• Get 8 Capsule Slots

    This glitch only works with one of the characters who can use the Senzu Bean, Saiyan Heritage combo. (Goku, Kid and Teen Gohan, Vegeta, Trunks, Raditz, Nappa, and Cell)

    Select one of the characters above and make sure that they have an empty capsule tray. Then, put down at most three capsules. Then, put down 1/3 Senzu Bean and then Saiyan Heritage. Then, put down a capsule that will take up the second to last capsule slot. Finally, replace the 1/3 Senzu Bean with a full one.

    Contributed By: gunimp.


  • Breakthrough Capsules and Dragonballs

    Breakthrough Capsules are rare, untradable items. Breakthrough capsules will unlock every Red and Blue capsule (and where applicable, the attacks at full power as if several of that attack capsule were equipped) at the same time for that character. The Breakthrough capsule takes up all 7 slots for the capsules though, meaning you can't equip any of the Green capsules with it. The Breakthough Capsule can only be obtained by collecting all 7 Dragonballs and summoning the dragon (to summon, go to the capsule list, when you go to the Dragonballs, it will ask if you want to summon Shenron, say yes to summon). All the Dragonballs are obtainable in Mr. Popo's Shop for 8,000 Zenny. They are only found as a Recommended Capsule (Dragonballs will be displayed as grey capsules in the recommended section), as a Random Capsule for 3,000 Zenny, or at random as a prize for completing a level in story mode.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    1-Star DragonballSuper-Rare, if the desired Dragonball isn't the Recommended Capsule, enter & exit Mr. Popo's shop until he has it displayed
    2-Star DragonballSuper-Rare, same as for the 1-star Dragonball
    3-Star DragonballSuper-Rare, same as the other Dragonballs
    4-Star DragonballYou get this free when starting a new game. If you have a second memory card, you can get this by starting a game and trading. Otherwise, same thing.
    5-Star DragonballSuper-Rare, same thing as Dragonballs 1-3.
    6-Star DragonballSuper-Rare, the same.
    7-Star DragonballSuper-Rare, same as all but the 4-star Dragonball.
    Breakthough (Insert Character Name Here)Once you get all 7 and summon the dragon, it'll give you 3 characters to choose from. If the character you want isn't there, pressreset and try again.

    Contributed By: jdlloyd.

  • Frieza's Spaceship Capsule

    Play through the Namekian Saga under the hardest difficulty setting and defeat Frieza at all times without losing once. The Capsule at the end should be Frieza's Space Ship. When you die, Frieza's Space Ship appears and restores everything. It also transforms you into Cyber Frieza.

    Contributed By: yadda_blah.

  • New Title Screens

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Cell title screenDefeat Freiza in Story Mode
    Everybody title screenBeat Android story mode
    Friza title screenBeat Saiyan story mode

    Contributed By: piccolo336 and Halfdemon Inuyasha.

  • New Tournament Levels

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    AdeptBeat Novice Tournement and buy the Adept mode from Mr. Popo's Shop located in Edit Skills
    AdvancedBeat Adept Tournement and buy the Advanced mode from Mr. Popo's Shop located in Edit Skills

    Contributed By: Kachupi491.

  • Side Quests

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Cells Side QuestComplete the Android Saga
    Friezas Side QuestComplete the Namekian Saga
    Vegetas Side QuestComplete Story Mode

    Contributed By: Master Luigi88.

  • Unlock Characters

    How to unlock the hidden characters.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Android 16Defeat Android 16 in story mode as Cell
    Android 17Defeat Android 17 in story mode as Picollo
    Android 18Defeat Android 18 in story mode as Vegeta
    Android 19Defeat Android 19 in story mode as Vegeta
    Captain GinyuDefeat Ginyu in Story Mode after he takes over Goku's body
    CellDefeat Cell in story mode
    DodoriaDefeat Frieza with Vegeta in Story Mode.
    FriezaDefeat Frieza in story mode
    HerculeBeat the adept mode of the World Tournament
    NappaDefeat Nappa in story mode
    RaditzDefeat Raditz in story mode
    RecoomeDefeat Recoome in story mode
    Teen GohanDefeat Cell as Gohan in story mode
    The Great SaiyamanBeat the advanced mode of the World Tournament
    TrunksBeat Perfect Form Cell Complete
    VegetaDefeat Vegeta in story mode
    YamchaBeat A Cold-Blooded Assasin
    ZarbonDefeat Zarbon in story mode as Vegeta

    Contributed By: Steve Nick and ssj18vegeta.

  • Unlock Legend of Hercule Mode

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Legend of Hercule ModeBeat Wourld Tournament on Adept Mode. Legend of Hercule mode will be available at Mr. Popo's shop to buy.

    Contributed By: Master Luigi88.

Easter Eggs

  • Control the Dragon Radar

    On the loading screen, a dragon radar with the logo of the game is flashing in the bottom right corner. You can control the movement of it's light by pressing left or right with the control stick.

    Contributed By: numberonecubsfan 2.


  • Play a stage in night

    In order to play a darkened stage when you choose where you want to fight instead of using the A button use the Y button. Of course not all stage will have a night version only a few.

    Contributed By: mikedaman64.

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