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"The Magazines Lie!"

Gotcha Force... Easy to start, however, distinctly hard to stop! Gotcha Force starts off very easy, but grows to be a highly challenging, yet rewarding and overall fun gaming experience.

I'm from England and ever since I read about it in 'Cube' or some other magazine. I have been looking forward to this game. The magazine's images all looked brilliant and I was confused by the way they were described as 'poor'. In my opinion they are very good, however they are, as has been suggest many times in various places, very simple.

The story is incredibly corny. Kou, the main character, has found a small robot called G-Red who claims his planet has been destroyed by the Death Force acting under the Galactic Emperor and that they must join forces to save the Planet Earth from destruction.

Very western pseudo-anime style story, although it's not important as the game isn't really very plot heavy anyway.

I'll give story: 6/10

This has been said in the intro, but I'll say it again, the graphics are nice, clear, clean and simple graphics that are pleasant to look at. There is hardly any slow-down (I have only encounterd it once in Gotcha Force) even when there is maybe fifteen Borgs (The in-game term for the robots used to battle) and hundreds of bullets.
*AHEM* Gattling Tank *AHEM*.
My only real gripe is that when assembling your forces it's a tad hard to make out the Borgs, although this is helped by a box containing the Borgs name, level and cost.

Another plus is that, unlike a lot of games of this genre, I have had no trouble with the camera what so ever.

When in battle the background is just a scrolling sky behind the battlefield, which, I must say isn't very complex. This is okay, however, since most of the time you'll be too busy battling to care about what the landscape looks like. There are, however, alot of cool cell-shade looking bullet and explosion effect which really add to the graphics.

I'll give the graphics: 8/10

Let me say this on the speeches defense is that it is very western 'imitation anime' and it suits the overall 'feel' of the game. The sound sounds quite retro, almost old Sega arcade game music, although, as with the graphics, soon this will just blend into the background as the game is so involving.

I'll give sound 8/10

You may be thinking: 'Wait a minute... A six and two eights? The reviewer gave it nine!'. Well the reason is, the gameplay easily makes up for the minor faults the game may have.

You see, the game is all about this battling robots named 'Borgs' that come from this planet aptly named 'Megaborg'. You collect these Borgs, over 200 (!) of them, to use them to save the universe from the evil tyrant 'Galactic Emperor' by battling his Death Force and eventually the Galactic Emperor himself.

You start off with simply one Borg, G-Red, and play severely easy missions to get into the swing of the game. Then then game gradually induces more things into the game until you suddenly relize that you're in the deep end with many hard missions in which you are heavily outnumbered and have to use strategy instead of the button-bashing that is used so heavily at the start of the game.

The main mode, Story Mode, mainly consists of going from fight to fight collecting Borgs and advancing in the story. Before I explain how fighting works, I'll have to explain about building your force, the set of Borgs that you use to fight.

You start off with just G-Red but soon GF Force becomes very important, you see, GF Force is thing that determines the amount of Borgs you can have in your Force. Each Borg has it's own cost which is the amount of GF Force used to add it to your Force. So, you could either have, say you had 700 GF, you could have 4 Normal Ninjas for 150 GF each or one Gattling Tank for 690 GF. It's all about balance and designing a force for the scenario.

The sheer amount of Borgs (206) and all the different types (Tank, Gun, Dragon, Fortress, Ninja, Air, Wizard, Nurse, Idol, Winged, Machine, Musha and so on, there's loads) makes this game so unique because there is just so many different strategys you can implement.

Now, on to the battling! Battling in Gotcha Force is simple to learn, nigh impossible to master. The controls are simple enough, B and X to attack, the control stick to move, A to jump and Y to go into Hyper Mode, they map well to the GameCube control pad.

Each Borg will most likely have a Melee attack and one or two Ranged attacks. You may think that isn't much, but trust me, it works very well. Almost every ground-based Borg can jump with 'A' but they jump in different ways, for example one Borg might use a jet and be able to move around in the air for short periods and another may be able to jump again in mid-air, there are several ways.

The force you made effects battle because the order you put your force will be the order your Borgs fight in, so say you put in Hammer Robot then Normal Ninja, the fight would begin with you controlling Hammer Robot then when it dies Normal Ninja will appear on the battlefield and take it's place!

The targeting system is simple and easy to use, the only buttons being L & R to target your enemies and Z to target your ally.

After the fight you get a screen full of stats about your fight and you get rewards: Each of your Borgs that fought in the battle gain 2 Experience Points and most of the time a Borg which you can add to your Force. This Borg will be one you faced in the battle.

I'll give gameplay: 10/10

With all those Borgs to get, Gotcha Force will last a loooooong time. Not only that, but it has Multiplayer and Challenge Mode a mode where you fight increasingly harder teams of Borgs.

I'll give Replay Value: 10/10


I'd say buy, but if you're really not sure and want to try it, then rent.

Overall this is a brilliant game and I recommend it to all who want a breath of fresh air from the stagnant pool that is modern gaming. Sadly, this game won't sell, I can tell, it won't sell because this game is too different from every other game. But don't let that stop you because this game is excellent.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 02/28/04

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