Review by Neo one

Reviewed: 03/24/04

The Good and the Bad.

Gotcha Force
The game, Gotcha Force, is an innovative robot battling game. A young boy (you) sees a meteor shoot down into his town. Thirsting for adventure, the boy goes to investigate. He discovers a small robot. The robot, G Red, says that he came to earth to stop the evil robots from completing their quest for domination. You must team up and recruit other kids to create a team strong enough to stop the quest for evil domination. Many compare Pokemon to this game, but in reality, they are nothing alike.

Game play 6/10
The game play is a new and interesting design. It is very simple to use/learn because it only uses a few buttons. This game is played in real time (as opposed to turn based.) And while the game play starts out fresh and fun, it soon gets very repetitive. Collecting new players is very easy. All you need to do is beat certain battles and you will get a new robot. They also tried to incorporate a combining-type theme. It works Ok but the problem is that you obtain it the same way you will obtain other robots. You don’t have control in what you get. Plus there is also the interface. You go from battle to battle with a map being the only thing you interact with. No shops, no buildings, nothing.

The games controls are very easy. This is actually a problem because they become too easy. You can beat most battles by just hitting the B button repetitively. Other than that they are nice and easy. Good control over the character.

Sound 6/10
The sound is plagued with the same problem as the game play...repetitiveness. It starts out with a cool battle them, yet all of the songs sound the same. Worst of all, after playing for a long time, the mind numbing childish music will make you hate the game

Graphics 8/10
The way I would describe the graphics for this game are the same way I would describe the graphics for GTA's cars. While beautiful and shaped correctly, they are missing texture (Not that big of a deal.) The settings are funny and cool looking.

Replay Value ?/10
If you liked the game, you will get fair replay value. If you don't like it, you won't play it.

-Nice Idea
-Good graphics

-Too simplified
-Annoying music (after a while anyways)
-Bad exploration/collecting followthrough

All in all, Gotcha Force was a good idea, but it was poorly executed and plagued with repetitiveness. The tried to make this a game for both young and old kids (which never works). The controls and game are dumbed down for the kids, making it a boring experience for the older players. It might be a fun rental but don't buy this game unless it is in the bargain bin.~AT

Rating:   3.0 - Fair

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