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"A great game alone or with friends"

I had first seen the game Gotcha Force when I was in Gamestop with my dad buying a new game, being a fan of fighting robot games I was tempted by the idea of a new robot game to add to my collection. I didn't end up buying Gotcha Force that day but the idea remained, later my friend had told me about a new fighting robot game he had bought and to my surprise it was Gotcha Force.

The storyline in Gotcha is about a young boy named Kou who finds a small robot from space called a gotcha borg. Kou and his friends become drawn into a war against an evil group of borgs known as the death force. The game itself is a little bit vauge on explaining the plot line but it makes up for it with some beautiful animated cut scenes.

The gameplay in Gotcha Force takes place in a third person view between teams of up to thirty borgs who fight each other in environments such as children's rooms or in a school. The wide variety of 206 different playable borgs allows for nearly countless combinations and teams and the borgs also have a wide variety of fighting styles which helps appeal to everyone's preferences. In the game you start off with a cursor which hovers over a map of the town that Kou lives, by moving the cursor you can choose various different missions to participate in and further the storyline. Aside from the story mode there is also a versus mode for multiple players which is set up in a format that allows for battles between up to four different teams of either computers or humans. The game also has a challenge mode for players who want to test their skill. Throughout the story mode players will encounter many different borgs which they can add to their collection upon defeating them, this can get frustrating because you do not always get a borg when you win. Gotcha Force also allows players to trade borgs with each other by putting in each players memory card and selecting the trade option from the main game screen.

The game mechanics are easy to pick up on and vary depending on which borg you use making it fun for players to discover each borgs secrets and hone their skills with using them. The games music is also a nice asset as players may find themselves playing the game just to listen to some of their favorite tunes that they heard while playing the game. Gotcha Force's only real downfall is the childish feel that it has to it brought on by the character voices which are very much like young kids and the idea that you are fighting with small toy like robots. In all Gotcha force is a great game that is very fun to play and will keep gamers busy for quite some time.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 03/02/06

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