Review by shipounini

Reviewed: 09/30/03

This is just a great hockey game!!!

For all you players who want to get a great hockey game, get this one!!! It's worth it. Once again, EA puts its creators to the test and gives us a stunning game that enhance our craving for the sport. In this game, you get: faster game play, a revamped Dynasty mode, great graphics and sound... It is a must for any gamer who wants to jump on the ice and score! One thing to remember, get yourself a high capacity memory card if you want to save everything without deleting other games memory.

Sound: 9

Everything here is great! You can here the commentators clearly and they respond quickly to the fast paced game that hockey is. The only problem I see here is that they tend to repeat themselves after a while. The crowd effects are nice to. Their reactions and chants can be heard. You can even hear the refs call quite nicely. As fo the music, they have some great licensed bands (Ataris, Deftones...) that add to the feeling of the sport! If you guys have a great stereo sound system that you can plug the game into, do it and pump up the volume!!!

Graphics: 8

Although the rendering of the players on the ice, the replays and the animation is good... The people in the bleachers still look flat... I'm a bit disappointed to see this since the GCN has a great graphic engine!!!

Control: 8

The learning curve is about 2 hours of intense gameplay. The GCN controller is great for the game, everything seems to be in the right place. You can now use the c-stick to deke and pummel the other players but that takes some getting use to. In fact, the controls are responsive and get intuitive after a few games.

Gameplay: 9

EA went out of their way to give you an awesome game with lots of options and game modes. My favorite part is to create my team and get it through a season... Quite hard but fun. Dynasty Mode puts you in the GM's chair and has now more depth to is mode. The game is simply fun and gives you the challenge you need.


BUY!!!! Get this game 'cause if you rent it, you'll want to rent it again and again! It has a long life for a hockey game! Crete your own league with your friends and go for the last second goal to win the cup!

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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