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Take New York For A Spin, Nice? Hope so!07/22/04AJM Ruler
Another good Spider-man game.........07/13/04bluehawk102
This game kicks ass and that pizza delivery tune is damn catchy07/31/04CoolBeansAvi
Does whatever a spider can,WHATEVER a spider can.07/30/04DarkBlade2
The good, the bad, and the spiders.07/24/04FatCatDanny
Spidey has not looked so good!07/14/04gameguySDJ
Spider-man 2... BEST GAMEPLAY EVER!!!09/16/04GeneralGrievous2004
The best Spider-man game ever, and you will be stuck to it!06/30/04glerpy
Gameplay is good, but besides that it's not too hot.06/30/04GNick4
What to say? This game is pure and simply awesome07/13/04gregskywalker
With it's repetitive gameplay and short story mode, this game feels like a missed opportunity.06/30/04Ice Inferno X3
Go here, go there, just dont go into the ocean.12/24/05idiotman7
Quick Review - It's Fun!07/05/04Mospeada21
Why hasn't this spider caught all of these bugs?08/12/04Radical Edward 116
Good game but rushed07/16/04samwise22gamgee
"It's good to have you back Spider-man."07/08/04sephiroth0000
Take a look overhead...hey there, here comes the Spider-Man07/01/04sleeping awake
Web head wins by a long shot09/06/04Spider Fox
Spins a web any size, and catches gamers just like flies...07/14/04whellyer
Now you can be the Friendly Neighborhood SpiderMan.07/01/04Windst00
What?! You don't have this game!?!? GO! GET IT NOW!07/01/04XxChaosBladexX
The game is good, though its length and repetitive gameplay really hurts this game08/07/04ZaleIsBackAgain
A decent game for the Game cube, but there is better.08/12/04zerofan102

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