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"Gotcha Force = Great Fun"

Words cannot describe how great this game is.It is one of those once in a lifetime games with a simple goal that never gets old - search and destroy.

So what would make this game better you ask? Add 200 different ''gotcha borgs'' each with its own special and unique attacks.


A young energetic kid on a school field trip finds a small palm-sized robot named G RED and together they must destroy the evil Death Force which has descended upon his hometown -Safari Town.


Awesome. Although they do not really use the full power of the Gamecube they still pull off a good appeal. There are dozens of lush and wide areas and the character designs for the borgs are great. Many of the attacks they use are just jaw-dropping and will be one of the many reasons to own this game.


A bit tedious at times but bearable. The only problem as far as I've seen with it is the fact that you see most of the action from below when a flying character is above you. However once youre sucked into the action you'll forget all about it and forget its even there.

Music and SFX:

Simple and pop-ish but are still easily catchy nonetheless.The words and phrases that the characters utter are a bit repetive and sound kind of strange at some times but are still funny,energetic and set a lot of mood in the game.

Control Format:

Really ingenious yet simple. You wont have to read a 30 page instruction booklet for this. Basically you use the analog stick to move in whatever direction you want, use the A button to jump, use the B button to use your primary attack and the X button unleashes your special attack. Also, The L and R buttons alternate the enemies you are locked onto. Finally, the Y button will execute a super power up attack which will cause an onslaught of your enemies immediately.


This is where the game shines the most. You and your newly made borg friend G-RED must travel to different parts of Safari Town battling the evil Death Force and grow stronger. As you gain experience [ GF ENERGY ] you will be able to add more borgs to your team and ally new characters to join you. These character have a great AI and will easily take care of themselves as well as help you. The constant battles will feel repetitive to many players but boss battles will change that feeling. This game takes a great deal of skill in order to succeed and even veteran players are not supreme masters.

Replay Value:

Put on another fresh pot of coffee because this game will make you lose track of time easily. Not only will you spend most of your time battling and collecting new borgs but this game gives you new things every time you pass it.

Rental or Purchase?:

This game will most likely have a retail price of $39.99 at most places but I can assure its worth it.Buy buy buy now!This will easily become a permanent part of your video game greatest hits.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 12/30/03

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