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"Awesomeness mechness"

This is a simple yet amazingly addictive game that is most likely to be looked over when seen in stores. It's easy to pick up and play and provides hours of game play.

GRAPHICS-10, I dont give the graphics a ten because they are the best, but they work for the game, its simple yet beautiful. Even though they look childish, you must look beyond that. If the graphics were any better it would take away the flavor of the game and make it to commercial. The special attacks in this game look like an old anime with the flashy lines and the bright colors. The visuals in this game are beautiful and vibrant and they make me remember the days when i was a child playing with my action figures.
MUSIC AND SOUND-10, The music in this game is simple and fun. It adds to the atmosphere of the fact that yes these are toys. The voice acting is very amusing to listen to, especially the youngest characters.
STORY-10, The story worked to help explain why you have these robots but its not the strong point in the game. The Story seems like a very cliched childs anime(Japanese Animation). It was enjoyable enough though, if you are a fan of pokemon or digimon then this story is for you
GAMEPLAY-10, This is one of the funnest games i have EVER played, It's very simple to learn and a throwback to old beat them ups, but with a twist. Even if you don't like the simple but addictive combat, you stay for the collecting of new borgs. This fact alone makes the game a mainstay in any GameCube collection. The hours it takes to collect the borgs will make you wanna keep coming back for more, as you say to yourself, no one more battle so i can get the next borg.
The controls for this game are so simple that even a child can pick up and play, you mainly use three buttons,A to jump and boost, B is the basic attacking, and X button is for your all mighty special attacks. The gameplay is what makes this game great, so if someone values the best part of a game,gameplay, then i suggest you all and go pick this up, if you can find it.
REPLAY VALUE-10, This came will keep you coming back for more, especially if you find some friends with the game, it is extraordinarily fun just to trade and battle your friends to prove who is the greatest of the great

In conclusion this is a must have game for all people ages 1-100, look past the simple graphics and then you will see this gem of a game you have for the GameCube.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 12/16/03

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