" but its fun to just see what every story
    character has on their mind. It's actually those little bits that can help you
    piece together the story line. )
    Hunters mission 18: No reason (Hunt18)
    Enemy: Peko
    Dimensions: 4X8
    Map: Via Tubus
    Info on this mission: I do not need a reason to fight. Hurry up and dispatch
    me! (special mail from Guykild)
    Battle info: Peko will just sit in the back of the field summoning monsters to
    attack you with in the beginning. What you do need to look out for are some of
    the stronger level spells, the evil sharks he summoned used both Gifoe and
    Gizonde. I eventually got tired of trying to kill off his monsters as I went
    along and went straight for him. I've started to notice I can't start off at as
    slow a pace as I used to, the farther you get (thankfully, I'm glad the AI
    shows progression as the game does) the harder it will be to win if you start
    off slow. What I mean is if you don't start off with your strategy in mind
    you're more likely to lose.
    After Battle info: BZZZZAAAAH! (I Win!) BZZT? BZZAAH? (Keh Keh keh...)
    Hunters Mission 19: Guardian 1 (Hunt19)
    Enemy: Leukon Knight
    Dimensions: 8X8
    Map: Ravum Aedes Sacra
    Info on this mission: According to reports from the Development Division, an
    object thought to be a weapon from an ancient civilization has been found.
    Because of the danger of a potential explosion, we're sending out a team to
    investigate. We'd like you to escort them.
    Battle Info: Well isn't this just grand? It looks like we're fighting an
    ancient protector and dang he looks tough. This is quite a large battle field
    and it is obviously meant for a long battle so be prepared for this mission.
    When I looked a bit closer I noticed he has 9 move 2 AP 7 TP and 40 HP. And he
    also has the ability to switch his AP and TP whenever he attacks, he is also
    aerial and able to change his resistance to either physical or tech attacks by
    turn, he is also not affected by abnormal conditions. DO NOT I repeat DO NOT
    sit back and watch this guy come at you, this is gonna be one heck of a battle.
    Of course I was lucky enough to draw 5 defense cards on one turn so I was
    prepared in the beginning. Quick tip, if his body is white, don't attack him
    with a weapon, it'll do zero damage. Equip weapons as fast as you can because
    he will do some major damage if you're not careful. He will also use some
    deadly combos, like punch and and HP halver. This will send all your equipped
    weapons to half HP. For some odd reason when he resisted tech and attacked my
    shield it did zero damage. Some strong weapons and support cards that will up
    attack should make the battle easier. This guy is by far the toughest thing you
    have faced, my HP got dangerously low towards the end of the battle which
    didn't make things any easier. You just have to hope he gets a low roll. I
    barely made it out of this battle alive. The last turn, Leukon knight 9 HP me 5
    and I had nothing equipped. I was very lucky to have that attack power up with
    me for my lightning partisan.
    After battle info: It appears that it was indeed a weapon of some sort.
    According to the containment team, it was some kind of guardian used on this
    planet in ancient times. There may be more of them, so we'll need to proceed
    with caution. As for you, good work. That'll be all for now
    Security Division
    Hunters Mission 20: Guardian 2 (Hunt20)
    Enemy: Reiz
    Dimensions: 5X5
    Map: Ravum Aedes Sacra
    Info on this mission: After a thorough investigation of the ancient white
    temple, we've found that it is truly a marvel of advanced technology. However,
    we do not yet understand its relation to that area, so we're going to send in
    another research team, and we'd like you to escort them
    Battle Info: Don't worry, this time there's no guardian. This time we'll be
    fighting a normal Arkz dispatch, Reiz the HUmarl. On such a small map it would
    be somewhat stupid to not head straight for the opponent. Your opponent will be
    using a weapon that resembles the lightning partisan. If she has a dark gunner
    out she will slowly lose health each turn due to the "Steady Damage" ability.
    She also gave up on her monster quite quickly. After defeating that Leukon
    Knight this should be an easy battle. Throughout the entire battle she summoned
    one monster
    After battle info: Hmm, no strange objects this time... I was hoping we'd find
    something. But at least we were able to retrieve some useful data. This ancient
    technology was quite interesting to study. Their way of thinking was very
    different from ours. Still, I wonder why the Arkz were there? Anyway, thanks
    for your help. We couldn't have done it without you!
    Researcher Lagnet
    Authors note: Taking this quest gets rid of the other quest options at the
    Author's note: Talking to Teifu gives you the quest "Tough Partner". Another
    rescue mission to lupus silva, I will not currently be putting this up but
    later I will. Sorry if this is an inconvenience.
    Hunters Mission 21: Guardian 3 (Hunt21)
    Enemy: Creinu
    Dimensions: 10X10
    Map: Ravum Aedes Sacra
    Info on this mission: The white temple ruins still hold many secrets. Our last
    investigation has led to a rather startling find. We want to go back and
    confirm our results, so we'd like to ask for your protection once again.
    Battle info: This should be like any other battle against the Arkz for you,
    just get straight to her and finish up the job quickly is always my favorite
    plan of attack.
    After battle info: With this, we can now form a hypothesis! We believe these
    ruins served as a storage and "hibernation" area for the guardians. This
    guardian is only one of many mass-produced weapons created to seal away an
    ancient threat. It must've mistaken us for an old enemy, but it looks like only
    this one managed to reactivate itself. At any rate, thanks again!
    Researcher Lagnet
    Hunters Mission 22: Morgue Attack (Hunt22)
    Enemies: Lura, Rufina
    Dimensions: 7X7 with a big 3X3 hole in the middle.
    Map: Morgue
    Info on this mission: Intruders have infiltrated the Pioneer 2 Central
    Information Room and are now making their way to the Morgue. We'd like you to
    handle this matter immediately.
    Battle info: Well I chose Kranz for this mission and I got a cutscene, I am
    unsure if this happens with every character or not though. You'll be in a timed
    battle, beat the Arkz in thirty minutes or all C.A.R.D. Technology will be
    destroyed. Time is of the essence so now more than ever my "go straight for the
    arkz character and ignore the monsters as much as possible" strategy becomes
    more effective. And glustar equipping the soul eater, which deals him one
    damage directly per turn does not help. This might actually be an easier battle
    then it first looked, the time is nothing too much to worry about. Just watch
    out for the ripple effect many monsters will have, it causes everyone damage.
    Be mindful of your team mates health and try to rap it up quickly. And you will
    have to kill both of your opponents in order to win this battle. Oh well isn't
    this a nice little surprise, it looks like you'll be fighting all of the arkz
    in this mission so be ready for the long haul. Your second opponents are Memoru
    and Creinu. Once you get used to fighting in here the battles go faster, I
    finished the second battle ten minutes faster then the first. The computers
    also tend to send in most of their attacks towards your comp friend. The last
    battle is a good old one on one with break. After you finish with Break your
    final battle is over.
    After battle info: Sit back and enjoy the cutscene
    Hunters Mission 23: Info on Blitz (Hunt23)
    Enemies: Endu, Rio
    Dimensions: 5X5 with two holes in the middle
    Map: Tower of Caelum
    Info on this mission: From Kylria.
    Orland managed to obtain new info on Blitz, but soon after, he was attacked by
    two Arkz. I'm going to his rescue!
    Battle info: Well this is probably the first time you've seen endu in a while
    so who knows what to expect. Both opponents will start off by summoning two
    strong monsters or a few weak ones. This should be a nice change of pace from
    the previous timed battle, no time limits here. What came as a bit of a
    disappointment was that endu threw himself in my attack to protect rio.
    After battle info: Thank you commander. ... We now know the location of Blitz's
    final message box, which is in nebula Montana. If only Kranz was alright...
    Hunters Mission 24: Sighting 3 (Hunt24)
    Enemy: Peko
    Dimensions: 3X6
    Map: Nebula Montana
    Info on this mission: This time we've received reports of suspicious figures in
    Nebula Montana. They may be planting devices like last time, so we'd like you
    to head there quickly and investigate
    Battle info: This should be practically second nature by now if you've been
    playing for the hunters but once again, go straight for your opponent. Peko
    will actually make an effort to attack you now so if he gets close enough pound
    on him with strong weapons. Not to difficult of a battle
    After battle info: The devices we found last time in Tener Sinus appear to be
    some sort of photon amplifier. E do not know what purpose they serve, but it's
    quite possible they could've been a threat to Pioneer 2. This mission went
    well, but we can't count on being so lucky every time. We'll continue to
    monitor ttheir activity closely. That's all for now. Good job.
    Security Division
    Hunters Mission 25: Odor Encounter (Hunt25)
    Enemy: Ohgun
    Dimensions: (I can't really explain it. Sorry)
    Map: Dolor Odor
    Info on this mission: That place we just discovered is like the inside of a
    living organism... We'd like to go and find out just what is going on there,
    but it seems quite frightening... So, we're sending you instead. Good luck!
    Battle info: Well isn't this just nice, a timed battle. You've got 15 minutes
    and counting, get over to the teleporters as quickly as possible and take out
    Ohgun. This shouldn't be a hard battle though Ohgun will have some strong
    monsters, like a Baranz. He does have an Impact Halfguard every once in a while
    so it might take a bit longer if you're using a ranger or hunter without techs.
    It also looks like all his monsters have the ability to take a hit if you
    attack him directly so you'll end up taking his monsters out first either way
    After battle info: Thanks for your help. We expect to begin our own
    investigation soon, so we can find out more about this strange place... But as
    for now, we don't have any clue what it is...
    Development Division
    Author's Note: You are offered another quest besides this but I didn't take it.
    Will be added later.
    Hunters Mission 26: Bomb threat (Hunt26)
    Enemy: Memoru
    Dimensions: 4X6
    Map: Molae Venti
    Info on this mission: We've received word on the Arkz's plans. They want to
    blow up Molae Venti. Hurry to the scene to secure the explosives and put a stop
    to there plans
    Battle info: Well once again we're at a timed match, 15 minutes. Go right for
    your opponent without wasting any time, she will summon some Mines enemies like
    sinow. Don't worry about this match, it should be easier than the odor
    encounter mission.
    After battle info: Thanks to you, we were able to recover the explosives.
    However, we fully expect that the Arkz will strike again. In the meantime, we
    intend to continue our investigation. If something else happens, we'll be sure
    to call on you again.
    Security Division
    Hunters Mission 27: Dream Present (Hunt27)
    Enemy: Reiz
    Dimensions: 5X5
    Map: Unguis Lapis
    Info on this mission: Our research team in Unguis Lapis just sent an emergency
    dispatch. They've run into an Arkz member, and are currently engaged in battle.
    Proceed to the scene and protect them at once!
    Battle info: She had a bad roll her first turn against me so she didn't put
    anything and this gave me an easy time of getting her. Once I got her down to a
    few HP in the first turn she ran. Overall battle time: 2 minutes.
    After battle info: I... I won! I was a little nervous there for a minute, but I
    made it! I hope I can get paid a lot for this one, eh? I want to use the meseta
    I've saved to build a school. I sure hope Stella likes it...
    Hunters Mission 28: Sighting 4 (Hunt28)
    Enemies: Lura, Break
    Dimensions: 4X6
    Map: Molae Venti
    Info on this mission: The Arkz are attacking Molae Venti, and photon leakages
    have occurred as a result of the battle. Suppress the Arkz and contain the
    Battle info: Well two on one hardly seems fair doesn't it? But the fact that
    you automatically get two added to your dice roll helps a bit. Lets not forget
    this is a timed match and that your opponents have shared HP so you have to
    kill em both to win. Luckily when one dies, so do their monsters
    After battle info: Thanks for your help. We managed to plant a tracking device,
    which should enable us to locate their hideout. At long last, it looks like
    we'll finally be able to hunt down the Arkz. We truly appreciate all of your
    hard work. We'll take over from here. ... Thanks.
    Security Division
    Hunters Mission 29: Great Ambition (Hunt29)
    Enemy: Pollux
    Dimensions: 5X5 with two blocks missing on the top left and bottom right
    Map: ??? (That's the map name)
    Info on this mission: Thanks to your efforts, we've discovered the location of
    the Great Shadow. My career is depending on this! I've already sent out several
    of my staff, but I seem to have lost contact with them. I'd like you to go out
    and investigate this Great Shadow.
    Battle Info: Oh joy, another boss fight. This is against Pollux, and man does
    she look tough. 55 HP and there are timed turns, she also gains one AP per turn
    so take her out AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. Not to mention after ten turns she can use
    pierce, when her AP will be at 10 and she can use an attack that makes your
    movement 1. She also has weak hit block, make sure you have very strong weapons
    with you cause you will need them, if you're using a 5 damage weapon and she
    uses dodge or reduce this will get quite annoying and she can't get an abnormal
    status and AP silence. This is a bit of cheap boss. Who am I kidding saying a
    bit? This is a very cheap boss. I lost way to quickly in the first time I
    played her. I suggest using a long range character because when she gets close
    to you you do not want to be anywhere in her range. This makes the Leukon
    knight look like a push over. Well I'd also suggest, if you have any, put in
    some SW block. Second time around I got a better idea of what I was into and
    got her down by about 30 HP. Well I keep getting closer and closer to defeating
    her, but this is not easy. Have quite a few guard cards and I'd suggest using a
    ranger. She'll probably seem to get a bit easier each time you fight her, you
    learn how to deal with her amazing cheapness.  And after a while she'll start
    attacking you directly so be prepared.  She will also use AP silence which is
    VERY annoying, you suddenly are down to the damage your weapon can deal by
    Arkz Story
    Arkz Mission 1: First Battle (Ark1)
    Enemy: Sil'fer
    Dimensions: 3X5
    Map: Mortis Fons
    Info on Mission: Ever since Mortis Fons had that earthquake the other day, its
    bountiful springs have been over-spewing large volumes of boiling water. The
    Government's Development Division with their rampant over-development is most
    likely the culprit. Go there immediately and put a stop to them.
    Author's note: Make sure to edit your deck specifically to your character.
    Example if you're using Break make sure to put in techs, this goes for all
    characters, load up your deck with their specialty, got a ranger? Give them
    guns, hunter gets swords and so on and so forth. This is very important to
    strategy and game play.
    Battle Info: With the first battle you're playing on a 3X5 square. Sil'fer uses
    no hand gun weapons, and uses only the sword, partisan and saber. Do not line
    up your monsters if she equips the partisans, if they are on the same row she
    is able to hit three across, being in the middle that is the entire row in
    front of her. This is an easy battle once you get started
    After Battle Info: Great Job.
    I Knew I could count on you. Hopefully this will set them back a bit. I still
    don't have concrete proof that this incident was actually caused by the
    government, but I'll continue investigating
    Cutscene character: (Looking)
    Arkz Mission 2: Recon Duty (Ark2)
    Enemy: Kranz
    Dimensions: 6X4
    Map: Via Tubus
    Info on this mission: I need you to check out the status of the High-Speed
    Transit Net that the government is developing and acquire detailed information
    on its capabilities. Also, I need you to bring back a copy of its system-bootup
    Battle Info: Now things begin to heat up as you face the ranger, Kranz. This
    mission is exactly identical to the Hunters' second mission. This mission
    should be no problem if you manage to get at least two monsters around Kranz
    before he moves. Just remember they are not short battles, so if you're winning
    don't expect to finish in maybe 5 minutes unless you're lucky and have a few
    good monsters near him. (Reference is to Haywire pallet Hunt2)
    After Battle Info: That was a great job. My assistants have gotten your data.
    Once again, your performance impresses me. Keep up the good work.
    Arkz Mission 3: Ruin Smugglers (Ark3)
    Dimensions: 5X5
    Map: Unguis Lapis
    Info on this mission: Unguis Lapis, site of the recent fossil discovery, is
    being ransacked. To preserve the ruins we want you to capture those responsible.
    Battle Info: Sil'fer tends to only use sword type weapons, not literally the
    sword weapon but you get the point. She also used no defensive cards against
    us. This is an easy battle, just a bit of a long one.
    After Battle Info: We're sorry to hear that you weren't able to actually
    capture the criminals. Lately we've been hearing stories of smugglers taking
    items from ragol's ruins and selling them for high prices onboard Pioneer2. We
    intend to continue to keep close watch over the situation.
    Arkz Environnmental Policy Team
    Cutscene Character: Break
    Author's note: You now gain the characters Rufina, K.C. and Memoru
    Arkz Mission 4: Nostalgic Spot (Ark4)
    Enemy: Viviana
    Dimensions: 5X5
    Map: Tower of Caelum
    Info on this Mission: I wanna go to the Tower of Caelum for a bit. My sixth
    sense is whispering, "Gotta go there!" So I'm going! Bye! No complaints!
    Battle Info: Viviana will tend to use the Mahu as her physical weapon and use
    many techs. This was a very easy battle
    After Battle Info: What the?! Why the heck was Vivi there?! Ewww! What a way to
    ruin a person's day! She was as always. I can't stand her! Ugh, I just want to
    forget all about this now...
    Arkz Mission 5: Lost Rappy (Ark5)
    Dimensions: 5X5
    Map: Lupus Silva
    Info on this battle: I was taking a walk in the forest with my pet rappy Kate.
    Then she suddenly ran off and disappeared! Kate is my best friend! Please find
    her for me!
    Battle Info: Kylria, being a ranger will use many guns, but she tends to use
    shields more often. The battles aren't as hard as they are long. And sometimes
    it seems like its rigged against the Arkz because of how many weapons the
    Hunters can equip.
    After Battle info: Alright!! Kate's back! Thanks so much! But... she seems sad
    for some reason... Oh, I Know! I bet she's just like me. She probably gets
    lonely when her mom and dad aren't around. I hate to see her leave, but I'll go
    back to the forest with Dad and return Kate to Where she belongs
    P.S. Are you sure this is really kate? She sounds... different...
    Cutscene character:(Looking)
    Author's note: Talk to Memoru after this mission, you get the card "Canadine"
    Arkz Mission 6: Unseen Enemy 1 (Ark6)
    Enemies: Viviana, Teifu
    Dimensions: 3X5
    Map: Mortis Fons
    Info on this mission: We're in trouble, we botched a hacking attempt and wound
    up getting caught. We need yout o proceed immediately to Mortis Fons and
    destroy the enemy computer
    Battle Info: This is your first two on two battle with the Arkz. Teifu doesn't
    look like he'll use many items in the beginning where as viviana will. Your
    teammate, Endu, will rush in and take on the opponent head on while leaving one
    of his monsters on the field for back up.  This shouldn't take to long if you
    cluster up the battle field and make it impossible for them to get past any of
    your monsters
    After Battle Info: Great job. I believe that we've managed to keep our location
    secret. From now on, I'll make sure to monitor Ragol as well as Pioneer 2.
    Cutscene Character: (looking)
    Author's note: After this mission you get the characters Hyze, Rio and Peko
    Arkz Mission 7: Perfect Ones (Ark7)
    Enemy: Guykild
    Dimensions: 4X6
    Map: Tener Sinus
    Info on this Mission: I need to get information about the humanoids who belong
    to the hunters. Follow these instructions, engage in combat with them and then
    send the resulting data to me
    Battle Info: This is the first time you've faced off against Guykild the
    RAcast. And this will probably be the first time you've seen the item Rocket
    Punch. It looks like in the beginning he will stay in the back row so you'll
    have to initiate the attack. His weapons will hit two in a row so be careful.
    And once again be especially careful of the rocket punch, it has a +3 attack
    power doing about 5 damage a hit. He will use very few cards, if any, when you
    fight against him so get out some heavy hitters and try to take out his weapons
    in one hit so he loses HP and can't equip them as fast (no, one hit KO's do not
    make it so you can equip less weapons, it just means he has to have more to
    equip and that makes him use up his action points.)
    After Battle Info: The data you acquired looks like it'll be just what I need.
    Thanks... Now, the research can proceed onward to discovering the link between
    humanoids and C.A.R.D. Technology.
    Cutscene Character: (Looking)
    Arkz Mission 8: Research 1 (Ark8)
    Enemy: Sil'fer
    Dimensions: 3X5 with a square missing in each corner
    Map: Tower of Caelum
    Info on this mission: We've determined that the C.A.R.D rematerialization
    process is partially influenced by climate. As part of our research, we would
    like to acquire accurate data on Ragol's climate. Could you go out and collect
    environmental data from each location for us?
    Battle Info: Sil'fer will come for you if you stay put giving you the ability
    to pick her off with a spell or two if you're using someone who can cast techs.
    She does have Panarms Blades in her deck which have the double strike ability
    as with the rest of her daggers. She does use some defence cards but nothing
    really that will stop an attack. This should be a very easy battle if you get
    off to a good start.
    After Battle Info: We've received your data. Thanks. We'll do our best to make
    use of this data in creating even more effective C.A.R.D Technology. We'll be
    sure to call on you again if anything else comes up.
    C.A.R.D. Research Team
    Cutscene Character: (looking)
    Arkz Mission 9: First Strike (Ark9)
    Enemy: Kylria
    Dimensions: 5X5
    Map: Unguis Lapis
    Info on this Mission: The Hunters have grown complacent as of late. We must not
    pass up this chance! I want a preemptive strike against them.
    Battle Info: Kylria will come after you if you stay in the back rows so place a
    few monsters up front to slow her down and give you a short chance to set up an
    attack. She carries a few red hand gun, which can cast acid, in her deck so be
    mindful of that. I had quite some trouble with her because I didn't come have
    any guards in my hand till later on in the battle
    After Battle info: (Looking)
    Cutscene Character: (looking)
    Cards List
    /////Coming Soon\\\\\
    If you've got an alternate strategy, know of one of the special characters to
    activate a cutscene or know how to get a special card then feel free to e-mail
    me and I'll put recognition right next to the info you've submitted in the
    guide. All help is appreciated, my e-mail is duo797@netscape.net
    Thanks to:
    Nintendo for making this game
    Tempest-Hawk for helping me with this guide
    Gamefaqs for posting this guide
    Nintendo Power for helping me get started (I'm a subscriber. There was some
    useful info)
    All information on this is copyright Reed Johnson and Brett Kiser as of 2004.
    Any copying without proper recognition is a violation of copyright laws which
    is punishable by law. (In other words guys if you're going to directly take
    something out of here give us credit)
    (One last time for good measure)
    Copyright Reed Johnson and Brett Kiser 2004- Good night, when you leave a

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