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"Is this Virtual Force or Gotcha On?"

I don't even know why you are even reading this review. Did you see the score I gave this game? Gotcha Force is just a must have in your Gamecube collection and that is all that needs to be said about it. If you want to continue reading to figure out how much of a good game this is, be my guest. I loved this game and I know you will to.

Graphics 10/10
All the graphics are smooth, bold, well-detailed, sharp, solid and well-textured. The Borg designs are colorful and unique. All the lasers, weapons, backgrounds, environments, and special attacks are beautiful as well. Not to mention that nothing is chopped in graphic animation and there are no glitches at any given point. Everything is perfectly flawless and nothing is wrong with any of the graphics at all.
Graphics 10/10
The graphics are simply beautiful. What more can I say?

Gameplay 10/10
You're going to love this part. Are you the person who likes to personalize your gameplay? You really are going to love this part. You start in the game with a red Borg (toy robot fighter) named G Red. You can use him to battle alone at first. Later on as you play, you win other Borgs that you can assemble into teams called Forces. You should make a force when the game gets harder so that if G Red were to die, the second Borg will come and take his place in the battle. There's a catch, you have GF Points that disable you from using too many Borgs. You have to increase your GF Points later on to assemble bigger and better Forces. You can also ally up with some characters in the game and their Borgs or trade with your friends through your memory cards. There's even a multiplayer mode to let you play against your friends.
Gameplay 10/10
If you love to personalize your gameplay, this game is for you. You will love this game because of all the innovation and personalization.

Story 10/10
You are some elementary kid who stumbles upon a Borg named G Red. G Red has a mind of his own and says he came from the planet Mega Borg to stop an evil organization called the Death Force. Now you have to help G Red assemble the Gotcha Force to stop the Death Force. I can't find anything wrong with the story.

Music and Sound 10/10
The music is a bunch of well-conducted goodness. The good people at Capcom used synthesizers (and maybe a few drums) to conduct this beautiful soundtrack.

The voices sound static and strange. I think that all of these voices and sounds were intended to be that way. You will like the voices if you are a fan of strange voices.
Music and Sound 10/10
I can't think of anything to type here, but the music is great and well-conducted. The sound is great too.

Replay Value 10/10
The only way to unlock individual things is to beat the game a certain amount of times. The things you can unlock are great and eye-opening.

Buy, rent, or steal?
Go with the third choice for sure! Go to your nearest store and shoplift it, that way, the cops will catch you and you will be sent to, oops.... sorry, I was getting off subject.

The Gotcha Force!
+Beautiful Graphics
+Fun Gameplay
+Collecting Borgs
+You control an elementary student

The Death Force...
-Camera sometimes goes underground when you target up
-Mixed bag of difficulty
-Wait a minute.... elementary students suck!

My Grand Total 10/10

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 01/07/04

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