Review by wizard1

Reviewed: 03/07/04

Do you Gotcha Force?

Gotcha Force, a game where toys try and destroy other toys in miniature wars between themselves. Sounds like something is going on again in the heads of the game designers, although this time it turned out to be a good kind of a not so good idea.


The graphics are not all that good. The game often slows down, the camera goes into the ground sometimes, but the graphics are stunning making up for the defunct camera. Many people don't realize how good this spin off to cell shading looks in my opinion but those who play this here game of goodness.


You often can't tell what the people are saying in the game, if it weren't for the subtitles some people wouldn't know what they were saying. The in fight sounds are great though, with energy like bullets flying around everywhere, rockets flying around, explosions all around you and toys trying to hit you to death, all of the noises are great, although sometimes a little loud, but satisfying.


There is a very small selection of weapons that you cannot choose between, because your toys are your main weapons. What could be better than trying to assemble the ultimate fighting force out of five inch high toys. Every toy can fire off some kind of a weapon, most often being a gun, they can charge the gun for a more devastating blow, melee the enemy to death, and do a more powerful melee attack that will do more damage, although sometimes all that it does is just do less damage over a longer period of time, still making for more damage than the normal melee attack. Once again, you toy fighting force (which is most often called you Gotcha Force) will be you main weapon in combat.


The enemies in this game are of course other toys, which are sometimes just as strong as you or sometimes, much more powerful than you. See the weapons section above to see just what your opponents can do.

GAME PLAY---8/10

The game play is a little but repetitive, but there is always another challenge after the last challenge, which lowers the repetitiveness. Overall the whole point of this game is to go around killing other toys and getting yourself more toys and doing that over and over in little tiny environments with little tiny toys fighting battle after battle, and so on.


This game has more replay value than any other GameCube game that I own, with the exception of SSBM. You can't get all of the toys without going through the game many, many, many, many times. It does get repetitive, although it is worth it in the end, if you have enough time.


Overall, this game is one of those games that keep you coming back for more of the action.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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