Review by wariowarefan

Reviewed: 12/21/05

This game is so fun once you get going that you won't want to stop!

This game is about getting your robots and battling them and what is more fun than that. You can shoot people and smack people with swords also. You can also be huge ships and destroy other borgs quickly in story mode. This game is great because you can create so many combinations of borgs for teams that you can battle and battle and you will never get bored. In story mode you first start off with a borg called g-red and eventually as you continue through the game you get different borgs and can battle with those borgs also. there are different types of borgs like ninjas, gun borgs, machine borgs, Dragon borgs, fortress borgs, and girl borgs also.

A borg is what the name of the robots are called in this game.

The music is also really great in this game. Sometimes I will just go and play this game just to listen to the music. I highly recommend this game. I would have gave it a ten but once you complete the entire game there is nothing really left to do. You can play through story mode as many times as you want trying to get all the borgs in the entire game. Some borgs you get through just fighting a battle where you fight that particular borg and other borgs you need to get crystals for. If you get the certain number of crystals and the right crystals then the crystals will fuse together to create a borg. I play this game with my friends all the time.

The only bad thing about this game is that the voice acting is very bad so the game will seem very childish but the fun of the game makes up for this lack in voice acting so it does not really matter any way.

You would really like this game if you bought I am confident when I am saying these words to you.

If you are considering getting this game and you aren't sure just come down to the Gotcha Force message boards and I'm sure that somebody will be glad to inform you on this game and whether to get it or not. Me personally I think this game is must have if you like to collect borgs, raise the level of your borgs, and battle with your borgs all at the same time.

Thank you for reading my review and I hope that it better helps you understand how great that this game really is.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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