Review by andymancan1

Reviewed: 07/20/06

This isn't even a game

PROS: None that I can think of... maybe I can say that the graphics are decent
CONS: Not a game; little to no depth; more boring than watching paint dry; not interactive at all; bad idea

The life of a TV critic. Wouldn't that be fun? Well, Nintendo has decided to release a game where you review shows... about Pokemon.

Pokemon Channel is the worst thing on the GameCube since that disastrous Aquaman game came out. All you do is sleep on the couch while this wild Pikachu that keeps showing up at your house gets all excited about Pokemon-related programming on TV. Most of the shows are extremely simple and more of a pain to watch than a means of entertainment. And then you have to write "reviews" of these shows, which are simply a means of saving the game. You never get to rank the shows with the rating that they deserve- a rating as low as this "game." You never get to do what the game says you get to do, making this already seem like a waste of time.

There are only six channels to watch here. One channel is dedicated to non-stop exercise videos hosted by an annoying Smoochum. These "exercises" are for your Pikachu to do, not you. Another channel is a continuous quiz show hosted by a flat, boring Wobbuffet. You'll get the chance to answer questions to win some money, but all of the questions are Pokemon-related and when the Ledyba on the TV gets one wrong you'll be yelling at how dumb it was to answer like that (like if it says a silhouette of an Oddish is that of a Tyranitar). Another channel is dedicated to news, hosted by a clueless Psyduck who has no idea what he's talking about. It's a bit funny at first, but then gets more boring than watching paint dry. There's a shopping channel with a talkative Squirtle in which you can use the money you won in Wobbuffet's quiz game to buy all kinds of useless things, like a Voltorb doll for your room, a pack of "nice cards" which serve no purpose, or a new TV that really isn't any different from your old one. And worst of all, you have to wait until the item you want is showcased. You'll have to wade through lame, unimportant items (although everything here is lame and unimportant), in order to get to the thing you want, if it ever appears at all. You'll likely fall asleep before you do that because there's absolutely nothing else to do in this game. The only decent channel is a 5-part anime with the Pichu Bros. This cartoon is a lame story about something that I didn't care about. Fans of the Pokemon anime may like it. Most people will sleep to it. And you can even take snapshots and paint them off this channel- but not any others- to be sold on the sixth channel, in which a Smeargle helps you paint these pictures and then auctions them off. Artistic quality doesn't matter. You can put no effort into a painting and get good money for it.

As awful as these channels sound, you have to watch each episode all the way through and then set your GameCube clock forward to the next day in order to get the next one, which is as bland as the first. And this wild Pikachu I told you about won't listen to anything you say because there's no microphone like in Hey, you, Pikachu!, a cute N64 title. You might run off to the limited amount of locales and watch your Pikachu talk to other Pokemon, but there really isn't anything fun to do out there. There's no fishing, which was one of the reasons why Hey, you Pikachu! was kind of fun. All of the fun elements of the past game are gone here because you don't interact, you watch your Pikachu beg to watch some TV and then watch it watch TV. And all you do is wonder what you were thinking in picking up this piece of garbage in the first place. To a die-hard Pokemaniac, this game will be addictive... for about an hour. That's when you realize that all you do is watch this "game," not play it. That's because this isn't a game at all. It's a ripoff . This is by far one of the worst games Nintendo has ever developed, and there's likely a reason why Pokemon are now an endangered species. So what- the graphics are good, but there's absolutely nothing that makes this game fun or interesting. Watch real TV instead- that's a lot more entertaining. Pokemon Channel gets a 1 out of 10. And I mean it.

Rating:   0.5 - Unplayable

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