Review by OneWing_Angel

Reviewed: 06/07/07

So many Combos and Strategies, that You'll Never want to Stop

So many Combos and Strategies, that You'll Never want to Stop

Gotcha Force is a game about tiny robots, called "Gotcha Borgs", that fall to earth when their planet is destroyed by evil Death Force. The Death Force is comprised of Death Borgs that are lead by the self-proclaimed Galactic Emperor. In the Story Mode, you start off as a young boy, named Kou who finds G-Red, a tiny robot with a mind of his own. G-Red then tells Kou about about the Death Force, and how he is leader of a corps called "Gotcha Force." Kou battles the Death Force along-side G-Red and his friends, until they eventually defeat the Galactic Emperor.

The stroy of this game just sucks. Simple to understand, just boring. G-Red and Kou must beat the Death Force, or the world will be taken over. Uber-basic story. Though the Borg's short bios are okay. Bland characters don't help either. They're all soulless husks lacking most emotion. They have no follow-up and barely any separating features, aside from the fact that they use different type Borgs. Like I said before, uber-basic story, simple to comprehend.

Gunshots match-up. along with punches, and blows to armor. It flows correctly, but some of the sounds are rather annoying. The voice acting is terrible, but laughably so. The largest amount actually said is, "OK lets rock!." It really could have done better, but the sound functions well.

The music works well, but most of it is really bad. What makes it bad, is the always-peppy style of music. It's constantly going loudly with, "duuuuhh-duh- duh-duuuum- duh-duuuhhh..." Eventually it starts to piss you off. Some of it is okay, but you'll wanna turn on your iPod for this one.

The games graphics are about average. The colors are vibrant and pretty and the Borgs are all designed well. There's a little weapons-going-through-armor, but not too much. It looks really cartoony, but it fits the feel and vibe of this game. The cut-scenes are okay. They fit the pseudo-anime style. Overall this game looks good, and is easy on the eyes.

_Gameplay and Playability_---9.5/10
This is the main and perfecting feature of this game. The controls are simple and easy to master, and the gameplay is super-addictive. You won't be able to put it down for the first 12 hours. The biggest enjoyment is collecting the 206 Gotcha Borgs, who all almost differ in every way. Think of it. A 3D fighting game with 206 playable characters. This game tried to capture the feel of Poke'mon, and exceeded with flying colors. This gameplay is some of the most fun I've ever had.

Gotcha Force is a simple to understand, masterpiece of gameplay. The story and music cause some pain for this game, but its charming features and play make up for it. I applaud Capcom for making one of my favorite games of all time.

I give this game a score of 9.25, rounded to 9. OneWing_Angel out.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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