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"Exiciting Robo-action!"

When I first saw this game, I thought it looked horrible.
Well, I finally picked it up, and I must say...It's GREAT! This game is very addicting and lot's of fun. It's sort of like Pokemon-meets-Gundam-meets Megaman. Not convinced? Maybe, my guide will help you...or maybe it won't.


You play as a young boy who meets up with a tiny robot, and the two of you must defeat an evil force of similar robots. These robots are called "Borgs".
You will team up with allies to defeat the force. The animations are similar to anime, and the cutscenes are as well. This game is very long and interesting, but the story line didn't really hook me. I really liked the fact that you could have more than just one Borg, to create a team to kill all.


There are a wide range of Borgs to unlock, each with it's own great detail. The framerate is strong as well. Each Borg is detailed very well. The anime-looking characters are drawn simply, but well, and the environments are fun and creative. Each borg is unique and they all have personalities and powers.


This is the only thing I see wrong with this game. The voice-acting is awful, and the music can be annoying at times. Of course, you can always turn off the music and speech. The children's voices repeat some lines over and over, with incredible intensity. It won't make your ears bleed, but it might give you a head-ache.


This game is ridiculously fun! You use mainly two buttons to attack, however, you must be able to use these correctly, or you lose. The battlegrounds all have strategic advantages and crazy action. At times, the camera angles can be swirling around, confusing you, however, this only happens for a little bit. This game is fast-paced, either you fire, or you die. Crazy fun. Also, you can make your teams stronger and better.


The same fun action as single-player. I really liked the fact that your friends could play with their memory cards. It added a strategic option to the game?
However, there are only two teams to choose from, so if you bring two friends over, one of them will be stuck with the computer, and there is no free-for-all option either. You can also play "Challenge Mode" with one other friend, and kill the opposing enemies. Fun!

Replayability Factor:

There are over 200 Borgs to get, so you will be occupied trying to get them all. You will constantly be fighting and having a good time. The stroy-line is long and there are lots of fun features included. And you can keep changing your teams to overcome all who oppose you.


This game is really fun, if you see it at your local game-store, buy it right away! It will be sure to occupy you for awhile. Those Gods at Capcom are always thinking of the beat games.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 12/18/06

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