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"Possibly the best thing since SSBM... ?"

The story goes, a young boy named Kou finds this little toy named G Red that somehow comes to life, and now everyone has one of these toys, they're all different, they have to protect the Earth from other little toys called death borgs, why they don't just crush them with their feet? I dunno, but what I do know that this game is really fun.

Story: You find a toy called G Red who you become friends with, you gain partners with other borgs as you go through the game you get a a lot of borgs and a lot of partners, I haven't played it in a while so I don't remember all of the story, but I know that you won't get sucked into the story, unlike Legend of Zelda, or Fire Emblem. 6/10

Gameplay/Controls: The gameplay is near perfect! It's very original, you just lock on, hit the B button a few times, wait for for your ammo to reload then keep shooting. After each of the battles you may get other borgs, most of them not as good as G Red. You also get to create a force, that is made up of your points, and your borgs, each borgs takes a certain amount of points, this adds a great element to the gameplay. 9/10

Replay Value: The replay value is very very good, they give you things to do after you beat the game once, you also get different other missions your 2nd time around, you can get stuff by beating the game. 10/10

Multi-Player: There are two things to do for multi-player, there's battle, and mission mode, battle is exactly as it sounds, you battle a friend, or computer, using the gotcha borgs you've unlocked throughout the game. Missions mode is another great thing about this game, you use the gotcha borgs you unlocked to complete simple missions, as you go through the levels, harder borgs and teams appear. Overall though there is nothing too stand out-ish about it. 8/10

Sound: I didn't see anything too special here, the voice acting fits each character pretty well, the gun shots sounded okay, some of the music was above average, but still it was just okay. 6/10

Graphics: These aren't the best graphics I've seen, but they fit the game very well, the borgs look nice, the levels are a bit simple, but in the end, the you probably wouldn't want the graphics any other way. 8/10

Cameras: The camera is well designed, the expected is there, when a solid object is in the way of your character it becomes transparent. I think the best part though is there's minimal manual control which bring more focus to the controls and gameplay. 9/10

Overall: This game is one of the best I've ever played, the replay value is great, it has flaws, but the gameplay does more than enough to make up for them, I love this game, and will most likely never get rid of it, it's not one of the games you get sucked into, but it will get you addicted for many hours of gameplay, either with a friend or by yourself. 10/10

Story: 6/10, Mediocre.
Gameplay/Controls: 10/10, Great fun.
Replay Value: 10/10, I'm still trying to get everything.
Multi-Player: 8/10, above average, but nothing more.
Sound: 6/10, One or two good tracks followed by average (or below-average by others standards) voice-acting.
Graphics: 8/10, Fitting.
Cameras: 9/10, Very well done.
Overall: 9/10, all that really matters is how fun it is, and it's very fun.

Buy or Rent: You won't be able to find this in any usual video rental stores, and it's extremely cheap due to it's under-the-radar status, so this would be a definite buy.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 06/02/06, Updated 10/31/08

Game Release: Gotcha Force (US, 12/03/03)

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