Review by greenhoodedswea

Reviewed: 10/20/05

Just like a kid let loose on a toy store ^_^

Aaaah Gotcha Force I know you so’re something special and dear I hold close to my heart...Your simple yet fun fighting mechanics makes me want to play you again. But alas I can’t lie to the folks

Graphics:9/10: I LOVE the look to this game the characters and simple, clean, and colorful. Each using there own unique attacks to dole out colorful fun laser/rockets of death! The Lights flicker at a pace that will have any 4 year old in epileptic seizures. The camera moves fast and is some time out of place with its auto target which wil gets annoying at one time or the other... but over all the graphics was good.

Sound: 6/10 hoooboy....where do I begin...."FEEL MY WRATH!"- And other great lines will rip out of the mouths of the colorful characters. The poor quality sounds as if the programmers thought "hey lets go get all our family members whose second and or third langue is English!"
Besides that the catchy tunes are good enough to keep you mindlessly humming along to the beat.

Game play: 9/10 AHHHH fighting where we would be with out it....well there'd be allot less wars and less games. Any ways the fighting mechanics are pretty simple but yet very fun to play. Your Borg has 2 attacks. Each recharge after you use up the ammo. But its not all guns and lasers, oh no you'll see swords, bombs, and others implements of death. The main game play is scroll over to battle on map and commences to fight. Before the fight you'll be prompted to select your fighters. Each Borg has a GF energy cost. Which means better borgs will cost more than tiny light weights. Each fight your GF energy increases by 10. RPG OH NOES! You’ll also unlock borgs you’ve fought in the battle. This will then turn on your pokemon mode making you “Want to catch em all!”

Over all I love this game very much and have wasted countless hours playing it. I want so badly to give this a ten out of ten but I cant lie to you people this game has problems…OVER ALL ITS GETS AND 8/10! If you can still find this GO BUY IT!

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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