Review by LukeStrife5

Reviewed: 09/30/04

Gotta Bust Em All!

This lil game caught my eye a bit ago. And it came out with no real hype or anything. So I picked it up to give this lil bugger a try.

Gameplay - Gotcha Force's gameplay is FAR from perfect, but its addictive. The game sets you up on a large board that represents your home town. The story is similar to that of say Metabots. You and your friends have small robots that battle against other robots and as you win you can get more robots. Pretty simple huh? Well yah it is, the robots themselves are only around 10 inches high, so the battle fields *which are fought in in real time combat* are huge to the robots but small to us. The robots may fight in your room but being so small the furniture is like a mountain to them. Its very cool. ^.^ The only real problems are the Camera *which can be put in the WORST positions* and the somewhat unfair fights. The Computer *after taking some major hits* will go into a flashy mode where it cant get hurt. Yet this wont happen to you, you can get hit while knocked down and what not. Its rather annoying.
Overall: 9/10

Story - This is probably one of the rather... well stupid aspects of the game. Gotcha Force's story is so out there, its rather funny. You control small robots and fight another army of small robots that plan on taking over the Earth. Thats really it. The characters are cool, but dont really get developed.
Overall: 5/10

Graphics/Sound - Eh, the Graphics are ok in this game. The in game graphics are decent, but the Anime artwork is excellent. The music is VERY catchy but the voices for some of the characters are really good and really bad. One of the main girls sounds like a man. Its kind of strange dont you think?
Overall: 7/10

Play Time/Replayability - This is the main aspect of the game. There are over 200 robots for you to collect, 207 to be exact, and if you want to get them all, you are going to have to keep playing over and over. I am already on my 8th time around on story mode. Each story mode takes around 20 hours to beat at first but then starts to drop down to an average time of 12 hours.
Overall: 10/10

Final Recommendation - You would be a fool to miss out on this lil gem.

Overall Average: 8/10

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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