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    Bean Guide by Shadic

    Version: v1.4 | Updated: 07/25/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

     _____   _   _   _____    _____   _   _         _____  
    /  ___/ | | | | |  _  \  | ____| | | / /       /___  \ 
    | |___  | |_| | | |_| |  | |__   | |/ /         ___| | 
    \___  \ |  _  | |  _  /  |  __|  | |\ \        /  ___/ 
     ___| | | | | | | | \ \  | |___  | | \ \       | |___  
    /_____/ |_| |_| |_|  \_\ |_____| |_|  \_\      |_____|  
    |¯/ |¯ /¯\ |\|   |¯  | | | |¯\ |¯ 
    |¯/ |¯ |¯| | |   | | |_| | |_/ |¯ 
     ¯   ¯            ¯             ¯ 
    I don't own Shrek or anything in this game.
    This can only be used on GameFAQs, Gamespot, and NeoSeeker.
    Don't post this guide on your website unless you ask me first.
    My email is shadic0@yahoo.com.  Give me credit (Shadic) if
    you use it on your site.
    I'm making this very quickly, so it's a little rushed.
    Don't post this guide on your website unless you ask me first.
    My email is shadic0@yahoo.com.  Give me credit (Shadic) if
    you use it on your site.
    Bean Locations:
    Shrek's Swamp
    1-By the first dwarf on the 3rd highest platform near Shrek's house
    2-Near the pond in between two round low platforms
    3-Near Dwarf #2, pick up the box with Shrek and place it
    underneath the bean then jump up
    4-Under the bridge right by Bean 3
    5-In the circular area after the fight with Le Hood
    6-To the left when you enter the field full of fairies
    7-Infront of the gate right before you get the first cookie
    8-After you get the cookie and get past the two traps
    9 & 10-To the right and bottom left of the screen BEFORE
    going down the hill to Shrek's house
    11-In a crate after getting past the crocodiles
    12-Near the last gate there's a target to the left, hit it
    with Gingy and cross the bridge to get the bean
    Spooky Forest
    1-Just walk towards the camera when the level starts
    2-Destroy the log at the first bend in the path
    3-After the mousetraps, between two pillars on the left side of the path.
    A rotten apple is on the top pillar
    4-At first river with bats, on one of the pillars
    5-In the small yard where the 3 rats were
    6-At the left as soon as you get off the bridge.  
    Use Red to jump over the boulders
    7-In a chest at another bat river
    8-To the left, before you get to the greedy leprechaun
    9-Behind a coffin to the left right before having to knock over
    the graves as Donkey
    10-After the first cemetery, right infront of the mousetraps
    11-In the second cemetary, in the first coffin on the left
    12-Right before the last checkpoint use a springboard to get to a chest.
    Break it for coins and the last bean
    Far, Far, Away
    (Note: this is based on going through the city by doing the
    left side then the back thenthe right side)
    1-In the street to the left on top of a yellow carrige
    2-On top of a yellow carrige before "Shopping Spree"
    3-Jump off the yellow carrige to the right if the one with a TNT barrel
    in "Falling to Pieces"
    4-In the back of the city use the springboard to collect it way up high
    5-Use the springboard in one of the streets (with a roadblock) to reach it
    6-On top of the yellow carrige on the left in "Street Brawl"
    7-Go to the right and jump on the springboard to get on the awnings
    in "Street Brawl"
    8-Jump on top of the yellow carrige, then jump on top of the black
    carrige when it goes by.
    You have to keep jumping or else it won't move eventually you'll
    make it to the bean
    9-On top of the yellow carrige you used in Bean #8
    10 & 11-In the first street after 8 & 9, step on the pressure
    plates to open the gate
    to the courtyard, they're in the corners 
    12-Jump on the springboard by "Friar Fat Boy"
    Ogre Killer
    There are no beans in Ogre Killer
    Walking the Path
    1-Through the gate after the first Giant Pumpkin
    2-In front of one of the houses on a tall tree stump.  Use Puss
    to cross the ropes to get to it
    3-In front of some spikes.  use the teeter-totter to cross the
    rope and get it it
    4-In front of one of the houses.  Jump on the wood, then the
    bush then jump onto the stump.
    5-In the field during "Name's William Gruff"
    6-In front of William Gruff's house in the garden
    7-Use the spring board to jump onto the stump 
    8 & 9-Use the piles of stumps to reach them
    10-Cross the rope that takes you across the river
    11-In the middle of one of the bridges that takes you across
    the river
    12-On the ledge where the fire pumpkins are on the second bridge
    Jack and Jill's Farm
    1-To the left right where you begin
    2-On the platform where you stand to hit the target to get into the farm
    3-In "Killer Tomatoes" on the second set of flowers
    4-In "Killer Tomatoes" on the last set of flowers
    5-Go on the path to the Coop and Bean Stalk.  Cross the ropes over the pond.
    6 & 7- On vines in the yard in front of the Coop
    8-Go on the path to the COrnfield.  In the first field of sunflowers to
    the right.
    9-Use the springboard on the way to the cornfield
    10- In the field of sunflowers to the right of the pig
    11-You're returned to the center again.  Go back to the cornfield path,
    cross the small bridge and go in the bottom left corner of the sunflowers.
    12-In the bottom left corner of the small field before the pig on 
    the path to "Haystack"
    Fairy Godmother's
    1 & 2-Behind the counter and hit the bench where Papa Bear is
    3 & 4-In cabinets in the laser corridor
    5-At the start of the second laser corridor
    6 & 7-In cabinets in the second laser corridor
    8-Before placing the gear in the socket, go to the left of the room 
    before the first boss
    9-On the fifth tier of the potion room
    10-Across from the giant potion in the potion lab
    11-On the left edge of the platform after the second boss battle
    12-To the right after the walkway with lots of TNT
    Prison Break
    1-Jump on the battlement before the door in the first area
    2-On one of the cages in the round ball platform
    3-When you reach the ramp that you use to destroy the door, 
    jump on the springboard to reach the bean
    4-In the cell in the small hallway with the Giant Spider
    5-After using the metal ball to kill the Patrolling Guard, go up the ramp
    6-After jumping on the cage to lower it fall off the damaged area
    to get the bean.  Hold A to bounce back up.
    7-In the cell where the cocoon was (after raising the stairs)
    8-Go into the spider hallway blocked by rocks and go to the back
    to get the bean
    9-By Lucky Larry (after rolling the metal ball down the ramp)
    10-Before getting to the two Patrolling Guards jump on the cages to
    reach the on the small walkway
    11-After getting past the Patrolling Guards go to the left
    and use the wood to get to the platform with Prisoner#6 and the
    11th Magic Bean 12-Use the pump switch and cages to reach the last bean
    The Mines
    1-By the piece of collapsed ceiling  after the curved slope
    2-Opposite of the first Dwarf
    3-The back left corner of the spider infested room
    (with destructible pillars)
    4 & 5-To the left and right of the room with the propeller
    6 & 7-By the Gold Egg and behind the pump switch
    8-On one of the platforms you cross by using the ropes
    9-The back right corner of the spider lair
    10-To the left of the first platform in the chasm room
    11-On the back of the platform with the 3 frogs and red potion
    12-The back left corner of the final room
    Cookie, Cookie
    1-In the courtyard with the Golden Egg on the steps
    2-In front of one of the destructible doors
    3-By the Friar Fat Boy wagon
    4-The back left of the area right after the first area
    (before the elevator street)
    5-To the right of Papa Bear's barricade
    6-On one of the ropes you climb to raise the elevator
    7-Below the tighrope leading to the next roof after jumping on the tree
    8-On the right edge of the last rooftop
    9-To the left of where the leprechaun was
    10-By the red potion before the paddy wagon area
    11-Inside one of the paddy wagons
    12-In the last paddy wagon
    Final Fight
    There are no beans in Final Fight
    You've completed the hardest part of the game, and obviously
    completed almost the other snapshots.  As of 6/14/04 I haven't
    started my Full Walkthrough but I will soon!
    Shadic (Me) for making the guide.
    KTG CYMRU for finding a site with ASCII's but it stoped working before
    I could use one here but I'll put him in the credits anyway!

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