Review by thadudette

Reviewed: 05/22/07

You will NOT regret buying this game.

I would never have dreamed before that I would fall in love with such a dorky looking game. But my brother, fortunately, convinced me to play it. And I was completely taken over by the awesome gameplay. You won't regret this game.

STORY: 10/10
The Death Force comes. G Red falls from the sky into a fifth-grade kid's hands and tells him that they need his help to stop the Death Force from destroying the world. And what's wrong with that? No, it's not your usual T rated game with slinky hot girls (though they are quite cute) and tons of cussing. But it's simple, clean, and unlike most games, does not give the game its foundation. The story is introduced with a cool anime, and ended with another one. I wish they made more of them! The characters are pretty awesome (most people wouldn't say this since most people look at just how they fight), though the story is so unoriginal and short that it's quite hard to actually get attached to them.

The sad thing about the music is its lack of tracks. Many times, you'll hear some of the music so much that you could memorize it without trying to. But that's not that bad. Though really, the music is actually quite catchy sometimes and can get you into the Gotcha-mood. Really, I love the Death Force music. It starts a little weird, of course, but then it gets so awesome that...yeah. The sound is great--exploding bombs, firing guns, and whatever else. And really, I don't see anything wrong with the voice acting (with the exception of Kitsune, Met, and Tama).

Oh, if only I could give the gameplay higher than 10.
To the majority, this is definitely the best part of the game. You pick a team of borgs (that you're limited by GF Energy) and throw them into a fight. The controls are simple--B to shoot, X for special move, A to jump, R/L to switch targets, and Y to unleash Power Break. As simply stupid as it may sound, it's amazingly fun and obsessive. You can get borgs from knocking them out (with some rules to getting them) and you get them right after the battle. If you add up all the possible borgs you can get, you get a total of over 1000 borgs. Yep, 1000. Knock yourself out!

Amazing. Most games I just ditch right after I finish them, but this one definitely was a "go-through-it-again." It takes a long but fun time to collect all the borgs, but it's even more fun just to simply whack the heads off other borgs. For those who are a little more story-involved, you can learn more. w00pee!

To end, this game's awesome. If you don't have it, do yourself a gigantic favor and buy it now. It's a little pricey, but it's waaaaay worth it. If you already have it, congratulations. You have one of the best games ever made.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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