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    Platinum Medal Guide by The Mad Gamer

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                          THANKS FOR CHOOSING THIS HANDY GUIDE!
    NOTE: as the game progresses, it's best for me just to give hints for some
    levels as there is no real easy pathway. The tips are handy enough but as
    before; any problems = contact me (address below)
            ADVICE and GUIDES                              (see below for details)
    1) Welcome                                               29/05/2004 update
    2) General Advice For Using This Guide
    3) Guide - definately worth a look!
    4) Thanks
    5) Unlockables - worth a look!
    6) Quote of the week - worth a look!
    7) Legal Info
    8) Still Stuck? Contact Me
    Welcome to my guide for 007: Everything or Nothing. This guide tells you all
    the platinum objectives for the game and gives useful advice on how to complete
    I hope that you find it useful and I strongly advise you to read the general
    advice section below, before reading the actual guide.
    As far as I know, this covers all formats. There may be a few minor changes
    on other formats.
    --2--General Advice For Using This Guide--------------------------------------
    1) The main rule is to take all the advice I give you and experiment with
       different pathways.
    2) DON'T expect to get it first attempt. The last level took me weeks to gain a
       platinum medal.
    3) Don't aim for a high score. The ONLY concern is completing the objective, no
       high score is required.
    4) Take your time if the platinum objective doesn't have a time limit.
    5) Never use grenades on 'health challenges'. They are too risky.
    7) I have included a lot of information on certain parts of levels, but I have
       not included enough for this to be used as a proper walk-through. You should
       have got a good knowledge of the levels to be attempting the PLATINUM
       objective anyway.
    8) I have given a DIFFICULTY number for the PLATINUM challenges, not the level.
       1 is low, 10 is high.
    9) Select weapons/gadgets in Bond sense mode. The timer stops whilst this mode
       is active.
    *** Level 1: GROUND ZERO ***                 DIFF: 3
    PLATINUM objective: "complete mission taking 500 pts. damage or less"
    Translation: each time you are shot, the number will go up (NOT at a rate of
      one shot = one point so do be careful!) You must survive taking no more than
      500 points. You'll usually end up taking about 300-400 pts.
    ADVICE: The trick to this simple objective is to use crates, walls, stacks of
    boxes, etc. as cover. You never really need to expose yourself to enemies too
    1)You start off with a SIG 552 and that is the gun you should mainly focus on
     using. Once you acquire the Spas 12, leave it alone. The Spas 12 is only good
     at close quarters, and that's  exactly what you're trying to avoid!
    2)You should only ever go out into the open when you are confident that there
      are no more enemies alive.
    3)There is no need to gain any bond moments, and in all honesty, they make you
      more vulnerable to enemy fire.
    4)Once you reach the part with the hover jet, you should hug the wall to the
      right of the control room and only ever fire once the jet has stopped firing.
    5)The part after the hover jet is possibly the hardest part. Don't stay in the
      control room as you'll probably take a lot more damage from the APCs. Slowly
      make your way down stairs and hug the wall. You can now pick off several
      enemies from there, without taking any damage.
    6)This part is now the risky part. You can either continue using the 'cover'
      method, or you can use step 7.
    7)This method is risky, but if done right, will prove to be good. You can
      actually just run like mad for the exit (the hole the jet created). If you do
      this, you'll take some damage but if you have only taken 300- then it's worth
    *** level 2: MI6 TRAINING ***
    *** level 3: A LONG WAY DOWN ***                 DIFF: 5
    PLATINUM objective: "Complete the mission in 3:30 or less"
    Translation: simple; complete the mission within 3 minutes and 30 seconds.
    ADVICE: The trick on this objective is to worry about your health, more than
    the timer.
    1)At the start of the level, go left (after rappelling) into the tunnel. Kill
      the guard and quickly use the valve to burst the steam pipes. This will stun
      any enemies it hits. Kill them all and make sure EVERY enemy is dead before
      you plant the charge, otherwise they will rappel after you.
    2)Rappel down the wall but DO NOT stop on the centre ledge. There is only a
      Bond moment and a swarm of rappelling enemies.
    4)Continue down to the ledge with the flame vents.
    5)Once there, kill any enemies in the burning room (DO NOT step in any flames)
      Run to the 2nd steam valve (outside), use it, and then kill the stunned
      enemies. Now go and shut off the flames as usual.
    6)Head back to the room but make sure you remember that guard with the AT-420.
      Ignore or kill the rappelling guards. Once in the room, use the Bond Sense
      and look at the ceiling. There are certain points that can be shot and fall
      down onto enemies. Use these points to dispose of them quickly.
    7)Depending on your time/health, you can just run now and dive off the ledge.
      Only ever kill all the enemies if time is good. You should now have completed
      the level and hopefully the challenge.
    *** level 4: TRAIN CHASE ***                 DIFF: 4
    PLATINUM objective: "Complete the mission in 2:15 or less"
    Translation: Another timed mission, 2 minutes and 15 seconds.
    ADVICE: Don't hit much (you can hit a few things) and MAKE SURE that you use
    the Chimera Motorcycle and not the Porsche Cayenne as it is too slow.
    1)Run left and into the building. Get on the bike and instantly start driving.
    2)Ramp up onto the roof or just go through the warehouse, it doesn't really
      matter too much.
    3)Follow the train and avoid hitting the rubble as this will slow you down
    4)Keep on the trains tail and destroy as many enemies as you can, although this
      isn't too vital. Once you reach the area where you go right onto the road
      like part with the enemy trucks, ignore the road area and go left under the
    5)Destroy the motorcyclists and once you reach the end of this path, destroy
      the helicopter for a Bond Moment (and to save yourself a lot of damage later)
    6)Now just keep going. Once you reach the part with the falling pillars, either
      use the ramp or the power-slide method.
    7)Once you reach the area where the train starts dropping bombs, go right and
      up onto the ramp. You will now ramp onto the tracks as normal. Keep firing
      missiles like crazy until the train gun has been demolished. As soon as this
      has been done, drive up to the train. DO NOT USE WHEELIES (they make handling
      even harder).
    8)The next bit is difficult. You must get under the train as soon as you have
      the chance to. You should complete this goal with just as few seconds, if
      any, left.
    *** level 5: AN OLD FRIEND ***                 DIFF: 3+ (stealth)
    PLATINUM objective: "Take NO damage"
    Translation: Yes, it really does mean that you cannot be harmed!
    ADVICE: Use COMPLETE stealth. Once you reach jaws, the objective will be
    complete (ie: you can let Jaws harm you).
    1)Kill the closest guard, then the other one (at the computer) and then quickly
      (still crouched) sneak up to the patrolling guard. He will see you but you
      can punch him to death.
    2)Destroy 6 computers in the first carriage to avoid forgetting later.
    3)Proceed to the next carriage. Once there, instantly go to kill the guard
      behind the counter. The patrolling guard will see you. Using the counter as
      cover, shoot the two remaining guards. You can do this without any guards
      seeing you but it's very difficult and more risky.
    4)once in the third carriage, Immediately stealth-kill the guard before he gets
      too far. The second guard won't see you if you are quick so wait behind the
      crates and then kill him on his return journey (back to the door area).
    5)Enter the next carriage and stealth-kill all three guards. The one at the
      computer should be your last kill.
    7)Equip your thermal contact lenses and your SIG 522.
    8)Instantly kill the first guard and then wall hug behind the big barrel.
    9)Kill the others ONLY as they approach you. This bit takes both time and
    10)Proceed on. After the cut-scene introducing Jaws, the objective will be
      complete. Congratulations!
    *** level 6: SAND STORM ***                 DIFF: 4+
    PLATINUM objective: "Destroy the base in less than 45 seconds"
    Translation: Once the general lures you out into the open, you must destroy the
    base in less than 45 seconds.
    ADVICE: This isn't that hard, just make sure you keep up to 15 missiles spare
    for the general's base part.
    1)Do the level as normal, trying to save health. TIP: Use flares on missiles.
    2)once you reach the chase with the general's helicopter, try not to fire too
      many missiles if your supply is short.
    3)Once out in the open, destroy the three shield generators quickly. It's
      possible to destroy them in 25 seconds or less. TIP: Strafe around the base.
    4)Now you can simply spray the general with missiles and watch the fireworks!
    *** level 7: SERENA ST. GERMAINE ***                 DIFF: 6+
    PLATINUM objective: "Reach the bottom of the fortress in less than 1:55"
    Translation: After picking up Serena, reach the end of the level in 1 minute
    and 55 seconds.
    ADVICE: Avoid collisions and make sure you preserve health until you reach
    Serena. Unlock the Cayenne upgrade by earning 12 GOLDS before attempting this
    1) If you have the upgrade, select missiles or machine guns (upgraded to
      plasma). Follow the truck, continually firing each time Bond gets a lock on
      it. The truck takes a shortcut on 00 Agent so be prepared to follow it.
    2)With the truck destroyed, proceed as normal.
    3)After you have been to 003's hideout, you must avoid the patrols. This is
      fairly simple:
    Drive up to where the first patrol is, equip the Q-Cloak and then flaw it to
    the area where you can deploy the RC car.
    4)Deploy the RC car from the location (follow the road round after seeing the
      roadblock cut scene to find this location).
    5)Use the RC car as normal and let the fireworks loose.
    6)You can start driving as soon as you regain control, just make sure you don't
      hit the patrols as they rush to the scene.
    7)Just keep going as normal, using the Q-Cloak whenever you need to.
    8)Once the objective begins, dash off like you would before but make sure that
      you equip the Q-Cloak to avoid as many guards as you can. Use it sparingly.
    9)After you cross over the round fountain on the grass verge, you will
      eventually face a roadblock (two jeeps). Take a left to reveal a Bond Moment
      and it's a sunken alleyway. It saves you health.
    10)Once you reach the part with the tank, veer left and build up speed to make
       the jump. Continue as normal, and cross the yellow taped off area to
       complete the mission and goal. You will only have about 2 seconds left, so
       don't expect to get this first go.
    *** level 8: VERTIGO ***                 DIFF: 6
    PLATINUM objective: "complete the mission in 4:00 or less"
    Translation: Another timed one. Complete the whole level in 4 minutes or less.
    ADVICE: Ignore stealth, ignore all Bond Moments, ignore the area that requires
    night vision and learn the level until you could do it with your eyes closed!
    1)As soon as you can, get off the elevator and take the pathway to your right
      (The one that leads you past the first enemy).
    2)Kill ALL the enemies in this area but don't take your time.
    3)Instantly rappel up and continue the level as normal, running, killing and
      preserving your health.
    4)Once you reach the part with the jamming dish, follow this shortcut:
      Use Bond Sense and look through the window where the AT-420 guard was.
      Lock onto the fuel generator and fire at it. The whole platform comes
      crashing down.
    5)Continue to the part where you retreive 003's uplink device. Use the AK-74
      but not the MP5K as it has a small clip number.
    6)Grab the device and run back to the room where you install it.
    7)Once installed, run back to the part of the level where the elevator was
      (NOT the elevator you arrived in).
    8)You should have now completed the objective. I have given all the help I can
      think of for this level but should you need more, e-mail me.
    *** level 9: THE RUINED TOWER ***                 DIFF: 7
    PLATINUM objective: "Fire 10 rounds or fewer"
    Translation: You can only fire a maximum of 10 bullets.
    ADVICE: SAVE ONE BULLET (for the dynamite part). Only ever use the AT-420, the
    Desert Eagle, the Dragunov or the sleeper darts. STEALTH IS A MUST.
    1)Stealth the first 2 guards. You can get them both before either of them
      leave. (the second one won't see or hear for some reason!)
    2)Do the same on the two/three outside. TIP: use throwable items to save ammo.
    3)Use Bond Sense to find a rappel point on a wall to the right of the warehouse
      exit. Climb up to gain a Bond moment but more importantly, the Dragunov.
      (Beware of the guard inside this building.)
    4)Use the rifle to take out the guard with the AT-420. Use it on any other
      guards that may cause problems.
    5)Once you're satisfied, leave and continue the level as normal.
    6)Keep using cover and try lo lure guards about so you can sneak upon them or
      disarm them.
    7)If you get in any tight spots, use the AT-420.
    8)Once you have done the scenario with the explosives cart, blowed out the wall
      and gone through, you will have completed the level and hopefully the goal.
    *** level 10: DEATH OF AN AGENT ***                 DIFF: 7
    PLATINUM objective: "Complete the first part of the mission taking 100 pts. of
    damage or less"
    Translation: Just like Ground Zero, but you can only take 100 damage points.
    ADVICE: Move slowly and have patience. Expect hell once you reach the
    1)Firstly, deploy a Q-spider and take it down the hallway to a spider hole.
      Drop the Q-spider onto a group of enemies. This will save you problems later.
    2)Keep playing as normal remembering my advice. The key is to go slowly.
    3)Once you're in the catacombs, run like crazy to the exit, only killing if it
      is necessary. TIP: Use Bond Sense to look for fuel canisters.
    4)Once you release the door (and the swarm of enemies!) use more canisters to
      wipe them out. This will also earn an Bond moment, not that it matters.
    5)If you reach the part with Serena, then you'll probably have completed this
    6)The bit with Serena is as normal.
    7)There's not really anymore I can say about this mission; there are no easy
      ways. It's just skill and patience.
    *** level 11: A SHOW OF FORCE ***                 DIFF: 4
    PLATINUM objective: "Get to the extraction point from 003's in 45 seconds or
    Translation: Once you're at 003's, you must get ON the plane in 45 seconds or
    less. Sounds hard...
    ADVICE: Make sure that you have 10 GOLDS (ie: have the tank upgrade). This will
    make the first part of this mission much easier. Secondly, follow my guide; it
    is very good for this objective.
    1)Complete the first part.
    2)Get on 003's Triumph Daytona 600. If you have the upgrade (21 GOLDS) then
      this will be slightly easier.
    3)Instantly drive off, up the ramp and turn right. Use missiles on the truck
      and then the shotgun or flames on the motorcyclists.
    4)Just before a big bend in the road (by a tree) there's a shortcut. This is
      extremely essential for completing the objective.
    5)take the ramp to the runway (it's much quicker).
    6)Ignore any enemies unless they drive in your way. Pull a wheelie and make
      sure you are head on with the plane. Keep the wheelie going.
    7)Keep pausing the game as you get closer to the plane to see if you have
      completed the objective. When I did it, I had 1 second left!
      TIP: This goal is actually quite fun. You just need to be fast and not crash.
    *** level 12: MARDI GRAS MAYHEM ***                 DIFF: 4+
    PLATINUM objective: "reach the truck in 40 seconds or less"
    Translation: After talking on the phone, you have 40 seconds to reach the
    truck. Fear not!
    ADVICE: use the shortcut given. This is the only way to do this level. Make
    sure that you avoid crashing and that you can handle the car well at high
    speeds. This objective is all about driving skill.
    1)Drive, as normal, to the phone booth.
    2)Once you have talked to Mya, instantly reverse out of the park and take a
    3)Follow this road round until you reach neon arrows on the left. Turn right
      and look for a brownish walkway. Use this to access a ramp and ramp over
      the Mardi Gras floats. Instantly hit the skip cut-scene button. The timer
      continues throughout this cut-scene!
    4)Now just continue from here and avoid any crashes.
    5)This last part requires speed and confidence.
    6)Once you reach the diner, the objective should be complete. Once you are
      actually there, you have plenty of time to put the Vanquish in the back.
    7)Continue as normal and complete the level. Just make sure you eliminate the
      limo quickly as more enemies appear later on.
    *** level 13: KISS KISS CLUB ***                 DIFF: 6+
    PLATINUM objective: "Use no ammo"
    Translation: Yes, you really cannot use ANY ammo!
    ADVICE: Stealth is essential until you reach Mya. You have the Nano Suit...
    1)Rappel up as normal and massage the woman. This is essential otherwise she
      alerts the guards.
    2)Go through the door and then open the second. If the guard hasn't seen you,
      sneak up on him when you get the chance. If he sees you; RESTART.
    3)Go down the stairs and take care of the guard patrolling. Go back up and
      eliminate any others (one in the control room).
    4)Open the door once all the enemies have been eliminated. Go through the door.
    5)After that cut-scene, if you remember, you start with a shotgun. Put it away!
    6)INSTANTLY, move to the left of the bar and press the switch to send the
      lighting down on the 3 enemies.
    7)Dash to the elevator and go up. Run out and go right (the way closest to the
      room with the keycard in). Punch the guy that ambushes you with a Spas 12.
    8)Enter the room and kill the guard, Grab the keycard and the armor.
    9)Dash back to the elevator and head to the door that requires the keycard.
    10)If you still have battery in the Nano Suit, equip it now. Run past the
       guards and use the door to complete the level.
    *** level 14: UNDERWORLD ***                 (secret level)
    *** level 15: DEATH'S DOOR ***                 DIFF: 8
    PLATINUM objective: "Complete the level in 3:15 or less"
    Translation: Yes, another timed one, 3 minutes and 15 seconds.
    ADVICE: This one is pretty hard. Just get all the armor and follow my tips.
    This level is just as normal, but twice as fast!
    TIPS: Do this level a normal, but wherever you took your time before, don't
    this time.
    If you are low on health, grab any armor you can.
    Make sure that the guard that runs to unlock the gate actually DOES unlock it.
    This will benefit you greatly when it comes to back-tracking to the hotel
    There really isn't anymore help I can give you for this mission as it is simply
    about time. If you find yourself stuck on this mission for too long, e-mail me.
    *** level 16: BATTLE IN THE BIG EASY ***                 DIFF: 6
    PLATINUM objective: "Get from the hideout to the compound in 0:55 seconds or
    Translation: Once you're in the Vanquish, get to Diavolo's base in 55 seconds
    or less. Not too hard but the enemies prove to be pains.
    ADVICE: Get 15 GOLDS so you have the vanquish upgrade. This will be VERY handy.
    1)Drive quickly to the hideout, avoiding too many enemies.
    2)Once you're there, put the full-screen map on and use as many straights as
      you can, and also avoid as many enemies as you can.
    3)Ease off the acceleration for tight corners but apart from that, keep going
      at full speed. TIP: Remember you have the oil slick.
    4)You should make it there with a few seconds to spare. Once you have completed
      the objective, continue as normal to complete the mission.
    *** level 17: FADED SPLENDOR ***                 DIFF: 7+
    PLATINUM objective: "complete mission taking 100 pts. damage or less"
    Translation: Complete the mission and don't take anymore than 100 damage
    ADVICE: This one's DAMN hard! You have to make sure that you use as much cover
    as you can, and you must make sure that you use a powerful gun like the Spas
    12. I don't think you get the Desert Eagle on this mission so you'll have to
    rely on the Spas 12.
    1)As soon as the mission starts, aim for the first Bond Moment. This Bond
      Moment requires using stealth to dispatch the enemies on the floor you begin
      on. Doing this is tricky, yet it results in the sniper upstairs NOT being
    2)The rest of this mission is simply following hints and knowing the level like
      the back of your hand.
    1)At the start of this mission, look for a Q-Spider hole to the left (after
      dispatching the 1st guard). You can use this hole to get armour but more
      importantly, another guard. Explode it to kill him.
    2)Use Q-Spiders as much as possible, but only when enemies cannot get to you!
    3)Don't stay behind cover for too long as enemies start using grenades.
    4)Shoot the chandelier in the large ball-room, so that you kill many enemies
    5)On the second floor, there is a room blocked by a fallen door with artwork
      near it. The switch to this door is near the artwork. It reveals a weapons
    That is all the advice and help I can give for this difficult level. If you
    need more, e-mail me.
    *** level 18: MACHINERY OF EVIL ***                 DIFF: 7
    PLATINUM objective: "complete the mission using 10 rounds of ammo or fewer"
    Translation: Fire no more than 10 shots.
    ADVICE: Should you need to shoot at something, use the Spas 12, Dragunov or
    AT-420. Save one bullet for the door that's blocked. (Or use a Q-Spider.)
    1)Collect all the goodies in the room you start. Save the armour unless you
      need it. It helps if you don't need it.
    2)Now just run out there, using cover and using the melee objects available
      to eliminate the enemy threat. This bit should be no problem. Use the armour
      if you still have it/need it.
    3)Use the Nan-suit when moving between chambers to avoid fire from guards and
      only eliminate them if they get in your way and try to kill you.
    4)Use the Bond Moment where you get the At-420 and then use it above the main
      area to take out bulks of enemies but only if you must.
    5)Just complete the level as normal, avoiding any unwanted trouble from guards.
    *** level 19: THE PONTCHARTRAIN BRIDGE ***                 DIFF: 5
    PLATINUM objective: "Complete the mission in 3:10 or less"
    Translation: You have 3 minutes and ten seconds to wipe out Jaws.
    ADVICE: This mission, if anything, is fun! You can just speed down the bridge
    and get huge adrenaline rushes! AVOID COLLISION!
    It is strongly advised to earn 21 GOLD medals before attempting this objective.
    The weapons upgrade is very useful.
    1)Drive off as usual and get onto the main road. Ramp over the gates to save
    2)Speed down the road and avoid any crashing. Take the ramp to give you more
    3)Kill all enemies using either the flamethrower or shotgun.
    4)It's up to you to decide whether or not to take the blocked road ramp. If you
      do, you get speed but end up on the wrong side of the road and have to switch
      over again.
    5)Avoid sliding under the lorry at all costs: THE TIMER CONTINUES!
    6)After going round the lorry, continue up until you are attacked bye goons in
      vans. Use the missiles on these from safe distances.
    7)Once you catch up with Jaws, instantly kick in the flamethrowers and start
      burning away at his lorry. AVOID TRAFFIC ON THE ROAD!
    8)Once his health is fully deplenished, you still have to keep burning him
      for some reason, until the cut-scene kicks in.
    9)Congratulations, another PLATINUM medal.
    *** level 20: A SIMPLE EXCHANGE ***                 DIFF: 6
    PLATINUM objective: "Complete the mission in 40 seconds or less"
    Translation: No, it's not a mistake, it really is 40 seconds.
    ADVICE: Don't panic - it's rather simple actually.
    DO NOT:
    Crash into anything (including enemies)
    Use stealth
    Fist fight any enemies
    get annoyed
    Tranquilise if needed
    Use the Nano-suit
    Learn the pathway until you can do it with your eyes closed
    1)Instantly run upto the guy and tranquilise him.
    2)Run into the back room and dart past the cameras.
    3)Kill the guy, take his keycard whilst still running.
    4)De-activate the lasers.
    5)Run back to the start room and dart up the starirs. Instantly turn left and
      look to where you are heading.
    6)Run there (don't stop to look).
    7)Tranquilise anybody that gets in your way.
    8)Dart through th erooms and straight to the racedrivers bathroom. Instantly
      hammer X (action) once you get there to complete the mission.
    TIP: Hammering X means that if it didn't register the first time, it will
         register the second.
    9)Congratulations on a potentially impossible level.
    *** level 21: RED LINE ***                 DIFF: 8+
    PLATINUM objective: "Complete the race in 4:50 or less"
    Translation: Complete the race in under 4 minutes and 50 seconds (55 on some
    ADVICE: OK, I didn't actually do this level myself. I got a mate to do it!
    LEVEL TIPS: Use both shortcuts, EVERY LAP
                Don't crash, ever
                If you fail over and over again, smash up your PS2
    *** level 22: AMBUSHED! ***                 DIFF: 7-
    PLATINUM objective: "Complete the level using no ammo"
    Translation: Just like THE MACHINERY OF EVIL level. Use no ammo
    Use strobe grenades on guards - it's not ammo
    You should be good at fist fighting because you need to use it alot in order
    to unlock the actual PLATINUM objective
    Use melee weapons
    Don't rush / rush - whichever suits you best
    Don't forget, there is armour available. Remember to dispatch the AT-420 guards
    and the Spas 12 guards first. Finally, remember that you can THROW objects.
    This mission isn't too difficult and there's no 'CORRECT' pathway. If you do
    find yourself needing more help, e-mail me (ADDRESS BELOW).
    *** level 23: THE HIGH ROAD ***                 DIFF: 7
    PLATINUM objective: "After reaching the demolished mine, get to the mine in
    less than 1:20"
    Translation: Once you find that the mine is blocked, you have 1 minute and 20
    seconds to get there via the other route (rooftops).
    ADVICE: Learn the pathway and never fall off roofs or crash
    1)Drive the rally car quickly to Serena's.
    2)Crash into motorcyclists to kill them.
    3)Once on the bike, it is a matter of following these tips:
    Don't fall off
    Don't line up jumps (just go for it)
    Don't slow down
    Remember to slide under the gargoyle's mouth at the end of the level, but
    time it right otherwise you die.
    *** level 24: DIAVOLO'S PLAN ***                 DIFF: 6+
    PLATINUM objective: "Complete the mission in 3:10 or less"
    Translation: Another timed one. Three minutes and ten seconds.
    ADVICE: Rush the level and use all my hints. Don't leave too many enemies alive
    but don't waste time killing any that aren't a serious threat.
    1)Use the EMP grenade and then collect your items.
    2)Boring people may wish to find the key to the weapons cupboard, but why 
      bother when you have a gun? Shoot the propane tanks next to it and take all
      the weaponary.
    3)Now just rush out and kill everyone whilst still moving.
    4)Work your way up onto the conveyor belt. Shoot the vents whilst moving along it
      and don't fall down!
    5)Carry on as normal but moving faster. Kill the rappelling guards as they are
      swines later if left alive.
    6)Rappel up yourself after shooting another vent to th eright of the rapell 
    7)Continue the level from here as normal. There's no real problems that you
      will face as you've done this level on 00 Agent difficulty before. Just
      keep moving, killing and very rarely using cover.
    8)Once you reach the elevator at the end of the level, dart into it and hammer 
      the button to complete the mission. Well done!
    *** level 25: THE PLATINUM WAR ***                 DIFF: 2+
    PLATINUM objective: "Neutralise the bomb in less than 2:15"
    Translation: From the start of the mission, you have 2 minutes and 15 seconds
    to neutralise the bomb.
    NOTE: This mission is slightly easier if you have 24 GOLD medals. The upgrade
          is enough to kill the tanks with one good hit.
    ADVICE: Keep and eye on your health mainly as opposed to time. Only attack 
    tanks that are in your way. You are less likely to take damage if you keep 
    1)Instantly start driving and use the NANO SHELLS to destroy the bridge and
      therefore the tank.
    2)Drive to the wall and destroy it with the cannon. Continue all the way to the
      main compound area. Don't forget to use the plasma gun on the truck.
    3)Once in the main compound, head left to the underground entrance.
    4)Go in and neutralise the bomb and possibly the tank if you're brave!
    5)Now just complete the mission as normal. Health is the only major problem 
      people have so keep your eye on it. 
    6)Well done! That was easy wasn't it? The next one isn't.
    *** level 26: DANGEROUS DESCENT ***                 DIFF: 7-
    PLATINUM objective: "complete the mission taking 100 damage or less"
    Translation: You can take 100 damage points, but no more.
    seems hard and with the objective, it seems impossible but it's actually rather
    easy. Just put my hints and tips with your gameplay skills and you'll walk it.
    Thank you for choosing this guide. I hope it helped with the platinum
    challenges because I know how much of a swine they can be! You most probably
    won't get the platinum objective first go but don't give up. My final tip to
    anyone bothered to read this is:
    If you cannot get it to work my way, try different ways. My ways are not super,
    but they're good enough.
    Thank you once again.
    THE MAD GAMER - please rate this guide!
    Thanks to:
    WWW.GAMEFAQS.COM - for posting this and for being a great site.
    EA GAMES - great game but make the next one even LONGER.
    PRIMA GAMES - the walk-through that helped me get through the game. I strongly
    advise you to buy this is you are having problems with the game or you want
    help on getting golds.
    MGM Interactive - For being there on the front of the game case.
    MYSELF - for finding the time, thankyou me.
    YOU (yes you reading it) - for using this guide (PLEASE RATE IT!)
    'STEPHEN NG' - for good advice, for being so friendly and for having a great
    There are a whole host of items to unlock in 007: EoN. The cheats can only be
    used once unlocked, so I haven't bothered writing the activation codes for
    1 = Golden Gun: usually one shot kills. Very useful.
    3 = Better Traction: vehicles handle a lot better. Missile lock is also better.
    5 = Improved Battery: Batteries last longer.
    7 = Double Ammo: Bond carries double the amount of ammo.
    9 = Double Damage: Bond causes double damage to enemies.
    11 = Full Ammo: Re-fills all ammo to maximum.
    13 = Cloak: Any vehicle is Q-Cloaked (Even the Daytona 600).
    15 = Full Battery: Re-fills battery power.
    17 = All Weapons: Start with all weapons and maximun ammo.
    19 = Unlimited Battery: Infinite battery (ie: Infinite Nano suit).
    23 = Unlimited Ammo: every time you fire a round, the bullets left after reload
         increases. (Useful, but the reload makes it less fun.)
    25 = Slow Motion Driving: Driving is in slow motion. (WHY?!?)
    27 = Platinum Gun: Silenced pistol with the effect of the AT-420!
    11 GOLDS: Underworld:
    An extra level, after the Kiss Kiss Club level. Completely boring but adds to
    the score. NO AWARDS AVAILABLE.
    27 GOLDS: Gallery:
    An bonus level, end of mission list. Good the first time, pointless after.
    You plays as the multi-player character; Lotus. You are in a gallery surrounded
    by artwork from the game, wax models of characters (women), display cases (one
    with Jaws' teeth and flamethrower) and posters. It's rewarding to know that you
    have all the GOLDS in the game, though. NO AWARDS AVAILABLE.
    GAME COMPLETION: MI6 Combat and Survival Simulator:
    Good for a few minutes of killing. You are in the training grounds (mission 2)
    and you have to keep playing through various levels until you die. A good way
    to boost your final score. NO AWARDS AVAILABLE.
    30 points = Cistern: Arena mode level. Not really that fun.
    50 points = Baron Samedi: Arena mode character. The Voodoo guy from one of the
    70 points = Odd Job: Arena mode character. The guy in the suit with the bowler
                hat that has a steel rim. You can't use it in this game, though.
    90 points = Egypt Commander: Arena mode character. Commander from Egypt.
    110 points = Hazmat Guard: Arena mode character. Black gas-mask.
    130 = Mya: Co-Op mode character. Mya in alternate costume.
    160 = Test Lab: Arena mode level. Much better than the Cistern.
    180 = Egypt Guard: Arena mode character. Guard from Egypt levels.
    210 = South Commander: Arena mode character. Guard from levels in the South.
    230 = Moscow Guard: Arena mode character. Guard from Russia levels.
    I haven't unlocked any more than this so I haven't stated what you can use them
    for, eg: Arena mode character.
    260 = Le Rouge: Guy with the dodgy eye, from 'Death's Door' level.
    290 = 003: Agent 003, from 'Death of An Agent' level.
    320 = Katya Jumpsuit: Katya in her jumpsuit.
    350 = Serena: Serena St. Germaine.
    370 = Burn Chamber: Arena level featuring an invincible version of Jaws.
    400 = Diavolo Moscow: Diavolo in his Moscow attire.
    430 = Serena: Serena St. Germaine
    450 = Miss Nagai: Q's cute little assistant.
    Go into options and select 'credits' if available. Let them roll. After they
    finish, a 'game development' video will be shown.
    --6--Quote of the game--------------------------------------------------------
    "007, I've issued you with a device called a 'steering wheel', do try to find
    it." - Q, MI6, Gadgets expert.
    --7--Legal stuff--------------------------------------------------------------
    This guide MUST NOT under ANY circumstances be displayed anywhere else except:
    www.gamefaqs.com and the other websites that have my valid permission.
    If you wish to use this guide anywhere else please contact me (e-mail below)
    and credit must be given where neccessary.
    *** Copyright 2004 ***
    --8--Still stuck? Contact Me-----------READ ALL THIS--------------------------
    If you have any questions about this game/guide please do not hesitate to
    e-mail me with:
    "007"   somewhere in the subject. Any e-mails without this in the subject WILL
    BE DELETED! Please send NO ATTATCHMENTS as some funny people have been trying
    to send me viruses. Any more virus' received will result in legal action taking
    gamehelper@fsmail.net      - - - NO ATTATCHED FILES - - -
    Many people E-MAIL me with multiplayer problems. I don't have the time to write
    multiplayer guides but the walkthrough (www.amazon.co.uk/com sell it) comes
    with a brilliant in-depth guide for it. I will however answer short multiplayer
    problems, so don't feel afraid to ask for help!
                                Everything or Nothing?
                                       RATE BELOW!
                                 ***copyright terms apply***

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