Review by Tujex

Reviewed: 06/07/04

Gotta Have Gotch Force

This game is completely awesome, I love everything about it. I mean, how could you possibly argue that Custom Robo is better than this. Sure you can customize your robot with and that, but Gotcha Force gives you such a great variety of robots. I mean, when you have ninja, gunman, tanks, cars, planes, ufo's, dragons, mechs and so muc more at you finger tips, who cares about customizing your robot.

The story may seem a little childish or whatever in the beginning, but once you get intot he game that won't be a problem anymore. The battles are more about strategy, well timed attacks, and precise maneuvering. Rather than the button mashing of other games like this one.

The team customizatalmost endless. You can have a team full of ninja's and samurai's, or maybe a team of Gunman and Bombers. How about a team of Angel's and the huge variety of female Borgs, or just the raw power of a team of Hero Borgs. Or just go crazy and make a totally random team of all your favorites! You should never get tired of rushing into battle with your new team that you spent hours strategizing and building, and completely destroying your buddies who just picked the coolest looking ones.

The multiplayer is fun, and the story mode gets harder and harder every time you play, with the addition of an extra mission here and there. So you always have a challenge and can always expect something new. Multiplayer is one of th best things about this game. Building up a team of up to 30 robots to combat against your friend or the computer. Then there's the Chalenge Mode where your given a set amount of Gf Energy (you'll learn about that when you buy it) and have to go against hordes of enemies with your small unit. Ma sound difficult, but nevertheless fun.

This game was hard for me to find, but it was worth every minute I spent searching for it. If the thought of buying Custom Robo has ever entered your mind, erase it NOW! Go buy Gotcha Force, and if you have the money to buy them both I can bet that you'll be dumping Custom Robo aside to collect dust while you spend countless hours trying to collect all the Gotcha Borgs and defeat the Death Force.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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