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Need for Speed Underground!

Not the greatest game, ill tell you. I might be slightly biased because of my brothers obsession for it, but I have a pretty much straightforward view of the game. It is your basic buy a car and race it game, with a bunch of twists and additional options. The game features recent day cars as well as old classics, and also shows a variety of top of the line Police cars from the LAPD. While the portrayal of these cars in a game is perfect, down to the way they turn, it still does not make it interesting. Because in reality when you make a game about driving, you are not actually driving. And this game feels like it should be fun, but only if you were really behind the wheel of the extremely expensive car…

Game play is alright when starting this game. You have a few cars to pick from the start, and you have to work through the game to earn the other cars and their optional parts. The basic levels are races with other high speed cars, and some are police chases where you must escape the police and get to a said checkpoint. It is fairly entertaining, but it gets so boring after a while. Like I said, you are not behind the wheel of the car, and there is only so long you can try and pretend you are. While the game features an outstanding life-like imitation of real cities to drive through and can simulate the engine through the rumble feature of Gamecube controllers, it cannot make you efficiently drive as you would in real life because of a slight lag to turn which I noticed and because your figures cannot define true skill. How is it one can be great at this game if they are limited to so many things. While Need For speed underground might have tried to make a serious, cool car racing game, they forgot the fun factor, which is lost in the constant races over and over and over….

The Graphics of this game are alright. They are a bit fuzzy when still, yet surprisingly look especially well when the car you are controlling is in motion. The effects of the outside surroundings in the levels (poles, lights, other cars, etc.) Is pretty good except for the fake looking electric sparks. The graphics have a good quality for sharpness and an okay tone, although the default unmodified tone may have been too dark for a speed rush racing game. The colors are also very good, and the way the colors of the cars were matched up to their digital counterparts was particularly impressive, seeing as how many games end up changing around the car completely.

This games sound, in my opinion, is quite poor. The game seems to have very few songs, and the ones that normally play over and over get very annoying after a while, and can indirectly wear out the game or making it boring in your mind. It is not motivating enough for the player because there is not a lot of “music”, but rather loud talking with a light beat in the background.

Controls and Options are very nice in this game with the exception that the controller is not a steering wheel, as the game makers seem to have intended it to be… As always you have a Gamecube controller so it is bound to be fairly good. And as for the options, you can do plenty to create your own car, and there are good tuning options for the game in general.

Overall the game is alright, but I would say just rent it because it gets old fast and has little replay value except for multi player, which has a two player maximum. (7/10)

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 01/24/04

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