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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Rareware0192

    Version: 1.1 | Updated: 02/28/10 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Version 1.1
    E-mail: Rareware0192@aol.com
    Guide Started: February 13, 2010
    Geist Walkthrough Copyright (c) Rareware0192 2010
    Permission must be granted in order to use this FAQ for anything other 
    than personal use.
    00. Table of Contents
    01) Introduction
    02) Version History
    03) About Geist
        A. The Controls
        B. The Characters
        C. Screen Displays
        D. Menu Options
        E. Multiplayer
    04) Walkthrough
        A. Chapter 1 - Volk's Lab
        B. Chapter 2 - Containment
        C. Chapter 3 - Separation
        D. Chapter 4 - Medical
        E. Chapter 5 - Escape!
        F. Chapter 6 - Gigi
        G. Chapter 7 - Captured
        H. Chapter 8 - Rourke
        I. Chapter 9 - Volks
    05) The Collection
        A. Possessed Hosts
        B. Possessed Objects
        C. Ghost Collectibles
        D. Text Log
    06) Multiplayer Modes
    07) FAQ
    08) Credits & Remarks
    01. Introduction
    Hello everyone! Today I'm going to be making a FAQ/Walkthrough about 
    the FPS Gamecube game developed by n-Space and published by Nintendo. 
    I've decided to write a Walkthrough about it solely out of boredom, 
    plus, I was in the mood to write a Walkthrough. Well, let's get to it! 
    02. Version History
    Version 1.0 - 13 Feb 2010
    1st Version
    Version 1.1 - 2 Mar 2010
    Updated some errors
    Fixed one of the difficulty settings
    03. About Geist
    In this section I'll be explaining about the various controls, game 
    displays and menus, characters, etc. that the game has to offer. I 
    recommend either reading this section or the game Instruction Booklet 
    before playing the game, unless you want to be waddling around the game 
    confused on how to talk to shoot your gun at an enemy while your Health 
    Bar slowly depletes. :P
    A. The Controls
    Most of these controls are quite simple actually. You get to choose 
    between two controller configurations. There is the "SHADE" style and 
    the "WRAITH" style. Both styles have the same controls on every button 
    except the control stick and the C stick. Here are the controls:
    Both Styles -
    A Button: Possess Something / Action Button
    B Button: Dispossess Something / Cancel
    X Button: Nothing
    Y Button: Reload Weapon (If your host has a weapon)
       NOTE: Hold down Y Button to holster weapon
    L Button: Possessed Host's / Object's Ability
       NOTE: As a Ghost, the L Button allows you to jump
    R Button: Primary Fire (If your host has a weapon)
    Z Button: Secondary Fire (If your host has a weapon)
    Start Button: Pause Menu / Skip Scenes (if viewed)
    Control Pad (Up): Objectives Screen
    Control Pad (Down): Collections Screen
    Control Pad (Left): Map Screen
    Control Pad (Right): Inventory Screen
    "SHADE" Style -
    Control Stick: Move / Strafe
    C Stick: Look / Aim
    "WRAITH" Style -
    Control Stick: Move / Turn
    C Stick: Tilt / Strafe
    My personal favorite Control Style is "SHADE" since it's easier for me 
    to move and strafe my character with the Control Stick and look around 
    and aim at things with the C Stick, you get to change styles ingame on 
    the Options menu. There's also some Advanced Controller Configurations 
    you get to change before starting your game, which are basically Invert 
    Pitch, Swap Stick Functions, and the Rumble feature. However you set up 
    your controls is entirely up to you.
    B. The Characters
    Geist has quite a few main characters in its storyline, and they are: 
    John Raimi, Thomas Bryson, Alexander Volks, Rourke, and Gigi.
    John Raimi is the main protagonist of the game, although you don't 
    control his "actual self" for quite a good portion of the game. 
    Throughout the game he's referred to simply as Raimi. Raimi is a 35-
    year-old Biological and Chemical threats specialist who works for a 
    team called CR-2, and was sent to do some work in southern France with 
    his team.
    Thomas Bryson is the partner of Raimi, and he helps you throughout the 
    game (well, at least after you meet him for the second time). 
    Throughout the game he's referred to simply as Bryson. Bryson is a 48-
    year-old scientist who works with Raimi in CR-2. He's been sent to do 
    some undercover spying in southern France before Raimi comes in.
    Alexander Volks is the main antagonist of the game. He's an 86-year-old 
    wealthy man who specializes in scientific research and weapon 
    development/manufacturing. In the past he lived with his aunt and 
    younger sister in Southern France after his parents died when he was 
    six. He's usually referred to simply as Volks.
    Rourke is Volk's right hand who worked in Volk's Corporation for 
    fifteen years as a commander. He's a very aggressive and bad-tempered 
    person, and the only person he truly behaves toward is Volks. He also 
    has a fear of dogs.
    Gigi is a little girl who died at the age of five and haunted her old 
    house for nearly 75 years. Throughout the game she's seen as a green 
    ghost holding a teddy bear (she's the green ghost in the back of the 
    game box). She helps Raimi around the beginning of the game and onward, 
    and more about her backstory is revealed in her own separate chapter, 
    Chapter 6.
    C. Screen Displays
    Throughout the game there are three different displays in total. 
    There's a Ghost Display, Host Display, and Object Display.
    The Ghost Display is when you're controlling your own self as a ghost, 
    and it's very simple. In this display the screen will be blue-ish and 
    things happening ingame are usually slow motion, but that's only 
    because you're actually in fast motion. On the bottom left of the 
    screen there will be an image of you (the ghost), and a bar right next 
    to it which displays your energy. Basically you can't stay on the field 
    without having possessed something. The bar will slowly decrease each 
    second of you as a Ghost. To replenish it or at least save yourself, 
    either possess a host or object quickly to have your energy replenished 
    to full, or consume any sorts of vegetation around (such as a potted 
    plant indoors or wild grass outdoors).
    The Host Display is the most complex, but it's also quite simple once 
    you get used to it. On the top left of the screen you'll have the L 
    Button image as well as the ability your host can do (example: jump, 
    sprint). On the top right you'll have the primary and secondary fire if 
    your host has a weapon of any sort. If your host doesn't wield a weapon 
    then it won't show up on the top left, and remember, not ALL weapons 
    have secondary fire. Some examples of what secondary fire can be is 
    grenades, burst fire, etc. On the bottom right you'll see the B Button 
    and "Dispossess" which is pretty self-explanatory. And lastly on the 
    bottom left you'll see an image of your host along with either two or 
    three bars. From top to bottom, the topmost bar is the ammunition for 
    your primary fire. Just so you know, there is infinite ammo, so you 
    won't need to search for ammo or anything. The bottommost bar is your 
    character's health. If your character's health reaches zero you'll 
    either have Game Over or you'll be forced to dispossess from that host 
    depending on the situation. The middle bar (if there is) is the ammo 
    for your secondary fire. If your host doesn't have a weapon, then only 
    the health bar will be displayed.
    Lastly, there's the Object Display. The Object Display is similar to 
    the Host Display. In the bottom left there's the health bar of the 
    object (if the object ends up getting destroyed by an enemy, you'll be 
    forced to dispossess from that object), and if there's a function then 
    you can use then it will also be displayed on the screen the function 
    of the object (example: If you're possessing an explosive container or 
    a grenade, you can press the A Button near an enemy and watch them 
    explode :D).
    D. Menu Options
    If you press the Start Button you'll bring up the Pause Menu.
    From the Pause Menu you'll be able to select: Resume Game, Options, 
    Restart Level, Save Menu, and Quit to Main Menu. Resume Game is pretty 
    self-explanatory, but if you don't know it let's you continue to the 
    game. Restart Level allows you to replay the level from the last 
    checkpoint available to you. Save Menu allows you to save the game up 
    to the most recent checkpoint. Quit to Main Menu will allow you to quit 
    the game and return to the title screen. 
    Options has much more options (lol) available for you, which are: 
    Screen Mode, Brightness, Rumble, Subtitles, Music Volume, Effects 
    Volume, Audio Mode, Control Options, and Return to Pause Menu. Screen 
    Mode allows you to change between Standard (4x3) or Widescreen (16x9) 
    display. Brightness is self-explantory, but it allows you to make the 
    pictures on the screen either much more brighter or darker depending on 
    your preference. Rumble allows you to toggle the rumble function 
    (vibration of the Gamecube controller) on or off. Subtitles allows you 
    to toggle whether you want the subtitles on or off during cutscenes and 
    cinematics. Music Volume is basically the noise level of the game. 
    Effects Volume is the noise level of the special effects in the game 
    (like the noise of your gun shooting). Audio Mode allows you to change 
    the sound to either Mono, Stereo, or Surround. Control Options allows 
    you to change between "SHADE" or "WRAITH" (refer back to Section 03-A 
    of this FAQ if you don't know what those are), and lastly Return to 
    Pause Menu is self-explanatory.
    E. Multiplayer
    The Multiplayer Mode is a fun little mode you can play with any friends 
    (or even by yourself) whenever you're bored. Section 05 of this FAQ 
    goes more in-depth about the Multiplayer Mode, but here I'll go a 
    little briefly about it. I also recommend playing through the game at 
    least once and collect all the Host Collectibles before playing the 
    Multiplayer Mode since those are used to unlock many areas and hosts in 
    Multiplayer Mode so you'll have an extended mode of fun. :P
    There are also three game modes to Multiplayer. There is: Possession 
    Deathmatch, Capture The Host, and Hunt. I'm not going to go in-depth 
    with them in this section since that's what Section 05 is for. OK, now 
    let's get on to the Walkthrough! :)
    04. Walkthrough
    OK, just a reminder to make sure to follow this guide step-by-step. If 
    you ever get lost, you can always use the CTRL+F function to get to 
    where you need to in the walkthrough. This is also going to be a 100% 
    completion guide, meaning that by the end of this walkthrough your 
    Collections menu (when you press Control Pad down) should be all 100% 
    if you follow this guide closely. Have fun! :)
    A. Chapter 1 - Volk's Lab
    After the few beginning scenes that take place, you'll be just outside 
    the lab with Commander Juliao. Start by pressing the Control Pad left 
    for the Map Screen, then press the Control Pad up for the Objectives 
    Screen. After the following scene, press the Control Pad right for the 
    Inventory Screen. After all the scenes are over you'll be in control of 
    Start by inspecting the computer workstations behind Commander Juliao 
    for [TEXT LOG 1-1: COMPUTER WORKSTATION]. Next inspect the blue tube 
    beside the workstations for [TEXT LOG 1-3: MYSTERIOUS OOZE]. Then 
    inspect the large fan in the ceiling for [TEXT LOG 1-5: LARGE FAN]. Go 
    up the left set of stairs and inspect the white box on the desk for 
    [TEXT LOG 1-6: STRANGE DEAD CREATURE]. Lastly, go up the opposite set 
    of stairs and inspect the tentacle on the desk for [TEXT LOG 1-7: 
    SEVERED TENTACLE]. Alright now go down the central stairs and check the 
    large machine. Keep pressing the A Button to magnify and then press the 
    A Button again to isolate the virus, and then one last time to download 
    it into your PDA. Now head back up the stairs.
    - Checkpoint 1:01 -
    Follow the grunt that talks to you and he'll eventually lead you to 
    Commander Juliao. Press the Y Button to equip your gun, head into the 
    next room and then crouch using the L Button. Head toward the windows 
    and shoot the grunts that you see (for some you might need to stand up, 
    but some you can shoot down while staying crouched down). Remember, the 
    R Button is to shoot, and the Y Button is to reload your gun. You also 
    have infinite ammo so you can use that to your advantage. Also, if your 
    health becomes low at any time just snatch one of the health packs on 
    the wall. The good thing is that in this level there's a lot of health 
    Move onward and shoot down the grunts from the corner. There will be 
    more grunts as you move, and soon enough there will be a scene. 
    Afterwards head down through the door. In this new area with the 
    computers and two health packs, examine the lone computer on the corner 
    near one of the health packs for the [TEXT LOG 1-2: COMPUTER 
    WORKSTATION]. There will be quite a lot of grunts on this next hallway, 
    to avoid lots of damage just stay crouched near one of the pipes and 
    snipe down grunts. There will also be some explosive containers nearby 
    so if you see a grunt near one you can shoot the explosive container 
    and watch them go BOOM! On the last room there will be a few more 
    grunts. At the end there will be a locked door, simply talk to 
    Commander Juliao to unlock it.
    - Checkpoint 1:02 -
    BOSS 1: CREATURE (Difficulty: *)
       For this fight you'll need to strafe a lot. His weak spot (well, the 
    spot where he ONLY takes damage) is his mouth. When you see his mouth 
    open shoot at it and it'll take away a little bit of his health. To win 
    this fight you'll basically need to take out about 15/16 of his health 
    (he'll retreat before you can take out the final 1/16). Make sure to 
    evade those blue orbs and you'll be fine. There are also two health 
    packs near the entrance to this room so use those whenever necessary.
    After the boss fight inspect the blue fluid under the bridge for [TEXT 
    LOG 1-4: MYSTERIOUS OOZE] and the hole where the monster retreated for 
    [TEXT LOG 1-8: DANGEROUS HOLE]. After all this is done cross the bridge 
    to meet up with Commander Juliao and follow him to leave the lab.
    B. Chapter 2 - Containment
    After all the scenes are done, you'll find yourself as a ghost, and 
    you're in a happy world. In here you'll start learning about possession 
    and being a ghost. Start off by simply floating around until the voice 
    in the background tells you to absorb vegetation. Take any plant from 
    the field and you'll see your energy bar raising. Then the camera will 
    start zooming into a rabbit, choose any rabbit in the field and possess 
    it for [POSSESSED HOSTS 2-1: RABBIT]. You have the opportunity to walk 
    and jump around (L Button) as a rabbit now. When you're done press the 
    B Button to dispossess from the rabbit.
    - Checkpoint 2:01 -
    You'll be introduced to a new character. Before following Gigi inspect 
    the machine that exploded for [TEXT LOG 2-1: CONTAINMENT UNIT] and the 
    computers in the room connected to those large things for [TEXT LOG 2-
    3: COMPUTERS]. Now go to where Gigi is next to the trash can and then 
    slip through the crack on the wall. You'll be in a room with MANY 
    possessable things, but start off by heading towards the mirror first.
    Afterwards, head to the corner where you came from and possess the 
    trapped rat on the floor for [POSSESSED OBJECTS 2-1: TRAPPED RAT]. Next 
    possess the yellow mop bucket near the mirror for [POSSESSED OBJECTS 2-
    2: MOP BUCKET]. Possess the shooting game near the mirror for 
    dynamo near the center of the room for [POSSESSED OBJECTS 2-4: DYNAMO]. 
    Now possess the soda can near the center of the room for [POSSESSED 
    OBJECTS 2-5: SCHWALK ALE]. Next up are the paint cans on the shelf near 
    the Antique Shooting Gallery, possess the white paint can for 
    [POSSESSED OBJECTS 2-6: WHITE PAINT CAN], then the blue paint can for 
    [POSSESSED OBJECTS 2-7: BLUE PAINT CAN], and lastly the yellow paint 
    can for [POSSESSED OBJECTS 2-8: YELLOW PAINT CAN]. Then talk to Gigi in 
    the center of the room and she'll talk about the explosive container. 
    Possess it near the cracked wall and explode it. You'll also get 
    [POSSESSED OBJECTS 2-9: EXPLOSIVE CONTAINER]. After you exploded the 
    cracked wall, press and hold the L Button to jump and float to the 
    crack on the wall.
    In this next room you'll see a custodian sleeping. Talk to Gigi and 
    she'll tell you to possess the telephone. Do so to get [POSSESSED 
    OBJECTS 2-10: PHONE]. After the scene dispossess the phone and possess 
    the custodian to get [POSSESSED HOSTS 2-2: VOLKS CUSTODIAN]. Also if 
    you want to you can pick up the phone to get a hint of where to go 
    next. Walk down the path (you can sprint, it's his special ability with 
    the L Button) and open the door in the end to end up in the PC Room. Go 
    around the staircase and go under it (you should be on top of a brown 
    floor) and take the hidden passage behind the machines to reach a dead 
    end where you'll find a [HOST COLLECTIBLE 2-1]. Remember, Host 
    Collectibles can only be collected when you are possessing a Host! They 
    can not be collected as a Ghost, and Host Collectibles are only useful 
    to unlock more Multiplayer options for you.
    Now head up the stairs and take the last door down the walkway, and 
    then the big door right after it. There you will see the frightened 
    soldier from the phone call. Dispossess the custodian and possess the 
    containment pod on the opposite side of the machine than the destroyed 
    one for [POSSESSED OBJECTS 2-11: Containment CPU] and destroy that one 
    too. The soldier will approach and he'll be slightly afraid, next 
    possess the trash can right next to him for [POSSESSED OBJECTS 2-13: 
    TRASH CAN]. Now that he has a red aura emitting from him you can 
    possess him and get [POSSESSED HOST 2-3: Assault Rifle Soldier].
    - Checkpoint 2:02 -
    By the way, make sure you keep your weapon down while running as a 
    soldier in the lab or else the other soldiers might get the wrong idea 
    and start shooting at you (if you bring up the weapon, you can holster 
    it by holding the Y Button). Now return to the PC Room and speak to the 
    only scientist around. He'll unlock the computers so you can generate 
    the bypass code. There are three computers to check, no matter what 
    order you check each computer, the first one will always talk about 
    Raimi's separation from his body, and Bryson's planned separation from 
    his body. The second computer will tell you that you need to find your 
    way to the Science Wing, and the last computer will give you the bypass 
    code. The Bypass Code is 9235. Go up to the first door in the walkway 
    and input the bypass code on the keypad.
    Walk through the halls (again, make sure your weapon is holstered) and 
    open the door leading to the dog kennels area. Unfortunately dogs know 
    the difference between a normal body and a possessed body, but at this 
    very moment they won't cause a problem. Press the button on the far 
    left wall to unlock the kennels. Inspect the [HOST COLLECTIBLE 2-2] on 
    the leftmost kennel from the kennels on the left. Disposess from your 
    host and go through the crack on the wall in the leftmost kennel from 
    the kennels on the right, and at the end of the vent you'll find a 
    [GHOST COLLECTIBLE 2-1]. Remember, Ghost Collectibles can only be 
    collected when you are a ghost! They can not be collected as a Host, 
    and Ghost Collectibles tell more about the background story of a 
    certain family (you'll find out later). Ghost Collectibles are 
    basically the opposites of Host Collectibles. Return to your host and 
    continue down the hall and open the door.
    Crap! Just so you know there's no way around this, you'll need to make 
    a scene, but if you cause one out in the open you'll have all the 
    grunts shooting at you and you'll die quickly. What I recommend you 
    doing is going down the lift and hide behind the brown/gray metal thing 
    near the soldier who is near the lift. Take out your weapon and you'll 
    notice some soldiers getting suspicious of you, make sure your body is 
    covered by the metal thing and start off by headshotting the soldier 
    right in front of you. This will aware the other soldiers so take 
    support from the metal thing, and use the helpful zoom function that 
    your soldier has by pressing the L Button and sniping soldiers from far 
    away. Once they've been all successfully shot you can move on. To all 
    animal lovers (such as myself) - shooting the dogs are unnecessary so 
    you don't need to do that, they won't harm you. Pass through the 
    barrier (by the way, you can't pass by any barriers as a ghost so 
    you'll need a Host, which you so conveniently happen to have right now 
    :D) and shoot the soldier that pops up. 
    Open the door at the end and you'll come face-to-face with another dog, 
    again, unnecessary to shoot. Hide behind the crates or pillars and 
    shoot down any grunts you see. There are also some explosive containers 
    in this area and you can either dispossess and possess the container 
    and explode them near an enemy, or shoot them when they're near an 
    enemy. The latter is much preferred since it's more time-saving and 
    less risky. After all the soldiers have been taken out in the room, get 
    the [HOST COLLECTIBLE 2-3] behind the crates between the entrance and 
    the exit of the room. Open the door and shoot the grunt that awaits for 
    you. Before turning the corner, dispossess your soldier and go around 
    and possess the new explosive for [POSSESSED OBJECTS 2-12: AMMUNITION 
    RACK] and explode it to send the two grunts flying. Go back to your 
    soldier and continue down the hall, shooting down the last grunt down 
    the hall. Before entering the door, reload your weapon and take the 
    health pack if needed. Now enter through the door.
    - Checkpoint 2:03 -
    BOSS 2: CORD (Difficulty: **)
       Cord will start the fight by readying a grenade. If you shoot the 
    grenade in his hand before he throws it he will drop it, and you'll be 
    able to quickly dispossess your character, possess the grenade, roll it 
    toward him, and explode him to deal a huge chunk of damage. You'll also 
    get [POSSESSED OBJECTS 2-15: GRENADE]. However, don't worry if you 
    didn't possess the Grenade at all during the fight, there's another 
    Grenade in a further room you can possess. Other than that just keep 
    evading his yellow beams and shoot him nonstop. There are also two 
    health packs in this room, one near the entrance, and the other near 
    the statue. You only need to take out approximately 7/8 of his HP 
    before he escapes.
    After the boss fight inspect the plaque on the center of the room for 
    [TEXT LOG 2-2: PLAQUE]. Also possess the statue to get [POSSESSED 
    OBJECTS 2-14: SERAPH STATUE]. Now turn the statue around 180 degrees so 
    that it opens up a hidden room. Inside the hidden room you'll find 
    [HOST COLLECTIBLE 2-4]. Now head up the stairs and continue on until 
    you fight three grunts. Kill them and you'll also notice on the floor 
    next to you (where the grunts popped up) that there's a grenade. In 
    case you didn't get it in the boss fight you can now possess it. 
    There's no real use for it right now (unless you dispossess your Host 
    before you killed the three grunts and possessed the grenade and killed 
    them). Take a right on the fork and open the door. Shoot the grunt who 
    tells you to stop and head inside the lift and press the button.
    When the lift opens open the door in front of you and shoot down the 
    grunts that appear. Now disposses your host and go up to the platform, 
    jump off the platform and you should land on the small pond below. In 
    the center of the pond should be a [GHOST COLLECTIBLE 2-2]. Now find 
    the crack on the wall and it should take you back to the hall with your 
    Host. Possess him again and head up the platform and Gigi will talk to 
    you. Call over the tram by pressing the button and some more grunts 
    will come after you. Quickly snipe them down and enter the tram. Press 
    the button and hide in the tram and when the door opens, go as far back 
    on the tram as possible and shoot down the Explosive Container to kill 
    the last two grunts (or dispossess and possess the Explosive 
    Container), when you're done head down the hall and you'll notice that 
    the door is locked. Search around and you should find a large valve 
    nearby, have your host open it and then dispossess and slip through the 
    NOTE: The "Office" Multiplayer Level and The "Storage" Multiplayer 
    Level Should Be Unlocked!
    C. Chapter 3 - Separation
    You'll start off in a small room with a soldier and a dog. Start off by 
    inspecting the large fan on the wall in Phantom's (the dog) den to get 
    [TEXT LOG 3-1: DOG FAN]. You might need to jump in order to inspect it. 
    Then inspect Phantom's bed to get [TEXT LOG 3-2: DOG BED]. Then inspect 
    the tool desk on the wall where the soldier is to get [TEXT LOG 3-3: 
    TOOLS]. Then inspect the red box next to it to get [TEXT LOG 3-11: 
    GENERATOR]. Lastly, inspect the racks just outside of Phantom's den to 
    get [TEXT LOG 3-26: SPOOL]. Now possess the security camera on the wall 
    right next to the fence of Phantom's den to get [POSSESSED OBJECTS 3-2: 
    SECURITY CAMERA] and the lamp next to the soldier to get [POSSESSED 
    OBJECTS 3-3: HALOGEN LAMP], which you can't scare the guard with. Now 
    possess Phantom's dog bowl to get [POSSESSED OBJECTS 3-1: DOG BOWL] and 
    use it to scare Phantom. Then dispossess the bowl and possess Phantom. 
    Escape from the den using the ramp.
    Now this part is a little tricky. Before talking to the guard, you'll 
    have to go through a whole bunch of jumping. Jump up the racks and 
    you'll notice that the racks lead you to a little vent on the top of 
    the room. Crawl through the vents and it should lead you to a room with 
    broken vents, inside one of the broken vents you'll find a [HOST 
    COLLECTIBLE 3-3]. Now return back to the first room and talk to the 
    guard. This is one of the two guard that will let you progress through 
    the area as Phantom, all the other guards in your path will make you go 
    back to the den if they catch you as Phantom. In this next room there 
    will be a small room with rats. Bark at them to turn their aura red, 
    but don't dispossess yet! Inspect the rat hole on the right wall of 
    this room to get [TEXT LOG 3-4: RAT HOLE] and the white machine on the 
    next room for [TEXT LOG 3-5: PUMPING MACHINE]. There's also a [HOST 
    COLLECTIBLE 3-2] in the vent in the same room as the Pumping Machine. 
    There's a barrier in the next room so you can't progress without having 
    a Host possessed, and the only host available to pass through the area 
    is Phantom, but there are guards on the hall so you'll need to take 
    them out first. Go back and possess a rat for [POSSESSED HOSTS 3-2: 
    RAT] and start traveling through the rat hole.
    While traveling through the rathole you'll come across a fork (to some 
    it might be hard to notice), but there's a [HOST COLLECTIBLE 3-1] if 
    you take a right on the fork. If you can't find the fork then just keep 
    traveling around inside the rat hole until you find it. When you reach 
    a big room dispossess and go around and search for an Explosive 
    Container. Possess it and when you see the guard right next to it 
    explode it. Then go on to the second part of the hall and do the same 
    thing with the second guard. Now go back to the first part of the hall 
    (where you blew up the first guard) and inspect the crack on the wall 
    with only one pipe for the [TEXT LOG 3-6: CRACKED WALL], and then go 
    beyond to the room you haven't gone to yet and inspect the broken floor 
    to get [TEXT LOG 3-7: FLOOR GRATE PIPES]. In this room also inspect the 
    corner with the pipes emitting steam for [TEXT LOG 3-8: CRACKED WALL 
    STEAM]. Then go back to the second part of the hall and examine one of 
    the two non-explosive containers near the crack on the wall for [TEXT 
    LOG 3-27: COVER CRATE], and then inspect the sparkling light on the 
    ceiling of the room with the Floor Grate Pipes for [TEXT LOG 3-28: 
    SPARK LIGHTS], and lastly inspect the sign near the door of the same 
    room for [TEXT LOG 3-37: CONTROL ROOM].
    Now go back to your rat and go back all the way to where Phantom is and 
    dispossess the rat and possess Phantom. You can now go through the 
    halls safely, and in the new room inspect the vent in one of the 
    corners to get [TEXT LOG 3-9: HALL AIR VENT], and then go inside the 
    vent which will eventually lead you to a Steam Room. This is the second 
    guard which will allow you to roam around freely as Phantom. Inspect 
    one of the two shelves in this room for [TEXT LOG 3-10: STEAM SHELVES] 
    and the power box on the wall near the fire extinguisher for [TEXT LOG 
    3-29: POWER BOX]. Now dispossess the phantom and possess the ladder 
    near the soldier for [POSSESSED OBJECTS 3-5: LADDER] and use it to move 
    the soldier close to the fire extinguisher. Then possess the fire 
    extinguisher for [POSSESSED OBJECTS 3-6: FIRE EXTINGUISHER] and use it 
    frighten the soldier. Lastly, possess the pressure gauge at the center 
    of the room for [POSSESSED OBJECTS 3-7: PRESSURE GAUGE] and keep 
    clicking the A Button to get it on the red zone and fully scare the 
    soldier. Now possess him, he's the same Assault Rifle Soldier as the 
    one in Chapter 2 though. Exit out the door and you'll be back in the 
    Take a right and open the door and open the next door that indicates 
    the Control Room. Again, make sure your gun is kept down, and 
    dispossess the Host in this room and possess the little tiny object on 
    the ceiling of the room (where the metal thing is) for [POSSESSED 
    OBJECTS 3-8: FIRE SPRINKLER]. By the way just like the Halogen Lamp in 
    the first room you can't scare anyone with it. Take the left on the 
    fork and continue down the hall, take another left and you'll find a 
    crack on the wall in a dead end. Dispossess your Host and slip through 
    the crack. You'll find yourself in a different area with one man. Start 
    off by inspecting the equipment on the left of the table on the back of 
    the room for [TEXT LOG 3-12: LAB EQUIPMENT], then the cup of coffee on 
    the small table near the man for [TEXT LOG 3-13: COFFEE MUG]. Then back 
    on the back table inspect one of the two burnt fuses for [TEXT LOG 3-
    17: BURNED FUSE], and inspect the good fuse and possess it for 
    [POSSESSED OBJECTS 3-14: FUSE], and roll it off the table and all the 
    way to where the man is, keep on going down the hall until you can't go 
    down anymore, and then dispossess. Now examine the pool of water where 
    the mechanical arms are by jumping over the fence and looking down for 
    [TEXT LOG 3-30: POOL]. Now possess one of the mechanical arms for 
    [POSSESSED OBJECTS 3-9: ROBOT ARMS] and spray water on the man, he'll 
    become frightened and run toward the laptop. Dispossess the arms and 
    possess the laptop which will get you [POSSESSED OBJECTS 3-10: LAPTOP] 
    and unleash viruses and pop-ups on his computer. He'll now be scared 
    and possessable. Do so to get [POSSESSED HOSTS 3-3: ENGINEER]. Also 
    make sure you grab the Fuse that you previously rolled over since he 
    won't be able to approach the arms.
    Go over to the lift and press the button, it'll break down and stop so 
    you need to open the nearby gate. Examine the large vats after opening 
    the gate for [TEXT LOG 3-14: ESSENCE VAT] and the power coils behind 
    the power box in the opened area for [TEXT LOG 3-31: ENCASED COILS]. 
    Now dispossess the engineer and go up the nearby staircase and possess 
    the Explosive Container. Explode it and enter the crack on the wall. 
    Grab the [GHOST COLLECTIBLE 3-2] that you find here and examine the 
    eyehole of the inside of the stone head for [TEXT LOG 3-15: BIG HEAD]. 
    Now return to the engineer and examine the power box to fix the lift 
    and return to it. Press the button again and you'll go up. If you 
    didn't examine the Big Head, the exterior will be to your left when you 
    get off the lift, and it gives off the same description. Now go on to 
    the green-lined door and use the retinal scanner. You'll return to the 
    hallway with the Fire Sprinkler, and since you have authority you can 
    access the other green-lined door we've seen before by using the 
    retinal scanner.
    After the scene examine any of the nearby computer panels for [TEXT LOG 
    3-16: CONTROL PANEL] and then inspect the sign on the left door of this 
    room for [TEXT LOG 3-38: REACTOR ROOM]. Now dispossess the engineer and 
    possess the catalyst laser for [POSSESSED OBJECTS 3-12: CATALYST 
    LASER]. Aim the laser at the four blue things around the rift, after 
    you destroy the first blue thing, a worker will come and try to control 
    the laser. Compete with him and try to destroy all four blue things to 
    start up another scene. Now dispossess the laser and return back to the 
    engineer, move on to the Reactor Room.
    - Checkpoint 3:01 -
    Finally a checkpoint! Examine any of the two mop buckets for [TEXT LOG 
    3-18: MOP BUCKET]. Examine the keypad on the wall to activate the gun 
    cam, back away a little bit and then possess the gun cam for [POSSESSED 
    OBJECTS 3-13: GUN CAMERA] and start shooting at the blue-clothed 
    guards. You can't shoot the green-clothed guard but don't worry, you 
    don't want to. When all the guards you see are down (there should be 4, 
    two in the room, two that come into the room) dispossess the gun cam 
    and possess the green guard for [POSSESSED HOSTS 3-4: GRENADE SOLDIER]. 
    Now dispossess from him and go down the set of stairs and explode every 
    single Explosive Container you see that is near a soldier (there should 
    be only two), and the other two can be used later. Go back up the 
    stairs but not all the way. From the top of the room go down to the 
    second set of stairs and to your right should be a [GHOST COLLECTIBLE 
    3-1]. Also at the bottom of the stairs examine the pipes for [TEXT LOG 
    3-19: STAIR PIPES], and at the top of the room examine the wooden floor 
    right near the door for [TEXT LOG 3-32: CREAKY BOARD]. Now possess the 
    Grenade Soldier again and start shooting down every soldier you come 
    across. Remember, the part of being a Grenade Soldier is that you're 
    able to use grenades, which can be accessed as secondary fire with the 
    Z Button.
    Once all the soldiers have been taken out, dispossess the Grenade 
    Soldier and possess the Engineer again. Sprint down the stairs (L 
    Button, it's faster) and do through the door. Before grabbing the suit 
    from the glass case, examine the ceiling for [TEXT LOG 3-20: 
    DRAIN]. Now take the suit from the glass case (if it's locked, you have 
    to make sure the door behind you is closed) to get [POSSESSED HOST 3-5: 
    HAZMAT ENGINEER]. Go forward and you'll have to play a little rivet 
    minigame with the three panels around this area. Simply just follow the 
    order of the rivets and shoot at the small slots in order to complete 
    each one. After all three are done the gates will open. Examine the 
    green fog on the floor in the beginning of the area for [TEXT LOG 3-21: 
    GROUND FOG]. Also examine the lamp right behind your instructor for 
    [TEXT LOG 3-34: WORK LAMPS] and either of the two yellow signs on the 
    opened gate for [TEXT LOG 3-35: GATE SIGN].
    Now in this next room there are a total of nine more panels in which 
    you can fix the same way you did with the beginning two. The patterns 
    get a little more difficult to remember but if you complete them you'll 
    be able to get a [HOST COLLECTIBLE 3-4] from the opened locker at the 
    end of this area. The locker only opens when all nine are completed as 
    well. The rivet gun is also treated as a weapon so you'll need to 
    reload it after a while of riveting. Whe you're done move onto the next 
    room and get ready for a rematch with Cord. However there are still 
    things to do BEFORE starting the fight. Start off by dispossessng the 
    Hazmat Engineer and examining any of the two computers on the farther 
    right wall for [TEXT LOG 3-22: COMPUTER SYSTEM] and the large tanks 
    near the entrance for [TEXT LOG 3-23: OOZE TANKS]. Then possess the 
    pressure gauge near one of the tanks and then press the A Button to 
    make gas come out from the floor, scaring four of the five soldiers in 
    the room. Now they're able to be possessed, I recommend possessing any 
    of the four so you can get [POSSESSED HOST 3-6: HEAVY GUARD] and start 
    shooting at the one that you can't possess, this will trigger the boss 
    BOSS 3: CORD REMATCH (Difficulty: ***)
       If you DID NOT use the pressure gauge to scare four of the soldiers, 
    this fight's difficulty would automatically be five asterisks since 
    it's next to impossible to fight off Cord, five soldiers, and two gun 
    cameras with only a Hazmat Engineer with a rivet gun (although the 
    rivet gun can work wonders...). As I mentioned before, I recommend 
    starting the fight with one of the scared soldiers because if you start 
    the fight with the Engineer you most likely will die, and if the 
    Engineer dies, it's game over. You have to make sure the Engineer is 
    the only one standing in the end of the fight. There are NO health 
    packs around, but I know you'll do fine. Start off by fully killing the 
    un-possessable soldier (the one near the door where Cord is at) and 
    then move on to shooting Cord. When your soldier goes down I recommmend 
    taking one of the gun cameras and shooting at Cord. When that gun 
    camera goes down, possess the other gun camera and shoot at Cord. When 
    that one goes down, start possessing the remaining soldiers one by one 
    and only target Cord until he's dead. This time you can kill him off, 
    and when the fight ends make sure you possess the Engineer and headshot 
    any remaining living soldiers with the rivet gun.
    When the fight ends pick up the Reactor Room Keycard that Cord dropped. 
    Use it on the small machine next to the door, and then inspect the 
    control panel in front of you for [TEXT LOG 3-36: REACTOR CONTROL]. 
    Then to your right break the glass and pull the lever. After the short 
    scene examine the red structure on the center of the room for [TEXT LOG 
    3-24: HOLOGRAPHIC PROJECTION], and then dispossess from this body. Go 
    through the opened vent on the corner of the room until you reach a 
    scene. After the scene, go a little forward and examine the cracked 
    window to get [TEXT LOG 3-25: RUINS]. Go through the crack at the end 
    of the path.
    NOTE: The "Raimi & Rabbit" Multiplayer Characters and The "Medical" 
    Multiplayer Level Should Be Unlocked!
    D. Chapter 4 - Medical
    Ah! Welcome to my favorite Chapter. :) Start off by floating over the 
    gap and reaching the other side, where you'll get a dead end with a 
    [GHOST COLLECTIBLE 4-1]. Then go through the crack on the wall and 
    you'll meet up with Gigi. Start off by possessing the floodlight right 
    in front of you for [POSSESSED OBJECTS 4-2: FLOODLIGHT], and then the 
    floodlight on the upper wall (you'll need to float on top of some rocks 
    to reach it) for [POSSESSED OBJECTS 4-1: FLOODLIGHT]. Turn on the 
    Floodlight by pressing the A Button, and then flash the light on the 
    wall where there are bats. When you see them starting to open their 
    wings, explode the Floodlight to scare them. Now possess one of the 
    bats for [POSSESSED HOSTS 4-1: BAT]. Start flying towards the ceiling 
    and follow the pipe thing until you reach a building.
    You'll see a custodian on the stairs. Fly toward him and he should 
    start running downstairs. Fly toward him again to frighten him, and 
    he'll run toward the manhole cover. Possess the manhole (first 
    dispossess the bat) for [POSSESSED OBJECTS 4-3: MANHOLE COVER]. Use it 
    to scare the custodian, and then possess him, he's still the same 
    custodian from Chapter 2 so there's nothing new added. Start by walking 
    up the stairs and inspect the sign near the door for [TEXT LOG 4-17: 
    SIGN]. Also make sure you possess the nearby manhole and use it to 
    create a crack on the floor. Dispossess, and go through the crack. 
    There should be a [GHOST COLLECTIBLE 4-2]. Now go back to your 
    Custodian and go through the door.
    Before you talk to the guy in here, examine hamper full of clothes on 
    the opposite side of the room for [TEXT LOG 4-1: DIRTY CLOTHES] and any 
    of the three functioning laundry machines for [TEXT LOG 4-2: WASHING 
    MACHINE]. Examine the green suit uniform near the mirror to find the ID 
    of the lady you saw in the previous scene. Now go back and go through 
    the door into the hall. Examine the sign right next to you for [TEXT 
    LOG 4-18: SIGN]. You can't go too far in the hall just yet, so enter 
    the door or on the right. Check the shelves on the far side of the room 
    for [TEXT LOG 4-6: JUNK] and the pile of boxes to the right for [TEXT 
    LOG 4-7: BOXES]. The computer and sink in this room account for nothing 
    so don't mind them.
    Now go back to the laundry room and talk to the man to get him to move 
    out of the way. Then dispossess the custodian and slip through the 
    crack on the wall to arrive at the lady's shower room. Examine the rack 
    of towels in the hall for [TEXT LOG 4-3: TOWEL RACK]. Then examine 
    either of the two towel dispensors in the locker room for [TEXT LOG 4-
    4: PAPER TOWELS], and any of the trash cans you find around for [TEXT 
    LOG 4-5: TRASH CAN]. Then examine the small bag on the bench near the 
    mirror for [TEXT LOG 4-13: SHOWER BAG], and lastly the hamper on the 
    hall near the door that leads to the locker room for [TEXT LOG 4-14: 
    Return to the shower room and possess the showerhead closest to the 
    blonde lady for [POSSESSED OBJECTS 4-4: SHOWERHEAD] and spray on top of 
    her to make her leave. Now possess a showerhead close to Anna and spray 
    it on top of her. She won't be frightened yet, so possess another one 
    and spray it as well to make her go to the center of the room. She 
    won't be frightened just yet, but once you possess another one and 
    spray it again her aura will turn yellow to show that she's frightened, 
    and she'll walk off. Possess the mirror in the hall for [POSSESSED 
    OBJECTS 4-7: BATHROOM MIRROR]. and use it once to crack it, making her 
    approach the mirror. Then use it once more for a very awesome scare, 
    and then Anna will finally be fully scared. Now possess her for 
    [POSSESSED HOSTS 4-2: ANNA RICHARDSON]. In only a towel she'll be 
    scared of approaching any of the male workers just like the Engineer in 
    the last chapter was afraid of approaching the mechanical arms.
    In the locker room there are several fun Easter Eggs. In two of the 
    lockers you'll find a Gamecube and a Samus suit from Metroid Prime :P. 
    However in one of the lockers you'll also find a [HOST COLLECTIBLE 4-3] 
    so make sure you get that. Open the door to find yourself in the hall. 
    You can't go left because of the male soldier, but if you go right 
    you'll start hearing strange noises, and you'll find yourself back in 
    the laundry room. Examine the dead custodian's corpse for [TEXT LOG 4-
    41: DEAD JANITOR]. Examine your work uniform for [POSSESSED HOSTS 4-3: 
    ANNA RICHARDSON]. You'll now be able to travel further down the halls, 
    but after you open the door you'll hear more noises. Things start 
    getting a little more horrific from now on, before continuing down the 
    hall return to the locker room/shower room. Examine the perverted guy's 
    dead corpse on the floor for [TEXT LOG 4-42: DEAD PERVERT], and further 
    on to the locker room examine the dead girl's corpse for [TEXT LOG 4-
    Now return back to the hall and take a left, keep heading down and 
    examine the dead guy's corpse at the end of the hall for [TEXT LOG 4-
    46: DEAD GUARD]. Also make sure you examine the ceiling on top of the 
    Dead Guard for [TEXT LOG 4-8: SIGN] and the lamp on the floor near the 
    Dead Guard for [TEXT LOG 4-9: LAMP]. Now continue down the hall and 
    you'll reach a dead end with three doors. The door straight ahead is 
    locked, so start by taking the door on the right. You'll notice the 
    place in flames, so grab the Fire Extinguisher on the wall near the 
    door and equip it. It will be your weapon for a long while, but trust 
    me, it's actually a worthy weapon for this Chapter. Once you grabbed it 
    you'll find a new enemy, Imps, and there are two of them. Use the fire 
    extinguisher on them to kill them, then use it on the flames.
    When they're gone examine the dead corpse on the floor for [TEXT LOG 4-
    43: DEAD MED TECH], and the three computers in the room for [TEXT LOG 
    4-49: PC], [TEXT LOG 4-52: PC], and [TEXT LOG 4-53: PC]. Now exit and 
    go to the other room for two more imps, which you should extinguish, as 
    well as the flames. 
    Oh, and a little tip about the Fire Extinguisher: Don't spray too much 
    at one time. If you can rapidly press the R Button so that you'll only 
    spray a little bit at fast intervals, you'll spray just as much as if 
    you were spraying it all at once, except you won't waste too much. :)
    Just like in the last room, examine the dead body for [TEXT LOG 4-44: 
    DEAD GUARD], and the three computers in this room for [TEXT LOG 4-48: 
    PC], [TEXT LOG 4-50: PC], and [TEXT LOG 4-51: PC].
    Now exit the room and go all the way down the hall until you reach the 
    Lamp on the floor. Take the path on the right and open the door. And 
    remember, you can always hold down the Y Button if you want to holster 
    your weapon, even though it's not necessary in this Chapter.
    - Checkpoint 4:01 -
    Examine either of the two Volks busts in this room for [TEXT LOG 4-10: 
    STATUE], any of the lifts for [TEXT LOG 4-11: CONSTRUCTION AREA], and 
    the sign that reads "Morgue" to your right for [TEXT LOG 4-19: SIGN]. 
    Enter through this door and take out the flames at the bottom of the 
    stairs. Continue through the next door.
    Examine either of the green beds on this next room for [TEXT LOG 4-22: 
    GURNEY]. Before entering the room right ahead of you, go left and 
    examine the fuse box just outside the opened door for [TEXT LOG 4-31: 
    FUSE BOX]. Ok there's a LOT of things to check out in this next room, 
    so I'll just tell you to examine: either of the two sinks near the 
    door, the corpse on the bed thing near the door, either of the two 
    tables near the sink, the lone table on the center of the room, the 
    canister near the freezer door, the bin near the tables with flies 
    around it, the cabinets on the corner of the room near the lone table, 
    and the boxes near the fridge. In the end you'll get [TEXT LOG 4-32: 
    SINK], [TEXT LOG 4-33: CORPSE], [TEXT LOG 4-34: TABLE], [TEXT LOG 4-35: 
    4-38: CABINET], and [TEXT LOG 4-39: BOX]. Also open the fridge to find 
    a [HOST COLLECTIBLE 4-4]. You can't open the door to the freezer yet 
    because you'll still need the Refrigerator Cardkey, so return to the 
    previous hall and go through the other door near the green bed.
    In this room there's also a whole bunch of stuff, so examine: the fax 
    machine on the right, the box pile to the right of the fax machine, the 
    lone box to the left of the fax machine, the wooden box pile to the 
    right of the sink, the glass cabinet above the wooden box pile, the 
    open cabinet on the left side of the room, the filing cabinets on the 
    floor on the wall farthest from the door, the green box on the left 
    side of the filing cabinets, and either of the three monitors near the 
    door. In the end you'll get [TEXT LOG 4-12: FAX MACHINE], [TEXT LOG 4-
    23: BOX], [TEXT LOG 4-24: BOX], [TEXT LOG 4-25: BOX], [TEXT LOG 4-26: 
    LOG 4-29: TUB], and [TEXT LOG 4-30: MONITORS]. Also in the center of 
    the room on the floor you'll find a [HOST COLLECTIBLE 4-2].
    OK, now return to the construction area and take a right up the stairs. 
    You won't be able to access the door because you don't know the bypass 
    code. So dispossess and slip through the crack on the door, and possess 
    the keypad to the left for [POSSESSED OBJECTS 4-5: KEYPAD LOCK] and use 
    it to learn the bypass code, which should be: 0426. Possess Anna and 
    input this code and enter the new hall.
    There's a barrier here so you need Anna to pass through this. Examine 
    the sign to your left down the hall for [TEXT LOG 4-20: SIGN] and the 
    other sign to the right for [TEXT LOG 4-21: SIGN]. Enter the left door 
    and go down all the way for a scene. After the scene is over go examine 
    Bryson (don't worry about extinguishing the blue flames caused by the 
    imps, they extinguish themselves over time) for [TEXT LOG 4-16: 
    BRYSON]. Go back to the hall (extinguish the flames first, obviously), 
    you'll hear more noises as you go down the hall. After you open the 
    last door on the hall, look left and examine any of the dead guards on 
    the floor for [TEXT LOG 4-47: DEAD GUARD]. Continue on to the next two 
    doors to reach the ICU. Head onward to find Gigi. 
    Now dispossess from Anna and start off by possessing the guy beyond the 
    gated doors for [POSSESSED HOSTS 4-4: FAILED OP], and then go back to 
    the previous room and possess any of the machines near the people on 
    the beds for [POSSESSED OBJECTS 4-6: HEART MONITOR]. Now you have two 
    choices in order to get into the room beyond the guy with the green 
    uniform. Either possess the Failed Op and pound the glass, or control 
    one of the Heart Monitors and rapidly press A to bring the doctor over 
    to the person who's nearest to that Heart Monitor. I'd recommend 
    possessing the Heart Monitor since it gives more time, and to add even 
    more time, possess the Heart Monitor farthest from the door. Then 
    possess Anna and go inside the small room, open one of the glass cases, 
    and take the Refrigerator Cardkey. Now leave the room and go back to 
    the hall.
    Backtrack all the way back to the first hall (the hall with the 
    shower/locker room before you entered the construction area). Along the 
    way you'll find the guard that gave you the code also dies from the 
    imps. The door is locked, but if you examine the keypad to your right 
    Anna should automatically input the bypass code for you, so you'll need 
    to examine these keypads whenever you want to go in or out of the 
    Surgery/ICU hall as a Host. Go down the hall to where there are three 
    doors, and this time go down the last door which should now be 
    unlocked. Examine the three computers in this room for [TEXT LOG 4-54: 
    PC], [TEXT LOG 4-55: PC], and [TEXT LOG 4-56: PC]. There's also a [HOST 
    COLLECTIBLE 4-1] in the center of this room. There's also another 
    Easter Egg in this room if you examine the phone on the wall. :)
    Now your goalpoint is the morgue, so head back there while 
    extinguishing all the imps and flames in your way. Your actual 
    goalpoint is the freezer in the morgue, so when they're all 
    extinguished enter it by using the Refrigerator Cardkey and snatch the 
    Serum from the shelf. Now head back all the way to where Bryson is in 
    the Surgery room and use the Serum on him.
    - Checkpoint 4:02 -
    After the rather touching scene you'll finally be equipped with a good 
    gun, and also you'll get [POSSESSED HOSTS 4-5: ANNA RICHARDSON]. :)
    Start by shooting the two guards that come after you, and then to your 
    left examine the pantsless guard for [TEXT LOG 4-45: DEAD PANTSLESS 
    GUARD]. As you approach the door another guard will come out, and 
    beyond the door in the hall there will be a total of 5 Imps and 3 
    Guards (not counting the guard that dies from the imps). There's a 
    health pack back in the surgery room, and in the small room where the 
    guard died from the imp. You can also crouch instead of sprinting now, 
    which is useful when your behind some boxes. In the next hall there's a 
    total of 4 Guards. In the room at the right you'll find a health pack, 
    as well as one in the hall you were just in. You'll also need to throw 
    a grenade to clear the barricade, afterwards just input the bypass code 
    on the keypad to continue on.
    In the construction area there's 6 Guards, including on the highest 
    lift in the center of the room. After clearing them all, make sure 
    you're fully healed and reload your weapon. Then enter the lift here, 
    wait for Bryson to enter, and then press the lift button.
    BOSS 4: HYDRA (Difficulty: ***)
       This fight can be difficult, depending on how wise you are 
    throughout it. There is an early tip I'll give you, and that is do NOT 
    overuse the health packs. Throughout the fight there are only three 
    health packs around the battle area. Sure, that might sound like a lot 
    of health packs for a boss fight, but keep in mind that this boss' 
    health is pretty high, and most of the attacks he does to you take 
    quite a bit of damage. When you don't think you can take another hit, 
    that's when I'd recommend for you to use one of the health packs. Now, 
    this boss' attack pattern is quite simple. He'll just shoot off blue 
    orbs at you, in which you should strafe. As a matter of fact, I 
    recommend strafing for the whole fight, and at one direction only! Aim 
    at his head since that's his only spot of damage, but it's not too 
    simple since he covers his head with his hands, just take any 
    opportunity you can. When you see he stops following your movement, 
    that means he's going to do an attack. Either he's going to horde 
    millions of blue orbs at you (which is kind of difficult to avoid, just 
    try your best), or he's going to shoot a laser beam at you. The laser 
    beam is easily avoidable since it's slow but it does a lot of damage. 
    Once 1/4 of his health is down he'll go inside his shell and you'll see 
    a shining blue hole appear, which means he's healing himself. Now's 
    your chance to rack up a ton of damage! Throw a grenade inside the hole 
    when it's open to take out around 1/6 of his health. When his health 
    reaches 1/2, he's going to start rolling himself on the outside field, 
    where you are so be careful! If he hits you it's going to take a lot of 
    damage! At 3/4 health he's going to do the healing thing again so throw 
    in a grenade when the hole is open. Lastly, when he only has 1/6 health 
    left he's going to the outside field and doing the rolling thing again, 
    but at some point he'll also stop and do the healing thing, so throw a 
    grenade in whenever you have the chance. Do it twice and that should 
    kill him.
    NOTE: The "Towel Girl & Bat" Multiplayer Characters and The "Helipad" 
    Multiplayer Level Should Be Unlocked!
    E. Chapter 5 - Escape!
    This is by far the longest Chapter. Work your way through the door and 
    wipe out all the grunts in the hall. There should be two behind the 
    boxes when you walk up a little bit, and two more behind the last 
    boxes. Before you enter the next door look to your left, and make sure 
    you shoot all the boxes on the conveyor belt that either contain the 
    word "Boom" or "Fragile". Some boxes may be facing the other way, but 
    basically just shoot the abnormally larger boxes. Do the same thing 
    with the other side's conveyor belt and a short scene should indicate 
    that a Ghost Collectible has appeared. Dispossess from your Host, and 
    float down the left side onto the platform with boxes (not the ground 
    floor). On that platform should be the [GHOST COLLECTIBLE 5-1]. Then 
    drop down to the ground floor and possess any of the canisters on the 
    ground floor for [POSSESSED OBJECTS 5-13: EXPLODING GAS CANISTER]. You 
    don't need to explode it, but you can if you want. Now go through the 
    crack on the wall and return to your Host. Now continue onto the next 
    In this next room start by killing the two guards on the ground floor. 
    Also in the farthest corner of the room, near the garage, you'll find a 
    [HOST COLLECTIBLE 5-2]. Now head upstairs, AND MAKE SURE THAT YOU OR 
    TAKING OUT THE GUARD, TRUST ME. Once that guard is taken out, go 
    through the door first before going to the center platform. Examine the 
    lockers in the small room for [TEXT LOG 5-1: LOCKERS] and the coatrack 
    on the other side for [TEXT LOG 5-2: COATRACK]. Now go back to the 
    large room and inspect one of the three glass panels on the center 
    platform for [TEXT LOG 5-3: PANE OF GLASS]. If you're going for 100% on 
    the game, and you or the guard accidentally shot all three glass panes, 
    then you'll have to restart the level. Then examine either of the two 
    side panels (that doesn't have the switch) for [TEXT LOG 5-4: HIGH-TECH 
    PANEL], and lastly examine the panel with the switch (don't press the 
    switch yet, just inspect the panel beside the switch) for [TEXT LOG 5-
    5: CRANE CONTROL PANEL]. Now press the switch and a whole bunch of 
    containers will come out.
    Now say goodbye to Anna, you've used her for quite a long time, eh? :P 
    Dispossess from her and move around the platform closest to the hatch 
    where the moving containers leave the room, and try getting close to 
    possess the containers for [POSSESSED OBJECTS 5-. If you didn't get 
    into one fast enough, you'll have to possess Anna again and press the 
    button again. Once the container has moved inside the hatch quickly 
    dispossess, or you'll miss the second Ghost Collectible. Now once 
    you're inside the system of moving crates as a Ghost, travel down until 
    you see a gate with boxes inside. Go through the gate and grab the 
    [GHOST COLLECTIBLE 5-2] you find in there. Now go back to either of the 
    containers and wait until it carries you into a storage room, then 
    dispossess from it.
    Examine either of shelves in this room for [TEXT LOG 5-6: STORAGE 
    SHELF], the chair near the rats on the floor for [TEXT LOG 5-7: FOLDING 
    CHAIR], and the pile of boxes near the door in this room for [TEXT LOG 
    5-9: PILE OF JUNK]. Now possess the television for [POSSESSED OBJECTS 
    5-2: VINTAGE TV]. Use it once to bring the rats' attention and then 
    once more to scare them. Now possess one of the rats and head into the 
    rat hole near the TV to bring you into another room. Examine the rat 
    poison that you find in here (as a rat or else you won't be able to 
    examine it) for [TEXT LOG 5-8: RAT POISON]. You can now dispossess the 
    rat, and examine the red box near the crack on the wall for [TEXT LOG 
    5-10: GENERATOR]. Then examine the orange barrels next to the Generator 
    for [TEXT LOG 5-11: OIL BARRELS]. Then examine the shelves for [TEXT 
    LOG 5-12: SMALL SHELF], and lastly the filing cabinets next to it for 
    [TEXT LOG 5-13: FILING CABINET]. Now leave the room via crack on the 
    Head left and take the first door to your left to end up in the 
    cafeteria. Examine the small window on one of the walls of the room for 
    [TEXT LOG 5-14: TRAY WINDOW]. Examine the condiments in the center of 
    the room for [TEXT LOG 5-15: CONDIMENT STAND]. Then examine the trash 
    can near the condiments for [TEXT LOG 5-16: RECYCLE BIN]. Now head 
    inside the actual kitchen and go forward and examine the counter with 
    the sink for [TEXT LOG 5-17: DISH STATION], the pot of water in the 
    kitchen near the soldiers for [TEXT LOG 5-18: POT OF WATER], the area 
    below the fan on the wall for [TEXT LOG 5-19: DEEP-FAT FRYER], the not-
    so-empty shelf near the chef for [TEXT LOG 5-20: EMPTY SHELF], the 
    buffet in front of the soldiers for [TEXT LOG 5-21: BUFFET COUNTER], 
    and the cash register near the soldiers for [TEXT LOG 5-22: CASH 
    Now possess the second oven (the one closest to the chef) for 
    [POSSESSED OBJECTS 5-5: OVEN] and rapidly press the A Button to burn 
    it. When the black smoke starts coming out of it, dispossess the oven 
    then possess the wall fan for [POSSESSED OBJECTS 5-6: WALL MOUNTED FAN] 
    and press A to start it up. Aim at the chef and the smoke should go 
    toward the chef and he'll notice it. Now possess the plates to the 
    right of the fan for [POSSESSED OBJECTS 5-7: STACK OF PLATES]. Aim at 
    the chef and shoot, he should hide behind the oven. Then when he pops 
    out his head hit him again with another dish to scare him. Now 
    dispossess and possess the chef for [POSSESSED HOSTS 5-1: CHESTER 
    MACINTIRE]. Now head into the door right next to you after talking to 
    Gigi, and take the soup mix on the shelf to your left. Also go further 
    in and grab the [HOST COLLECTIBLE 5-3] on top of one of the boxes.
    Go back to the cafeteria and leave the actual kitchen (ignore the 
    soldiers) and go up the stairs. At the end of the right side of the 
    hall you should find a [HOST COLLECTIBLE 5-1]. Now return all the way 
    to the room with the rat poison and grab it (exit the cafeteria, go 
    right, and take the right door). Now return to the cafeteria and go 
    back upstairs, and open the last door to the left side of the hall. Now 
    go back down and you get the basic idea of how to take out the 
    soldiers, right? Mix the soup mix and the rat poison with the Pot of 
    Water in the kitchen. After the scene walk out the kitchen for a short 
    scene, then head towards the exit to the cafeteria and all the soldiers 
    should have fainted. Now go out the cafeteria and head left and take 
    the elevator up.
    When you reach the radio room go toward the transciever and set the 
    frequency to 104.1, using the Control Stick to go up or down a number, 
    and the A Button to confirm. Press A after the fourth number for a 
    small scene, then go back down the elevator. Open the door and go all 
    the way down the hall and take a left. Once inside the room, examine 
    the NES and the SNES either to your right or left for [TEXT LOG 5-23: 
    GAME CONSOLES], the bookshelf near the consoles for [TEXT LOG 5-24: 
    BOOKSHELF], the door on the upper level of the room with a ladies' sign 
    next to it for [TEXT LOG 5-25: LADIES' ROOM], the checkerboard on the 
    upper level's center table for [TEXT LOG 5-26: CHECKERBOARD], the 
    calender on the wall near the scientist for [TEXT LOG 5-30: CALENDER], 
    and the notes next to the calender for [TEXT LOG 5-31: NOTE]. Now head 
    inside the men's bathroom and examine the towel dispenser for [TEXT LOG 
    5-32: TOWELS], and the last urinal that looks disgusting for [TEXT LOG 
    5-33: URINAL]. Also snatch the [HOST COLLECTIBLE 5-4] inside one of the 
    stalls. Now exit the restroom and head inside the door near the 
    scientist, and then the next door.
    In here examine either of the two large holes on the wall for [TEXT LOG 
    5-27: GAPING HOLE], and any of the paintcans on the floor for [TEXT LOG 
    5-28: PAINT CANS]. Now head back into the room with the scientist and 
    possess any of the two TVs here for [POSSESSED OBJECTS 5-8: WALL 
    MOUNTED TV], then possess the soda machine for [POSSESSED OBJECTS 5-9: 
    SODA MACHINE]. Press the A Button to bring the scientist's attention, 
    press the A Button again to throw out some soda cans. Now possess a 
    soda can on the floor for [POSSESSED OBJECTS 5-10: SODA CAN], and roll 
    it over to the scientist, then explode it. He'll get frightened and run 
    to the rest room. Head in there and possess the sink and use that to 
    fully scare him. :)
    Now possess him for [POSSESSED HOSTS 5-2: VOLKS SCIENTIST]. Well you 
    got you're authorized personnel, so now head back all the way to where 
    Bryson is in the cafeteria. Talk to him and then use the retinal 
    scanner near the door to grant you access. Head in all the way and 
    examine the computer that will start blinking. After the scene head 
    back all the way to the room with the two guards and the paint cans on 
    the floor. You have to wait for Bryson to come, then head through the 
    two doors for a scene which forces you to dispossess from your Host.
    Possess a gun cam and shoot down the three guards. After the scene 
    dispossess the gun cam and work your way through the crack on the door. 
    From here on out you have to work fast since you can't allow Bryson to 
    - Checkpoint 5:01 -
    Head through the door and examine the keypad that Bryson smashed up for 
    [TEXT LOG 5-34: DESTROYED KEYPAD] and the big crane in the center of 
    the room for [TEXT LOG 5-29: OVERHEAD CRANE]. Now possess the gun 
    turret on the farther wall for [POSSESSED OBJECT: HELICOPTER GUN 
    TURRET] (it becomes listed in a later Chapter instead of now for some 
    weird reason) and shoot down the three guards on this upper floor. 
    After the scene you'll need to move on lower and possess canisters near 
    the two groups of guards to kill them. Then for the third wave possess 
    the box near the guards for [POSSESSED OBJECTS 5-14: GRENADE CRATE] and 
    press the A Button to drop grenades. Possess a grenade and explode it 
    near the guards. Now for the fourth wave go to the lower floor and 
    possess the electrical box near one of the guards for [POSSESSED 
    OBJECTS 5-16: ELECTRICAL BOX] and press the A Button for it to drop a 
    box of missiles (as well as kill the middle guard), possess a missle 
    for [POSSESSED OBJECTS 5-17: MISSLE] and aim it at a guard. You can 
    also possess the other grenades from the previous floor and roll it 
    down to the guards and explode it near them as well.
    After the scene go into the next room and possess one of the gun cams. 
    Take out the other gun cam and then start taking out all the guards 
    that come into the room. You can also use grenades or missles from the 
    previous room as an alternative. After all this is done Bryson will 
    move on to the Motorcycle. Ignore the remaining guards and possess the 
    Motorcycle for [POSSESSED OBJECTS 5-18: MOTORCYCLE]. Rapidly press the 
    A Button to get it working.
    - Checkpoint 5:02 -
    Now you'll need to make sure Bryson gets through this all safely. Try 
    avoiding the lights on the floor since that takes out a huge chunk of 
    health from Bryson. After you pass by the two row of lights, quickly 
    dispossess as soon as you can, and as a ghost head along the open path 
    until you see two guards with two explosive containers near each. 
    Quickly explode each of them then possess the gatling turret on the car 
    ahead for [POSSESSED OBJECTS 5-19: GATLING TURRET] and then start 
    shooting at the two motorcycles from afar with the L Button (you can 
    allow Bryson to at least get hit once with the row of lights). Now the 
    rest is simple, keep on destroying every motorcycle/car that you come 
    across, forget the soldiers on foot they only waste your time. Make 
    sure to make good use of the L Button's zoom-in and shoot down vehicles 
    you see before you even pass by them. Keep on doing this until a big 
    van follows you.
    - Checkpoint 5:03 -
    You can say that this big van is Chapter 5's boss. You have to start by 
    firing at the white tubes on the side of the car, BOTH of them! If you 
    don't shoot it in time the car will start moving in on Bryson and try 
    killing him. You have to make sure both tubes are destroyed before this 
    happens. You'll know that it starts speeding toward Bryson when it 
    honks its horn. The next target is the white thing on the front of the 
    car, quickly destroy it, then fire at the engine of the car! With the 
    engine out the van will be destroyed. :)
    - Checkpoint 5:04 -
    In this next one you'll be timed! This might be a little complicated 
    but I'll try summing everything up. Basically you have to destroy the 
    four Anti-Air units (Bryson said there's two, but there's actually 
    four). And by doing that you need to clear every soldier in this place 
    in order for you to possess a new Host who has the ability to destroy 
    the Anti-Air Units. There are four areas with one tower in each area, 
    the top of each tower contains an Anti-Air unit. If you bring up your 
    Map (Control Pad left) you'll be able to get a better picture of the 
    area. Start out by heading to the right, the area that's closest to 
    Possess the gun cam in the first area behind the soldier and shoot the 
    soldier to bring up the alarm (you'll have a soldier scared and 
    possessable, but it's smarter to keep him out of this at the moment or 
    you'll have every soldier in the field after you). Then kill the second 
    soldier, and then dispossess the gun cam and destroy it by using the 
    Explosive Container. Now move on to the next area by using the blue-lit 
    cave somewhere here in the first area.
    In the second area possess the farthest gun cam from the cave you just 
    went through and start shooting the soldiers, then shoot at the gun cam 
    that doesn't have an Explosive Container below it. When it's destroyed 
    dispossess from that gun cam and possess the gun cam with the Explosive 
    Container under it and shoot the remaining three gun cams, as well as 
    the soldier (you'll have to bare with the static), and then destroy the 
    gun cam using the Explosive Container. Now move onto the third area by 
    jumping off the cliff (lol) and moving right.
    In here possess the first gun cam you see to the left and shoot the two 
    soldiers. Then possess the gun cam with the Explosive Container under 
    it and shoot at the other two gun cams. There will also be a guard that 
    starts approaching you so make sure you take him out. Then explode the 
    gun cam you were possessing. Now move onto the last area by going 
    Possess the first left one you see and shoot at the soldiers. When the 
    soldiers are down possess the other gun cam with the Explosive 
    Container under it and then shoot the gun cam you were previously 
    controlling down. Then explode this gun cam. Now with absolutely every 
    normal soldier in the field killed and every gun cam destroyed, move to 
    the scared Host in the center of this field and possess him for 
    Now go from tower-to-tower and use their elevators to go up to the 
    Anti-Air units (the white machines on the top) and throw a mine using 
    the R Button (you'll need to call on the elevators first using the 
    button near the elevators), then use the Z Button to detonate them. Do 
    this for the first two towers. After you throw the proximity mine at 
    the AA unit on the THIRD tower, do NOT detonate it automatically. Move 
    down the elevator of the third tower and head over to the fourth tower, 
    and go up the elevator. THEN detonate the proximity mine at the third 
    tower, because there will be three guards that will show up near the 
    third tower, thinking you're still up there and try to take you out. :)
    Then just simply throw a proximity mine at the AA unit on the fourth 
    tower and detonate it. And by the way, you can not have two proximity 
    mines to detonate simultaneously. You need to do it one at a time, so 
    don't throw the proximity mine at the fourth tower's AA unit before you 
    detonate the third tower's proximity mine. After the scene finishes 
    dispossess from Benny and go through the sliphole near the entrance to 
    this field. Follow the running figure.
    NOTE: The "Chef & Rat" Multiplayer Characters and The "Raid" 
    Multiplayer Level Should Be Unlocked!
    F. Chapter 6 - Gigi
    Start off by turning around and going back. Examine the door at the end 
    for [TEXT LOG 6-43: LARGE DOOR]. Now return on your normal path for a 
    scene. After the scene head forward all the way, jump over the branch, 
    and float up the set of rocks in front of you to arrive at a ledge. 
    Follow the path ignoring the crack on the wall to the very end to find 
    a [GHOST COLLECTIBLE 6-1] just before the area where the bridge used to 
    be. Now head back and enter through the crack on the wall you found 
    before (it'll be to your right as you head down the path). Go a little 
    forward and examine the large mirror below you for [TEXT LOG 6-1: LARGE 
    MIRROR]. Now enter through the crack on the wall near the mirror.
    Start off by examining the shelves right in front of you for [TEXT LOG 
    6-2: PANTRY SHELVES] and the barrels on the corner for [TEXT LOG 6-5: 
    STORAGE BARRELS]. Head onto the next room and examine the big, metal 
    freezer on the wall for [TEXT LOG 6-3: OLD FREEZER] and the shelves on 
    the right wall for [TEXT LOG 6-6: OLD CANNED FOOD]. Now head onto the 
    next room and examine the big table for [TEXT LOG 6-7: LARGE KITCHEN 
    TABLE]. Now head out any of the two doors in this room and go inside a 
    room that looks like a bathroom (should be to your right upon exiting 
    the doors) and examine the stalls for [TEXT LOG 6-4: BATHROOM STALLS]. 
    Now go into another room that looks like a dining room (opposite side 
    of kitchen) and examine the big table for [TEXT LOG 6-27: LARGE DINING 
    TABLE], the crack on the wall in the dining room for [TEXT LOG 6-9: 
    CRACK IN THE WALL]. Now head outside the dining hall and examine the 
    locked door right next to the dining room door for [TEXT LOG 6-35: 
    LOCKED DOOR], the big decorative door in this hall for [TEXT LOG 6-36: 
    MEDIUM STONE DOOR], and the statue in the center for [TEXT LOG 6-42: 
    Now return to the dining room and float onto the table and then float 
    above the Crack in the Wall into a hidden room (that was behind the 
    Locked Door). Examine the shelves in this small room for [TEXT LOG 6-8: 
    LINEN SHELF], and then possess the small antique clock near the Locked 
    Door for [POSSESSED OBJECTS 6-1: ANTIQUE CLOCK]. Press the A Button to 
    make the bear go up and then the A Button again to stab the bear on the 
    tummy. After the scene ends go back up through the Crack in the Wall 
    and go through the opened door and reach the crack on the wall at the 
    end of the hall.
    In this big room there's a ton of things. First go to the room on the 
    left upon entering the big room for the library. Here use your map and 
    examine: the book pile on the southeastern corner of the room, the 
    closed book in front of the northeastern entrance to this room, the 
    middle shelf books on the bookshelf on the west wall just north of the 
    middle table, the open book on the shelf near the first pile of books 
    you examined, the closed book on the floor near the northern middle 
    table, the opened book on the bottom shelf of the northeastern 
    bookshelf, and the shelf to the right of the big painting. In the end 
    you'll get [TEXT LOG 6-10: DIARY ENTRY], [TEXT LOG 6-11: DIARY ENTRY], 
    6-14: DIARY ENTRY], [TEXT LOG 6-15: DIARY ENTRY], and [TEXT LOG 6-16: 
    TALL BOOKSHELF]. Now enter the opposite room (the room to the right 
    upon entering the big room).
    In the parlor examine the fireplace (with no fire) for [TEXT LOG 6-30: 
    FIREPLACE] and the generator near the entrance for [TEXT LOG 6-40: 
    POWER GENERATOR]. Also pick up the [GHOST COLLECTIBLE 6-2] behind the 
    counter on the southern wall of this room. Now return to the big room 
    and examine the decorative door for [TEXT LOG 6-34: LARGE STONE DOOR] 
    and any of the five statues that AREN'T the middle statue for [TEXT LOG 
    6-42: STONE STATUE]. Now return to the library and possess the painting 
    for [POSSESSED OBJECTS 6-2: OIL PAINTING] and you'll notice a hidden 
    room behind it. Dispossess and then observe the painting. Notice the 
    time on the grandfather clock, and then set that time on the 
    grandfather clock near the entrance to the library by possessing it for 
    [POSSESSED OBJECTS 6-4: GRANDFATHER CLOCK]. Just so you know the time 
    on the painting is 10:05, so you need to set that time on this clock. 
    And also remember that you're in the clock's perspective so it's 
    backwards. After you set the time press the A Button to confirm and 
    reveal the hidden room.
    In here examine the paper on the wall to your left for [TEXT LOG 6-16: 
    FINGER PAINTING], the test tubes on top of the table below the Finger 
    Painting for [TEXT LOG 6-17: CHEMISTRY SET], the vase near the entrance 
    to this room for [TEXT LOG 6-18: ANTIQUE VASE], and the small globe on 
    top of the desk for [TEXT LOG 6-19: OLD GLOBE]. Now possess the clock 
    on the desk for [POSSESSED OBJECTS 6-3: MUSICAL CLOCK]. Press the A 
    Button to start the cute, little minigame and when you the highlighter 
    goes over an arrow you'll have to tilt that direction with the Control 
    Stick. Do this four phases total without any mistakes to win the 
    minigame and open the ceiling in the big room. If you mess up you'll 
    have to start from the first phase. Now return to the big room and 
    possess the center statue for [POSSESSED OBJECTS 6-6: STATUE WITH 
    Now you'll have to aim your light at the other five statues outside the 
    center area in a specific order to form a star and open the Large Stone 
    Door as said in the three books in the Library that you were able to 
    read. Start by pointing your light at the southwestern statue (with the 
    help of the small plaques that state: N for North, E for East, W for 
    West, and S for South) and shine at it. Then do the same thing with the 
    eastern statue, then the western statue, then the southeastern statue, 
    and lastly the northern statue. The door will open so go through it and 
    through the crack on the wall by floating through the platforms. Go 
    forward and you'll notice yourself in a sort of dead garden area.
    Examine the dead tree for [TEXT LOG 6-26: LARGE DEAD TREE], and three 
    playground sets near the tree for [TEXT LOG 6-37: RUSTY MERRY-GO-
    SWING SET]. You'll notice that whenever you approach these playground 
    sets you'll hear Gigi's laughter. You'll also notice a certain room on 
    the windows in the ceiling with a sort of greenish glow. Go through the 
    opened door and follow the green haze until you reach Gigi's room.
    After the long and tragic scene Gigi will tell you to follow her to an 
    exit. First head into Alexander's room though (the one right next to 
    Gigi's). Start by examining the bed for [TEXT LOG 6-20: ALEX'S BED], 
    the small bookshelf right next to it for [TEXT LOG 6-21: ALEX'S BOOKS], 
    the desk near the globe for [TEXT LOG 6-25: CHILD'S DESK], the globe on 
    the floor for [TEXT LOG 6-33: GLASS GLOBE], and the sailing ship model 
    on top of the bookshelf for [TEXT LOG 6-38: WOODEN MODEL SHIP]. Now 
    head back into Gigi's room.
    In here examine the bookshelf near her bed for [TEXT LOG 6-24: 
    CHILDREN'S BOOKS], the doll cabinet near the entrance for [TEXT LOG 6-
    28: DOLL CABINET], the doll house in between the bookshelf and the 
    windows for [TEXT LOG 6-29: WOODEN DOLLHOUSE], and then Gigi's bed 
    [TEXT LOG 6-31: GIGI'S BED].
    Now exit the room and follow Gigi over to her aunt, Giselle's room. 
    Enter the farther door into the bathroom and examine the bathtub for 
    [TEXT LOG 6-22: OLD BATHTUB]. Return to the main bedroom and examine 
    the bed for [TEXT LOG 6-32: GISELLE'S BED]. Back in the bathroom 
    examine the toilet for [TEXT LOG 6-39: OLD TOILET], and the vanity in 
    the bathroom for [TEXT LOG 6-47: AN ANTIQUE VANITY]. Lastly go into the 
    unexplored small room and examine the chair near the window for [TEXT 
    LOG 6-48: CHAIR BY THE WINDOW]. Now go through the crack on the 
    bathroom wall.
    Start by examining the truck that doesn't have the guy inside for [TEXT 
    LOG 6-46: VOLKS TRUCK], then possess the engine of the other truck. 
    Repeatedly tap the A Button to run over the imps and then possess the 
    guy who just left the car for [POSSESSED HOSTS 6-1: SHOTGUN SOLDIER]. 
    You're now armed with a shotgun (one of my favorite weapons in this 
    game). Start off by shooting the several imps near the walkway. Walk 
    forward and examine the huge subway for [TEXT LOG 6-44: DESERTED SUBWAY 
    CAR]. Walk inside the subway train while fighting through imps. You'll 
    also find a [HOST COLLECTIBLE 6-1] on the far side of this first car. 
    Keep moving on, and you'll find that in the end of the third car a boss 
    music will start playing. Oh boy! Walk forward for the boss to show up.
    BOSS 5: CREATURE REMATCH (Difficulty: *)
       Apparantly the first boss came back for a rematch (which is why you 
    couldn't kill him off the first time). You have a more powerful weapon 
    on you than you did as Raimi, the Z Button's double barrel shot is 
    especially useful to rack up damage on this fight. Just fight him the 
    same way you did before, except now you can use the train walls for 
    cover. Only take about 1/2 of his health and he'll crawl back up.
    Look on the ground to your right just outside the third car and you'll 
    notice in a small nook a [HOST COLLECTIBLE 6-2]. Also at the end of the 
    next car (right before the door) a [HOST COLLECTIBLE 6-3] should be to 
    your left. Just keep moving along while shooting imps until you reach a 
    locked door, and the boss music plays again.
    -- Checkpoint 6:01 --
    BOSS 5: CREATURE REMATCH PART 2 (Difficulty: *)
       He's back with only half of his HP, and he's not any tougher. You'll 
    actually have a much easier time than you did twenty seconds ago 
    because there are two medical packs around this area. Do the same thing 
    as before but just until his HP reaches 1/16 and then he'll crawl back 
    up the hole. You also have the opportunity to hide behind the train 
    walls and the pillars in this area.
    Now go up the stairs to face a new enemy. There are about four spiders 
    in this area, and they're a little tricky and quick. When they're 
    invisible they're basically invincible. They are only vulnerable when 
    they are visible. Four shotgun shots or two double shotgun shots should 
    kill a spider. Do this for all four spiders. Afterwards before going up 
    the lift make sure to grab the [HOST COLLECTIBLE 6-4] at the rubble 
    while going down one of set of stairs. Now go up the lift. Once you go 
    through the barrier you'll go through a scene. Apparently those very 
    quick people have the technology to see you (as a ghost) through the 
    Host... crap!
    You'll have to go through this area while trying to avoid their 
    gunfire. Sure, you don't have a Host, but if your spirit meter becomes 
    all red you end up dying, and that's exactly what the gunfire is taking 
    out. Many of these paths have barriers so it's sort of tricky. Go 
    forward all the way until you reach a barrier, take a left. Oh! And 
    also remember, there's some plantation around in case too much of your 
    spirit meter depletes. Anyways continue through the left path and then 
    take a right. Take another right and float through the huge gap (using 
    the side platforms for a little rest). Go through the slightly opened 
    door at the end and float through the gap. At the end take a right, 
    float through the gap, take a left, and continue down until you catch a 
    NOTE: The "Dead Garden" Multiplayer Level and The "Summit" Multiplayer 
    Level Should Be Unlocked!
    G. Chapter 7 - Captured
    Now you'll be in another simulator like you were in the beginning of 
    Chapter 2, except this one is hell of a lot more fun! Start off by 
    possessing the sniper in front of you for [POSSESSED HOSTS 7-1: VOLKS 
    The sniper has several advantages. As you aim you will be able to zoom 
    into enemies. Depending on how hard you press into the L Button changes 
    the zoom-in magnification (there are only two magnification levels 
    though). And the secondary fire has been replaced with an infrared 
    scope which allows you to find targets much easily. Start by sniping 
    the several soldiers on the ground level in front of you. Try aiming 
    for headshots since that one-hit kills them. There's also two health 
    packs behind the pillars in case you need them. After all the soldiers 
    in the front are taken care of you'll need to take out the snipers on 
    top of buildings. There's also some ground snipers and some snipers on 
    the buildings to your right and left. After all snipers are taken out 
    your target dignitary will start running from his vehicle into the 
    building. If you're using infrared scope he's the one that looks a 
    little different from the guards. It will also be hard to headshot him, 
    so fire at him twice and that should kill him.
    Now you'll be in stage two, in my opinion the hardest, and you're 
    objective is to kill every enemy that tries escaping towards the front 
    door. This part could be a little hard, but I recommend starting off as 
    the Host right in front of you for [POSSESSED HOSTS 7-3: VOLKS SOLDIER] 
    since you have two Hosts to start with and eight seconds to prepare. 
    Take these eight seconds to prepare your weapon, and remember there are 
    two health packs near the crack on the wall.
    Now start by taking out the first wave. Two will come out from the 
    first floor left door, two will come out from the right opening, and 
    then another two will come out the left opening. Reload your weapon 
    during these next eight seconds for the second wave and use a health 
    pack if needed.
    The second wave will come from the second floor left door, the right 
    opening, the second floor right door, and the left opening. Now take 
    the other health pack if needed and reload your weapon and ready 
    yourself for the final wave.
    The last wave will come from the first floor right door, the left 
    opening, the right opening, the second floor right door, and the second 
    floor left door. After you finish this you'll be taken to stage three.
    Your objective for stage three is to survive using only one Host. 
    Possess the guy in front of you for [POSSESSED HOSTS 7-4: SUMMIT 
    AGENT]. Shoot down the two agents in this room and then open the door. 
    Quickly head into the left room while shooting at the agent inside. 
    Take a moment and take out the two agents just outside the door. 
    Quickly head through the door that one of the agents was in. The next 
    two rooms are relatively safe, but first go back a little and take out 
    the agent in the small hall. Now head inside the two safe rooms and 
    once you go out that door quickly head into the hall and shoot the 
    agent you see there (the only one that will shoot you).
    Now try killing the other two guards in this big room and go inside the 
    room right next to the hall you were just in. Right near the opposite 
    door you should find a brown double door. That's your objective. If you 
    have enough HP you can take out the guards that are in this next room. 
    If not, try hauling a** through the door. You'll only need to kill the 
    agent that comes face-to-face with you after the door, then you can 
    travel downstairs to complete the objective. Now dispossess from your 
    agent and go through the crack on the wall. Possess the power box in 
    front of you and quickly shut off the elevators. Now dispossess and 
    head through the other crack on the wall. Use this new agent to your 
    right, and just like you've guessed, you'll need to go through this 
    again without any medical packs.
    Headshot the agent right next to you and head through the doors. Take 
    out the two agents here, and use the wall to support yourself from the 
    other two agents in the more open area. Now head into the opened door 
    quickly and take out the two guards you see here. Once you head through 
    that door you'll be face-to-face with three more agents. You can choose 
    to either kill them off, or quickly retreat through the door right in 
    front of you. In this next hall start shooting at the elevator cables, 
    dispossess and float to the next room. Possess your dignitary and 
    simply commit suicide in the elevator shaft.
    Now for this next one possess the agent and throw a grenade at the 
    door. After the short scene throw a grenade at the other door you see 
    here to break it down. Head in there and shoot the agent. Throw another 
    grenade at this next door and kill the agents inside and yadda yadda 
    yadda! You get the idea, simply just keep on going until you reach the 
    last door on the right in the last hall. Throw a grenade in that door 
    and dispossess your agent and possess the dignitary for [POSSESSED 
    After the scene you'll be busted out of another CPU unit just like with 
    Chapter 2, as a matter of fact you return back to Chapter 2. :)
    Examine the two dead soldiers in front of you for [TEXT LOG 7-15: DEAD 
    SOLDIER 1] and [TEXT LOG 7-16: DEAD SOLDIER 2]. Head towards the open 
    door and examine the ladder in the corner for [TEXT LOG 7-14: LADDER]. 
    Also examine the paint cans on the top shelf in this room for [TEXT LOG 
    7-17: STACK OF PAINT CANS], the component on the floor in a corner for 
    [TEXT LOG 7-18: OLD RUSTY MOTOR], and the boards near the ladder for 
    [TEXT LOG 7-19: STACK OF BOARDS]. Now head into the open door and 
    possess the Engineer. Head upstairs (you can sprint) and head into the 
    next door. You'll notice yourself in the corridor that Rourke and Volks 
    were walking through in the beginning of Chapter 2. Go left upon 
    entering this corridor and dispossess your Host. Snatch the [GHOST 
    COLLECTIBLE 7-2] behind the console. Now go back to your host and 
    examine the trap door in the center of this side of the corridor for 
    On the opposite side of this corridor is a huge door. Examine it for 
    [TEXT LOG 7-6: LARGE METAL DOOR]. Also examine both signs near the 
    other two doors that are across from each other for [TEXT LOG 7-21: 
    by heading into the Weapons Lab and down the path to find a scene with 
    three scientists. Examine the huge machine in the center of the room 
    for [TEXT LOG 7-7: SCIENTIFIC TOOL ARRAY], any of the boxes piled 
    around the lab for [TEXT LOG 7-22: WEAPONS LAB BOXES], the cabinet near 
    one of the box piles for [TEXT LOG 7-24: SUPPLY CABINET], the sticky 
    note on the two computers on both opposite sides for [TEXT LOG 7-25: 
    STICKY NOTE] and [TEXT LOG 7-26: STICKY NOTE], the microwave-like 
    machines near the scientists for [TEXT LOG 7-31: LAB EQUIPMENT], any of 
    the microscopes around the bench for [TEXT LOG 7-32: MICROSCOPE], and 
    the white papers on the lab bench for [TEXT LOG 7-33: LAB MANUALS].
    Now return to the long corridor and go to the Power Room. Take the left 
    door first and examine the elevator button for [TEXT LOG 7-1: UNPOWERED 
    EQUIPMENT]. Now return back and go to the right door and head part of 
    the way down. Look around near the walls and you'll probably notice a 
    small little alcove. Dispossess from your host and float over the black 
    supporters and float towards that alcove and grab the [GHOST 
    COLLECTIBLE 7-1]. Now return to your host and go all the way down. In 
    this next room examine the fuse box to your right for [TEXT LOG 7-39: 
    FUSE BOX]. Now head into the next room which happens to be a Decon 
    Room. Examine the yellow sign near the other door for [TEXT LOG 7-36: 
    HAZMAT SIGN], then dispossess from your host and float up to the 
    showerhead and examine it for [TEXT LOG 7-35: HAZMAT FILTER], then 
    return to your host and grab the suit from the glass case. You'll be a 
    Hazmat Engineer again.
    Head into this next room and ready your rivet gun. Examine either of 
    the two shafts in this next room for [TEXT LOG 7-37: VENT SHAFT], then 
    go back and head up the small ramp and examine the map to your left for 
    [TEXT LOG 7-38: MAP OF THE SUBWAY]. Now head on and fight all the 
    enemies that come at you. There will be imps and spiders. At the end 
    there will be three health packs in case you took serious damage. There 
    will also be a spider in the next room. If you're just outside the 
    threshold you can kill it without it noticing you. There will also be a 
    [HOST COLLECTIBLE 7-3] behind one of the pillars in this room. Now 
    enter the next door.
    -- Checkpoint 7:01 --
    In this next room head up the elevator and talk to the other Engineer. 
    Head back down and start by pulling the lever that starts flashing 
    blue. A timer will start and you'll need to pull all the other five 
    levers in sequence by whichever flashes blue. After you pull the sixth 
    the machines will start working, so head back up the elevator. Examine 
    the body on the floor for [TEXT LOG 7-5: BODY PARTS]. Now you'll need 
    to push the buttons on the three machines on top here. Push all three 
    and the power will be restored, but then--
    BOSS 6: CREATURE REMATCH DEUX (Difficulty: *)
       Yup, he's back. And trust me, he isn't that much harder. It's 
    basically the same deal except he'll be dropping down in different 
    areas, and you'll have to attack him with the rivet gun, which is 
    pretty useful since it has such high capacity. Do the same thing, 
    except this time, ground him for good! There will be three health packs 
    around this area in case you need them.
    With that creature out of the picture forever, go back and press the 
    button on all three machines to restore power again. Now return ALL the 
    way back to the Weapons Lab (you'll need to put your suit back in the 
    glass case when you reach the area). We're about to do my favorite part 
    of this Chapter! :)
    -- Checkpoint 7:02 --
    When you're inside the Weapons Lab, dispossess the Engineer and possess 
    the Scientific Tool Array for [POSSESSED OBJECTS 7-4: SCIENTIFIC TOOL 
    ARRAY]. Press the A Button to frighten the scientists. Now you only 
    need to scare one scientist so you can progress through the area, but 
    all three scientists have different weapons and we want to find one 
    that will benefit you for the rest of this Chapter, also if you want 
    100% completion you'll need to possess all of them.
    Start with the one who ran up the stairs and into the door. Knock on it 
    with your Host to open a crack on the door. Go through it as a ghost 
    and examine the machine to your left for [TEXT LOG 7-2: HYDRA BEAM 
    GUN]. Then head upstairs in this room and examine the turned on 
    computer for [TEXT LOG 7-23: PASSWORD-PROTECTED COMPUTER]. Then go back 
    downstairs and examine the whiteboard for [TEXT LOG 7-40: LAB 
    WHITEBOARD], and lastly the large empty tank for [TEXT LOG 7-41: EMPTY 
    LAB TANK]. Now possess the microscope behind the scientist for 
    [POSSESSED OBJECTS 7-7: MICROSCOPE]. Use it several times to catch his 
    attention, then when he looks at you use it again to bring him over. 
    When he puts it on the highest magnification level press the A Button 
    again to leave a message and scare him.
    Now dispossess and possess him for [POSSESSED HOSTS 7-8: ELECTRICAL 
    RESEARCH SCIENTIST]. Go up to the Hydra Beam Gun and grab it. OK, this 
    is scientist #1's weapon. It basically shoots the laser that the Hydra 
    boss from Chapter 5 shoots as primary fire, and it's secondary fire is 
    the blue flame that imps usually set off. In my opinion this is my 
    favorite of the three weapons. Bring him over to the main laboratory 
    and dispossess him. Then go over to the right door on the lower level 
    (the one with the crack already on the door). Slip through the crack.
    In this next room examine the machine to your left for [TEXT LOG 7-3: 
    IMP FLAMETHROWER]. Go upstairs and examine the computer with the sticky 
    note for [TEXT LOG 7-27: STICKY NOTE]. Then examine the large tank in 
    the center for [TEXT LOG 7-41: LAB TANK WITH HYDRA]. Then possess the 
    filing cabinet near the scientist for [POSSESSED OBJECTS 7-8: FILING 
    CABINET]. Press the A Button to open the cabinet and then the A Button 
    again to scare the scientist. Now possess him for [POSSESSED HOSTS 7-6: 
    PYRO RESEARCH SCIENTIST] and go grab that Imp Flamethrower. It's 
    primary fire is basically a blue flamethrower that's very effective, 
    and it's secondary fire is the blue glame that imps usually set off. 
    Now return to the main lab.
    And before I forget, in this main lab examine the four turned on 
    computers that don't have a sticky note on them. You'll get three 
    entries for [TEXT LOG 7-28: WEAPONS LAB COMPUTER], [TEXT LOG 7-29: 
    with any two of the Hosts go towards the last door, knock on it, and 
    slip in through the door.
    In here examine the machine to your right for [TEXT LOG 7-4: TENTACLE 
    CANNON], and the large tank in the center for [TEXT LOG 7-43: LARGE 
    TANK WITH TENTACLE MONSTER]. Now possess the severed tentacle on the 
    side table desk for [POSSESSED OBJECTS 7-6: SEVERED TENTACLE]. Press 
    the A Button twice to break the beaker and catch the scientist's 
    attention. He'll come over and pick up the beaker, then slap him with 
    the tentacle. Then possess him for [POSSESSED HOSTS 7-7: EXPLOSIVES 
    RESEARCH SCIENTIST]. Grab the Tentacle Cannon off the wall. It's 
    primary fire is basically the blue orb that the tentacle creature spits 
    out, and just like the other two weapons, it's secondary fire is the 
    imps' flames. Now return to the main lab.
    From here you should choose either the Hydra Beam Gun scientist, the 
    Imp Flamethrower scientist, or the Tentacle Cannon scientist. You'll 
    have to go through the rest of this Chapter with whatever scientist you 
    pick. Again, I chose my favorite, the Hydra Beam Gun scientist. When 
    you finish choosing, return to the long corridor. :)
    Head through the big door after the soldier asks if you have a powerful 
    weapon. In this next room I'd recommend just waiting a bit until the 
    fight clears out, because if you accidentally shoot a soldier, not only 
    will you have the spiders and imps on your tail, but the soldiers will 
    also start shooting at you. If the spiders/imps win, then take them 
    out. If the soldiers win, then keep moving on to the next door. Head 
    down the hall and use the retinal scanner. Stay back, but if you can 
    manage to take out the imps without hurting a soldier then do so.
    On the opposite side from where you came from examine the doors for 
    [TEXT LOG 7-8: LOCKED DOUBLE DOORS] and then all four signs near each 
    door in the room. You should get [TEXT LOG 7-10: COMMAND ROOM 
    DIRECTIONS]. Near the door to the Command Room you'll notice some 
    rubble. If you walk against it, somehow you'll walk over it. But 
    anyways keep going around the catwalk until you find a [HOST 
    COLLECTIBLE 7-1]. Now return to the ground floor and go through the 
    Security Room door (the crack on the door as a ghost).
    Possess any of the scared soldiers in here for [POSSESSED HOSTS 7-9: 
    VOLKS SOLDIER]. Clear the room of any imps and spiders. Also, from the 
    door you came through, check the alcove right in front of it for a 
    [HOST COLLECTIBLE 7-4]. Head onto the next room and kill the spider in 
    here. Then click both of the flashing computers and return all the way 
    to your scientist. Go through the Command Room door (south), replenish 
    your health if you need to. Then check the retinal scanner.
    You'll see a whole bunch of imps dropping from the ceiling in this 
    room. Go down and take out all the spiders and imps you see. There 
    should be two spiders and six imps. After they are all taken care of go 
    back upstairs and examine the retinal scanner for [TEXT LOG 7-9: 
    MALFUNCTIONING EQUIPMENT]. Return to the lower floor and go through the 
    door. Now just go through the path killing all the spiders you see. 
    Along the path you'll also come across a [HOST COLLECTIBLE 7-2] (it 
    should be found in an area before the screen says "Stage Complete").
    -- Checkpoint 7:03 --
    BOSS 7: HYDRA REMATCH (Difficulty: ****)
       Apparently Chapter 7 has two bosses. He's a lot harder than he was 
    in Chapter 4, however! There's not much to say other than chase him 
    down and shoot your weapon at the junk around its shell. Keep damaging 
    him like that but be careful of the blue gas he emits. That could harm 
    your scientist. There's also several health packs around the field. 
    It's too confusing for me to count them all, but there's a sufficient 
    amount for this fight. What I recommend to you though is NOT to follow 
    it. You can try sprinting, but it's too dangerous to remain behind him 
    with the blue gas. For this fight I usually just run near the walls and 
    shoot my Hydra Beam Gun at Hydra whenever he passes by. This is by far 
    the longest boss fight in the game, but I know you can do it! I have 
    faith in you! :D When all of his HP is down, just like the Tentacle 
    Creature, he's done for good.
    After the fight is done, dispossess your Host and slip through the 
    crack on the wall in the southwestern corner.
    NOTE: The "Volks & Roach" Multiplayer Characters and The "Complex" 
    Multiplayer Level Should Be Unlocked!
    H. Chapter 8 - Rourke
    Start off by simply floating over the fence in front of you and head 
    inside any of the side doors near the stage. Slip through the crack on 
    the door at the end of the path. After that scene take the door on the 
    left and follow on until you see a door to your left with a crack that 
    you can slip through. Go through it and inside this room you'll find 
    Rourke and his secretary. Examine the desk near the door for [TEXT LOG 
    8-1: DESK], then possess the bed near the desk for [POSSESSED OBJECTS 
    8-1: BED]. Use it to scare her and the dispossess and possess the 
    secretary for [POSSESSED HOSTS 8-1: BETH WATSON]. Now exit the nearby 
    door and go to the room across from you.
    The door at the far end is locked so you won't be able to get too far. 
    However check the lockers behind the counter with the guard for [TEXT 
    LOG 8-11: LOCKERS]. Then examine the counter with the guard for [TEXT 
    LOG 8-13: CHECK-IN AREA], then the monitors above the Check-In Area for 
    [TEXT LOG 8-15: MONITOR]. Now go over to the other counter (without the 
    guard) and examine it for [TEXT LOG 8-12: CHECK-IN AREA], and the 
    monitors above it for [TEXT LOG 8-14: MONITOR]. Also make sure you grab 
    the [HOST COLLECTIBLE 8-1] behind one of the counters.
    Now head out and take a right. The guard there will tell you about 
    Rourke's fear of dogs. Hmm, interesting. Head on and you'll be in a 
    room with the dog trainer looking for her rat. Dispossess and head 
    inside the fence and examine any of the two shelves for [TEXT LOG 8-9: 
    SHELF]. Now continue past the trainer and take a right on the fork and 
    enter the room. You'll be in a room full of rat traps.
    Examine any of the lockers for [TEXT LOG 8-5: LOCKER], and the shelves 
    inside the fence (again, dispossess to examine them) for [TEXT LOG 8-7: 
    SHELF]. Now go inside the next room to be in a room infested with rats. 
    You'll see one white rat and a bunch of brown rats. The white rat is 
    the dog trainer's rat. First examine a shelf in this room for [TEXT LOG 
    8-8: SHELF], and a bag of dog food in this room for [TEXT LOG 8-10: DOG 
    FOOD]. Also snatch the [HOST COLLECTIBLE 8-2] inside one of the 
    metallic objects piled in this room. Now dispossess and possess a rat 
    trap for [POSSESSED OBJECTS 8-2: RATTRAP].
    -- Checkpoint 8:01 --
    Use the rattrap to draw one of the rats' attention, and the A again to 
    scare all the rats in the room. Possess the white rat (should be near 
    one of the metallic objects) for [POSSESSED HOSTS 8-3: JULIET]. Now you 
    need to leave this room, but be careful, there are rattraps everywhere! 
    And like normal rats, Juliet gets an attraction to the cheese on the 
    rattraps. Try fighting away from the rattraps. With the first two 
    rattraps you encounter in the next room try running right between them 
    and keep tilting the Control Stick up to get away from them 
    successfully. The next rattrap is easy to dodge, just stay near the 
    walls. Then there will be two paths, two rattraps on each path. Take 
    the left path and just like the first two rattraps run right between 
    Now there will be three rattraps in the next path. Run right in between 
    one of them and then head up the stairs using the little dirt ramp. 
    Quickly head into the small little rat hole on the side of the door and 
    work your way through the area. You'll notice that the dog trainer 
    isn't the area that she was before. So keep heading on until you reach 
    the set of stairs and go through the hole to reach the stair's ledge. 
    Keep working your way around it. The guard will open the door for you 
    so go through it, then take the next left door that another guard will 
    open for you as well.
    Head over to the opposite side of the room for a scene. You'll now be 
    in a cage, so dispossess and start by examining the cages near the door 
    for [TEXT LOG 8-2: CAGE], the small hose in that small room in the back 
    for [TEXT LOG 8-3: WASH AREA], and any of the shelves in this room for 
    [TEXT LOG 8-4: SHELF]. Now possess the light near the parrot for 
    [POSSESSED OBJECTS 8-3: WORK LIGHT] and then explode it to scare the 
    parrot and frighten the dog trainer. Now dispossess the possess the 
    parrot for [POSSESSED HOSTS 8-2: EDGAR]. Use him twice to scare the dog 
    trainer and then possess her for [POSSESSED HOSTS 8-4: KIERA WELLS].
    Now head over to Phantom's cage and let him out. Use the dog biscuits 
    on him twice to put him on a leash. Now your only way of walking is to 
    drop dog biscuits in front of Phantom. You'll have an infinite amount 
    of biscuits. Check the table that Juliet is on for [TEXT LOG 8-6: 
    TABLE]. Start off by heading all the way to the Check-In Area that we 
    were in before. Open the door in front of you by having Phantom go near 
    -- Checkpoint 8:02 --
    If you ever want to heel him from going after a certain biscuit press 
    the Z Button. Once you exit the door you'll be familiar with this area, 
    so now just head to the Check-In Area. Go to the farther door and open 
    it. As you head down prepare yourself. Open the next door and you'll be 
    face-to-face with Rourke, who IS scared of dogs. Press the A Button to 
    unleash Phantom and hide behind the walls to stay away from any 
    gunfire. After the short scene showing that Rourke is scared happens, 
    dispossess and possess Rourke for [POSSESSED HOSTS 8-6: COMMANDER 
    Check any of the control panels in this room for [TEXT LOG 8-16: 
    CONTROL PANEL]. Dispossess from Rourke momentarily and slip through the 
    crack near the Catalyst Laser to be inside the rift. Near the western 
    part of the rift you'll find a [GHOST COLLECTIBLE 8-1] on top of the 
    rubble. Now return back to Rourke and head all the way back to the 
    Check-In Area. Exit through the next door, take a left and go all the 
    way. Then open the door with the two guards and ride the lift.
    -- Checkpoint 8:03 --
    After you exit the elevator go around the elevator clockwise and you'll 
    run into a [HOST COLLECTIBLE 8-3]. Now go through the door and follow 
    the guard at the end. Head inside the room. Examine any of the armor on 
    the racks (not the middle one) for [TEXT LOG 8-17: MYSTERIOUS ARMOR], 
    any of the trashcans on the lower level of this room for [TEXT LOG 8-
    18: TRASHCAN], any of the lockers on the lower level of this room for 
    [TEXT LOG 8-19: LOCKERS], and any of the green monitors on the wall for 
    [TEXT LOG 8-20: ARMOR STATUS MONITOR]. Now grab the armor in the middle 
    to turn into [POSSESSED HOSTS 8-7: COMMANDER ROURKE]. This form has 
    many advantages.
    If you press the L Button you'll enter boost mode, and you'll run just 
    as fast as if you were a ghost. But there's a gauge that slowly 
    depletes. To exit boost mode press the L Button again. The R Button 
    shoots the gun you're equipped with, and the secondary fire is a 
    grenade launcher. Now head out the room. You'll notice that if you were 
    testing your weapon within the room the soldier will start shooting at 
    you. Just simply kill him if he is, and head into the other door.
    You'll notice that there's a soldier guarding the next door, so you'll 
    need to kill all the soldiers in this room before progressing. But 
    before you do so, examine any of the computers with a blue screen for 
    [TEXT LOG 8-21: CRASHED COMPUTER], any of the four large screens in the 
    front for [TEXT LOG 8-23: SECURITY SCREENS], any of the black chairs in 
    this room for [TEXT LOG 8-24: OFFICE CHAIR], any of the yellow folders 
    in the desks in this room for [TEXT LOG 8-25: LOG FILES], and lastly, 
    any of the three computers in this room that aren't displaying blue 
    screens for [TEXT LOG 8-26: SECURITY SCREENS].
    Now I recommend shooting the guard guarding the door and hiding behind 
    the small wall with the door and shooting the other guards like that. 
    There's a bunch of guards in this room and they can easily either kill 
    you or drop a huge chunk of your health before you progress on. You 
    also don't need to kill all of them. Only the one near the door needs 
    to be killed and then you can move onto the next room. But I recommend 
    also killing the other two or three that shoot at you and THEN enter 
    the next room.
    When you open the next door go inside and dispossess quickly. Go over 
    to the other end of the room and grab the [GHOST COLLECTIBLE 8-2] on 
    the box pile with the guard on top of it. Also examine any of the lone 
    containers on the floor for [TEXT LOG 8-22: STORAGE CONTAINERS], the 
    blue ooze on one of the walls for [TEXT LOG 8-27: MYSTERIOUS OOZE], and 
    the large crane on the ceiling for [TEXT LOG 8-28: OVERHEAD CRANE]. Now 
    return to Rourke and wipe out all the guards in this room with the help 
    of your boost. There are about six guards in this room. There's also a 
    health pack here in case you need it. 
    In the next room be careful of the green-clothed guards. Their grenades 
    take out a huge chunk of HP. There are also several health packs behind 
    the pillars on each wall of the room. Also examine the computers near 
    the pillars for [TEXT LOG 8-29: LOCKED SCREENS] and the center tube 
    with the moving bodies for [TEXT LOG 8-30: BODY STORAGE]. Now continue 
    on to the next room. There are more guards here as well as grenade 
    guards. Wipe them all out. There's a health pack in one of the corners 
    of this room.
    In the next room go into boost mode and around the catwalk to get 
    closer to the guard that's shooting at you and shoot him down. There 
    will also be two more guards on the upper level and one more in the 
    lower level. Afterwards head down and examine either of the two lifts 
    to your right for [TEXT LOG 8-31: VEHICLE LIFT] and the truck to your 
    right for [TEXT LOG 8-32: VOLKS TRUCK]. There's also a [HOST 
    COLLECTIBLE 8-4] right next to the truck in this room. Use the two 
    health packs in the lower level of this room if you need to then move 
    In this next room there will be about six more guards. Just like the 
    other room that looked like this one, the health packs are behind the 
    pillars. Now head onto the next door.
    -- Checkpoint 8:04 --
    This room will be a little more difficult. There will be soldiers 
    wearing suits just like yours so they can also boost. Also, if they hit 
    you with one of their grenades you'll be forced to leave Rourke's body. 
    They will start shooting at you as a ghost so stay around Rourke and 
    whenever you can possess him, do it! Then kill them in the other two 
    floors. This will all be simple with that boost of yours.
    -- Checkpoint 8:05 --
    After the scene head into the next two rooms and move forward. That 
    thing will finally dispossess from him and do something very dangerous!
    -- Checkpoint 8:06 --
    Quickly dispossess Rourke and possess your own body for [POSSESSED 
    HOSTS 8-5: JOHN RAIMI] (100% Possessed Hosts). Also, you'll need to 
    possess any of the AC units in this field for [POSSESSED OBJECTS 8-6: 
    AC UNIT] and examine any of the water towers in the corners for [TEXT 
    LOG 8-33: WATER TOWERS] before defeating Wraith.
    BOSS 8: ROURKE (Difficulty: ***)
       He's being possessed by that demon, so to take out the demon you 
    first need to take out Rourke. There are two medical packs near the 
    entrance in case you need them, as well as two near the other door. 
    Just shoot at Rourke nonstop. He'll start using his boost as well so 
    you'll need to be careful to not run out of ammo too quickly. The 
    grenades also work in case you want to use them, they only take out a 
    little bit of HP. After Rourke is out, the real boss comes out to play.
    BOSS 9: WRAITH (Difficulty: ***)
       Hey, he has the same name as one of the Controller options! The bad 
    thing though is that he moves faster than anything else in this game, 
    and you can ONLY damage it using grenades. It's only method of attack 
    as well is to possess things such as Explosive Containers and explode 
    them next to you, and to possess you and try luring you into any hazard 
    around the area (such as those fans). My method of attack was to simply 
    remain in a corner and repeatedly shoot out my grenade. Wraith will 
    need to pass through them to pass to you so that takes out damage. Then 
    when he possesses you repeatedly tap the A Button for him to exit. Just 
    keep using this method until he's dead.
    NOTE: The "Heaven" Multiplayer Level and The "Boss" Multiplayer Level 
    Should Be Unlocked!
    I. Chapter 9 - Volks
    Alrighty, now for the last Chapter! You'll start the Chapter out with a 
    boss fight.
    BOSS 10: HELICOPTERS (Difficulty: **)
       The only real trouble with this fight is not shooting the helicopter 
    down in time. Simply move onto one of the missle turrets in this area 
    and possess it for [POSSESSED OBJECTS 9-1: MISSLE TURRET] (100% 
    Possessed Objects). Shoot at the helicopter. Three shots should destroy 
    it and a second one will come and destroy the turret. Go back to your 
    body and shoot at it with your gun. Hide behind something so you won't 
    take damage and use your boost to help you out. There's also some 
    health packs laying around in case you need them.
    -- Checkpoint 9:01 --
    Afterwards there will be several spec ops coming after you. There are a 
    total of twelve of them. I recommend healing up quickly and then hiding 
    near the door near the shack. They'll try possessing you and moving you 
    near the fire of the helicopter or blow up an ammunition rack near you 
    so this is definitely the safest spot. Just do what you did with Wraith 
    and repeatedly shoot grenades until all twelve are down. After a 
    certain number one of them will possess the gun turrets on the 
    helicopter so shoot at it or throw a grenade at it to stop it.
    -- Checkpoint 9:02 --
    After all twelve are down, four soldiers will come out and start 
    shooting at you. Shoot at them while using the boost to wipe them out. 
    Then grab a health pack if needed and move on. In this next room there 
    will be two guards to kill. Afterwards a third one will walk in. Kill 
    all three and examine the blocked path in this room for [TEXT LOG 9-1: 
    PATH]. Then dispossess and slip through the crack on the door. Go up 
    the brown ladder and float over to the platform with the [GHOST 
    COLLECTIBLE 9-2] and grab it. Then go back to your body and go through 
    the door.
    Shoot the rocket launcher that appears in this room in the upper level. 
    There will also be some more red spirits. They will try dragging you 
    down the hole to the right. Take them out too and go down the lower 
    opening to arrive at a dead end with a [HOST COLLECTIBLE 9-2]. Now go 
    upstairs and two more guards will shoot at you from a higher platform. 
    Kill them or just move on. If you take the other path instead of the 
    door it will lead you to the area that had the two guards that were 
    shooting at you. Go through the door.
    Move on forward and you'll hear gunfire but no soldier, peek through 
    the corner to find a soldier. Boost around it and take him out. Then go 
    downstairs and shoot down the soldier that appears at the bottom. There 
    will also be another soldier in the room at the right. Also in this 
    room there should be a [HOST COLLECTIBLE 9-4] behind a barrel. The left 
    room only has a health pack.
    Go up the spiral staircase while boosting and shooting through the 
    three soldiers you find in here.
    In this next hall there will be two more guards down at the corner, and 
    one more when you finish turning the corner. Open the door and move 
    forward to enter a big room.
    -- Checkpoint 9:03 --
    Now this part can be a little difficult. There are four guards on the 
    ground floor, two on each side of you. There are also two rocket 
    launchers on the platform ahead of you. Quickly boost and take out the 
    four guards on the ground. After the two ground guards are taken out, 
    two more guards will come after you so hide away from the launchers' 
    zone of fire and take out the two new guards. Also if you hide on 
    either side of the pillars you can try and sneak a shot at the two 
    launchers. Otherwise if you're feeling risky you can boost to the 
    center of the area and quickly shoot down the launchers. Then throw 
    grenades at their escaping spirits.
    Go into the far room in the lower floor to find a destroyed library. 
    You'll find a [GHOST COLLECTIBLE 9-1] on top of one of the platforms. 
    You'll need to float to catch it however (100% Ghost Collectibles). 
    There's also a [HOST COLLECTIBLE 9-1] inside this room but it's a 
    little trickier. It's behind some of the debris. Now return to the main 
    Before heading upstairs by that wooden plank near the destroyed 
    library's entrance, examine any of the big pots near the pillars for 
    [TEXT LOG 9-2: POT], the big tipped-over pot near one of the pillars 
    for [TEXT LOG 9-3: POT], and lastly the tipped-over bench near the 
    entrance to this room for [TEXT LOG 9-4: BENCH] (100% Text Log). Now 
    head up and take out the two guards on both sides of you. Then go 
    around the platform and head upstairs in one of the corners.
    In this upper floor there will be a total of three more guards. Go past 
    the bridge and out one of the windows. You'll find the [HOST 
    COLLECTIBLE 9-3] on a ledge just outside the window (100% Host 
    Collectibles). Be careful of the two launchers while you cross the 
    bridge however. There's only those two rocket launchers and one more 
    normal guard. And then that's the last of the enemies you'll be seeing 
    in this game :). Now it's just bosses.
    Head up the spiral staircase and go through the door.
    -- Checkpoint 9:04 --
    BOSS 11: GOLEMS (Difficulty: ****)
       This is by far the hardest boss, but it's still possible. There are 
    basically two golems, and what you have to do is shoot your gun at the 
    blue cracks in it's body. It'll expose a total of eight blue spots. 
    Then when ALL eight spots on a golem are exposed, what you have to do 
    is shoot your grenade at it's weak spots (the blue glowing spots) on 
    it's body while it glows to take out about a quarter of damage. The HP 
    bar is for both golems by the way, and there are two health packs near 
    one of the doors. Its attacks are stomping over you (when you see them 
    run towards you), sending shockwaves (when it walks slower), and 
    shooting missles from their eyes. For this fight it's important to 
    ALWAYS keep moving, or those beams will hit you. And while one golem is 
    going to try melee-attacking you, the other will shoot the missles from 
    afar. Take out 2/3 of the health bar to take down one golem, and then 
    the other third of the health bar is for the second golem. The weak 
    spots are the golems': face, back, left hip, left shoulder, chest, left 
    knee, right knee, and the right arm (this is from the golems' point of 
    view by the way). And by the way you will NEED to boost if you want to 
    make this fight easier, as well as if you want to hit its back. With 
    one golem down, the rest of the fight is easy and becomes two asterisks 
    instead of four. You'll still need to be careful of the shockwaves and 
    After the boss heal up and reload. Then head inside the door and go 
    -- Checkpoint 9:05 --
    BOSS 12: VOLKS (Difficulty: ****)
       Another hard fight, except this is harder than the golems in my 
    opinion. He has a lot of HP and you'll need to boost a lot. There's 
    also a red spirit floating around here so I'd recommend taking it out 
    first so it doesn't cause a problem to you later. There is also an 
    easier method to kill him however it takes a lot of patience and time. 
    He'll use his gun-chair-turret-thing to fire at you and occasionally 
    fire out missles. If you time it correctly you can dispossess Raimi, 
    possess the missle and counter it back at Volks. That should take out 
    1/4 of his HP out. Another red spirit will be out so quickly head to 
    your body (will be right in front of you) and take out that ghost 
    before it puts you in the flames. Rinse and repeat about three or four 
    more times. There is also two health packs near the entrance so use 
    them wisely. Also use your boost a lot whenever you shoot and hide 
    behind the pillars whenever you need to charge your boost. Red spirits 
    should appear everytime 1/4 of his HP is down. When 3/4 of his HP of 
    his health is down two more red spirits should appear making your 
    battle harder. But other than that the rest of the fight after 3/4 
    should go smoothly.
    -- Checkpoint 9:06 --
    After the short and sad scene you'll be faced with the biggest threat 
    so far. The mastermind behind this all, the demon that has plagued poor 
    Alexander for quite a long time! OK enough with the cheesiness, let's 
    get rid of this guy!
    BOSS 13: DEMON (Difficulty: ****)
       This is another toughie. The controls are also set up differently. 
    Basically, the Control Stick is used to ascend and descend and move 
    left or right while the R Button is used to fire beams at the demon. 
    Fire beams at any open spots you find around the barrier rings. It 
    won't cause damage but you'll need to do this in order for the barrier 
    to fade out. He will attack you by throwing the rings at you (they will 
    shine first before being fired). After the barrier fades out you'll see 
    four blue circles and a blue heart. First fire your beams at the four 
    blue circles before hammering beams away at its heart. There are three 
    waves in total which takes out 1/3 of his health, and after each wave 
    he'll add one more ring to his attacks. Just keep doing this over and 
    over until he's dead. But trust me, it isn't all that easy. Your health 
    is your spirit meter, so there is no health packs whatsoever.
    CONGRATS! YOU'VE BEATEN GEIST! Now watch the touching scene and enjoy 
    the credits while you escape the base with Bryson, Anna, and Phantom! 
    NOTE: The "Anna & Imp" Multiplayer Characters and The "Catacombs" 
    Multiplayer Level Should Be Unlocked!
    05. The Collection
    Now here I'm going to give you the database for all the items you've 
    collected in Story mode. It won't say where to get it however! If you 
    want to know where to get it just Ctrl+F search the items in the 
    Walkthrough and you should find it. For example, if you want to find 
    where to get the first Ghost Collectible in Chapter 4, then just 
    search: [GHOST COLLECTIBLE 4-1] and it should bring you to it. Same 
    with all the other four categories. :)
    A. Possessed Hosts
    This is a full list of all the Hosts you as a spirit have possessed 
    throughout the game. It will be separated by Chapters.
    ~ Chapter 2 ~
    2-1: Bunny
    A simulated animal designed to put recently separated spectral 
    operatives at ease. These animals are also used to train ops in the art 
    of possessing and controlling a host.
    2-2: Volks Custodian
    Considering the decayed conditions of the facility, Volks Corp. should 
    employ a few dozen more. Custodians can often access restricted areas 
    without arousing suspicion.
    2-3: Assault Rifle Soldier
    Volks employs an armor of soldiers-for-hire to help keep his private 
    facility secure. They are lightly armored and equipped with a 9mm 
    assault rifle.
    ~ Chapter 3 ~
    3-1: Phantom
    When a rogue spectral operative is loose, Volks uses dogs to detect any 
    possessed hosts. Phantom is the least obedient of the K9 unit, often 
    escaping his pen and getting into mischief.
    3-2: Rat
    The underground facility is crawling with vermin despite the efforts of 
    the maintenance staff. They are fairly harmless and ignored by most 
    Volks employees.
    3-3: Engineer
    These multi-purpose technicians are experts in mechanical engineering 
    and computer systems.
    3-4: Grenade Soldier
    These guards are equipped with an over/under machine gun and grenade 
    3-5: Hazmat Engineer
    The hazardous materials suit protects the wearer from harsh and 
    dangerous conditions such as chemicals and gas leaks.
    3-6: Heavy Guard
    A special unit in Volks Corp., used to secure the most sensitive of 
    areas. A large weapon and heavy armor cause them to be slower than 
    most, but their lack of speed is made up by deadly firepower.
    ~ Chapter 4 ~
    4-1: Bat
    These can be found in some of the larger underground caverns. Like most 
    animals, they are sensitive to ghostly presences.
    4-2: Anna Richardson
    She served in the army as a nurse before leaving to work for the 
    lighter side of Volks Corp. Anna received her latest assignment after 
    being evaluated as a "good worker and low security risk."
    4-3: Anna Richardson
    Anna in her work uniform.
    4-4: Failed Op
    Not all separations are successful. Some candidates are unable to 
    handle the transition and are driven mad.
    4-5: Anna Richardson
    Wearing stolen Volks combat gear and armed with an SMG and grenades.
    ~ Chapter 5 ~
    5-1: Chester Macintire
    One of several chefs at Volks Corp., Chester is notorious for mixing 
    just about anything together to make a meal. His easy-going demeanor 
    makes him well liked among the staff.
    5-2: Volks Scientist
    The Volks Corp. employs dozens of researchers to advance all aspects of 
    Volks's empire.
    5-3: Benny Luxa
    Demolitions expert assigned to helipad duty and armed with proximity 
    mines, which lie dormant until a target is within six feet. Benny is 
    also easily the worst poker player in Volks Corp.
    ~ Chapter 6 ~
    6-1: Shotgun Soldier
    More mobile than the standard soldier, these special guards are armed 
    with a powerful shotgun.
    ~ Chapter 7 ~
    7-1: Volks Soldier
    Volks Corp. assigns the top marksmen in its private army to carry out 
    the battles from afar.
    7-2: Heavy Guard
    A special unit in Volks Corp., used to secure the most sensitive of 
    areas. A large weapon and heavy armor cause them to be slower than 
    most, but their lack of speed is made up by deadly firepower.
    7-3: Volks Soldier
    A Volks Corp. employee that enjoys mass destruction.
    7-4: Summit Agent
    These are simulations of highly-trained bodyguards, armed with sub-
    machine guns and responsible for the safety of the dignitaries 
    attending the Paris Summit.
    7-5: Dignitary
    A simulation of a foreign dignitary that is scheduled to attend the 
    Paris Summit.
    7-6: Pyro Research Scientist
    Dr. Joseph Bates is working with materials from captured imp-type 
    demons to create a new flame-based weapon.
    7-7: Explosives Research Scientist
    Formerly assigned to the Explosive Weapons Arm of Volk's Corp., Dr. 
    Edward Ulfman now has a new source of ammunition in the tentacle demon 
    samples provided to him by Volks Corp.
    7-8: Electrical Research Scientist
    Transferred from a Volks Laboratory in the U.S., Dr. Ronald McGuinness 
    is assigned to create a weapon that harnesses the electricity-based 
    attack of the Hydra-type demon.
    7-9: Volks Soldier
    The Volks Corp. employs a virtual army. Lightly armored and equipped 
    with an SMG.
    ~ Chapter 8 ~
    8-1: Beth Watson
    Rourke's personal assistant. The stress of working for a volatile 
    individual like Rourke barely seems worth the extra pay she receives 
    for living in this hazardous environment.
    8-2: Edgar
    He doesn't like crackers but sure would like to snack on some Macadamia 
    nuts. Sadly they are in short supply in this part of France.
    8-3: Juliet
    The beloved pet of Kiera. Juliet likes to spend a little too much time 
    with the other riff raff rats. Luckily her blue collar makes her stand 
    out from the crowd.
    8-4: Kiera Wells
    She began as an assistant dog wrangler for Volks Corp. until her mentor 
    was "accidentally" injured (some say shot in the leg by Rourke). Kiera 
    was recently promoted to head wrangler.
    8-5: John Raimi
    He was recently contracted by CR-2 to investigate Volks Corp., due to 
    his expertise in biological and chemical weapons. Raimi met Thomas 
    Bryson in college and has been close friends ever since.
    8-6: Commander Rourke
    He has worked for Volks for 15 years, supervising the testing of 
    military equipment. He now runs Volks's secret experiment to separate 
    spirits from humans to create a ghostly army.
    8-7: Commander Rourke
    Outfitted in his customized spirit hunter armor equipped with a high-
    speed phasing switch, allowing the user to move 10 times faster than 
    normal for short periods of time.
    B. Possessed Objects
    This is a full list of all the Objects you as a spirit have possessed 
    throughout the game. It will be separated by Chapters.
    ~ Chapter 2 ~
    2-1: Trapped Rat
    It looks as if the animal is alive but scared.
    2-2: Mop Bucket
    The janitors must have left this bucket behind.
    2-3: Antique Shooting Gallery
    A fun toy that tests your marksmanship.
    2-4: Dynamo
    Looks like turning the crank will power the light.
    2-5: Schwalk Ale
    A full can, discarded by a Volks employee.
    2-6: White Paint Bucket
    Paint leftover from the construction of the compound.
    2-7: Blue Paint Bucket
    Filled with light blue paint.
    2-8: Yellow Paint Bucket
    A can with yellow paint spilling over the edges.
    2-9: Explosive Container
    A cargo container used for storing ammunition and explosives. Dangerous 
    (and potentially useful) if shot or disturbed, a destroyed container 
    will respawn in time.
    2-10: Phone
    An emergency phone in case personnel comm systems fail.
    2-11: Containment CPU
    Controls the containment pod where spectral operatives are trained and 
    brainwashed by the virtual simulation.
    2-12: Ammunition Rack
    The rack is holding several explosive containers.
    2-13: Trash Can
    A standard wastebasket.
    2-14: Seraph Statue
    Marble statue sculpted in the art deco style.
    2-15: Grenade
    A timed grenade, useful for sneaking up on and killing enemies.
    ~ Chapter 3 ~
    3-1: Dog Bowl
    Filled with tasty dry food.
    3-2: Security Camera
    Used to observe activity from a remote location.
    3-3: Halogen Lamp
    Portable light source common in the Volks facility.
    3-4: Explosive Container
    A cargo container used for storing ammunition and explosives. Dangerous 
    (and potentially useful) if shot or disturbed, a destroyed container 
    will respawn in time.
    3-5: Ladder
    For climbing to high places. Looks pretty unstable.
    3-6: Fire Extinguisher
    Uses carbon dioxide gas. It may be harmful to creatures that are 
    sensitive to low temperatures.
    3-7: Pressure Gauge
    Controls the level of pressure in the steam and water pipes.
    3-8: Fire Sprinkler
    Used to put out fires and annoy people.
    3-9: Robot Arms
    Used in the hydroponics bay to tend to and move large plant samples.
    3-10: Laptop
    Portable computer wired into the hydroponics systems.
    3-11: Computer Monitor
    Used to view the contents of a system.
    3-12: Catalyst Laser
    This device triggers a reaction with the demonic rift that causes the 
    small opening to widen, allowing the ethereal energy to flow into our 
    3-13: Gun Camera
    Twin 9mm gatling turrets controlled from a remote location.
    3-14: Fuse
    This fuse looks like it is still in working condition. It could be 
    ~ Chapter 4 ~
    4-1: Floodlight
    A wall-mounted halogen lamp.
    4-2: Floodlight
    A floor-mounted halogen lamp.
    4-3: Manhole Cover
    Heavy metal object covering an opening in the floor.
    4-4: Showerhead
    Standard-issue showerhead. Probably low-flow.
    4-5: Keypad Lock
    Requires a four-digit combination.
    4-6: Heart Monitor
    Displays the vital stats of patients.
    4-7: Bathroom Mirror
    Large mirror in surprisingly good condition considering how damaged the 
    facility is.
    ~ Chapter 5 ~
    5-1: Moving Container
    Seems to be going to some other area.
    5-2: Vintage TV
    A really old TV. Probably only gets three channels.
    5-3: White Paint Bucket
    Paint leftover from the construction of the compound.
    5-4: Yellow Paint Bucket
    A can with yellow paint spilling over the edges.
    5-5: Oven
    A basic commercial oven. There's something cooking in there.
    5-6: Wall Mounted Fan
    For moving the stale air.
    5-7: Stack of Plates
    Put on this rack to dry.
    5-8: Wall-Mounted TV
    A very nice TV. This must be the management's lounge area.
    5-9: Soda Machine
    Full of tasty beverages.
    5-10: Soda Can
    An ejected can of soda, all shook up.
    5-11: Sink Faucet
    A standard sink faucet. Like the rest of this place, it needs a good 
    5-12: Security Camera
    Used to observe activity from a remote location.
    5-13: Exploding Gas Canister
    Can be used to blow up enemies or open paths. Canisters do not respawn 
    after use.
    5-14: Grenade Crate
    A small ammunition crate. There appears to be a few grenades left 
    5-15: Grenade
    A timed grenade, useful for sneaking up on and killing enemies.
    5-16: Electrical Box
    For turning powered objects on and off.
    5-17: Missle
    A small missle used in various aircraft.
    5-18: Motorcycle
    A fast, rugged vehicle manufactured by Volks Corp.
    5-19: Gatling Turret
    A powerful gatling cannon mounted on the back of a Volks truck.
    ~ Chapter 6 ~
    6-1: Antique Clock
    An antique clock with a young boy hunting a bear. It looks mechanical.
    6-2: Oil Painting
    The girl in the painting is Gigi. It must have been painted while she 
    was alive. The boy appears to be her older brother.
    6-3: Musical Clock
    Another mechanical clock. The girl looks like Gigi playing a flute.
    6-4: Grandfather Clock
    An antique clock. It appears to be the same one depicted in the large 
    oil painting on the wall.
    6-5: Engine
    An idling engine from a Volks truck.
    6-6: Statue with Crystal
    Another statue holding a crystal ball. Is it used to reflect the light 
    as well?
    ~ Chapter 7 ~
    7-1: Missle
    A small missle used in various aircraft.
    7-2: Grenade
    A timed grenade, useful for sneaking up on and killing enemies.
    7-3: Electrical Box
    For turning powered objects on and off.
    7-4: Scientific Tool Array
    Remote-controlled robotic arms for performing delicate operations.
    7-5: Filing Cabinet
    It's filled with printouts and handwritten notes on demonic psychology.
    7-6: Severed Tentacle
    A tentacle of a strange creature. Even though the appendage is 
    detached, it still has life.
    7-7: Microscope
    A desktop microscope. It looks like it was designed and built by the 
    Volks Corp.
    ~ Chapter 8 ~
    8-1: Bed
    That's a pretty nice bed for this place.
    8-2: Rattrap
    It's baited and ready to go.
    8-3: Work Light
    For lighting up the workroom. It doesn't seem to be working properly.
    8-4: Catalyst Laser
    This device triggers a reaction with the demonic rift that causes the 
    small opening to widen, allowing the ethereal energy to flow into our 
    8-5: Computer Monitor
    Used to view the contents of a system.
    8-6: AC Unit
    An industrial-sized heat pump used to cool large buildings.
    ~ Chapter 9 ~
    9-1: Missle Turret
    Big missles do big damage.
    9-2: Electrical Box
    For turning powered objects on and off.
    9-3: Ammunition Rack
    The rack is holding several explosive containers.
    9-4: Helicopter Gun Turret
    A wing mounted gatling cannon, similar to the gun cameras installed 
    throughout the Volks complex.
    9-5: Missle
    A small missle used in various aircraft.
    C. Ghost Collectibles
    Ghost Collectibles basically tells a little more into the backstory of 
    Gigi, her brother, her aunt, and her uncle. They are basically diary 
    entries contained within the bears, written in Gigi's aunt's 
    perspective. It will be separated by Chapters.
    ~ Chapter 2 ~
    2-1: Giselle Tallant (April 21, 1910)
    My husband Joshua and I have found the perfect site for our Summer home 
    in the French Alps. We will start construction in June!
    2-2: Giselle Tallant (October 27, 1912)
    Joshua has been busy lately, having opened two coal mines in Stafford 
    and one in Scotland. I miss him so and long for his touch.
    ~ Chapter 3 ~
    3-1: Giselle Tallant (June 1, 1914)
    My beloved Joshua is gone. A fire took his life and the lives of 22 men 
    in Derby. I barely have the words to express my feelings.
    3-2: Giselle Tallant (July 6, 1914)
    I am returning to France as soon as I can to finish the construction of 
    our home there. It was my late husband's greatest project.
    ~ Chapter 4 ~
    4-1: Giselle Tallant (September 7, 1914)
    Our Summer house in France feels so cold. Last night I dreamt that 
    Joshua was here again, alive, calling to me.
    4-2: Giselle Tallant (December 8, 1914)
    I keep hearing Joshua's voice, like a whisper in the air. It always 
    seems louder in the lower levels of the house.
    ~ Chapter 5 ~
    5-1: Giselle Tallant (January 19, 1915)
    I firmly believe Joshua's spirit wants me to continue construction. His 
    calls from the basement have convinced me to start there.
    5-2: Giselle Tallant (February 23, 1915)
    Construction will resume this Summer. I will start by adding a parlor 
    beneath the west garden. Joshua will like that.
    ~ Chapter 6 ~
    6-1: Giselle Tallant (February 12, 1925)
    Lucy has just delivered a baby girl that she and Edward have named 
    Gigi. She says that Alexander already dotes on her.
    6-2: Giselle Tallant (February 12, 1925)
    The news of Gigi's birth is very welcome, and I am sure that Joshua 
    will be pleased the next time his spirit speaks with me.
    ~ Chapter 7 ~
    7-1: Giselle Tallant (March 25, 1925)
    The workmen have nearly finished reinforcing the new tunnels that 
    Joshua's spirit instructed me to open beneath the chasm.
    7-2: Giselle Tallant (November 15, 1929)
    The most amazing thing happened today, though everything about this 
    endeavor of the past nineteen years is extraordinary.
    ~ Chapter 8 ~
    8-1: Giselle Tallant (November 15, 1929)
    The construction crew broke through a thin rock wall in the lowest 
    levels into what appeared to be a medieval monastery.
    8-2: Giselle Tallant (November 15, 1929)
    Construction for the day has halted, as everyone found reasons to make 
    their way to the catacomb area.
    ~ Chapter 9 ~
    9-1: Giselle Tallant (November 15, 1929)
    There are no signs or clues as to what happened to the monastery's 
    original inhabitants, except for some dusty manuscripts.
    9-2: Giselle Tallant (December 17, 1929)
    The translated manuscripts allude to a trapped evil here underground. 
    Could it be the voice I've been hearing all these years?
    D. Text Log
    This section will cover up all the information you've gathered ingame 
    by examining items and obstacles. It will be separated by Chapters.
    ~ Chapter 1 ~
    1-1: Computer Workstation
    A computer workstation for the lab.
    1-2: Computer Workstation
    A workstation set up to monitor the pumping of fluids.
    1-3: Mysterious Ooze
    There's some strange material flowing through these pipes. What is this 
    1-4: Mysterious Ooze
    Looks like instability in this area broke a pipe, which is leaking 
    strange material.
    1-5: Large Fan
    They are keeping this lab cold--about 4 degrees Celsius. What is Volks 
    dealing with here?
    1-6: Strange Dead Creature
    The clear box contains the body of some kind of creature. It appears 
    that they were afraid to touch it directly.
    1-7: Severed Tentacle
    This is the severed tentacle of a strange creature. Even though the 
    appendage is detached, it still has life.
    1-8: Dangerous Hole
    The creature disappeared into a tunnel burrowed through solid rock. 
    What was that thing, and are there any more?
    ~ Chapter 2 ~
    2-1: Containment Unit
    The same machine Gigi possessed earlier and caused to explode.
    2-2: Plaque
    A plaque commemorating the start of construction. It is dated 1927--
    almost 90 years ago.
    2-3: Computers
    These PCs control the containment pods.
    ~ Chapter 3 ~
    3-1: Dog Fan
    A fan to keep the kennel ventilated
    3-2: Dog Bed
    This is where Phantom sleeps.
    3-3: Tools
    Various tools to keep the machinery in good repair.
    3-4: Rat Hole
    A small hole probably used by rodents and other small creatures.
    3-5: Pumping Machine
    Some sort of pumping machine.
    3-6: Cracked Wall
    Behind the crack is a mysterious glow.
    3-7: Floor Grate Pipes
    Pipes run beneath the grate.
    3-8: Cracked Wall Steam
    Pipes can be seen through the crack in the wall.
    3-9: Hall Air Vent
    Another vent to keep the air moving. Where does this one lead?
    3-10: Steam Shelves
    Various supplies used by the workers
    3-11: Generator
    A small gas-powered generator used as a backup power source.
    3-12: Lab Equipment
    Dormant scientific equipment.
    3-13: Coffee Mug
    A hot Cup o' Joe!
    3-14: Essence Vat
    A giant vat containing some foul liquid.
    3-15: Big Head
    A large stone head carved into the wall.
    3-16: Control Panel
    A control panel to monitor system functions.
    3-17: Burned Fuse
    Looks like this fuse has seen the end of its days. Not much use for it 
    3-18: Mop Bucket
    A plastic bucket used for mopping the floor.
    3-19: Stair Pipes
    The pipes under the stairs.
    3-20: Decontamination
    The Decon shower removes hazardous materials from the Hazmat suit.
    3-21: Ground Fog
    A toxic haze clings to the ground.
    3-22: Computer System
    This station monitors main reactor systems.
    3-23: Ooze Tanks
    Giant tanks used to hold the glowing liquid.
    3-24: Holographic Projection
    A holographic projection of the separation chamber rings.
    3-25: Ruins
    The separation chamber lies in ruins.
    3-26: Spool
    Racks holding spools of heavy-gauge cable.
    3-27: Cover Crate
    Heavy-duty cases provide good cover and concealment.
    3-28: Spark Lights
    One of the lights has shorted out. The facility appears to have some 
    sort of electrical problem.
    3-29: Power Box
    High-voltage power box. Might not be safe to go near this.
    3-30: Pool
    There are several rows of plants being grown in water for some purpose.
    3-31: Encased Coils
    The encased power coils are connected to the power box. They seem to be 
    linked to the power output in this area of the facility.
    3-32: Creaky Board
    Weathered boards bridge a gap. They do not look very strong.
    3-33: Decontamination Drain
    This is the collector for the toxic runoff from the Decon shower.
    3-34: Work Lamps
    High-powered lamps used to light the cavern area.
    3-35: Gate Sign
    A hazardous environment warning sign.
    3-36: Reactor Control
    The main control panel for the reactor room.
    3-37: Control Room
    To Control Room
    3-38: Reactor Room
    To Reactor Room
    ~ Chapter 4 ~
    4-1: Dirty Clothes
    There's quite a bit of dirty laundry here.
    4-2: Washing Machine
    It's amazing that these old machines still work.
    4-3: Towel Rack
    What a nice assortment of towels.
    4-4: Paper Towels
    This is so much better than those awful hand dryers.
    4-5: Trash Can
    Here's a nice empty trash can.
    4-6: Junk
    These shelves hold various tools needed to maintain this area.
    4-7: Boxes
    Someone really needs to organize their office.
    4-8: Sign
    This place is really falling apart.
    4-9: Lamp
    The lamp is giving off a lot of heat. Apparently it's been on for quite 
    some time.
    4-10: Statue
    He's a handsome devil.
    4-11: Construction Area
    This area is still under construction.
    4-12: Fax Machine
    This is where all of the important faxes come to the morgue.
    4-13: Shower Bag
    A woman's best friend: hair-care products.
    4-14: Clothes Hamper
    The perfect place for storing wet towels.
    4-15: Soap
    These things are always empty.
    4-16: Bryson
    He's too weak to talk. If someone doesn't help him soon, he'll die.
    4-17: Sign
    The sign says the medical wing is this direction.
    4-18: Sign
    The laundry is right through here.
    4-19: Sign
    The morgue is through this door.
    4-20: Sign
    This way to surgery.
    4-21: Sign
    The ICU is through the next door.
    4-22: Gurney
    This must have been difficult to get down the stairs. At least the 
    passengers don't mind the bumpy ride.
    4-23: Box
    Embalming fluid. Preservative: Do not ingest.
    4-24: Box
    Extra-strength antibacterial scrub.
    4-25: Box
    This box contains replacement hoses and tubing for the lab.
    4-26: Cabinet
    Just a few boxes of gauze and other supplies.
    4-27: Files
    These dusty patient records are from the 1930s, according to the notes 
    on the files.
    4-28: File Cabinet
    Active patient records are stored here.
    4-29: Tub
    At least it's not a bedpan.
    4-30: Monitors
    Old monitors from other parts of the compound. Looks like the morgue is 
    the dumping ground for dead hardware as well as bodies.
    4-31: Fuse Box
    This fuse box controls the outlets in the morgue area.
    4-32: Sink
    The cleaning staff hasn't been here in a while, judging by the blood 
    and rust stains in these sinks.
    4-33: Corpse
    The corpse of the Volks Corp. employee shows no obvious signs of injury 
    despite the frozen rictus of horror on his face.
    4-34: Table
    Embalming is performed on this table.
    4-35: Table
    Autopsies are conducted here.
    4-36: Preservatives
    A formaldehyde-based preservative used in the preparation of bodies.
    4-37: Bin
    Used instruments, disposable tubing, gloves, and some more questionable 
    biowaste materials are tossed into this receptacle.
    4-38: Cabinet
    More storage for morgue equipment.
    4-39: Box
    These boxes contain bottles of arterial fluid.
    4-40: Dead Bubble Girl
    She's been killed.
    4-41: Dead Janitor
    He's been brutally murdered.
    4-42: Dead Pervert
    No signs of gunfire. He must've been taken by surprise.
    4-43: Dead Med Tech
    Did the same thing that killed him start this fire?
    4-44: Dead Guard
    His body is ripped to shreds. Has something from the rift made it here 
    4-45: Dead Pantsless Guard
    Thanks for the pants.
    4-46: Dead Guard
    Whatever escaped the rift, it's here.
    4-47: Dead Guard
    No signs of gunfire. He must've been taken by surprise.
    4-48: PC
    The morgue key is kept in the secure area in the waiting room of the 
    4-49: PC
    Volks ICU Lab Protocol: Never leave your post unless there is an 
    emergency with one of the patients.
    4-50: PC
    Please do your part to help make Volks a fun, safe place to work.
    4-51: PC
    Remember Friday is Hawaiian-shirt day.
    4-52: PC
    Memo: We are looking for interested applicants to participate in an 
    exciting new opportunity.
    4-53: PC
    Due to increased seismic activity, take caution where you step. Watch 
    for small holes and cracks in floors and walls.
    4-54: PC
    Good news! The total number of workplace fatalities has declined 12% 
    over the past month!
    4-55: PC
    Remember, Volks cares.
    4-56: PC
    The company picnic has been postponed indefinitely.
    ~ Chapter 5 ~
    5-1: Lockers
    Lockers for Volks's employees.
    5-2: Coatrack
    Basic coatrack.
    5-3: Pane of Glass
    Regular glass, not bulletproof or anything.
    5-4: High-tech Panel
    Hmm... looks complicated.
    5-5: Crane Control Panel
    A control panel for the cargo conveyor system.
    5-6: Storage Shelf
    Basic pantry items.
    5-7: Folding Chair
    Old folding chair. First-class comfort.
    5-8: Rat Poison
    Eek! Rat poison. Deadly to rodents of all sizes.
    5-9: Pile of Junk
    Someone should put this stuff up. It could be a fire hazard.
    5-10: Generator
    Old generator. Volks's brand: Good stuff.
    5-11: Oil Barrels
    Empty oil barrel.
    5-12: Small Shelf
    Spare parts and other junk.
    5-13: Filing Cabinet
    It's filled with printouts and handwritten notes on demonic physiology.
    5-14: Tray Window
    Put dirty trays here.
    5-15: Condiment Stand
    Condiment counter. Get your condiments here.
    5-16: Recycle Bin
    Volks wants you to recycle.
    5-17: Dish Station
    Dishwashing station.
    5-18: Pot of Water
    A pot of hot water, perhaps for making soup.
    5-19: Deep-Fat Fryer
    A fryer. Surprisingly clean.
    5-20: Empty Shelf
    There's not much food in this kitchen.
    5-21: Buffet Counter
    Not much of a selection.
    5-22: Cash Register
    Cash register. It seems that meals are not included for employees of 
    Volks Corp.
    5-23: Game Consoles
    Wow! A NES and a SNES! Let's play!
    5-24: Bookshelf
    No good books here. No games either.
    5-25: Ladies' Room
    That's the ladies' room. I can't go in there.
    5-26: Checkerboard
    Checkers, a game of strategy.
    5-27: Gaping Hole
    A giant hole burrowed into rock. One of the creatures from the rift 
    must have done this.
    5-28: Paint Cans
    Paint cans. They must be remodeling.
    5-29: Crane
    Crane arm holding a crate full of rockets.
    5-30: Calender
    Calender of events.
    5-31: Note
    Notice: Cleaning crew will be off this week. Use bathrooms at your own 
    5-32: Towels
    Towel dispenser. Use to dry, not to clean.
    5-33: Urinal
    Gross! What happened here? That cleaning crew needs to get here fast.
    5-34: Destroyed Keyboard
    Nobody's getting through this door for a while.
    ~ Chapter 6 ~
    6-1: Large Mirror
    Sunlight is funneled down this shaft and is reflected underground by 
    this mirror. It looks very old.
    6-2: Pantry Shelves
    The dusty shelves hold boxes of dry goods that have crumbled into 
    unrecognizable powder.
    6-3: Old Freezer 
    Cold storage for meat and other perishables.
    6-4: Bathroom Stalls
    These Spartan bathroom facilities were used by Giselle Tallant's 
    servants in the 1920s.
    6-5: Storage Barrels
    Old bulk-food barrels containing molasses, flour, and other food 
    6-6: Old Canned Food
    Old cans of food line these shelves. By the look, they have been here 
    for a long time.
    6-7: Large Kitchen Table
    It looks like a large kitchen staff worked here years ago.
    6-8: Linen Shelf
    Bedsheets and tablecloths, covered in decades of dust.
    6-9: Crack in the Wall
    The wall has broken in this area. Perhaps this is the way in.
    6-10: Diary Entry
    Giselle Tallant, July 10, 1917 
    Construction of the underground wings is going smoothly. I feel 
    Joshua's spirit guiding me towards the riverbed. I will have the 
    workers begin tunneling in that direction.
    6-11: Diary Entry
    Giselle Tallant, May 3, 1921
    I find myself preferring the quiet calm and beauty of the subterranean 
    living areas. The artisans have done such amazing work here, inspiring 
    me to build even more.
    6-12: Diary Entry
    Giselle Tallant, November 19, 1927
    We performed the dedication ceremony for the library today. Even though 
    I could not see him, I know that the spirit of my beloved husband, 
    Joshua, was in attendance.
    6-13: Diary Entry
    Giselle Tallant, June 24, 1930
    The house seems so empty after Gigi's death. Alexander is still in 
    shock and won't speak to anyone. So much tragedy has befallen this 
    family. I fear we cannot bear anymore.
    6-14: Diary Entry
    Giselle Tallant, June 24, 1930
    Alexander spoke to me today about his dreams. The image he described 
    was horrific--a landscape wet with blood, spotted by the shadows of 
    flying beasts. Why is he seeing this?
    6-15: Diary Entry
    Giselle Tallant, October 3, 1930
    Alexander's temperament has taken a sharp turn. He claims to hear a 
    voice, whispering. Could it be the same one that called me here, that 
    inspired me to build all of this?
    6-16: Finger Painting
    The name "Gigi Volks" is scrawled in a childish hand at the corner of 
    the fingerpainting.
    6-17: Chemistry Set
    A child's chemistry set filled with some of the same glowing essence 
    from the newer parts of the compound.
    6-18: Antique Vase
    Art deco era vases from the 1920s.
    6-19: Old Globe
    A finely crafted globe showing the nations of the world as they were in 
    the first quarter of the twentieth century.
    6-20: Alex's Bed
    Young Volks must have slept here.
    6-21: Alex's Books
    Alexander's bookshelf is filled with books on the occult, no doubt 
    borrowed from the library downstairs.
    6-22: Old Bathtub
    A huge cast-iron bathtub.
    6-23: Tall Bookshelf
    Old, dusty books, many on the occult and supernatural.
    6-24: Children's Books
    Gigi's books. They seem to be about adventures around the world. It's 
    so sad she never left here.
    6-25: Child's Desk
    Alexander's desk. He must have studied his spells here.
    6-26: Large Dead Tree
    A gigantic oak tree. It looks like it has been dead for years.
    6-27: Large Dining Table
    A large dining table. This might be where the servants ate their meals.
    6-28: Doll Cabinet
    Gigi's doll collection. It seems her favorite is her teddy bear.
    6-29: Wooden Dollhouse
    This old-fashioned dollhouse is as big as Gigi herself.
    6-30: Fireplace
    A small fireplace. It must have gotten cold in here.
    6-31: Gigi's Bed
    The bed is still made.
    6-32: Giselle's Bed
    This must be their aunt Giselle's bed.
    6-33: Glass Globe
    Her brother seems to have loved the idea of traveling the world.
    6-34: Large Stone Door
    Another stone door, sealed tight.
    6-35: Locked Door
    This door is locked. You'll have to find another way in.
    6-36: Medium Stone Door
    This may be the way out, but the door is sealed tight.
    6-37: Rusty Merry-Go-Round
    The playground equipment is old and rusty.
    6-38: Wooden Model Ship
    A wooden sailing ship.
    6-39: Old Toilet
    An old-fashioned toilet. They don't make them like that anymore.
    6-40: Power Generator
    A modern power generator. Someone has been down here recently.
    6-41: Old Metal Slide
    One or more children must have lived down here.
    6-42: Stone Statue
    This statue is holding a ball made of crystal or glass. Does it have 
    some significance?
    6-43: Large Door
    The entrance to someplace built into the side of a mountain.
    6-44: Deserted Subway Car
    Not only did Giselle use her fortune to build this mansion, she built a 
    functional subway as well. It appears to have derailed.
    6-45: Abandoned Swing Set
    A swing set. Did Gigi play here?
    6-46: Volks Truck
    A military-style vehicle with a Volks Corp. logo on it.
    6-47: An Antique Vanity
    Giselle's makeup area.
    6-48: Chair by the Window
    She must have sat here to read and watch the children play.
    6-49: Small Stone Statue
    This statue has a strange symbol engraved on the base. I wonder what it 
    ~ Chapter 7 ~
    7-1: Unpowered Equipment
    I need to fix the power before this will operate.
    7-2: Hydra Beam Gun
    A prototype shotgun made of...demon parts?
    7-3: Imp Flamethrower
    A prototype flamethrower based on the demon imps?
    7-4: Tentacle Cannon
    A prototype RPG with some kind of tentacle in the chamber.
    7-5: Body Parts
    Nothing left of the guy but bits and pieces.
    7-6: Large Metal Door
    A door this size needs power to open.
    7-7: Scientific Tool Array
    A robot arm fitted with tools for laboratory work. It looks like it's 
    powered down due to the outage.
    7-8: Locked Double Doors
    Looks like this door is locked from the inside. I wonder what they are 
    trying to hide.
    7-9: Malfunctioning Equipment
    The eye scanner appears to be malfunctioning.
    7-10: Command Room Directions
    Command center.
    7-11: Conference Room Directions
    Conference room.
    7-12: Containment Room Directions
    Containment room.
    7-13: Security Room Directions
    Security station.
    7-14: Ladder
    A basic ladder left here by the maintenance staff.
    7-15: Dead Soldier 1
    Poor guy. He didn't even stand a chance.
    7-16: Dead Soldier 2
    I'd better be careful with my next host unless I want it to end up like 
    this soldier.
    7-17: Stack of Paint Cans
    Where is all of this paint supposed to go? Everything in here is stone 
    or rock.
    7-18: Old Rusty Motor
    This component looks rusted beyond repair.
    7-19: Stack of Boards
    These boards were left over from the construction of the containment 
    7-20: Containment Room Trapdoor
    This trapdoor looks familiar. I must be in the long corridor above the 
    containment room.
    7-21: Weapons Lab Room Sign
    A small placard by the door reads: "Experimental Weapons Lab."
    7-22: Weapons Lab Boxes
    The labels on the boxes read: "Volks pharmaceuticals--handle with 
    7-23: Password-Protected Computer
    No one is logged into this computer station.
    7-24: Supply Cabinet
    A typical office-supply cabinet. It's probably full of extra pens and 
    paper clips.
    7-25: Sticky Note
    Staff meeting, Tuesday, 0800 hours.
    7-26: Sticky Note
    Request new specimens for weapon prototype test.
    7-27: Sticky Note
    Anna's Ext. 3189.
    7-28: Weapons Lab Computer
    Your virus scanner is out-of-date. Please click to update your virus 
    definitions now.
    7-29: Weapons Lab Computer
    The screen is full of undecipherable equations and notes full of 
    scientific jargon.
    7-30: Weapons Lab Computer
    Someone was checking movie reviews at a popular web site.
    7-31: Lab Equipment
    What is this thing? Looks almost like a high-tech microwave.
    7-32: Microscope
    An optical microscope for examining tiny specimens.
    7-33: Lab Manuals
    Volks Corporation guidebook for lab safety.
    7-34: Power Room Sign
    This door seems to lead to the power room.
    7-35: Hazmat Filter
    Clean air blows in from this unit once the Decontamination process is 
    7-36: Hazmat Sign
    Apparently a Hazmat suit and gas mask are required beyond this point.
    7-37: Vent Shaft
    The toxic vapors appear to be coming from this shaft.
    7-38: Map of the Subway
    Judging by the condition of the subway tunnel, this torn subway map is 
    of limited use now.
    7-39: Fuse Box
    This switch box still appears to be functional, but for how much 
    7-40: Lab Whiteboard
    A whiteboard with many strange equations.
    7-41: Empty Lab Tank
    The tank appears empty.
    7-42: Lab Tank with Hydra
    It looks to be the body of a younger Hydra creature, preserved in some 
    sort of liquid.
    7-43: Lab Tank with Tentacle Monster
    The partial corpse of a tentacle creature. What are they doing with 
    these monsters?
    ~ Chapter 8 ~
    8-1: Desk
    The secretary's desk. There are several self-help books here.
    8-2: Cage
    Small animal cages.
    8-3: Wash Area
    Dog-wash area.
    8-4: Shelf
    Storage shelves. Just some old training tools here. Nothing useful.
    8-5: Locker
    Lockers for the trainers.
    8-6: Table
    Examination table.
    8-7: Shelf
    Storage shelves. Just some spare parts and tools here.
    8-8: Shelf
    Storage shelves. Just some dog food and other boxes here. Nothing 
    8-9: Shelf
    Storage shelves. Just some old boxes here. Nothing useful.
    8-10: Dog Food
    Spilled Volks brand dog food. The rats seem to like it.
    8-11: Locker
    Lockers for the checkpoint staff.
    8-12: Check-In Area
    Visitor check-in desk. All visitors must check in at this desk.
    8-13: Check-In Area
    Staff check-in desk. All staff must check in at this desk.
    8-14: Monitor
    Control panels to monitor the comings and goings of all visitors.
    8-15: Monitor
    Control panels to monitor the comings and goings of all staff.
    8-16: Control Panel
    A control panel to monitor system functions.
    8-17: Mysterious Armor
    This custom body armor is much more advanced than anything the other 
    soldiers in the compound have worn so far. What kind of troops would 
    need this gear?
    8-18: Trashcan
    Just a normal institutional trash can.
    8-19: Lockers
    The elite soldiers store their regular gear in these lockers after 
    donning their armor.
    8-20: Armor Status Monitor
    Technical specifications for the suits are displayed on the screen.
    8-21: Crashed Computer
    The operating system has crashed on this computer.
    8-22: Storage Containers
    Ruggedized shipping crates for transporting delicate equipment.
    8-23: Security Screens
    These displays cycle through video feeds of various parts of the 
    8-24: Office Chair
    Just a typical office chair.
    8-25: Log Files
    Security logs from the previous night.
    8-26: Security Screens
    Current security status is reported on this screen.
    8-27: Mysterious Ooze
    More of the glowing essence that keeps turning up around the compound.
    8-28: Overhead Crane
    The warehouse crane makes moving the heavy metal crates easy.
    8-29: Locked Screen
    Perhaps these monitors show useful information at times, but right now 
    they are nothing more than flashy logo screen savers for the Volks 
    8-30: Body Storage
    Life-support body mover: Where are those inert bodies being taken?
    8-31: Vehicle Lift
    Mechanized lifts to raise vehicles in need of repair above the heads of 
    the mechanics.
    8-32: Volks Truck
    A modern truck undergoing a pretty extreme overhaul.
    8-33: Water Tower
    The underground facility obtains water from both the underground 
    springs and these reserve water towers.
    ~ Chapter 9 ~
    9-1: Path
    This way is blocked. Can't go this way.
    9-2: Pot
    A big old pot.
    9-3: Pot
    A big old tipped-over pot.
    9-4: Bench
    A tipped-over bench.
    06. Multiplayer Modes
    This section is going to cover the details for the Multiplayer option 
    in Geist. If you're ever confused about anything in the Multiplayer 
    then this is the place to go.
    When you click "Multiplayer" from the title screen you'll be taken to 
    the controller setup screen. In here you're able to change your 
    controller style ("SHADE" or "WRAITH), and any configurations such as: 
    invert pitch, swap stick functions, rumble, and turn rate. Afterwards 
    you'll be taken to a screen where you can choose your game type.
    Possession Death Match is the first game type and it's also known as 
    the most standard. Basically you score points by possessing a host and 
    killing your opponents. You get to control many hosts and objects in 
    this match and basically you do whatever you can to score higher than 
    the others. For each enemy you kill you earn one point. You won't get 
    deducted of any points if an enemy kills you. However, you WILL be 
    deducted points if either: you dispossess a host and allow your enemy 
    to kill your host in a matter of two seconds, or if you accidentally 
    kill yourself (example: shoot an Explosive Container near you). When 
    you dispossess a host they will be vulnerable for two seconds (they 
    will also still be acted as if you were still possessing that host 
    during those two seconds), so if an enemy manages to kill that host 
    during those two vulnerable seconds, then you get deducted of points. 
    So make sure you dispossess in a safe spot. There are also reload 
    stations that you'll need to visit if you're weapon ever runs out of 
    ammo, just look for the small black machines placed on some walls.
    Capture the Host is the second game type. Basically you score points by 
    possessing a host and dispossessing the host on a base. The base is in 
    a different location depending on what area you play in, but it's 
    usually in the center of the area. Also, the more farther you choose to 
    possess a host from the base, the more points you earn once you 
    dispossess that host in the base. You can also gain extra points by 
    killing other hosts before they reach the base. However those points 
    will not count until you manage to get your host to the base and 
    dispossess there. So it will be counted as the host's dispossess plus 
    the amount of enemies you killed accumulated as points. However if you 
    die before you reach the base you won't be deducted of any points, but 
    you won't be able to add the points of any hosts you killed. It simply 
    won't count.
    Hunt is the third game type. In this game type you have the opportunity 
    to either play permanently as a ghost or permanently as a host 
    (permanently meaning staying as one of those two types throughout the 
    game round :P). Ghosts score points by possessing and killing hosts, 
    while hosts score points by ejecting and killing ghosts. The areas are 
    also a little different since all of them will have hazards in them to 
    allow the ghosts a chance to kill the hosts. As a ghost, you must 
    possess a host and lure him into a hazard such as a pit, a fan, toxic, 
    etc. to kill them. As a host, you have to try shooting at ghosts with a 
    custom spirit hunter gun. They're health bar is their spirit meter. 
    Ghosts can also die if they don't possess a host quick enough (their 
    spirit meter will deplete to zero), and a host can also die if they 
    accidentally trigger one of the hazards (example: accidentally dropping 
    down a pit, accidentally touching a spike, etc.).
    07. FAQ
    Have a question? Contact me using my e-mail at the top of this guide. 
    Here are some other questions that have previously been asked.
    Q1. I missed a Text Log! How can I go back and get it?
    A1. Some Text Logs are missable, but if you're able to return to the 
    area where the Text Log is in then you're lucky. If not then you might 
    have the chance to restart your level from the main menu and get the 
    Text Log that you previously missed. If it has to do with a Text Log 
    that you missed in a previous level then in the main menu go to your 
    file, and where it says Stage Select or something like that, toggle 
    right and left to pick the level that you have to replay.
    Q2. I just entered a room and it was all pitch black. Am I expecting 
    something scary?
    A2. Nope, it's actually a bug in the game to be honest. Geist is 
    actually full of bugs. The only two rooms I've heard/seen having a 
    pitch black room was the room where Anna has to go to dress up in her 
    work uniform, that one was in a YouTube video. The second one I've seen 
    was actually ingame in Chapter 5, the very, very small room with the 
    lockers and coatrack before you have to dispossess from Anna. That 
    small area was pitch black in one of my playthroughs. Also some scenes 
    in my game that I go through are kind of broken and the image appears 
    earlier than the sound, and when I entered this one room all I saw was 
    the sky. It was weird, but if you restart the level or stay away from 
    the room momentarily it should go away.
    Q3. I missed a Possessable Object. Do I have to restart the level to 
    get it again?
    A3. It depends on the Possessable Object. Some objects like the grenade 
    or electrical box can be found in later levels. The grenade is first 
    seen in Chapter 2, but can be found in Chapter 9 and some other 
    chapter. The electrical box is first found in Chapter 5, but can be 
    found in Chapter 7 and 9 as well. Only Ghost Collectibles/Host 
    Collectibles/Text Logs are unique in each level so for those you will 
    need to restart your level.
    Q4. Do you get anything special by getting 100% completion?
    A4. No, but this guide is solely made for those 
    completionists/perfectionists. If you don't care about 100% completion 
    then just ignore the sentences that tell you to examine a certain 
    object and simply continue with the game.
    Q5. I'm having a little trouble with ____ boss.
    A5. E-mail me and I'll try to the best of my ability to give you a more 
    in-depth way of killing them than I already have.
    08. Credits & Remarks
    And that concludes this FAQ. :P
    It was really fun making this FAQ to be honest, it sure did kill my 
    boredom I've previously stated in my Introduction. Also keep in mind 
    like I said in the top of the FAQ that permission must be granted in 
    order to use this FAQ for anything else other than personal use. My e-
    mail is attached at the top. You CAN e-mail me about:
    - Errors I made in the FAQ. Even little small spelling errors you 
    notice, anything!
    - Asking questions that I can answer to you. They will be posted up in 
    the FAQ in future versions.
    - Boss strategies. If the strategies I've placed in the Walkthrough 
    don't help as much, then just e-mail me and I'll e-mail back with a 
    more in-depth strategy.
    - Any comments that you want to tell me. And good comments only! Please 
    keep away the flame since that only goes to my junk folder.
    - If you see my guide in any other website than the ones I listed 
    Also keep note that in order for me to know what your e-mail talks 
    about, in the subject please type in "Geist" or else I won't read it 
    and it'll go into the junk folder.
    The only websites that I allow to post this FAQ up are:
    - IGN.com
    - GameFAQs.com
    If you see any other website with my guide in it, please do e-mail me 
    and inform me. All other websites will need permission if they want 
    this guide to be used in their website. In addition, I would also like 
    to thank CyricZ since I've been using his/her guide when I first played 
    through Geist. It gave me the motivation to start my own Walkthrough 
    and that's where I came with this!
    Well, that's basically all I needed to say. Later guys! :)

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