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    FAQ/Walkthrough by sephiroth95

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    Everything or Nothing Mission Guide (Walkthrough)
    Written by Jarrod Leeth 
    E-mail: dugan62us@yahoo.com 
    Table of Contents
    I.	Ground Zero
    II.	A Long Way Down
    III.	Train Chase
    IV.	An Old Friend
    V.	Sand Storm
    VI.	Serena St. Germaine
    VII.	Vertigo
    VIII.	The Ruined Tower
    IX.	Death of an Agent 
    X.	A Show of Force
    XI.	Mardi Gras Mayhem
    XII.	The Kiss Kiss Club
    XIII.	Death's Door
    XIV.	Battle in the Big Easy
    XV.	Faded Splendor
    XVI.	The Machinery of Evil
    XVII.	The Pontchartrain Bridge 
    XVIII.	A Simple Exchange 
    XIX.	Red Line
    XX.	Ambushed
    XXI.	The High Road
    XXII.	Diavolo's Plan
    XXIII.	The Platinum War
    XXIV.	Dangerous Descent 
    XXV.	Red Underground
    XXVI.	The Final Card
    XXVII.	Everything or Nothing
    XXVIII.	Cheats and Unlockables
    XXIX.	Credits 
    I.	Ground Zero 
    Gold Target: 75,000 points
    Target Time: 1:30 
    Bond Moments: 2
    Platinum Objective: Take less than 500 points of damage 
    Watch the cutscene that precedes this mission.  James will disrupt a 
    meeting between two Russians.  One of them is a general.  When you 
    get control, you will instantly be prompted to press R2.  Do so to 
    press James up against the column.  Now press L1 to lock onto an 
    enemy.  Then press R1 to fire your weapon.  Kill as many enemies as 
    you can using this method.  You can use Bond Sense (press left on 
    the D-Pad) to target fuel barrels scattered around the courtyard.  
    Shoot them to take out nearby enemies.  Now get off the column and 
    grab the body armor on the left if you need it.   Run down the steps 
    on the right into the courtyard.  Take out any enemies that remain, 
    and then collected the discarded ammo.  You should be able to pick 
    up a SPAS 12 (shotgun) and a SIG 552.  Now get the briefcase in the 
    center of the area.  There's more body armor lying around the 
    courtyard, if you get into trouble.  Once you have the briefcase, a 
    scene plays.  M tells you to find a rocket launcher.  You'll also 
    see a guy appear on a ledge above you.  He has a rocket launcher, 
    and he won't hesitate in using it.  Press the Circle Button and move 
    the Control Stick forward to perform a roll.  This helps to avoid 
    rockets.  Head into the door straight ahead, taking out any enemies 
    that appear.  Go right up the stairs and kill the bastard who was 
    firing rockets.  You can then get a rocket launcher of your own; 
    it's called the AT-420.  There's some body armor here, too.  Your 
    next objective is to destroy the hover jet.  Head into the next room 
    and the jet will appear and start firing at you.  Lock onto it with 
    L1 and then move from side to side while firing rockets.  It can 
    fire them, too, so look out.  Four rockets will take out the jet.  
    Two tanks will appear below.   Take them out with two rockets each.  
    Go back to the room where you got the rocket launcher and then 
    rappel down the side of the building by walking through the opening 
    on the left to earn a Bond Moment.  After you land, look to the left 
    and see if you spot the guy who's standing on the balcony.  Target 
    him with L1 and kill him to earn another Bond Moment. Duck behind 
    one of the crates and take out all of the enemies.  Then, pull out 
    the rocket launcher and destroy the turret in the northwest corner 
    of the courtyard.  Once it has been put out of commission, head 
    towards the wall in the northeast corner.  There's a hole there that 
    was made by the jet.  You won't actually have to go through this 
    hole, because a scene will start playing before you get there.  
    After the scene, you'll get to see the opening title sequence, and 
    here the theme song (which is performed by Mya).  You'll then see 
    your score.  
    You can replay any mission you complete in order to try for a better 
    ranking.  After the Ground Zero mission, you will have to go through 
    M16 Training.  I am not going to walk you through this, since the 
    game provides instructions on all techniques you get to practice: 
    sniping, the Q Spider, rappelling, etc.  Complete the Training 
    Course to move on.  
    II.	A Long Way Down 
    Gold Target: 90,000 points
    Target Time: 3:00
    Bond Moments: 5
    Platinum Objective: Complete the mission in 3:30 or less at 00 Agent 
    Watch the opening cutscene.  When you get control of James, rappel 
    down the burning building to reach the ground below. On the right, 
    in a corner behind an explosive barrel, is body armor. Note its 
    location and head left (you can scale the wall here to earn a Bond 
    Moment and grab a Dragunov sniper rifle.  If you wait and do this 
    after you have cleared out the enemies, there will be another enemy 
    up here guarding the sniper rifle) and then right down the steps, 
    killing the guard at the bottom.  Run forward through the tunnel 
    towards the mechanism at the end, on the right.  Press X when you 
    are near this mechanism to release steam and immobilize your enemies 
    temporarily.  This only works if the enemies are standing on the 
    vent.  To increase your Weapon Efficiency, you can use melee moves 
    to take out the enemies while they are dazed.  You can also use Bond 
    Sense to lock onto the barrels that are sitting around, and shoot 
    them to cause an explosion.  Clear out any enemies that remain, and 
    then drop an explosive into the vent pipe to complete one of your 
    objectives. Once you drop the explosive into the vent, you must 
    rappel off the building edge.  On your way down, beware of 
    explosions, and when you see two platforms, land on the right one.  
    Take out the two enemies that drop from above, and then continue 
    rappelling.  An explosion will open a hole that leads into the 
    building.  Land on the platform and grab the ammo lying there.  Kill 
    the guard that appears and then run into the burning room.  Kill the 
    guard on your right, and then run towards the table on your left.  
    Press X to flip it over and earn a Bond Moment.  Crouch behind it 
    with L2, and then press L1 to target one of two enemies that appear 
    outside the window in front of you.  Shoot them both and then walk 
    out where the window was to rappel to the lower ledge.  Kill the 
    guards here, and then rappel to the next area further down.  Flames 
    will shoot up from the vents located here.  Q tells you that a 
    shutoff switch should be nearby.  Enter the burning room behind the 
    flame vents and grab the body armor on the left side.  If you use 
    Bond Sense, you can shoot out two segments of the ceiling.  If you 
    kill an enemy by doing this, then you will earn a Bond Moment.  Head 
    through to the other side of the room to reach an open area. Three 
    enemies will appear.  One of them crouches behind a crate on your 
    left; one of them usually stands behind the large metal structure in 
    the middle, and other one ducks behind the pipe on the right.  
    Another steam mechanism can be found here.  Activate it to stun your 
    enemies and earn the final Bond Moment.  When all enemies are dead, 
    circle around the metal structure and shut off the flame vents.  Now 
    head back through the burning room, killing all enemies that you 
    encounter.  Now would be a good time to shoot out the ceiling and 
    get that Bond Moment.  Once all the enemies are dead, rappel down 
    the building to the very bottom, watch the scene, and get your 
    Tips on platinum objective
    After dropping explosive into vent, rappel off building edge, move 
    as far left as possible, head to the area with the flame jets
    Use steam mechanisms to stun enemies 
    III.	Train Chase
    Gold Target: 150,000 points
    Target Time: 3:00
    Bond Moments: 3
    Platinum Objective: Complete the mission in 2:15 or less
    You have two options of transportation here.  Go left for the 
    Porsche Cayenne Turbo, and right for the motorcycle (called the 
    Chimera).   The car is slower, but far more durable.  It is 
    outfitted with missiles (of which you have 30) and machine guns.  
    With the car, drive forward through the flames under the low yellow 
    door.  Keep going to smash through the next door and then use a 
    missile to blast open the gate.  Now you can simply follow the path.  
    Use your missiles and machine guns to take out the enemy vehicles 
    that get in your way.  You have to hurry, or else the train might 
    get too far ahead.  If that happens, you fail the mission.  When you 
    start to approach a dead end, veer right and follow that path.  You 
    will see some pillars fall down.  Head up the ramp on the left to 
    earn a Bond Moment.  You will now get back on the main road.  Keep 
    going until you see a fork in the path.   If you go left, you'll 
    pass through an arch-like rock formation.  Head right and hold your 
    course to jump the path and reach the tracks.  This nets you another 
    Bond Moment.  Use your weapons to take out the enemy motorcycle, and 
    then approach the back of the train.  Fire missiles to take out the 
    cannon (it's what firing missiles at you) on the back, and then just 
    keep following it until you reach a low spot that allows you to drop 
    underneath the train.  At this point, a scene plays and the mission 
    is over.   Now, if you use the motorcycle, you'll only have missiles 
    (40 of them).  Head up the incline at full speed to jump onto the 
    roof of the building.  After falling through the glass, keep going 
    to smash through two doors.  Follow the dirt path to the tracks.  
    There's a gap here you can't cross, so don't worry about it, and 
    just fall to the ground below.   You'll come to another gap.  As you 
    approach it, a helicopter appears.  Destroy it with missiles to earn 
    a Bond Moment (you can confront the helicopter with the car by 
    finding a hidden path to the left after exiting the first tunnel).  
    You'll land near a helipad area.  Take out the enemy motorcycles and 
    jeeps.  Now the path merges with the one you took in the car.  In 
    the ruins area (with the falling pillars), you can take the ramp on 
    the left, but I don't think you'll earn a Bond Moment.  Instead, you 
    can power slide (press and hold L1) under one of the fallen pillars, 
    and this nets you a Bond Moment.  There are still three you can get 
    in the mission, but the ramp one doesn't count if you are on the 
    motorcycle (at least I don't think it does).  Now you can finish the 
    mission.  Things are made a little tougher on the bike, though, 
    because you have to power slide to get underneath the train.  
    Tips on platinum objective
    Use the motorcycle rather than the car
    IV.	An Old Friend 
    Gold Target: 125,000 points
    Target Time: 1:00
    Bond Moments: 4
    Platinum Objective: No damage
    All of the Bond Moments here come from stealth.  Move through the 
    first four train cars and dispatch all of the enemies without using 
    your weapons.  James will automatically be crouched when the mission 
    begins.  Wait until the guard on the far right turns around and 
    walks towards the front, and then sneak up behind the first two 
    guards and press Triangle or Square to dispatch them.  After the 
    second guard, you can run up to the last guard and use punches to 
    subdue him before he triggers the alarm.  If you knock him down with 
    melee attacks, then you will still get the Bond Moment.  But not if 
    you shoot him.  Now, take out your gun and shoot all six computer 
    terminals.  There are six of them.  This completes one of your 
    objectives.  Move onto the next car.  Sneak up behind the guy on 
    your right and use a stealth move (Square or Triangle) to take him 
    down.  There's body armor here, too, if you want it.  Now, go after 
    the patrolling guard.  He walks around the missile holder in the 
    middle of the room.  Once you have taken him down with stealth, 
    you'll get the second Bond Moment.  Head into the next car.  A guard 
    is walking away from you when you enter.  Wait behind the crates for 
    him to return, and then use a stealth move on him when he walks away 
    again.  Now, use the gap in the next stack of crates to spot another 
    guard up ahead.  He should be walking toward you.  Stay crouched 
    behind the crates until he finishes his patrol and starts to walk 
    the other way.  Follow him and use a stealth move to dispatch him.  
    The third Bond Moment is yours. There is also body armor here, as 
    well.  If you use your gun in this car or the previous one, a trio 
    of guards will mysteriously appear.  At least, I think there are 
    three of them.  This is a completely unnecessary aggravation, and it 
    is really easy to avoid.  Okay, onto the fourth car.  Use a stealth 
    move on the guard walking away from you on the left.  From there, 
    move forward and use a stealth move on the guard at the computer 
    terminal.  Now, go back to the entrance of the car, and this time, 
    head right.  You should see another guard walking away from you.  
    Use a stealth move on him to get the last Bond Moment.  If for some 
    reason, this guard happens to spot one of his KO'ed colleagues, use 
    punches to subdue him, just like the guy in the first car.  Now move 
    on to the fifth car.  In here, combat is unavoidable.  Press the 
    Select Button to activate Thermovision and take out the three 
    guards. There's body armor in here.  Now move onto the last car and 
    you'll confront Jaws. 
    Boss: Jaws
    An easy fight.  Jaws will start off by tearing off two metal columns 
    and throwing them at you.  Stand behind the other two columns to 
    avoid damage.  By removing the columns, Jaws reveals streams of 
    electricity.  Walk up to him and press Triangle to punch him.  After 
    three punches or so, he will stumble backwards.  Punch him some more 
    and he will stumble into the electricity.  Repeat once or twice more 
    to win.  If Jaws gets close to the other two columns, he will throw 
    them at you, as well.  He also charges at you, but you can tell when 
    he is going to do this, so it is really easy to avoid.    
    V.	Sand Storm 
    Gold Target: 160,000 points
    Target Time: 3:40
    Bond Moments: 3
    Platinum Objective: Defeat the General is less than 45 seconds
    You'll be flying a helicopter here.  You have bombs and missiles.  
    The path here is very straightforward.  You'll get a Bond Moment by 
    destroying all of the boats, so pay attention and make sure you 
    don't miss any.  They're not hidden or anything (they are attacking 
    you after all), but I suppose you could miss one of them if you're 
    careless.  One or two missiles will sink them.  Bombs are a lot 
    slower, and usually have to be dropped slightly before you reach a 
    target, or else they usually miss.  You have 50 missiles and 20 
    bombs.  Get rid of the jeep on the cliff ahead, and then use a 
    missile to take out the helicopter.  When you get to the waterfall, 
    head left.  Fire a missile at one of the jeeps to blow up the bridge 
    and earn a Bond Moment.  Keep following the path, taking out another 
    jeep, two boats, and a helicopter.  At the end of the path, a scene 
    will occur, and you will then pursue the General's helicopter.  Do 
    not fire any of your missiles, because you cannot defeat him yet.  
    You just have to follow him.  Press L1 to release flares (they 
    require battery power) to avoid being hit by the General's missiles.  
    When you come to the chamber where flames shoot out of the walls, 
    avoid them to earn a Bond Moment.  To do this, just stay near the 
    ceiling and move slightly to the left and right when needed.  After 
    exiting into a large open area, you'll fight the General.  
    Boss: The General
    The General's helicopter is perched on top of a shielded platform.  
    Lowering the shield is your first priority.  Use your missiles to 
    destroy the shield generators.  Bombs are more powerful, but it's 
    hard to hit the generators with Bombs unless you fly above them at a 
    relatively low altitude.  Once the shield is down, use the rest of 
    your missiles to nail the platform the General's chopper is sitting 
    on.  If you are at least at half-health, you can just stay in one 
    place and release missiles until the platform collapses.  However, 
    if your health is low, then you might want to try using Bombs, or at 
    the very least, using flares to avoid the General's missiles.  Once 
    he goes down, the mission's over.  
    Watch the scene and see your score.  You'll have an M16 Interlude 
    before the next mission.  M will give you a briefing, and Q will 
    tell you about some new equipment. 
    VI.	Serena St. Germaine 
    Gold Target: 150,000 points
    Target Time: 6:40
    Bond Moments: 2
    Platinum Objective: Reach the bottom of the fortress in 1:55 or less
    Your first order of business is to intercept the patrol jeep before 
    it reaches the village.  This is pretty easy.  All you have to do is 
    chase after it while firing missiles.  Two missiles should blow it 
    up.  Once the jeep has been disposed of, follow the blue icon on the 
    map to reach your next destination.  A scene occurs and a ramp 
    lowers.  Drive over it and park in the marker.  Press Triangle to 
    get out of your car, and then enter the hut.  Watch the scene to 
    learn where Serena is. She's at the local hotel, and since her phone 
    line was tapped, you have to get there in four minutes.  Head over 
    the ramp and go left until you see a sign.  Now, go right.  If you 
    keep going left, you'll run into a pair of tanks, and they can cause 
    lots of damage.  Press Select until you can bring up the full screen 
    navigation map.  Follow the path you took from the sign until you 
    reach the town.  M tells you to avoid the local patrols, which are 
    shown on your map as red dots.  Press L1 to activate your nano 
    cloak, which makes your car invisible.  Then, you can head towards 
    the blue icon on the map without having to worry about troublesome 
    confrontations with the local authorities.  The cloak effect is 
    limited, but it will regenerate.  If you are spotted by the 
    authorities, you can simply reactivate the cloak to make them go 
    away, or speed through the streets to lose them.  When you enter 
    town, head down the street in front of you, then turn left at the 
    end.  Follow this street until M draws your attention to a 
    roadblock.  Follow the street you're on to the right, and then go 
    straight to find a blue marker.  Park there and press Triangle to 
    deploy the RC car.   Take the RC car across the street to where you 
    see the sign for the fireworks shop.   Drive the car up the stairs 
    on the left and at the top of those stairs, turn right and drive 
    forward and look to the left to find a grate.  Use the car's laser 
    to remove the grate, and then take the car into the opening.  Now, 
    use the laser on the box of fireworks to create a distraction and 
    get a Bond Moment.  Put your cloak back on and head up the curvy 
    street where the roadblock was and follow the blue map icon to reach 
    the hotel and meet up with Serena.  The next part of the mission 
    begins.   You can now choose to avoid or eliminate the patrol jeeps.  
    Avoiding them with the cloak is a lot easier, even though you might 
    have to engage them when the cloak wears off.  Use missiles to 
    destroy the jeeps, or your machine guns if you are at close range.  
    Serena will more or less tell you where to go, but you should still 
    bring up your full screen map.  Follow the blue icon just like 
    before.  When you reach a place where two jeeps are blocking the 
    road, look for a shortcut on the left. Finding it earns you a Bond 
    Moment.  Keep going until a scene occurs.  Some rocks fall from 
    above and seem to prevent you from going any further.  Take Q's 
    advice, and drive off the left side of where the rocks are.  Follow 
    this bumpy path to jump across a gap, and then you will get back 
    onto the main road.  You can't get to your destination directly, 
    because there's a tank in the way.  Head through the saw horses on 
    the left and park in the marker to end the mission and get your 
    Tips on platinum objective
    Get through first part of mission with at least 75% health
    Use Q cloak to avoid enemies 
    Take Bond Moment shortcut 
    VII.	Vertigo 
    Gold Target: 150,000 points
    Target time: 4:00
    Bond Moments: 4
    Platinum Objective: Complete the mission in 4:00 or less 
    After the elevator stops, get off and head right, then go right 
    again into the tunnel. At the end, shoot the guard with a Sleeper 
    Dart.  Crouch and exit the tunnel, then head right.  Take out the 
    next three guards using stealth to get a Bond Moment.  Now, rappel 
    up the wall to the next level.   You should now have an AK-47.  The 
    guards drop them.  Equip it and take out the two guards you see 
    here.  Get against the wall on your right and peek around the corner 
    to see another guard crouched behind a mine cart.  Try to nail him 
    with a head shot when he pops up.  Two more guards will descend from 
    above beyond the mine cart.  Take them out before leaving the wall.  
    Once all the guards are dead, rappel up the wall past the mine cart 
    to the next level.  (The elevator on your right is inoperable at the 
    moment).  Walk forward and prepare for the guard that comes down 
    from above.  Kill him.  Grab the body armor on the left (between 
    some boxes) and then rappel up the wall.   More body armor lies to 
    the left.  Crouch and head right.  A guard at the far end has a 
    rocket launcher, so make sure you stay down.  When you reach the 
    mine cart, press X to push it, and then follow it down the track.  
    Use Bond Sense and press L1 to target the fuel drums outside on your 
    right, below the metal structure.  Shoot them to cause an explosion, 
    receiving a Bond Moment, and destroying the signal jamming antenna, 
    thus completing one of your objectives.  Take out the rocket 
    launcher guard, and then head down the corridor on the left.  Kill 
    the guard that appears up ahead, and then kill the guard that 
    descends from above in the alcove on the left.   There are boards 
    here.  The bottom one can be shot out.  Send a Q Spider through the 
    gap under the boards.  Enter the opening on the left, then enter the 
    opening on the right.  Head up the wooden planks and continue 
    following the path until you reach a room with weapons and body 
    armor.  Head right and open the door to this room to get another 
    Bond Moment.  You will draw the attention of three guards.  They 
    will either shoot at the spider or step on it, so if you don't want 
    it to be destroyed, bring it back to James.   When you regain 
    control of James, leave the alcove and rappel down the wall at the 
    end of the corridor.  Equip your Thermovision and head to the end of 
    this passage.  There are two guards you'll need to kill.  Get the 
    rocket launcher (to earn a Bond Moment) and body armor at the end of 
    the passage, then head back to the rappel point, killing all the 
    guards that appear.  Head back to the alcove where you deployed the 
    Q Spider and rappel up the left wall.   Head down the corridor until 
    you see a room on the right.  Hug the wall outside the room and peek 
    inside to see the three guards your Spider encountered.  Kill them 
    and then enter the room your Spider accessed earlier to get lots of 
    ammo and more body armor.  There's a junction box where the guards 
    were, but you need the data uplink for that.  Leave the room and 
    continue down the passage.  Rappel up the wall at the end.  Three 
    guards await you here.  Two of them are wearing armor vests, so it 
    takes longer to kill them.  Once all the guards are dead, head down 
    the corridor and rappel up the last wall.  Kill the three guards in 
    this small room (one of them crouches behind a table) and then take 
    the data uplink device on the right.  There's body armor on the left 
    side of the room if you need it. If these guards are giving you 
    grief, use a Strobe Grenade to stun them before attacking.  Rappel 
    back down the wall into the previous corridor and kill the guard.  
    Two more guards are hanging on wires outside, so take them out too.   
    Rappel down the wall and kill the three guards in the next corridor.  
    Go back in the room where your spider was and place the uplink 
    device on the junction box (it's very conspicuous).  If you haven't 
    destroyed the antenna yet, do so now.  Also, there might be three 
    guards on the antenna platform if you haven't destroyed it.  You can 
    kill them and destroy the antenna by blowing up the fuel drums.  
    Back in the corridor where the rocket launcher guard was, you'll 
    encounter four guards.  Duck behind the first mine cart on your 
    right and start shooting.  When they are all dead, proceed to the 
    end of the corridor and pick up the body armor (the wooden fence has 
    opened, too, and more body armor lies beyond that).  Rappel down the 
    next two walls and take out the four guards before using the 
    elevator.  You can avoid these guards, too, but you get points for 
    killing them.    
    Tips for platinum objective
    Ignore Bond Moments
    Use semiautomatic weapon to kill enemies quickly
    Take out antenna using fuel barrels in area with the rocket guard
    VIII.	The Ruined Tower 
    Gold Target: 175,000 points
    Target Time: 2:00
    Bond Moments: 4
    Platinum Objective: Fire 10 rounds or less
    You begin in a crouched position.  A guard is walking towards you.  
    As he turns and begins to walk away, get behind him and use a 
    stealth move.  The other guard near the front usually doesn't even 
    notice this, but if he does, then restart, or let him kill you.  If 
    the guard doesn't notice, then use a stealth move on him, too, as he 
    walks to the right. This nets you a Bond Moment.  There's body armor 
    on the other side of the metal crate, but you won't need it this 
    early on.  Head outside and crouch behind the wall in front of you.  
    Turn to the right and you should see a guard pass by.  Sneak behind 
    him to the next wall and wait for a guard to walk past you to the 
    left.  Use a stealth move on him, and then catch up with the other 
    guard.  Use a stealth move on him, as well, to earn another Bond 
    Moment.  Now use your Bond Sense to find a Rappel point on the right 
    wall.  This leads to a sniper tower, and another Bond Moment.  Pick 
    up the Dragunov and body armor in the small room to the right.  Now, 
    before going back down, head to the left end and press L1 to target 
    the guard with the rocket launcher.  Killing him now will save you 
    some trouble in the future.  After that task is done, you can head 
    back to the ground.  Head up the ramp in front of you, and then 
    press up against the wall on your right.  Peek around the corner, 
    press L1, and kill as many guards as you can.  When the coast is 
    clear, leave the wall and head up the stairs.  If more guards show 
    up, use the wall segments for cover while shooting them.  When all 
    guards are dead, follow the track to the left until you reach a 
    door.  The small ruin across from this door has some body armor, so 
    get it if you need it.  Now, follow the track to the right, duck 
    into the alcove on the right, and rappel up the wall.  There's a 
    narrow path in the wall here.  Send a Q Spider to explore it and 
    you'll receive a Bond Moment.  If you make the Spider go left 
    instead of right, it will find some body armor.   Make the Spider 
    follow the path to the right until you see a guard rappel down the 
    wall.  Press Square to regain control of James, and then head down 
    the steps in front of you.  Kill all of the guards that appear.  
    Head left into the next area and kill all of the guards here.  Head 
    to the back wall and grab the body armor on the left, and then turn 
    around and enter a small room on the right to find a rocket launcher 
    and sniper rifle ammo.  Two more guards will appear in the area you 
    just came from.  Leave this room and head left.  There's a rocket 
    launcher guard in the distance.  You can try to snipe him, but it's 
    risky, unless you can do it quickly.  The best strategy is to run 
    down the stairs to the left.  There's barbed wire here, so you can't 
    go far, but you can target and kill the two guards on the other 
    side.  Go to the right (near the area with the hanging crate) and 
    crouch behind the wall.   You can snipe the rocket guard safely from 
    here.  Once he's gone, press the button to drop the crate through 
    the wooden door, and then drop through the opening.   Use the 
    junction box on the left wall to send the mine cart crashing through 
    the wooden door.   Stay where you are and a guard should appear.  
    Kill him, and then move into the area beyond the door.  You have 
    actually been here before.  Kill all of the guards, and follow the 
    track to the left, and again as it turns right.  Two guards descend 
    from the wall you rappelled up earlier (it's on the right).  Kill 
    them and then target the dynamite in front of the metal door.  Shoot 
    it to cause an explosion, thus opening the door.  Head through to 
    end the mission.
    Tips for platinum objective
    Complete first three Bond Moments
    Use Dragunov to take out five enemies in ruins below sniper tower
    Take out rocket guard from sniper tower
    Save bullet for dynamite that blows open the door at the end of the 
    Use AT-420 to clear out enemies near end of level
    IX.	Death of an Agent 
    Gold Target: 200,000 points
    Target Time: 2:00
    Bond Moments: 6
    Platinum Objective: Take 100 points of damage or less
    You begin this mission by watching Diavolo shoot Agent 003 in the 
    gut and leaving him to die.  When you get control of James, deploy a 
    Q Spider, and have it enter the small opening on the left.  Follow 
    this path and drop off at the end to kill three guards and earn a 
    Bond Moment.  As James, head to where these guards were and collect 
    their ammo.  Head down the stairs and kill the guard on the way.  At 
    the bottom, you'll reach 003, but it's too late to save him.   Take 
    out the guard that appears, and then head through the door behind 
    003.  Head right down the corridor, killing the guard on the way.  
    At the end of the corridor, head down the steps and kill more 
    guards.  In the chamber beyond the steps, kill two guards and grab 
    the body armor from the table on the right if you need it.  Use the 
    opening in the wall to take out the guards in the next part of this 
    room (toss a grenade to clear out the guards who are hiding behind 
    things).  There are several of them, and some might wander over to 
    where you are if you aren't fast enough.  Another guard is running 
    around to the left, but you can't get to him right now, and he likes 
    to duck behind the wall and the mine carts.  If you want to kill 
    him, use Bond Sense to find a shootable container in the third part 
    of the room.  Blast it with one of your guns to make it explode, and 
    it should take care of that annoying guard.  There's body armor in 
    the container area, as well, behind a wooden box.   Head back into 
    the second part of the room and look for a small alcove with a hole 
    in the floor.  Drop through this hole into the catacombs.  (The 
    alcove is immediately on your left when entering the second part of 
    the room from the third).  The catacombs are full of guards, it's 
    pitch black, and it's very confusing.  Use Thermovision and Bond 
    Sense to help you locate things.  There's a rocket launcher down 
    here.  If you find it, you get a Bond Moment.  I really can't 
    describe where it is.  There are several pieces of body armor down 
    here, too.  Bond Sense can make things a lot brighter, so use it to 
    examine your surroundings.  You can't move while using Bond Sense, 
    though.  When you find the catacombs exit, you complete an 
    objective.   As soon as you exit the catacombs, press the X button 
    to operate the mechanism on your right to open a door.  Use the mine 
    carts as cover and kill all the guards that appear.  About halfway 
    down the corridor is an alcove with body armor.  To earn a Bond 
    Moment, use Bond Sense to locate some explosive crates in a nook 
    along the left wall.  Shoot these crates to detonate the propane 
    tanks and take out some guards.  You have to kill at least three 
    guards in order to get the Bond Moment.  Kill any guards that 
    remain, and then enter the door you opened to move to the next part 
    of the mission.   Follow the tunnel to the end and watch the scene.  
    Now you have to catch Serena.  Use a hard hitting weapon like the 
    Desert Eagle to kill enemies in a single shot, if necessary.  After 
    the first exploding obstacle, you'll see a wide rock ledge with two 
    rocket guards.  One is on the left and one is on the right.  Use 
    Bond Sense to find an explosive crate behind the guard on the left, 
    and then target and destroy the crate to kill the guard and earn a 
    Bond Moment.  When you see a white propane tank on a ledge, squeeze 
    between a rock on the left and a wooden platform on the right to 
    earn another Bond Moment.  This shortcut is also very valuable, and 
    you probably can't catch Serena without taking it unless you are 
    playing on Operative difficulty.  Remember that propane tank I 
    mentioned earlier?  Well, if you use Bond Sense to target it and 
    shoot it, you can take out a guard and earn the final Bond Moment.   
    Now, it's simply a matter of veering left and right to catch up with 
    Serena and end the mission.  
    Tips for platinum objective
    Complete first Bond Moment
    Take cover in broken wall room and kill all guards 
    Use grenades in broken wall room to take out multiple guards
    Move cautiously through catacombs, and watch out for attacks from 
    Use explosive crates to blow up propane tanks and clear out enemies 
    in area after catacombs
    Avoid enemy fire during freefall (use Desert Eagle for one hit 
    X.	A Show of Force
    Gold Target: 200,000 points
    Target Time: 6:00
    Bond Moments: 5
    Platinum Objective: Reach the extraction point in 45 seconds or less 
    Serena is driving a tank in this mission, and James commandeers a 
    machine gun.  As soon as the mission begins, use the tank's cannon 
    to destroy the jeep and blow open the gate for a Bond Moment.  As 
    you go along the path, a helicopter appears on your right.  You 
    won't get anything for destroying it, but do so anyway.  After you 
    reach the top of the steps, you'll see 2 enemies standing by some 
    red barrels.  Blast those barrels and the resulting explosion will 
    kill the enemies, and you will get a Bond Moment.  When you reach 
    the fountain area, you'll meet up with a tank.  Use your cannon or 
    machine guns to destroy it.  A jeep appears as well, so take it out 
    too.  Now, after this, keep going until you reach a gas station.  
    Follow M's advice and shoot the gas pumps with the tank's cannon.  
    This causes a huge explosion that takes out both tanks and the 
    helicopter simultaneously.  You get a Bond Moment for this, as well.  
    Afterwards, watch the scene.  James is flying solo again.  Get on 
    the Q Bike and take off.   Go over the ramp and head right.  Use the 
    Flamethrower when enemy vehicles get close to you.   There's a 
    shortcut you can take here in order to get a Bond Moment (it's by a 
    tree on your right).  Also, when you reach the airfield entrance, 
    ignore the jeeps and use the ramp on the right for another Bond 
    Moment.  Now, head left at full speed and get on the plane before 
    time runs out.   Another M16 Interlude follows this mission.  
    Tips for platinum objective
    Take both Bond Moment shortcuts
    Take out the first jeep you encounter on route to extraction point 
    so it doesn't block access to first shortcut
    XI.	Mardi Gras Mayhem 
    Gold Target: 200,000 points
    Target Time: 7:00
    Bond Moments: 4
    Platinum Objective: Reach the transport truck in 40 seconds or less 
    after talking to Mya on the phone
    When you begin, you must drive to the park and meet with an NSA 
    agent named Mya Starling.  Bring up your full screen map and follow 
    the blue icon to find the park.  You can drive around for as long as 
    you like, since there's no time limit.  Once you get to the park, 
    pull into the marker and get out of the car.  Watch the scene.  Now 
    you do have a time limit.  You have to get to the restaurant and 
    steal the truck.  Leave the park and head right.  When you reach the 
    flashing left-turn signal lights, turn right onto a wide brick path. 
    Go left up a ramp to trigger a scene in which you sail through the 
    air to a building, damaging a float on your way.  When you land, 
    you'll earn a Bond Moment.  Keep going and follow the blue icon on 
    your map to find the diner.   Make sure you don't hit any civilians, 
    or else you'll fail the mission. I think the pedestrians are 
    impossible to kill, because I have seen my car go through them.  
    Other cars, however, are a different story.  If you hit another car 
    hard enough, it will blow up.  So try not to do that.  Once you 
    arrive at the restaurant, get out of the car, and walk up to the 
    back-left side of the truck.  Press the Triangle button to open the 
    bay door.  Drive your Aston Martin into the truck to get a Bond 
    Moment.  Now, the time limit disappears.  Follow the blue icon on 
    the map to find the factory.  Watch the scene and then drive forward 
    into the building and park at the marker.  Get out of the truck and 
    open the bay door to release your car.  Run over to the next truck 
    (the one that's just sitting there), and press Triangle to plant a 
    tracking device.  Watch the next scene.  You now have to stop the 
    henchman in the limo.  You have three minutes to do so.  If you 
    didn't bring your car along, you'll have to use the truck. It can 
    take more damage than the car, but it is much slower, and it doesn't 
    have any weapons.  You can, however, damage the limo by ramming into 
    it.  In any sense, drive out of the building and go the only way you 
    can.  Up ahead, you'll see a big cement tube (you can't do this with 
    a truck).  Drive into the tube and shoot out the other side to crash 
    through a window and get a Bond Moment.  Now, you can head to the 
    streets.  When the limo is in sight, you can start using missiles.  
    Or, you can get in close and use your machine guns.  Better yet, you 
    can use the acid slick (press L1). This gets you a Bond Moment.  
    When the limo has been stopped, watch the scene, and then move onto 
    the next part of the mission.  You have to get to the Kiss Kiss Club 
    before time runs out.  Go as fast as you can, but beware of other 
    cars.  Any civilian casualties will have you chasing after the limo 
    Tips for platinum objective
    Go right after leaving park and turn right at flashing left-turn 
    Follow brick path to first Bond Moment
    Try to skip the Bond Moment cinema
    Drive to diner without hitting anything
    XII.	The Kiss Kiss Club 
    Gold Target: 225,000 points
    Target Time: 1:30
    Bond Moments: 3
    Platinum Objective: Use no ammo 
    As soon as you begin, use Bond Sense to locate the Rappel point on 
    the right wall.  Climb up and enter the room on the other side of 
    the window.  There's a woman here who apparently wants a massage.  
    Press X when you're standing beside her and James will oblige.  
    You'll get a Bond Moment for this.  Leave the room and headleft down 
    the hall.  A guard will come through the door.  Hug the wall and 
    wait for him to stop and examine a picture.  Use a stealth move on 
    him. Head through the door, and then go into the control room on the 
    right.  Use a stealth move on the first guard, and then do the same 
    for the guard standing by the security monitors.  You can press a 
    button near the monitors to open the door to the main part of the 
    club. Get the battery to the right of the monitors, and then leave 
    the control room and head downstairs. There should be a guard with 
    his back to you.  Take him out with a stealth move.  Another guard 
    should be walking away from you, and towards the door you could have 
    opened in the control room.  Use a stealth move on him and go 
    through the door. Watch the scene, and then move to the left end of 
    the counter and pull the lever to drop some lights on your enemies.  
    This earns you a Bond Moment.  Take out the remaining guard, and 
    then walk forward a little bit.  Two guys will appear on the 
    balcony.  One is on your right.  The other is on your left.  Shoot 
    them both so that they fall to the floor below and you'll get the 
    last Bond Moment.  Head past the stage and get the battery on the 
    right.  On the left, you'll find a locked door.  You need a keycard 
    to open it.  M suggests looking upstairs.  There's an elevator to 
    the right of the stage.  Use it to go to the second floor.  Run 
    around up here and take out all the guards.  The ones with the vests 
    carry crowbars, so they only use melee attacks.  Once all the guards 
    have been eliminated, enter the only room up here to find some body 
    armor, and grab the keycard from the desk.  Exit this room and 
    return to the first floor.  About six crowbar-toting, vest-wearing 
    guards are waiting for you here.  Use the SPAS to make short work of 
    them, and do not let them gang up on you.  There is body armor on 
    the table right next to the counter if you need it.  Take the 
    keycard and use it to unlock the door behind the stage.   In the 
    dressing room, you'll find two guards.  Kill them, and then look for 
    a secret passage on the right.  Kill more guards in here, and then 
    go up the steps to the door to complete the mission. 
    Tips for platinum objective
    Use stealth to get to get to the bar
    Drop lights on enemies in bar
    Use nano suit after getting keycard and head for the exit 
    XIII.	Death's Door
    Gold Target: 275,000 points
    Target Time: 4:30
    Bond Moments: 6
    Platinum Objective:  Complete the mission in 3:15 or less
    M warns you about lightning, and how it can give away your position.  
    Keep that in mind.  Go up the steps and press against the wall on 
    the left.  Peek around the corner and shoot the guard.  A few more 
    should appear, so kill them, as well.  Leave the wall and head 
    forward through the open gate.  Kill any guards you see and head 
    left across the small bridge. A guard should jump out of a window on 
    the left, and some guards will come in from the right.  Kill them 
    all.  There are a few snipers here, as well.  One of them is in the 
    tower of the church.  If you want all of the Bond Moments, you'll 
    have to wait and subdue him with melee attacks after you rappel up 
    the front of the tower. Enter the building you see here.  Head 
    behind the boxes on the right and pick up a Dragunov.  You can use 
    it to kill the sniper on the roof of the building in the distance.  
    Crouch and aim at him through the boarded window (you can target and 
    shoot the boards covering the window with Bond Sense). You can also 
    kill the sniper in the tower by aiming at him through the window on 
    the right.  But doing so will forfeit your chances of getting a Bond 
    Moment a little later on.  Now, send a Q Spider into the small hole 
    and collect the body armor and earn a Bond Moment.  Leave the 
    building and head left, following the stone path into another area.  
    Directly across from you is some body armor.  Run forward and turn 
    right, then target a couple of guards.  Kill them, and then continue 
    heading right.  More guards will appear.  One of them will run 
    towards the iron gate on the right.  Kill him before he opens it to 
    get another Bond moment.  There is a guard on the other side of the 
    gate, as well.  Kill him, too.  Stand in front of the church door 
    and rappel up to the tower. Use hand-to-hand combat to dispatch the 
    sniper up here to earn a Bond Moment.  Grab the skeleton key and the 
    body armor.  Sniper rifle ammo can be found here, too.  As you leave 
    the tower, a guard destroys it with his rocket launcher.  When you 
    get back to the ground, head back to the building and take out any 
    guards who get in your way.  Inside the building, use the skeleton 
    key to open the left door.  The lights go out when you get inside.  
    Use Thermovision and Bond Sense to find your way around.  Kill the 
    Guards in this room and then head right, towards the stairs.  
    There's body armor in here.  I also believe there is an area under 
    some crates where you can send the Spider, but once you take control 
    of the Spider, you can't see anything.  Please verify if something 
    is there.  Anyway, go up the stairs and kill all the guards.   Exit 
    to the balcony and go the left end.  Target and kill the guards 
    below, and then use the sniper rifle to shoot the electrical box.  
    This nets you a Bond Moment.  Head back to the church, and go left, 
    taking out all guards that appear.  Go up the steps and grab the 
    body armor on the right, beside a large tombstone.  Now, go down the 
    steps to the left, and then go right towards the newly opened gate.  
    Kill the guard and enter the crematorium.  In here, James finds Mya 
    being mistreated by a sadistic Frenchman named Jean Le Rouge.  And 
    guess what?  You get to fight him. 
    Boss: Jean Le Rouge
    This fight can be tricky, because you have to make sure that Mya 
    doesn't end up being incinerated.  As soon as the battle begins, 
    push the button on the console in the middle of the room to stop the 
    conveyor belt.  You must do this every time La Rouge resets it.  You 
    can get a Bond Moment here by using Bond Sense to lock onto 
    explosive barrels (there are two sets of them) and shooting them, 
    thus causing damage to Le Rouge.  Another Bond moment can be earned 
    by using Bond Sense to lock onto a gas-vent switch and shooting it 
    to release fire, again causing damage to Le Rouge (there are four 
    switches: two on the ceiling, and two on the back walls).  After 
    that, use the pillars for cover and try to finish him off with 
    regular gunfire.  He carries a crossbow, and he fires explosive 
    darts, so make sure you stay hidden.  If you crouch behind a wall or 
    a pillar, you can move to the left and right repeatedly to throw off 
    Le Rouge's aim.  When he runs into the middle of the room to 
    activate the switch, blast him with your strongest weapon (SIG 552 
    or the SPAS, if you have it) to cause as much damage as possible. 
    Tips for platinum objective
    Ignore all Bond Moments, especially those relating to Jean Le Rouge
    Use semiautomatic weapon to kill enemies quickly
    XIV.	Battle in the Big Easy 
    Gold Target: 250,000 points
    Target Time: 5:30
    Bond Moments: 3
    Platinum Objective: Get from Bond's hideout to Diavolo's compound in 
    55 seconds or less
    You get to drive a limo in this mission.  You have to take Mya to 
    Bond's hideout, where she will be safe.  Not long after the mission 
    begins, M tells you that there is a bomb on the limo.  Mya will 
    defuse it, but not immediately.  The bomb will detonate if you slow 
    down, so you just have to drive full speed to the blue icon on the 
    map.  Watch out for other cars, because they have a tendency to get 
    in your way.  Also, you are being pursued by enemies, and they keep 
    shooting at you, and you cannot fire back.  You can, however, use a 
    smoke screen, and this earns you a Bond Moment.  It doesn't take 
    long to reach the hideout, fortunately, so you shouldn't have much 
    trouble.  At the hideout, you and Mya pile into the Aston Martin and 
    head back out to the streets.  You can use missiles and your machine 
    gun to take care of those enemies.  The blue icon on the map leads 
    to the factory, which you are going to destroy.  When you reach the 
    factory, pull into the marker and deploy the RC car.  Drive it up 
    into the nearby pipe.  Once you enter the compound, follow the 
    catwalk until you reach the end.  Watch the scene and then use the 
    car's laser to release some steam.  This chases the guards away.  
    Drop off this catwalk to a lower catwalk.  Take two lefts and two 
    rights and follow the catwalk to the end, where you can drop to the 
    fuel access panel.  Use the laser on the panel to blow up the 
    factory.  If you can do this with just one RC car, then you will 
    earn a Bond Moment.  Now you have to get Mya back to her apartment.  
    If you reach the apartment quickly enough, you'll get a Bond Moment.  
    If you mess up now, you'll end up back at the hideout.  The enemies 
    during this segment are very aggressive, so you should take them out 
    by any means necessary.  If not, then they will chase you the whole 
    time and they can cause lots of damage.   
    Tips for platinum objective
    Move carefully around corners 
    Use acid slick to take out pursuing enemies 
    XV.	Faded Splendor 
    Gold Target: 300,000 points
    Target Time: 3:00
    Bond Moments: 3 
    Platinum Objective: Complete the mission taking 100 points of damage 
    or less
    When you get control of James, crouch and get the sniper rifle on 
    your right.  Two guards are talking in the room nearby.  Activate 
    your nano suit and head across the room to the hallway on the left.  
    Hide behind the first couch and deactivate the nano suit to save on 
    battery power.  Wait for a guard to pass by, and then take him out 
    with a stealth move. Send a Spider through the opening in the wall 
    on the right to find some body armor.   Have the spider return to 
    James or just leave it where it is.  Now, wait for the second guard 
    to return to the central room.  Head across the room, staying near 
    the back wall so the sniper doesn't see you.  Follow the guard into 
    the hallway and use a stealth move on him, as well.  Now, back in 
    the central room, crouch behind the boards separating the central 
    room and the dining area.  There's a guard standing near a table.  
    Shoot him with a Sleeper Dart.  Now rappel up the left wall.  You 
    can use a stealth move to take out the sniper up here.  He's 
    standing to the left with his back to you.  Head past the sniper and 
    pull out your weapon.  Shoot all the nearby guards.  If you go 
    straight down the hall to the end and turn left, you'll find a small 
    room with body armor.  Go back to where you killed the sniper, and 
    head left down the hall to the end.  You can see a place where only 
    the Spider can go.  Head to the end of this path and let the Spider 
    drop to the floor near the stationary guard, eliminating him.  Head 
    back to where the sniper is, and this time go straight towards the 
    wall, turn right, pass some tables, and then go down the stairs. 
    Kill any guards who appear.  The left and right rooms both lead to 
    the balcony, as does a door in the middle across from the stairs.  
    Stand on the balcony and use Bond Sense to target the chandelier.  
    Shoot it and watch it crash down on several guards in the dining 
    area.  You get a Bond Moment for this. Head down to the dining area 
    and take out any more guards that appear.  There are two rooms on 
    both sides of the main staircase.  They are illuminated in red 
    light.  The left room has a switch, a battery, and body armor.  The 
    right room has a switch and a battery.  Once both switches have been 
    pulled, some doors will open and your first objective will be 
    complete.  More guards will pour in.  Use the pillars in the dining 
    area for cover while you shoot them.  There are two snipers on the 
    balcony.  Head back up the stairs to the balcony after eliminating 
    the snipers, and circle around to a room on the right-hand side, 
    killing all guards who appear.  In the room with an exit blocked by 
    a fallen door, look for some artwork propped up against a wall.  In 
    the corner near this artwork is a wall switch.  Press it to reveal a 
    hidden weapons cache.  Collect the ammo and body armor.  You get a 
    Bond Moment for revealing the cache.  There's a spiderhole here that 
    leads to the computer room on the first floor.  You can take out 
    guards here by detonating the Spider.  Leave this room and head 
    right down the stairs.  There's a rappel point here that leads to 
    the attic. Down the stairs past the rappel point is the computer 
    room.  There's a battery and some body armor in here.  There's a 
    sniper atop the rappel point.  Subdue him with melee attacks and 
    take out the guards that appear.  More body armor lies in the room 
    at the end of this area.  Continue forward to find a large opening. 
    Rappel down to the ground and crouch behind the nearest computer 
    terminal.  Guards will enter the room, but you should focus on 
    taking out the guard behind the left terminal first because he likes 
    to toss grenades.  Once all the guards are gone, head into the room 
    directly ahead to find Yayakov's Lair and end the mission.  
    Tips for platinum objective
    Complete first Bond Moment
    Use Q Spider paths to eliminate foes and prevent ambushes
    Shoot chandelier to clear out guards in dining area
    Move cautiously and take cover whenever possible
    XVI.	The Machinery of Evil
    Gold Target: 300,000 points
    Target Time: 3:00
    Bond Moments: 3 
    Platinum Objective: Fire 10 rounds or less
    You begin right where the last mission left off.  Grab the SPAS 
    shotgun and the body armor behind you in this room before heading 
    out the door to the right of the shotgun.  Watch the scene.  After 
    that, shoot the guards.  These guys aren't well protected, so they 
    fall quickly.  They seem to be nothing more than lab personnel.  
    Okay, facing Yayakov, head left until you see some stairs.  Go down 
    them and go through the door.  Wait for the electricity to subside, 
    then run past the machine to the control console and press X to shut 
    down the first processing chamber.  Grab the body armor and ammo if 
    you need it, but get out of the room as quickly as possible.  After 
    leaving the room and going up the steps, go right and take out the 
    guards that have appeared.  Then, head to the right side of 
    Yayakov's chamber and go down the steps there.  Run past the 
    machines to the console and press X to shut down the second 
    processing chamber.  Grab the ammo and body armor if you need them 
    before leaving.  Take out any guards that have appeared, and then 
    head down the stairs on the left side of Yayakov's chamber.  Enter 
    the door there.  Again, you can grab some ammo and body armor before 
    shutting down the third processing chamber.  When you leave the 
    room, head down the steps on your left.  An electrical barrier has 
    formed on the other set, and if you make contact with it, it can 
    take down about half of your health.   When you are underneath the 
    floor, use Bond Sense to aim at the pipes on the left.  Shoot them 
    to reveal a rocket launcher.  Pick it up to earn a Bond Moment.  
    Kill all of the Guards down here (there is a steam vent behind three 
    guards, use Bond Sense to target the vent and shoot it to stun the 
    guards and earn a Bond Moment), and then work your way to the left, 
    until you find low spot.  There's an opening here, so deploy one of 
    your Spiders.   Carefully navigate it along the path until you reach 
    a small lift.  Place the Spider inside, and then exit the lift and 
    follow the next path to the left.  You'll end up in the last 
    processing chamber room.  The door is stuck, but you can solve that 
    problem by detonating the Spider near the small engine like thing 
    near the door.  You'll get a Bond Moment for this, as well.  Now 
    proceed to the last processing chamber and shut it down.  Go back to 
    the main room and kill all the guards that have appeared.  Watch the 
    scene and then destroy the two transformer cores.  They are the 
    glowing reds things inside the generators in the middle of the room.  
    You can find flashlights on the tables across from the generators.  
    Pick up a flashlight and through it into the generator to disable 
    it.  Do this twice and say goodbye to Yayakov.  
    Tips for platinum objective
    Ignore all Bond Moments after getting rocket launcher
    Use AT-420 to take out groups of enemies on lower level 
    Use nano suit to avoid detection on upper level as you head to the 
    processing chambers
    XVII.	The Pontchartrain Bridge 
    Gold Target: 300,000 points
    Target Time: 4:15 
    Bond Moments: 4
    Platinum Objective: Complete the mission in 3:10 or less 
    For this mission, you must catch up with Jaws before he reaches the 
    city.  From your starting position, head straight, and then turn 
    left when you see a sign.  You can get a Bond Moment here by ramping 
    over the gate.  You'll need to be going pretty fast in order to 
    clear it.  After the gate, there's a fork in the road.  Go left to 
    find a cabin.  Four enemies are standing in the porch of the cabin, 
    shooting at you.  Blast the cabin with a rocket to get another Bond 
    Moment.  Continue past the cabin and through a tunnel until you 
    reach the freeway.  Again, you must avoid civilian casualties.  And 
    since you are on a motorcycle, you don't want any collisions.  They 
    can cause severe damage.  At the tollbooth, stay in the middle lane 
    and line yourself up with a pickup truck that's flipped over.  
    Hitting it sends you flying through the billboard above the 
    tollbooth. You can also drive through the tollgate, but you'll 
    suffer some minor damage.  Beyond that, you'll be attacked by two 
    enemy motorcycles.  Use the Flamethrower to take them out quickly.  
    If you can get between them and then use the Flamethrower, you 
    should take both of them out simultaneously.  Another pair of enemy 
    motorcycles lies further on.  Dispatch of them in the same manner.  
    After you get rid of them, stay on the left side of the road, and 
    hit the ramp when it appears.   You'll zoom over two suspended 
    sections of highway, and when you land, you'll get a Bond Moment.  
    You are wrong side of the road now, so, take the next available 
    right to get back where you need to be.  Two enemy cars start 
    attacking you now.  Use rockets or the flamethrower to take them 
    out.  After they're gone, keep going, and a scene will occur.  Jaws 
    slams into a yellow tanker, and this creates a pile up of sorts.  
    Press L1 to slide under the tanker when you get close enough, and 
    watch the fireworks.  This is the final Bond Moment.  After this, 
    you must simply catch up with Jaws.  Use Rockets to take out the 
    trucks up ahead.  The guys in the backs of these trucks will drop 
    explosive barrels into the road, so it's important to eliminate this 
    threat as quickly as possible.   When you reach Jaws' tanker, get on 
    either side of it and start using your Flamethrower.  You have to 
    take out his four rear tires. This mission is followed by another 
    M16 Interlude. 
    Tips for platinum objective
    Always try to maintain top speed
    Do not jump construction ramp 
    Take right path at beginning rather than going left past the cabin
    XVIII.	A Simple Exchange
    Gold Target:  325,000 points
    Target Time: 1:00
    Bond Moments: 3
    Platinum Objective: Complete the mission in 40 seconds or less
    M tells you to be stealthy, so take her advice.  Use a stealth move 
    on the guard in front of you.  If you trip the alarm, the mission's 
    over.  Go left behind the counter and grab the battery.  From here, 
    you can head straight into the lobby.  A guard should appear behind 
    you.  He will inspect the body of the other guard before walking 
    around.  Use your nano suit to sneak up on him and dispatch him with 
    a stealth move.  You may not need to use your nano suit if the guard 
    is walking near the stairs that lead to the second floor. In that 
    case, he won't be looking at you.  You can also use a Sleeper Dart 
    if you want.  Now, head through the lobby to the patio area on the 
    other side.  Stay crouched and wait for a guard in a white suit to 
    walk towards the back wall.  Follow him and use a stealth move.  
    While on the patio, look for a cabinet in a corner.  Press X while 
    standing in front of the cabinet to slide it over, revealing a 
    hidden room with Sleeper Dart ammo.  You get a Bond Moment for 
    finding this room.  Pick up the keycard he drops.  Now use the 
    junction box on the right to disable the security lasers and earn a 
    Bond Moment.   You can also earn a Bond Moment by using the EMP 
    grenades to disable the security cameras.  Near the junction box on 
    the patio, look up to spot a camera.  After this one, the rest are 
    very easy to find.  There are some in the lobby, and one you'll see 
    as soon as you reach the second floor by way of the stairs near the 
    counter.    You should encounter two Guards as you make your way 
    back through the lobby.  Try to use melee attacks to subdue them, 
    but if those don't work, or if you simply don't like hand-to-hand 
    combat, then use a Sleeper Dart.  I don't really suggest a gun, 
    because this might alert a guard on the second floor, and he might 
    trip an alarm before you can get up there to take care of him.  On 
    the second floor, more guards show up.  You can use guns here, but I 
    prefer Sleeper Darts or punches.  Once the guards have been put 
    down, make your way to the door near the back-right corner.  It has 
    a camera above it.  Go through this door into the room, and then 
    head across to the next room to find the race car driver's uniform.  
    Press X to change clothes and end the mission.  Fewer guards will 
    appear if you avoid detection by the cameras.  
    Tips for platinum objective
    No stealth
    No Bond Moments
    No item collecting
    Use Sleeper Dart on first guard, and another Dart on guard at patio
    You should have 24 seconds after deactivating lasers 
    Equip nano suit and run up stairs to driver's room
    XIX.	Red Line
    Gold Target: 350,000 points
    Target Time: 5:40
    Bond Moments: 2
    Platinum Objective: Complete the race in 4:50 or less
    M states the obvious.  You must finish first.  In order to get a 
    Gold ranking, you need (as stated above) 350,000 points.  The 2 Bond 
    Moments are very easy to get.  Therefore, in order to get that many 
    points (about 330,000, since Bond Moments are worth 10,000 each), 
    you are going to have to finish the race very quickly (and you 
    should do it on 00 Agent, so your total score will be doubled).  Try 
    not to hit ANYTHING, including rocks or the red barrels (which are 
    explosive).  Also make use of the shortcut near the end of the 
    track.  You get a Bond Moment for doing so, and since your opponents 
    never take it, it can give you an easy lead.  The other Bond Moment 
    can be earned near the start of the race.  You'll find a small hill 
    on the right side of the track.  Ramp off of this, and then 
    immediately cut to the left after landing.  Head over the small bump 
    next to the tree on your right.  If you do this after ramping the 
    first hill, you'll get a Bond Moment.  
    XX.	Ambushed
    Gold Target: 350,000 points
    Target Time: 2:00
    Bond Moments: 3
    Platinum Objective: Use no ammo
    Again, you can rack up a huge weapon efficiency score by using melee 
    attacks rather than guns.  As soon as you get control of James, a 
    guard grabs you from behind.  You can flip him.  Once you do so, 
    knock out the other guard to get a P99 pistol.  Another guard enters 
    the room shortly.  Wait on either side of the door or crouch by the 
    desk and then knock him out with punches.  There are some wine 
    bottles scattered around the second floor that you can use to knock 
    out your enemies, so make use of them.  Try to engage all of your 
    enemies in hand-to-hand combat.  There are several pieces of body 
    armor in this area, so you can afford to take quite a bit of damage.  
    At some point, a rocket launcher guard appears near the stairs that 
    lead to the first floor.  Use the P99, press up against the wall, 
    and try to kill him with a head shot (if you haven't done this yet, 
    adjust the targeting dot with the Right Analog Stick).  Also, if you 
    get a guard near the second floor railing, you can press Triangle 
    and Square to throw him over the railing and earn Bond Moment.  Most 
    of the guards in white suits carry shotguns, so look out for them.  
    Head back to the room where you stole the race driver's uniform and 
    head to the balcony that connects that room with another one.  Use a 
    head shot to kill the guard below, and then shoot the junction box 
    to open the shutters blocking access to the patio on the first floor 
    (this also earns you a Bond Moment).  Now, head to the first floor.  
    There's a shotgun guard behind the counter, and two more will 
    usually show up to assist him, not to mention a few other guards.  
    If you have a shotgun, use it, and you should kill the guards in one 
    shot, or at least two.  Now, in the lobby, head right, and look for 
    a hallway with two doors.  Enter the last room in this hallway to 
    earn a Bond Moment and take what you can (body armor, etc.) I 
    believe you need the keycard from the last mission to access this 
    room, but I'm not sure.  Anyway, head to the patio, and Q tells you 
    to look for a hidden door.  Press X while standing near the left 
    side of the shelf that's standing against the left wall (you could 
    have uncovered this room during A Simple Exchange to get a Bond 
    Moment) and you will find Serena and complete this mission.  
    Tips for platinum objective
    Disable cameras by throwing items at them
    Use bottles to stun or knock out enemies with shotguns or rocket 
    Use strobe grenade if you get surrounded
    Roll as much as possible to prevent your enemies from getting a lock 
    on you
    XXI.	The High Road
    Gold Target:  300,000 points
    Target Time: 4:00
    Bond Moments: 3
    Platinum Objective: Use the rooftops to reach the mine in 1:20 or 
    Your first order of business is to deliver Serena to the hotel.  You 
    will be driving the race car you used during the Red Line mission.  
    This vehicle isn't armored, and it isn't outfitted with any weapons 
    or defense mechanisms.  You'll be pursued by enemy motorcycles.  You 
    can blow them up by crashing into them, and this is highly 
    recommended, unless you can simply outrun them.  Bring up the full 
    screen map and follow the blue icon to reach the hotel.  In the 
    village, you'll see two tanks and a set of stairs on the right.  
    Speed up those stairs to bypass the tanks and earn a Bond Moment.  
    You'll encounter another pair of tanks farther along the path, but 
    you can just drive through the obstacle between them.  Be sure to 
    avoid being hit by the tanks' cannons, or else you probably won't 
    make it to the hotel.  Once you reach the hotel, you drop off Serena 
    and jump onto the Q Bike.   When you regain control, drive up the 
    stairs on the right and watch the scene.  You'll earn a Bond Moment 
    after you land.  Now, follow the blue icon to the main entrance, 
    only to find that it has been sealed off.  M tells you to be 
    resourceful.  Turn around and look for the opening on your right.  
    Use it to reach the village rooftops.  Follow this straightforward 
    path until you fall through a wooden bridge.  Head down the narrow 
    corridor you land on and slide under the statue at the end for a 
    Bond Moment.  
    Tips for platinum objective
    Always go at top speed, so you can clear the rooftop ramps easily
    XXII.	Diavolo's Plan
    Gold Target: 375,000 points
    Target Time: 6:00
    Bond Moments: 3
    Platinum Objective: Complete the mission in 3:10 or less
    Your first order of business is to escape.  Use the EMP to disable 
    the drill and break free of your restraints.  James tells M about 
    Diavolo's plans to attack Moscow.  She asks you to destroy the mine.  
    Get your Sleeper Darts and Rappel cable to complete an objective.  A 
    guard should enter this room.  He has the locker key (some weapons 
    and your Q Spiders are in the locker).   Use Sleeper Darts or 
    (preferably) melee attacks to take him down.  Leave the room and 
    kill any more guards who approach.  You should now have at least two 
    guns, if you want to use them.  Head right after exiting the room 
    and press X when standing near the console to call the elevator.  
    Now, head to the other end of this area.  Up above you, on the 
    right, there should be two guards.  Use Bond Sense to lock onto the 
    explosive containers near the guards and shoot the containers to 
    kill them and earn a Bond Moment.  Now, use the lift to go up to the 
    next level.  Try to kill all of the Guards with head shots.  One of 
    the guards might throw a grenade, so look out.  Now target the red 
    valves near the large hydraulic presses.  Shoot the valves to 
    disable the presses, then walk down the conveyor belt to the other 
    side (look for some body armor on your left as you cross the 
    conveyor belt).  Go up the steps and kill the guards that descend 
    from above.  Keep going until you find some body armor.  Now, you 
    have to destroy the exhaust gear systems.  Lock onto the first one 
    near the body armor.  It's in an alcove on the wall.  The other one 
    is back to the left a little ways.  Once both of them have been 
    destroyed, rappel up the wall and kill the guards that appear.  Then 
    go through the double doors on the right.   Now head through the 
    doors on the left.  Kill the guards here and go down the stairs 
    until you reach a room with lots of terminals.  The one in the 
    middle has an override switch.  Kill all of the guards that appear 
    in this room before leaving.  Also, use your Spider to pick up the 
    body armor in an alcove under the stairs (it's near the red lasers 
    you see in the terminal room).  Getting the body armor nets you a 
    Bond Moment.  Send a Spider into the room guarded by lasers.  Turn 
    to the right upon entering and find the exposed panel.  Detonate the 
    Spider to destroy the panel and deactivate the lasers. Kill the 
    guard in here, and get a rocket launcher and a battery.  Leave this 
    room and head back up the stairs.  Kill all enemies that appear and 
    you'll be able to go through doors previously blocked by lasers.  
    Eventually, you'll reach an elevator.  Press the button to call it 
    down, and then head to the surface to complete this mission.  
    Tips for platinum objective
    Ignore all Bond Moments
    Grab weapons cache in drill room for extra firepower
    Run through the level and kill enemies with a semiautomatic (AK-47)
    Try not to use cover that much, and always keep your health near 
    maximum by picking up body armor 
    XXIII.	The Platinum War
    Gold Target: 400,000 points
    Target Time: 4:40
    Bond Moments: 2
    Platinum Objective: Neutralize bomb in 2:15 or less
    Drive forward until you come to a wall.  Use the tank cannon to 
    destroy it, and then continue along the road.  Turn right, and 
    before you pass through the arch in front of you, select the Nano 
    Shells.  A target appears on the arch ahead.  Fire a Nano Shell to 
    make the arch fall on the tank sitting underneath it.  This nets you 
    a Bond Moment.  Continue forward and turn left at the intersection.  
    Here, use either your tank cannon or plasma gun to shoot the fuel 
    truck and blow it up to create a hole in the side of the building.  
    This earns you another Bond Moment.  Go through the hole and head 
    straight through into Red Square.  As you enter the Square, look to 
    the left and right to find two tanks.  Using the walls of the 
    building you just passed through as cover; use the tank cannon to 
    take out both tanks.  Their cannons can do hefty damage, so try to 
    avoid close encounters.  Also, if you simply keep moving, the tanks 
    will have a hard time hitting you.  Once both tanks are gone, head 
    left towards the cathedral.  Two tanks guard the entrance to the 
    underground passages.  Take them out and then head to the back of 
    the building, and go through the doors into the sewers.  Once the 
    bomb is set, you will have two minutes to neutralize it.  Drive down 
    the tunnel and take the first left to find the bomb.  Fire a Nano 
    Shell when the target appears to send the bomb into the water.  Now, 
    after the scene, head back to the intersection and go left to find a 
    large chamber with three green pillars.  Use Nano Shells to destroy 
    these pillars.  Another blue icon appears on the map once you have 
    done this.  Follow it to the exit.  Back on the surface, take out 
    the tank on the right, and then head right again to encounter 
    another tank, which comes barreling over a small hill.  Destroy it 
    and then drive forward towards the Square.  A scene plays.  You 
    should see a helicopter carrying a statue of Diavolo.  When the 
    scene is over, fire a Nano Shell at the helicopter to make it drop 
    the statue, thus eliminating the fleet of tanks.  You should 
    position yourself on the hill where you fought the last tank in 
    order to get a good angle for shooting the helicopter.  DO NOT DRIVE 
    INTO THE SQUARE.  It is possible to use the tank cannon to destroy 
    the tanks in the Square, but it is much easier (and more practical) 
    to simply aim for the helicopter.  
    Tips for platinum objective
    Keep moving to avoid being damaged by enemy tanks
    Destroy the tank that blocks access to the underground passage
    Destroy the tank guarding the bomb; you can use the wall as partial 
    If your health is less than 50% after neutralizing the bomb, you 
    might want to start over, because you'll probably die before you can 
    finish the level 
    XXIV. Dangerous Descent
    Gold Target: 300,000 points
    Target Time: 6:00
    Bond Moments: 3
    Platinum Objective: Take less than 100 points of damage 
    As soon as the mission starts, turn around to spot a railing with 
    two spaces underneath.  Send a Q Spider into the left space, across 
    some metal boxes.  Follow this path to reach an open window.  Drop 
    into the room and go through the partially opened door on the right.  
    Wait for the guard to open the big red door to the vault, and then 
    kill him to earn a Bond Moment.  As James, walk down the stairs and 
    use Bond Sense to target a box in front of a large red metal crate 
    on the right side of the open shaft.  Use four shots from your P99 
    to destroy the wooden box, and then send a Q Spider on the path 
    through the stacked crates.  You'll find a small hole that leads to 
    a control room of sorts.  There's body armor in the southwest 
    corner.  Detonate the Spider and destroy the console with the 
    blinking red light.  Now, rappel down the shaft.  At the first set 
    of lasers, stop and then kick off the wall to jump over them and 
    avoid damage.  You can simply outmaneuver the second set of lasers.  
    Watch out for the rocket turrets, as well.  You can either bypass 
    them, or destroy them with the rocket launcher.  When you reach the 
    platform at the bottom of the shaft, wait for it to quit moving.  
    Crouch behind the metal crate near the jet and wait for a guard to 
    show up.  He should have a SIG.  Take him out.  There's another 
    guard here, as well, but he has a shotgun.  Once both guards are 
    gone, head through the middle door on the right and use Bond Sense 
    to target a panel in the floor.  Shoot it to destroy a fan.  Head 
    out the door on the right wall to find a lift control console.  
    Don't do anything to it yet.  Send out another Q Spider, and take to 
    the hole underneath a large tank nearby (look for some green light).  
    Head left to find a battery, and then go right to find a ramp.  The 
    ramp leads to an area behind some crates.  There's body armor here 
    if you need it.  Take the Spider near the guard in the middle and 
    detonate the Spider to kill all three guards and get a Bond Moment.  
    This might not work too well if these guards have seen you.  Now oyu 
    can activate the first lift console.  Head to the location where 
    your Spider dispatched the guards behind the crates and take the 
    discarded ammo.  Take cover as the door at the end of the hallway 
    opens, revealing more guards.  Kill them and then activate the 
    second lift control console.  All the doors to the lift close except 
    one.  More guards wait around the corner from the second lift 
    console.  One of them has a rocket launcher.  If you have a rocket 
    launcher, use it.  If not, then hug the wall and try to use corner 
    shots to nail the guards.  Or take cover behind the nearby boxes.  
    If you go back to where the first lift console was, you'll see 
    another rocket launcher guard.  He seems to be guarding a battery 
    and body armor.  Kill him if you need these items, and then step 
    onto the lift and watch the scene.  After it's over, you'll be 
    facing four rocket guards.  You can duck behind one of the metal 
    crates and pick them off one by one.  If you take damage, there are 
    two pieces of body armor in the middle of the area.  I suggest 
    taking these guards out first, just to be safe.  Your objective, 
    however, is to shoot out the brake controls.  There are four of 
    them.  One is located in each corner.  Use Bond Sense if you don't 
    know where they are.  After the elevator gets moving again, you get 
    a rematch with Jaws. 
    Boss: Jaws
    When the battle begins, pick up the weapons on the floor and then 
    crouch behind one of the metal boxes.  You should constantly fire at 
    Jaws, even though you'll cause the most damage when he turns around 
    and exposes his backpack.  You can use strobe grenades to stun him 
    in order to get off a few good shots of you're having trouble.  Jaws 
    begins by creating a large flame and moving it back and forth.  Stay 
    hidden behind your box until it turns red, then move to another in 
    order to avoid damage. After this, Jaws will start shooting 
    fireballs at you.  These are explosive, and you should roll to avoid 
    them.  You can shoot Jaws in between fireballs, but you can probably 
    only get off one shot.  If you have the rocket launcher, you can 
    cause some major damage.  Jaws will initially just shoot one 
    fireball at a time, but later in the battle, he will start shooting 
    three fireballs at a time.  This attack is harder to dodge, but not 
    by much.  If you take too long defeating Jaws, the elevator will 
    crash and you will have to fight him all over again.  Once his 
    health has been depleted, jump into the cockpit of the plane beside 
    him and watch as James makes his escape.  
    Tips on platinum objective
    Avoid lasers in the shaft at the start of the mission
    There are several crates in this level, so make sure you use them 
    for cover while fighting enemies
    Use the Q Spider to scout the area and take out as many enemies as 
    you can with its Sleeper Dart 
    Use the AT-420 to take out multiple enemies simultaneously 
    Before destroying the brake controls, take out the rocket guards 
    while hiding behind a metal box 
    XXV.	Red Underground
    Gold Target: 425,000 points
    Target Time: 6:00
    Bond Moments: 6
    Platinum Objective: Fire 10 rounds or less 
    You begin the mission in an elevator shaft.  There's a Desert Eagle 
    on the left you should pick up.  Run forward and rappel up the ledge 
    above you to exit the shaft.  As the bay doors open, take cover, and 
    notice the guard on the catwalk in the distance.  You can kill him 
    for a Bond Moment.  On the catwalk outside the shaft, run left for a 
    battery, then take cover again as the enemies below start shooting 
    at you.  Use Bond Sense to target the tank below and shoot it with 
    the Network Tap to take control of it .  Use the tank's cannon to 
    blow up the fuel barrels to take out the enemies in the middle of 
    the room (thus earning a Bond Moment), including a rocket guard.  
    More enemies might appear, so wait a few moments before disengaging 
    the Network Tap.  Head back out to the catwalk and go right.  Ride 
    the hydraulic platform, and then continue right to find a sniper 
    rifle.  This earns you another Bond Moment.  You can use the sniper 
    rifle to take out any remaining guards on the floor below.  Rappel 
    down to the floor from an opening near where you found the sniper 
    rifle.  Head left to find body armor sitting on top of a box.  The 
    hallway that passes through the center of this large room should be 
    clear if you took control of the tank.  In the northeast part of the 
    room, you'll find a bunker with a rocket guard inside.  Send a 
    Spider inside the bunker and dispatch this guard before going any 
    further.  The same applies for a sniper in a bunker in the northwest 
    part of the room.   In front of the sniper bunker, you'll probably 
    notice a couple of nano guards.  Use Thermovision to track their 
    movements and target them.  In the middle of the room, on top of a 
    box, is another piece of body armor.  In the northeast corner of the 
    room, you will find more body armor, along with a battery and some 
    ammo.  Head to the northwest corner of the room and look for a ramp 
    to the lower level.  Use Bond Sense to target and shoot the barrels 
    to get them out of your way.  Before doing this, you can send a Q 
    Spider into the lower level, and have it take out guards with it 
    Sleeper Darts.  You do not have to go down the ramp.  Instead, you 
    can a hydraulic lift to the left.  From there, you can fall to the 
    lower level and drop behind some cover.  Take out all enemies that 
    appear.  Use fuel barrels to your advantage.  Nano guards are down 
    here, as well, so it might be wise to activate Thermovision.  There 
    are four pieces of body armor down here, so there's really no way 
    you can die, unless you are simply overwhelmed or outflanked by your 
    foes.  Look for a guard standing underneath a tank suspended by a 
    hydraulic lift.  Use Bond Sense to target the tank's hydraulic 
    control, and shoot it to make the tank fall on the guard.  This 
    earns you a Bond Moment.  There's a large lift here you can use to 
    reach the upper level of the facility.  You'll notice that the lift 
    can be controlled by two consoles.  The one by the door across from 
    the lift is used if you want to send a Spider up first to scout the 
    area and take out any enemies that might be lying in wait.  The 
    other console is actually on the lift, so when you're ready, use the 
    console to head to the upper level.  As soon as the lift stops, run 
    into the control room up ahead and look for the green switch on your 
    left.  Press it to spray a guard with platinum, thus earning another 
    Bond Moment.  There's a battery in the control room, too, so pick it 
    up before moving on.  The control room also has a switch that lowers 
    a bridge.  The bridge leads to a console.  Crouch behind the console 
    and press X to open the large door up ahead.  Two rocket guards are 
    inside.  Use a strobe grenade to stun them and earn a Bond Moment, 
    then take them out with melee attacks.  Once they have been 
    dispatched, you can run to the door behind them and complete the 
    Tips on platinum objective
    Watch the guard patrols from the catwalk after exiting the shaft and 
    try to use stealth
    Use fuel barrels to take out multiple enemies
    Use the Network Tap on a tank, and use the tank's cannon to clear 
    out guards
    Use the rocket launcher to clear out guards
    Use the Q Spider's Sleeper Darts 
    Use throwable items like hammers 
    Complete the last two Bond Moments 
    XXVI.	The Final Card
    Gold Target: 325,000 points
    Target Time: 6:00
    Bond Moments: 4 
    Platinum Objective: Take 100 points of damage or less 
    As soon as the mission begins, you'll be rushed by two guards.  Use 
    melee attacks to dispatch them, then run to the left and press up 
    against the wall where the battery is.  Shoot as many guards as you 
    can from this position.  After several moments, or after eliminating 
    about half a dozen guards, turrets will drop down from the ceiling.  
    You can take control of the turrets by using the Network Tap.  Head 
    down the metal stairs nearby, and take out any remaining guards.  At 
    the intersection, go left and pick up the battery on the floor.  You 
    can shoot a guard standing behind a desk in the area below on the 
    left.  Once he's dead, continue forward.  The desk on your left can 
    be used as cover, and there's body armor behind it.  Same for 
    another desk on the right.  If the turrets happen to fire rockets at 
    you, roll out of the way.  You can only use the Network Tap on a 
    turret by shooting it from behind.  Once you have control of a 
    turret, shoot the other turret to disable it and get a Bond Moment.  
    After doing this, watch for two sets of three enemies to rush out of 
    two doorways.  The first set comes out of the door where you started 
    the mission, and the other comes out of a door to the left of the 
    turrets.  Take out both groups with the turrets to earn another Bond 
    Moment.  Now, aim the turret at Diavolo's chamber and shoot at him 
    to complete an objective.  Four exhaust shunts will rise out of the 
    ground.  Two of them are nearby, so press the X Button to shut down 
    each one.  Crouch behind the L-shaped desks and take out any new 
    guards that appear.  Once the coast is clear, send out the Q Spider 
    to scout the area.  Check behind other consoles in the room to make 
    sure that no enemies are hiding there.  Take the spider down a short 
    set of stairs to a red carpeted section of the room.  Have it follow 
    the red carpet to the lower level, and go right to find three 
    enemies guarding the next exhaust shunt.  Use Sleeper Darts on them.  
    Check the consoles again before bringing the spider back to James.  
    Head to the area the spider just cleared to find body armor and the 
    shunt.  Disable the shunt and then return to the low part of the red 
    carpet area.  Head left this time.  Crouch behind one of the crates 
    and deploy a Q Spider.  Take it through the hole on the left, near 
    the door.  Get the battery in here, then take the first right to 
    find the room with the fourth shunt.  Take out the two guards in 
    here to earn a Bond Moment.  Head back into the spider path, and 
    take the second right to find a wrench that is causing the fourth 
    shunt to be stuck.  Detonate the spider near the wrench to dislodge 
    it.  Now you can enter the room with the fourth shunt and deactivate 
    it.   After the scene, and the appearance of your final objective, 
    press up the against the wall near the exit to this room and take 
    out the guards waiting for you in the hall outside.  Wait here until 
    a couple of nano guards show up.  Use an EMP grenade on one or both 
    of them to earn a Bond Moment, and then subdue with bullets or melee 
    attacks.  Work your way back to the entrance, taking out guards 
    along the way.  You may want to activate Thermovision in case you 
    run into more nano guards.  Now you can leave this dreadful place.  
    After the scene, you'll do battle with Diavolo's hover jet. 
    Boss: Hover Jet 
    This is a tough fight.  There are three stages, each with a 
    different target.  The jet basically has two attacks: missiles and 
    machine gun bullets.  Missiles are pretty easy to dodge; all you 
    have to do is roll to the right or left as it approaches.  There are 
    two pieces of body armor to be found here, so use them wisely.  When 
    the jet is ready to use its guns, it will dip down below the 
    elevator and then level out.  You can crouch behind the metal boxes 
    that are lying around, but they get destroyed quite easily.  The 
    best hiding spot is actually the large steel middle beam near the 
    jet.  Stay here until the jet stops firing its machine gun.  It 
    usually does three sweeps before stopping.  In order to win this 
    fight in a reasonable amount of time, you are going to need an AT-
    420.  You can find one and 48 rounds of ammunition for it in the 
    wooden boxes near the front of the lift.  Stay near the jet at all 
    times, and fire rockets when you get a lock-on.  A direct hit can 
    lower the jet's health by one half, if not more.  The only time you 
    should move away from the jet is when fire spews from below.  Once 
    it subsides, return to the front lines.  The best way to line up 
    your shots is by holding down L1 and then moving back and forth.  
    Listen for a beep.  This beep indicates that you're locked on.  
    Don't stray too far from that middle beam, in case the jet unleashes 
    more machine gun fire.  This battle can take awhile, so just be 
    patient and don't think you can take this thing down in a hurry.  
    Trying to do that will result in game over.  
    Tips for platinum objective
    Use Q Spider to scout ahead and subdue enemies with Sleeper Darts 
    XXVII.	Everything or Nothing
    Gold Target: 450,000 points
    Target Time: 6:00
    Bond Moments: 3
    Platinum Objective: Complete mission in 5:00 or less
    This is the final mission of the game, and also the toughest.  You 
    should know that in order to get two of the Bond Moments here, you 
    have to make sure that the vault was opened during Dangerous 
    Descent.  When the mission begins, run forward and duck behind the 
    orange metal crates.  Kill the guards that come through the door.  
    Head left to find another guard behind some orange metal crates.  
    Kill him, too.  Now, go back to your starting point, and look for a 
    small opening.  Send a Spider through this opening and follow the 
    path to find the vault room.  Use a Sleeper Dart on the guard, and 
    then detonate the Spider near the locked metal doors to earn a Bond 
    Moment.  Now, head into the room the enemies originally came out of 
    at the beginning.  Crouch behind the first set of boxes and kill the 
    guard that runs by on the catwalk above, and then dispose of the 
    other two guards.  Now, head through the doors on the left and enter 
    the vault to earn a Bond Moment.  Here, you'll find lots of ammo, 
    batteries, and body armor.  Pick up the rocket launcher before 
    leaving.  Head back to the previous room and go up the ramp in the 
    northwestern corner.  Look for body armor on the left, and then grab 
    the sniper rifle by the window.  You can use the rifle to eliminate 
    two guards on the other side of the warehouse.  Go back down the 
    ramp and through the shutter door.  In the next room, kill the two 
    guards, and then kill the sniper on the high platform.  You can 
    rappel up there to find more body armor.  Use the SIG to take out 
    the guards in the next room, and then go through the metal doors on 
    the right.  In here, you have to dispatch the rocket guard near the 
    entrance.  Use your SIG or AT-420 to do so.  Now you have to move 
    through the warehouse.  Here are a few tips: use the Q Spider to 
    scout ahead, and make sure to use the AT-420 to take care of enemies 
    on the upper balcony.  There is body armor in the open, to the left 
    of a yellow container near the wreckage caused by the defeat of the 
    rocket guard.  Near that area, you can find a red container on the 
    left with an open door.  Go inside and send a Spider through the 
    opening to find two batteries and body armor.  From this container, 
    head forward and watch for a red metal container to open above you.  
    Kill the guard inside, and then move right to encounter more guards.  
    Look for the large container suspended in the air, and use Bond 
    Sense to target the glowing switch above it.  Shoot the switch to 
    drop the container onto the enemies and earn a Bond Moment.  Keep 
    moving forward until you reach the wall.  To the right is some body 
    armor.  Now head up the warehouse's right side.  About halfway 
    through, another red container opens up on the left, and a shotgun 
    guard emerges.  You can use this container as a shortcut if you ever 
    need to backtrack (to the vault, especially).  When you reach the 
    other end, a sniper and rocket guard appear on the upper level.  Use 
    the AT-420 to take them out quickly.  More enemies are revealed when 
    the windows on the building ahead open.  Nano guards will start 
    showing up as well, so activate Thermovision to avoid being ambushed 
    by them.  You now have two options. 
    1)	use the rappel point on the right side of the building
    2)	go left, killing guards, until you reach the building 
    entrance, and another rappel point up to the roof
       If you take the first option, you can drop down a hole and find a 
    ledge with body armor on top of it.  If you choose the second option, 
    you can use the Q Spider to find a small crevice that leads to an open 
    metal container with two pieces of body armor and a battery.  When 
    you're on the roof, walk onto the thin red support beam that spans the 
    warehouse.  Halfway across is body armor, but if you keep going to the 
    end of the beam, you can fall off and land on top of red metal 
    container.  From here, look for a thin red ledge to land on.  You'll 
    open up the container you fell on to reveal two pieces of body armor, 
    three batteries, and rocket launcher ammo.  When ready, enter the 
    building and kill the guards inside.  Now, head out the doors that lead 
    to the next area (they're on the left).  Defeat the guards and then 
    open the large red blast doors to reach the final part of the mission.  
    In addition to the blast doors, you'll also see two more sets of doors.  
    The doors on the left lead to the room where you blew up the consoles 
    and disabled the lasers during the Dangerous Descent mission.  The 
    doors on the right lead to a room with a nano guard so don't even 
    bother opening them.  Once you pass through the blast doors, grab the 
    rocket launcher ammo on the rack to the left, and then head down the 
    ramp.  Now comes your final battle with Diavolo.  Shoot a rocket at his 
    chamber, and then roll out of the way to avoid the fireballs he shoots 
    at you.  Make sure you run past the missile hole in the ground, and 
    once you are on the other side of it, use a few more rockets to 
    eliminate Diavolo, who launches the missiles right before meeting his 
    demise.  Now, look for an opening in the wall, and you'll get control 
    of a cannon.  Immediately aim at the missile and shoot it three times 
    to destroy it.  If you aren't fast enough, it will launch, and you will 
    have to fight Diavolo again.  If you can destroy the missile, then sit 
    back and enjoy the ending. 
    Tips on platinum objective
    Ignore all Bond Moments
    Get a rocket launcher by shooting a box in the darkened room with the 
    Kill enemies quickly, and use the rappel point on the right side of the 
    building near the end of the level 
    XXVIII.	Cheats and Unlockables
    Cheats (enter at pause menu when appropriate amount of Platinum 
    medals has been achieved)
    All Weapons - 17 Platinum medals (Circle, Triangle, X, X, Circle)
    Cloak - 13 Platinum medals (Circle, Triangle, X , Triangle, Square)
    Double Ammo - 7 Platinum medals (Circle, Circle, X, Circle, Triangle)
    Double Damage - 9 Platinum medals (Circle, Triangle, Triangle, 
    Square, Circle)
    Full Ammo - 11 Platinum medals (Circle, Circle, Triangle, Square, 
    Full Battery - 15 Platinum medals (Circle, Triangle, Triangle, X, 
    Golden Gun - 1 Platinum medal (Circle, Triangle, X, Circle, 
    Improved Battery - 5 Platinum medals (Circle, Square, Square, X, 
    Improved Traction - 3 Platinum medals (Circle, X, X, Square, 
    Platinum Gun - 27 Platinum medals (Circle, Square, Square, Circle, 
    Slow Motion Driving - 25 Platinum medals (Circle, Square, Triangle, 
    X, Triangle)
    Unlimited Ammo - 23 Platinum medals (Circle, X, Square, X, Circle)
    Unlimited Battery - 19 Platinum medals (Circle, Square, Circle, 
    Square, Triangle)
    Cheyenne Weapon Upgrade - 12 Gold medals
    Gallery - 27 Gold medals
    Helicopter Weapon Upgrade - 6 Gold medals
    Katya - 20 Gold medals
    Miss Nagai - 17 Gold medals
    Mya - 14 Gold medals
    Nanotank Weapon Upgrade - 24 Gold medals 
    Production Stills 1 - 1 Gold medal
    Production Stills 2 - 2 Gold medals 
    Production Stills 3 - 3 Gold medals
    Production Stills 4 - 4 Gold medals
    Production Stills 5 - 5 Gold medals
    Production Stills 6 - 7 Gold medals
    Production Stills 7 - 9 Gold medals
    Production Stills 8 - 13 Gold medals
    Production Stills 9 - 16 Gold medals
    Production Stills 10 - 18 Gold medals
    Production Stills 11 - 19 Gold medals
    Production Stills 12 - 22 Gold medals 
    Production Stills 13 - 23 Gold medals
    Production Stills 14 - 25 Gold medals
    Serena - 8 Gold medals
    Tank Weapon Upgrade - 10 Gold medals
    Triumph Weapon Upgrade - 21 Gold medals
    Underworld - 11 Gold medals
    Vanquish Weapon Upgrade - 15 Gold medals  
    Cistern - 30 points
    Baron Samedi - 50 points
    Odd Job - 70 points
    Egypt Commander - 90 points
    Hazmat Guard - 110 points
    Mya - 130 points
    Test Lab - 160 points
    Egypt Guard - 180 points
    South Commander - 210 points
    Moscow Guard - 230 points
    Le Rouge - 260 points
    003 - 290 points
    Katya Jumpsuit - 320 points
    Serena - 350 points
    Burn Chamber - 370 points
    Diavolo Moscow - 400 points 
    Serena - 430 points
    Miss Nagai - 450 points
    XXIX.	Credits
    Prima - for its well organized and incredibly helpful guide
    James Kiler - for his help on Bond Moments
    Franz Huber - for his help on the walkthroughs of the last two 
    Message board users - for their comments, questions, and suggestions
    Melissa Connors - for her correction of spelling and punctuation 

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