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Reviewed: 04/01/09

Choose Your Borg and Lets Kick Some Death Borg Ass!

I first liked Mech Fighters when I played Capcoms Tech Romancer on Dreamcast. I always knew that I'd one day buy Gotcha Force after its cute visuals, and package blurb boasted that over 300 Borgs were collectible appealed to me. I bought it after a long wait (because I could never find it in a shop) and it was well worth it. Capcom are the king when it comes to Fighting games.

Story 6/10
Kou, a young school kid one day comes across a miniature-sized robot called G Red. G Red tells him that the Galactic Emperor of the Death Force aims to take over the earth and so Kou joins up with G Red to form The Gotcha Force, a force made up of school kids and justice Borg's who fight together to rid their neighbourhood of the death force.

Gameplay 8/10
Gotcha Force has over 300 unlockable robots that range from Ninjas, to Flying Saucers, and even Transformers (not the famous ones). You start out with basic Borgs and as you progress through the games story mode, you'll unlock more and more Borgs to add to your side. Certain Borgs are much rarer than others are and you'll have to play through Story mode numerous times before you'll even begin to unlock any of the rarer (better) Borgs.

To make things even worse, some of the rarer Borgs like Sasuke are only created when you gather all the correct capsules that contain parts of them, and again these capsules may not appear until your fifth or sixth play through. This can be a little unfair.

Borgs gain experience with every Borg you defeat with them. So if G Red kills another Borg, he'll gain experience, your other party members do not. When you get a certain amount of experience Borgs will advance in level and provides them with more health, bullets, blast time etc. So raising Borgs is vital if you intend to get further in the game.

In battles you'll control one Borg at a time, but you could be facing up to five or 6 enemy Borgs simultaneously. This can be fun especially when you start facing the hero Borg units. As you progress more school kids will join the Gotcha Force and they can help you in battle, though their AI isn't anything special.

Gotcha Force is an all out, fast paced fighter and allows you no stopping time and a good thing is that I've never come across any slow down, even when there is a ton of crazy stuff happening on the screen. The camera angles though can get a bit dodgy.

Visuals 4/10
These are hideous. They're blocky, bitty, and bland -actually, the environments are very poor. They are just large open spaces with a few desks, pots or bricks to stand upon. They don't look very nice and are some of the worst on the GameCube. Gotchas character design is pretty cool though.

There are tons of Borgs to choose from, but the downfall of this is that many of the Borgs look alike. Nao looks like Angel Rescue. Sasuke looks like Normal Ninja. This happens a lot and you'll realize that you're just collecting variations of Borgs you already own. Not to worry though because there are still plenty of different Borgs available.

The game has a fantastic little animation that kick starts the Story mode and show how and where the Gotcha Borgs come from. It also shows all the kids who later become apart of the Gotcha Force. This animation is created very well and if they had actually made this into a cartoon, would have watched it.

Audio 7/10
The voice-overs are an acquired taste. I've heard some people call the corny and weak, but I actually though they suited the game very well. The music though was purely average as was the sound effects.

Replay Value 10/10
If you want to get all those hidden Borg's they your going to be playing Gotcha Force for a Very, Very, Very, Very, Very long time. Look on the bright side. Gotcha Force is really fun.

Don't let the bad visuals fool you. Gotcha force is one of the best fighters I've ever played and rewards the gamer for continuous playing. Though there isn't nearly enough modes, Story mode is plays so well you won't care. You'll play in the same arenas, but somehow you'll never find that boring. Gotcha Force is a hidden gem that just needs a little polishing in the visual area and you would have a near perfect gaming experience.

Pros and Cons

+ More than 300 Borgs
+ Nice voice acting
+ Tons of replay value
+ Very Fun to play
- Very Weak visuals
- Camera Angles can get a little chaotic at times
- The percentage rate for unlocking rarer Borgs is unfairly low.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

Product Release: Gotcha Force (EU, 02/20/04)

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