Review by Masakari24

Reviewed: 12/19/03

Gotta get a gotcha good game!

Where to start on this surprisingly deep and captivating game...

Graphics - 8 The graphics in Gotcha Force are well suited to the game, certainly not pushing the specs of the Gamecube, but they do justice. The game is set as toy combat and the toys look just like You can see the shine of the metal in the toys, the little screws they are put together with, and the effects from the attacks are fun and animate as well. The camera is a bit of an inconvenience at times, but it is always locked on a target, so once you adjust to it it makes it easier to keep your bearings in a fast paced 3D environment, Makes me wonder why I even wanted a manual camera in the first place.

Audio - 9 The Audio effects in the game are a great contribution towards the ambiance, the music is alright, nothing to buy a soundtrack of, but you won't be muting the TV either. The sound effects are great, you
get that sense of power as the sounds really reflect the more powerful attacks, and the last noise when you kill your last enemy really makes my day. The voice acting from the kiddy GF commanders is funny too, especially Mana saying she won't talk to me anymore.

Control - 10 This and the camera are probably the reasons this was deemed ''kiddy''. It just means that your melee and ranged attacks are scripted to the same button, where your distance deems which is used. I found this to be very intuitive, and actually enjoy being able to focus more on the game then the buttons. The special abilities and jump buttons are easy to get around, with only an occasional problem when holding down one to charge and still trying to fight.

Story - 6 What can you say, Alien robo-toys invade earth and need Kids courage to fight. Simple story brings big action. You don't play this game for the storyline really.

Gameplay - 10 This is what the game is all about. With such a variety of borgs that you can be, the game is what you make of it... You want to drive military vehicles? , be a transforming mech robot? , Have a ninja assassination team? perhaps a super hero unit, or bugs, or dragons, or a flying starship destroyer. In addition to such a diverse collection of Borgs, each one plays notably different. You really feel like you are driving a jeep, or flying a plane, or are clunking around as a mech, or speeding around as a ninja. Regardless of who you are and what you like, there are borg units here that you will love to play.

Replayability - 10 Again, the vast number of borgs is what makes this game so addicting. There is a collection aspect to this game with different rarities of borgs and believe me - not all borgs are created equal! You WILL want to get the best borgs... There are also unlockable bonuses for playing the story mode multiple times through, but really you will be playing this game for a while trying to accumulate the ultimate borg teams!

Value - 10 This is really determined for me by replayability. and at a MSRP of US$ 39.99, it is a great title to buy!

Overall - 9/10

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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