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"Multi-Mech Melee' Madness"

When I first saw this game I though, ''Whoa when did this come out?'' No one in the game store had heard of or played this little gem. But it is made by Capcom so I gave it a try. I was definitely not disappointed either. The best way to describe this game is; Power Stones meets Virtual On meets Pokemon meets SD Gundam. With fast arena-like battle fields the action is easy to come by. And with over 200 mechs to find and use the variety is almost endless.

Gameplay\10: This game is a total throwback to the days when the pixel count was second to the smile count. The controls are easy to pick up even thought the game has no tutorial, and the sheer amount of mechs that have VERY different play aspects keep it from getting repetitive. The real beauty of this game is the same as many games, when you have a real live opponent against you. The two player battle mode simply adds the sprinkles to what is already a super chocolate sundae of a game. The only thing I wish it had is a radar to show where you are in relation to your second and third opponents. This leaves you open to a cheap shot from behind, but it also leaves them open too.

Control/10: This just like game play this is where this game shines. A big mech moves like a big mech should and a small fast one is just that-small and fast. The controller interface is simple and responsive, it keeps the combo ability high without becoming too easy. For a game like this one you really don't need much along these lines to be a good game, and it accomplishes just that.

Graphics/8: This is not the next revolution in visual advancement. Far from it, but like the Millennium Falcon, ''It may not look like much, but she's got it where it counts.'' The visuals are clean and bright, even the mechs that are black in color look vibrant. Mechs off in the distance can even be identified if you know what mechs to look for. The environments are very well done and are even interactive to a point. Certain battlefields have tunnels and multi-levels to fight from. Certain obstacles and raised places to shoot from can be destroyed.

Sound/8: Once again it's not a John Williams symphony or include the latest pop and rap stars, but you'll have your hands busy in battle so it doesn't really matter that much. The sound effects are sharp and clean and like a good soldier it just does it's job.

Value/10: For $39.99, you can't beat this one with a stick. By it's self it's a great game and an even better got to game when you are getting bored or frustrated with some of the more major games out you may be playing, like FFX-2, or GTA-VC.

My opinion; with fast and simple game play, and a high level of re playability, this is a game that I wish we would see more of on the market. Great for kids and adult players who can get past it's kid game looking packaging. Simply a brilliantly made game.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 12/13/03

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