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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Paradisio

    Version: 1.3 | Updated: 04/18/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Pokemon Colosseum Guide
    Version: 1.3
    '                                  .                                   ,  '
      ^  .'                           ,' \     _                              ^
      / \          _.--.     __  _    \.-'|'\ | \       ____  _____         / \
       / \'    _,-'     '.  /_ | /'. ,----|  \|  \     /_   | \   /        / \ '
     /  /\     \     __  |   | |/   / /'/ /       \ .-- /   | /  /       ' /\  \ .
     \^  /      \.   \/ / .-.|    .'| \/ /_    |\  / (_ \   |/  /          \  ^/
    ' \ / ,       \    , / (_\   '-_\  .-' '.|\| \ |    //|    /            \ / ,
      [ ]          \   \ |   / |'-_ '-.__.|' |    \\_.-'/ |   /             [ ]
      | |   ,---.._ \   \\_.'|_|   '-._|  '""'     \__\/  /  /____  ,----   | |
      [ ]  /    _  '\\,-'                                '-.//    \ \    \  [ ]
      |_| /    //   /.---.  _                      ___  __  _\     \ |    \ |_|
         /    //___// // | / | .--.   ,...  .---. |  _\|  \| \\     \|     \
        /    /     / //  // / / || \ | |\_||  |\_\\  \__\  \\ \\            \
       /    /____ / //  // / |  ||  |\  \   \  '-. \   _\\  \\ \\    |\ |    \
      /    //   // //  // /__|  ||  |.\  \  _'-.  \ \  \__\  \\ \\    \\|\    \
     /    //   // //  //    / \ || / |\|  || \_|   | \    \\  \\ \\    \  \    \
    /     '   / \__..//__,./   '..'  '----' '-___.-'  \____\\____/ \    \  \    \
    '..__..-''                                                      '----   '-.__\
    Christopher Speight
    AKA Paradisio
    This work is not to be reused, edited, posted elsewhere besides gamefaqs, or
    anything else that would infringe on copy writes or the author.  Doing so can
    and will lead to consequences.  This is solely a fan work and is not meant to
    infringe on any of the Nintendo or Pokemon trademarks.
    Table of Contents
    1. News/Updates
    2. Walkthrough
    -Main Walkthrough
    -Mt. Battle
    3. Pokemon List
    4. FAQs
    5. TMs
    6. Purifying Shadow Pokemon
    7. Shops
    8. Pokemon in Story Mode
    9. Thanks to...
    ~1. News/Updates~
    1.3 - Most of the trainer's money is done now, thanks Big Bang Vegeta yet
    again, a move set list and item list should be coming up soon, which he is
    working on.  Added a nice logo to the top of the page, thanks Alex Ngo. Also
    added a section about obtaining HO-OH.  The Pokemon List is now also complete.
    1.2 - Ditched the storyline colosseum section, found it pretty pointless as it
    varies too much.  Redid the section formatting so you can discern it better
    from the rest. The shops section is complete... The general walkthrough is
    complete except the trainer's money, Miracle B. and Ho-Oh.  The TMs section is
    nearly complete also.  The pokemon in story mode is also complete; thanks
    shadow panther for your help.  Thanks to Big Bang Vegeta for his help with the
    trainer's money also.
    1.1 - Added several new sections and started adding the trainer's money.
    Corrected several typos and spacing problems... New sections are still under
    1.0 - Version 1 is done, the complete walkthrough, more to come!
    W W W WWW W   WW   W  WWW WW  W W W W W W WWW
    ~2. Walkthrough Beginning~
    Welcome this guide covers the story mode of pokemon colosseum.
    First start a new game, sorry ladies there is only a male main character and
    enter your name.
    The game starts off in a weird desert base with the main character taking some
    mechanical arm and being chased by a large group before running off on his
    weird vehicle, you automatically start with the day and night pokemon, espeon
    and umbreon.  These pokemon are always male, sorry.
    Outskirt Stand
    You should now be at a train station, take some time to learn the controls and
    the menu; they are straightforward.
    The menus have:
    Pokemon - list of your pokemon in your party, select a pokemon to see a summary
    of it, switch it with another pokemon, and give it items.
    PDA - Has the snag list, pokemon stolen and from who.  An e-mail browser for in
    game e-mails, and at the front of the PDA is some general character info.
    Items - Obviously shows a list of your items, push to the right to see other
    sets of items.
    Back to the game...  If you go too left or too right you will go to a world map,
    which has no where to go right now.  Do the sensible thing and go into the
    train to run into two goons.  They get in a hover car and speed into the
    Head back into the train to see a cut scene about your visit to the base that
    didn't go so well.  Talk to everyone in the bar to get some story info and then
    head outside the train again.
    The pink haired guy from inside will come out and challenge you, of course
    agree to battle him.
    Rider Willie
    X2 Zigzagoon, level 24
     I am going to assume you have played the regular games, it is pretty much
    exactly the same at this point in the game and this battle is very simple.
    After the fight is over he instructs you to head to Phenac City, do as he says.
    Phenac City
    As you enter you will run into the goons you met earlier, apparently they are
    kidnapping someone, time to fight again!
    Shady Guy Folly $500
    2x Whismur Level 25
    Very easy again, I managed to one hit KO them with confusion.   Go up to the
    bag after the fight and let the person out, you get to name them, probably
    indicating a secondary main character.  I am just going to use one of the
    default names for her, RUI.
    Before we head to the mayors house lets explore the town a little.  From the
    entrance going counter clockwise you will run into an old man who wishes to
    battle, agree with him of course.
    Fun Old Man Drig $800
    Sentret Level 25
    HootHoot Level 25
    Another battle you should have 0 trouble with, just keep attacking and they
    should go down in a couple of turns.  Go past the next building, it is just a
    house with nothing interesting.
    Now head to the other side of the street and enter the shop.  Talk to the
    person at the counter to buy items, do so if you wish.  They sell: Potion,
    Super Potion, Antidote, Burn Heal, Ice Heal, Awakening, Paralyze Heal, and full
    heal items.  Upstairs talk to the guy at the desk to learn there are no wild
    pokemon in this region; hmm I wonder how we will get more then.  The store on
    the second floors sells: Guard Special, Dire Hit, X Attack, Defend, Speed,
    Accuracy and Special.
    The last stop for this area is the pokemon center.  This is where you save your
    game and heal your pokemon, both of which are good ideas.  Downstairs is where
    I assume you can duel with other players or something, I am not sure yet.
    Leave the building and head up to the next area of town.
    Go to the far southwest to find a chest with 3 super potions in it.  On the
    northeast part there is a trainer that wants to battle, so do it.
    Roller Boy Kaib
    Silcoon, Level 25
    Wurmple, Level 25
    Both are form 1 and 2 bug pokemon and are extremely weak, just use attacks and
    they should go down in one or two hits.  After the battle he will give you
    TM41, torment.
    Enter the door nearest to the guy you just battled and watch the TV to learn
    about your fancy new arm you stole from the bad team.
    Then enter the building on the other side of town to run into a really freaky
    looking guy, and if you wondering what fufufufu means, it's basically Japanese
    for an evil laugh.  Then enter the building to meet the mayor.  Rui will talk
    about shadow pokemon with the mayor; after they get done talking the mayor
    directs you to visit the local pokemon colosseum.  The last building we haven't
    been to yet is the pre gym.
    Enter the building and when you are ready, talk to the lady on the far right
    wall at the machine to battle, when ready go onto the stage area.
    Cooltrainer Botan $810
    Sunkern, level 27
    Hoppip, level 28
    They are both grass type, we don't have any fire type moves or anything but I
    found confusion to work especially well against them.  Time for the next
    Cooltrainer Liqui $810
    Marill, Level 28
    Surskit, Level 27
    I just used regular attacks again with no problem.
    Rich Boy Dugo $540
    Trapinch, level 27
    Swinub, level 27
    Another very easy fight, just use basic attacks again.
    Lady Gwin $540
    Geodude, Level 27
    Rhyhorn, Level 27
    I found confusion worked especially well again in this battle.
    For winning all four you get the White Herb item from Justy.  He/She will fight
    you when you get all full party.  I recommend going back to the pokemon center
    to heal and save before we continue on.
    When your ready head to the exit on the far north end of town and enter it.
    Talk to everyone to learn that there is already a challenge-taking place, too
    bad.  Exit back to town to run into some more goons.
    It appears that the main character was one of the bad guys who stole pokemon,
    listen to some more stuff about the snag machine, and eventually you have to
    fight again.
    Team Snagem Wakin $270
    Corphish, Level 25
    Koffing, Level 27
    Confusion is super effective on Koffing, and should kill him in one hit.  And
    then just take Corphish out with regular attacks.
    After the battle Rui suggests buying some poke balls, so go to the poke mart
    and talk to everyone to find they don't sell any in this town, so head back to
    the train area.
    Outskirt Stand
    The bartender inside will give you 5 fore free, aren't we lucky.  He will now
    sell them as regular merchandise, so he now sells: Antidote, Burn Heal, Ice
    Heal, Awakening, Paralyze Heal, Great Ball, Poke Ball, and Full Heal.  I would
    suggest buying some more balls.
    Head back to Phenac City as there doesn't seem to be anything left here.
    Phenac City
    As you enter a woman will inform you that the goons are back in town.  Go to
    the mayor's house to see a guy with a huge Afro, his name is Miror B.  After a
    brief conversation he leaves to Pyrite.  Now you must fight one of the same
    goons you fought earlier again.
    Miror B. Peon Folly
    Whismur, Level 28
    Lotad, Level 25
    Just a regular fight, you should have no trouble.  Time to fight his partner in
    Miror B. Peon Trudly $800
    Duskull, Level 25
    Spinarak, Level 25
    Makuhita, Level 30 (shadow)
    Once you knock out one pokemon Makuhita will come out and Rui will tell you to
    capture it because it is evil or something to that extent.  Lower its hit
    points by using Bite and then capture it with a poke ball.  I found that
    confusion did the perfect amount of damage to him for a capture; confusion also
    works great against all the other guys in this battle as well.
    The entire town exits are blocked by guards, you can only defeat one
    unfortunately and they each carry a different one.  The one to the South has
    Croconaw, the east one has Quilava and the last one has Bayleef.
    Mystery Troop Verde/Bluno/Rosso $900
    Bayleef/Croconaw/Quilava, Level 30 (shadow)
    Grimer, Level 28
    Spoink, Level 24
    If you want to get all pokemon, you are going to want a female, as there is no
    Ditto in this game.  So I recommend reloading if you get a male.  Confusion is
    super effective against Grimer so use that to take him down and then whittle
    down the shadow to capture.  Bite is super effective against Spoink as well.
    Afterwards the guard says something about how they closed the pokemons hearts
    artificially... Time to head to the next town, but first we must stop at the
    Construction Lot.
    Construction Lot
    There is absolutely nothing to do here for now, so leave and go to the next
    Pyrite Town
    This is quite the hellhole if I have ever seen one.  You will see some more
    goons talking as you enter, well one goon and one extremely lenient law
    enforcement officer.
    The first building on your left with the fortune telling sign... is the
    fortuneteller; nothing to do in there at the moment, probably for a future
    Next is the big green building, insider you will see a scene between Johnson
    and the Chief.  This is the easiest save point in the city to get to as well,
    so remember it.  In the back are a number of jail cells including one with
    Folly and Trudly.
    The next building is a tower like structure; besides the television set there
    is nothing to do here.
    The next building is the shop, they sell: Hyper Potion, Super Potion, Full
    Heal, Revive, Antidote, Burn Heal, Ice Heal, Awakening, and Paralyze Heal here.
    Across from the previous building is a building with a G looking logo on it.
    Inside is Duking, who runs the local Colosseum.  Talk to the boy and use the
    bookshelf behind him to open up a secret passage, insider are a few people....
    That's it, pointless.  Once you leave the passage a little scene takes place
    between Duking and Silva.
    The next building is the inn, where you can heal your pokemon for $100.
    Outside is a guy in a weird outfit you can fight.
    Chaser Calda $520
    Sentret, Level 25
    Taillow, Level 25
    Slakoth, level 26/28 (hard to tell)
    Pretty straightforward again, no shadow pokemon to capture either, so just use
    your regular attacks and you should be fine.
    Head forward past the inn and talk to the first woman you see walking back and
    forth, time to battle.
    Chaser Emok $540
    Gulpin, Level 27
    Zubat, Level 27
    Confusion works great on both if you are still using Espeon.
    I would recommend saving now and after each battle coming up, as each has a
    shadow pokemon you could catch.
    As you approach the circle, Rui will talk for a second.  All the trainers
    around the circle are carrying a shadow pokemon.  We are going to start from
    the one on the left closest to you and work our way around counter-clockwise.
    Rider Nover $300
    Noctowl, Level 30 (shadow)
    Ledyba, Level 27
    Wingull, Level 27
    As usual kill the non-shadowed first and then whittle them down into the red.
    Make sure to get a female as well.
    Street Performer Diogo $480
    Flaffy, Level 30 (shadow)
    Shroomish, Level 30
    Once again, try to get a female shadow so you can breed its pre-evolution.
    Rider Leba $300
    Skiploom, Level 30 (shadow)
    Oddish, Level 26
    Dustox, Level 26
    Just do what we have done for every other fight involving a shadow.
    Bandana Guy Divel $480
    Quagsire, Level 30 (shadow)
    Psyduck, Level 29
    And one last one in the circle...
    Rider Vant $300
    Misdreavus, Level 30 (shadow)
    Zigzagoon, Level 28
    Skitty, Level 28
    The only pokemon you should worry about is Misdreavus, as it will cast shadow
    ball, which will put a serious hurt on most of your pokemon, and it will also
    use confuse ray, very annoying.
    Now, you can fight the people on the circle a second time as well without
    shadow pokemon, I would recommend you work on the heart bar of a few pokemon so
    you can use more of their moves.
    I am going to use:
    Croconaw (you may have Bayleef/Quilava)
    Past the circle of trainers is someone roller-blading, talk to them to get into
    another shadow pokemon involved fight.
    Roller Boy Lon $168
    Slugma, Level 30 (shadow)
    Azurill, Level 27
    Igglybuff, Level 28
    Swablu, Level 27
    Only pokemon that should be a danger is Slugma itself, as it will use a
    powerful flamethrower attack.
    North of the roller-blader is a steel building with a bunch of mechanical stuff
    inside, talk to the people if you wish and then leave.
    Near the bridge is a large building with a locked door; we will be here in a
    Now head across the bridge and into the large dome.  Inside you can heal your
    pokemon and save if you wish, this is the colosseum entrance, which we will be
    entering shortly.  Talk to the goon here to learn that Cail (the guy at
    entrance) has a weird pokemon.  So go give him a visit and steal his pokemon.
    Rogue Cail $464
    Furret, Level 33 (shadow)
    Ralts, Level 29
    Seedot, Level 29
    Machop, Level 29
    Furret is very strong offensively, so watch out for his strength attack.  Once
    again, make sure you get a female Furret so you can breed it.
    After the fight Cail babbles about shadow pokemon and then the scene goes to
    Miror B. and wavy hair man you ran into earlier at the Mayors Office.
    Now we have to do some colosseum battling to continue.  As you reach the bridge
    a scientist should come out of the generator building and collapse, speak to
    him and go inside.  Silva stole one of the generator gears so no colosseum for
    now, we must find the gear first.  So head back to the construction lot to find
    Construction Lot
    See the big shiny gear in the northeast corner, that's it... Get it and leave.
    Pyrite Town
    Head back to the generator room and put the gear back in as instructed, now we
    can head to the colosseum.  It is a good idea to train up your pokemon now, as
    there are a lot of battles ahead.
    NOTE: These trainers are probably not the ones you will face, and in fact you
    may not even need to battle in the colosseum at all, sorry.
    When ready head to the colosseum area and talk to the receptionist.  You must
    win four battles in a row; there are no shadow pokemon either so you shouldn't
    have much to worry about.  You get healed in-between fights as well.
    Hunter Hoks
    Barboach, Level 30
    Sandshrew, Level 30
    I used Misdreavus shadow ball on Barboach and then Croconaw's used surf to
    knock them both out at the same time.  If you use Bayleef, its leaf attacks
    should work well here also.
    Chaser Tisler
    Natu, Level 30
    Meditite, Level 30
    Shadow ball works great on Meditite and bite works very well on Natu.
    Bandana Guy Vilch
    Electrike, Leave 30
    Cacnea, Level 31
    Vulpix, Level 32
    This fight isn't particularly challenging, you should be able to beat it quite
    easily even without exploiting elemental weaknesses.
    Bodybuilder Mirez
    Bagon, Level 32
    Goldeen, Level 32
    Magnemite, Level 31
    Delibird, Level 34
    The opponent has a pretty rounded team this time, but they are all fairly weak.
    For winning, I received $4,848 and TM06, Toxic.  Save and heal and head outside
    and cross the bridge.  At the end of the bridge a goon guard will greet you and
    want to give you a gift and lead you inside the locked building.  They soon
    realize who you are and attack!
    Cipher Peon Nore $1320
    Yanma, Level 32 (shadow)
    Pineco, Level 32
    Nincada, Level 31
    Surskit, Level 32
    Yanma likes to confuse so be careful.  Make sure to catch it, if you aren't
    planning on breeding it for another Yanma you don't need a female one as they
    don't evolve.
    After the battle, pick up the file on the desk it is Ein File H.  Read it if
    you wish and continue on.  Ignore the lady by the elevator for a minute until
    we get to the save point/healing station, just go around to the door and fight
    one guy.
    Roller Boy Pike $204
    Taillow, Level 33
    HootHoot, Level 34
    After the fight heal and save and fight the lady by the elevator.
    Chaser Kai $640
    Phanpy, Level 31
    Trapinch, Level 32
    Unfortunately the elevator door is locked and we don't have the key, so use the
    stairs and go up.  Just go around the floor and beat everyone, be sure to save
    every so often.  These battles are all pretty easy so Ill just list them as I
    go in order.
    Bandana Guy Geats $512
    Larvitar, Level 31
    Carvanha, Level 32
    Barboach, Level 32
    Hunter Geare $528
    Remoraid, Level 33
    Magnemite, Level 32
    Bandana Guy Loba $528
    Wingull, Level 32
    Wooper, Level 33
    After the fight there is a chest nearby with 5 great balls in it.
    Bodybuilder Akmen $744
    Electrike, Level 31
    Voltorb, Level 31
    Now head up to the next floor and do the same thing again!
    Rider Raleen $320
    Doduo, Level 32
    Ledyba, Level 32
    Swablu, Level 31
    Hunter Tura $512
    Spheal, Level 31
    Snorunt, Level 32
    One of the rooms on the way to the next trainer has a chest with revive in it.
    Hunter Toti $512
    Horsea, Level 31
    Oddish, Level 32
    Sandshrew, Level 31
    Bodybuilder Elidi $792
    Cacnea, Level 32
    Tentacool, Level 33
    Head up the next flight of stairs when you are ready.
    Now you are on the roof of the building, talk to the guy here and he will say
    they captured an intruder, so go insider the door here to find out it is Silva
    who has been captured.  Time to fight again.
    Miror B. Peon Reath $660
    Remoraid, Level 20 (shadow)
    Spinarak, Level 33
    Luvdisk, Level 32
    Be careful with Remoraid since it is low level you don't want to overkill it.
    Miror B. Ferma $660
    Mantine, Level 33 (shadow)
    Aipom, Level 32
    Furret, Level 31
    Yanma, Level 33
    Get rid of the other pokemon besides Mantine ASAP, Mantine is very strong and
    its bubble attack will put quite a bit of hurt on anyone.
    After the fight the two lady goons run off, so talk to Silva.  After you talk
    briefly, Miror B. Appears on the screen.  After that go to the desk and pick up
    Ein File S and read it if you wish, it is just more about shadow pokemon and
    the experiments.  If you go down the stairs you can ride an elevator to the
    bottom floor and pick up 3 Hyper Potions from a chest and heal/save.  But you
    can't enter the elevator room once you exit it unfortunately.
    When you are ready, go to the rooftop and fight the guy guarding the cave
    Hunter Doken $528
    Qwilfish, Level 33 (shadow)
    Goldeen, Level 33
    Linoone, Level 33
    After you beat him enter the cave (or go save first.) Go all the way past the
    stairs and you can find a chest with 3 ethers.  Now go back to the stairs, by
    them is a trainer looking for a fight.
    Street Performer Simes $512
    Anorith, Level 32
    Lotad, Level 32
    Now head down the stairs and fight the next trainer.
    Chaser Maiz $640
    Koffing, Level 32
    Ralts, Level 31
    Shroomish, Level 32
    Now continue to you get to a flight of stairs, but don't go up them instead go
    Rider Twan $330
    Meditite, Level 33 (shadow)
    Bagon, Level 33
    Numel, Level 32
    Another shadow pokemon fight, starts getting really annoying how far the save
    point away is...
    After the fight go north and then right, before the staircase.  Eventually you
    will run into another trainer.
    Hunter Valen $528
    Lotad, Level 32
    Whismur, Level 33
    Slakoth, Level 32
    A little past him you should find a chest with a full heal, then go down the
    staircase going down.
    You should now be in a sewer like area.  Head west into you get into a fight
    with a woman trainer.
    Rider Sosh $340
    Dunsparce, Level 33 (shadow)
    Mareep, Level 34
    Cacnea, Level 34
    Pretty easy except Dunsparce, who hits pretty hard.
    Past her by the stairs is finally a save and healing machine
    For now go back past the lady we fought, back up the stairs and go up the
    flight of stairs we skipped earlier...
    Head through the corridors until you reach a woman trainer and prepare to
    battle her.
    Chaser Rehan $640
    Geodude, Level 32
    Lotad, Level 31
    Snorunt, Level 32
    Slakoth, Level 31
    Now head into the room she was blocking and fight yet another trainer.
    Bandana Guy Noxy $528
    Lotad, Level 32
    Lotad, Level 32
    Lotad, Level 33
    Lotad, Level 33
    That has got to be the most boring lineup you could have, c'mon Nintendo be a
    bit more creative.
    After the fight get the chest by him, it contains 3 Ultra Balls.  Then head
    back to the save/heal terminals in the sewer area and climb the stairs and
    fight the next trainer.
    Roller Boy Evat $198
    Lotad, Level 32
    Lombre, Level 33
    Now head down the corridor and you should see a goon guarding the staircase,
    take him out first.
    Hunter Zalo $528
    Swablu, Level 33 (shadow)
    Lotad, Level 31
    Beldum, Level 32
    Lombre, Level 32
    Make sure to catch Swablu, as the evolved form is pretty awesome.
    Now head to the east instead of going down the stairs and fight the first
    trainer you see.
    Rider Derid $330
    Pineco, Level 30
    Shuppet, Level 33
    Koffing, Level 33
    Head past him afterwards and you should come to yet another staircase, this
    time go down it.  You should now be in the sewer area again, go west first.
    Hunter Meli $528
    Zigzagoon, Level 32
    Zigzagoon, Level 32
    Linoone, Level 33
    Past her are four treasure chests containing: Protein, Iron, Zinc, and Carbos.
    Then head back to the stairs and go north.
    Chaser Mela	$660
    Natu, Level 33
    Tentacool, Level 32
    Teddiursa, Level 32
    Cipher Peon Sema $1360
    Spheal, Level 34
    Lileep, Level 32
    Dustox, Level 33
    Now I would definitely advise saving/healing since next we fight the boss...
    When you are ready go down the only flight of stairs we have yet to use.  When
    you go down the stairs head north into the next cave.  Well, look who is
    getting jiggy with it.  If you go the north door you can see the poor little
    pokemon.  Time to take him back!
    Cipher Admin Miror B. $3500
    Ludicolo, Level 28
    Ludicolo, Level 29
    Ludicolo, Level 31
    Ludicolo, Level 30
    Sudowoodo, Level 35 (shadow)
    You should be able to beat the Ludicolo easily, just don't use anything with a
    weakness to water/grass.  Be careful once Sudowoodo comes out, it knows rock
    and fighting moves as well.  I would recommend paralyzing him and then
    whittling him down with normal type moves before attempting to capture.  He
    does have pretty high defense, so it may take a few tries.
    After the fight, loot the chest to get TM49, snatch and then go through the
    door on the north end.
    Pick up Ein File P and read it to learn a little bit about Pokemon
    purification.  Then loot the chest to get a Macho brace, and then talk to
    Plusle.  Then everyone comes in and you go back to Duking's place.  Plusle then
    joins you to help stop the spread of shadow pokemon.
    Now go see the chief of police to see a little cut scene.  Talk to the goons
    and on the table in the back is the jail key.  Let out the solitary guy, after
    he leaves you can find TM46, thief in his cell.  You can open the other cells
    as well, but the guy's wont leave and there is nothing to find.
    If you talk to Cail he will fight you again.
    Rogue Cail
    Snubbull, Level 35
    Kirlia, Level 35
    Nuzleaf, Level 35
    Machop, Level 35
    The trainers here can be fought infinitely, just enter and exit a building and
    they will fight you again.  Good for easy EXP.  Although their lineup seems to
    chance, so I won't post them.  You can also enter the colosseum and battle
    again if you would like.  Although the pokemon in the competition are going to
    be at level 50+, so you are going to have a very hard time unless you are
    training a lot.
    When you ready to continue the game talk to the Fortune Teller Lady, she will
    tell you to go to Agate Village.  Good idea, but first lets stop somewhere else
    Outskirt Stand
    You can fight Willie again now...
    Rider Willie
    Zigzagoon, Level 29
    Linoone, Level 30
    You probably need some more poke balls by now, so stock up.  Now head to Agate
    when you are ready to continue to story.
    Agate Village
    Explore the town a bit before going inside any of the homes; if you talk to the
    guy at the top with his Taillow he will give you a Rawst Berry.
    If you go behind the tree home you can get a chest with the EXP share item!
    There is an old guy looking for a fight by the building with the large poke
    ball on it.
    Fun Old Man Skof $1120
    Machop, Level 34
    Seedot, Level 35
    Furret, Level 34
    Near the pokemon center is a path down, there is an entrance there being
    blocked, if you go to the right side and down you should be able to get on a
    lower path, take it and you should find a chest with the quick claw item in it.
    In one home you can find a save point, a day care, and a name changer.
    The building with the large poke ball on it is the store.  They sell: Hyper
    Potion, Super Potion, Full Heal, Revive, HP UP, Protein, Iron, Carbos, Calcium,
    Zinc, Joy Sent, Excite Sent and Vivid Sent.
    The other homes don't have anything in them really; so when you are ready enter
    the home with the large tree growing on top of it.
    After a brief conversation with Eagun there is trouble afoot in the forest
    nearby, go to the cave entrance and go inside.
    You should come to a trainer right off the bat.
    Cipher Peon Doven $1360
    Spheal, Level 33
    Carvanha, Level 34
    Continue on a bit to fight the next one.
    Cipher Peon Silton $1360
    Shroomish, Level 34
    Cacnea, Level 34
    Now head to the shining doorway to meet another peon.
    Cipher Peon Kass $1400
    Baltoy, Level 35
    Ralts, Level 35
    Kirlia, Level 35
    Up ahead you should see Eagun with another goon... You will see a battle between
    Cipher Peon Skrub and Myth Train Eagun... Level 50 Pikachu vs. level 30
    Hitmontop.  Pikachu always loses, sorry!
    Cipher Peon Skrub $1520
    Geodude, Level 38
    Hitmontop, Level 38 (shadow)
    Clamperl, Level 38
    Wynaut, Level 37
    Hitmontop is always male unfortunately so you can't breed for the other
    fighters until the new games come out with Ditto.
    After the battle you learn that the point of the mission was for them to
    capture celebi the time Pokemon and destroy the relic stone.  You then go back
    to Eagun's house.  You now must go meet a man named Senilor who lives by the
    Poke Mart.  So go see him.  He is the guy sitting on the couch watch TV in the
    home with the Wobbuffet at the table.
    After talking to him, go back to Eagun's house and receive the Small Tablet.
    As you leave the home you should receive your first in game email.  So go read
    it, if you don't know, it is in your PDA.  Seems trouble afoot on Mt. Battle.
    After you read it, you will get instructions on how to get there.
    I would heal and save first before we do anything else.
    But first go back to the cave and into the courtyard and pick up Ein File C, it
    talks about Celebi and the relic.  You can complete the purification by
    returning here and visiting this stone once the pokemons heart gauge is
    completely white.  By doing this a pokemon can level up, be named, and
    otherwise be completely normal.  If you have used your crystal/gold/silver
    starter much it probably saved enough exp to level several times and evolve
    This might be a good time to switch out so you can work on purifying other
    pokemon... As later in the game you want to have all of them purified.
    Mt. Battle
    Head into the building first, inside is a save machine, a healing station, an
    old guy on a bench who deletes moves, and a counter where you can exchange
    coupons for prizes.  When ready enter the center area.  Time to fight!
    Rider Turo $350
    Trapinch, Level 35
    Numel, Level 34
    Sandshrew, Level 35
    Surf + Same Type Attack Bonus = Dead Rider Turo
    Hunter Drovic $592
    Swinub, Level 35
    Baltoy, Level 38
    Larvitar, Level 37
    Water is super effective against entire team again.
    Rider Kimit $370
    Sandshrew, Level 37
    Geodude, Level 38
    More rock, fire and ground types, you know what to do by now.
    Rider Riden $370
    Pineco, Level 35
    Baltoy, Level 35
    Houndour, Level 37
    Graveler, Level 37
    Hunter Telia $608
    Trapinch, Level 38
    Barboach, Level 38
    Trapinch, Level 38
    Lileep, Level 38
    Street Performer Nortz $592
    Cacnea, Level 37
    Spinda, Level 37
    Kadabra, Level 37
    Hunter Weeg $592
    Sandslash, Level 37
    Graveler, Level 38
    Vibrava, Level 37
    Cipher Peon Kison $1480
    Houndour, Level 37
    Koffing, Level 37
    Duskull, Level 38
    Kirlia, Level 38
    Cipher Peon Berin $1520
    Geodude, Level 38
    Geodude, Level 38
    Sandslash, Level 38
    Now would be a good time to save before the next big battle on platform number
    10.  The big guy will talk about the time flute and Ein's Lab.  Time to fight
    Cipher Admin Dakim $4000
    Metang, Level 37
    Golem, Level 38
    Marshtomp, Level 38
    Camerupt, Level 38
    Entei, Level 40 (shadow)
    Do yourself a favor and don't put an electric type in battle or he is going to
    die in one turn from powerful ground and rock moves like earthquake.  And that
    is no typo; you can catch the legendary hound Entei in this battle as well.  He
    can't be bred anyways so don't worry about his/her/its gender.  Get rid of
    everyone else ASAP, paralyze him, whittle him down into the red and throw ultra
    balls at him (buyable at Outskirt Stand now.)
    After the battle pick-up the item on the ground, it is the F-Disk item.  Then
    talk to the guy on the ground.  After you talk to the man (Vander) you will go
    back to the entrance automatically and he will give you the time flute.  Then
    loot the chest here to get TM47, Steel Wing.  Now return to Agate Village to
    continue the story.
    Agate Village
    Return to Eagun's house and speak to him about what happened on Mt. Battle.
    Make sure to give him your PDA number as well.
    Talk to the guy outside the house and you should unlock a new area on the may...
    head there.
    Mystery Lab
    As you enter you should get another e-mail from Duking do as it says and return
    to Pyrite Town.
    Pyrite Town
    Go insider the big green sheriffs office and visit the new prisoners.  Open the
    door and talk to the person sleeping and nab their key.
    Go back to the building with several floors you had to fight through
    previously... Everyone is looking for a fight again unfortunately.  They pretty
    much use the same pokemon just stronger versions, evolved forms, and etc.
    Use the elevator to go down into the basement area.  There is like a whole city
    under here, probably not with the best people either.  As you walk to the left
    a TV message should appear from Lady Venus.
    The shop here sells a variety of TMs and the usual items.
    Walk around and you should eventually find a chest with 3 hyper potions inside.
    The building next to the chest is the inn, which costs a ridiculous $1000 a
    night.  Upstairs is a save machine, and a TV screen message should come alive
    also.  Head outside and across the bridge and talk to the guy to engage in a
    fight, before the fight he talks about the winner of the colosseum here getting
    a shadow pokemon prize.
    Chaser Gurks $800
    Magikarp, Level 38
    Feebas, Level 38
    Wailord, Level 40
    Feel the wrath that is Magikarp, not.
    Head inside the building and downstairs and talk to the boy to make a delivery
    to Netts house, once outside you should see a cut scene with wavy haired man,
    Ein, and Venus.  Head to the building by the circular antenna and talk to the
    person standing out front and then go inside and downstairs.  Talk to the kid
    in the white shirt to deliver the part and complete the Kids Grid and then talk
    to him again and try to head upstairs.  You will stop and give the kids your
    PDA number, then head out of the building.
    Once you leave a bunch of people will be talking about how they found a spy and
    they are by the elevator.  Go to the elevator to find it is Silva again.  Talk
    to the first lady you come to.  The jig is up!
    Cipher Peon Kloak $1600
    Ledian, Level 40 (shadow)
    Spinarak, Level 39
    Volbeat, Level 38
    Very simple, and catch should be fairly easy if you have some ultra balls.
    You will have to fight another right after battle is finished as well.
    Cipher Peon Dagur $1600
    Ariados, Level 38
    Illumise, Level 40
    Gloom, Level 39
    Head around to the side and talk to Silva, he will give you an R-Disk.
    Head south past him and follow the ledge to another trainer.
    Hunter Zada $560
    Skitty, Level 35
    Oddish, Level 34
    Jigglypuff, Level 35
    Shuppet, Level 35
    Past her is a vending machine that sells beneficial drinks.
    Next go to the weird machine by the group of people and use the F-Disk to
    travel forward on the circular platform.
    On this side of the town is the bitter medicine seller, good medicine that
    makes your pokemon like you less.
    Inside the dome as are the usual save/heal spots... You can ride the elevator
    here to exit back to the map if you wish.
    Next head downstairs to where you saw a cut scene earlier.
    Now go back to town and put the R-Disk in and ride it to a new area and enter
    the building here.  Go in the first room to get a chest with 3 rare candy
    items.  Then talk to Venus... FIGHT!
    Cipher Admin Venus
    Delcatty, Level 45
    Steelix, Level 45
    Banette, Level 45
    Vileplume, Level 44
    Suicune, Level 40 (shadow)
    Another legendary to be caught, all I can say is GOOD LUCK and I hope you have
    a lot of Ultra Balls to hurl at him.  As far as the others, Psychic works great
    on taking Vileplume out and water is very effective against Steelix.
    After the fight is over pick up Ein File F, the final report and gives more
    information on purification. Also loot the other chest that contains TM45,
    Attract. I would recommend you go save before following them down the
    staircase.  Unlock the door here so you can get to save/heal easier.
    Follow her but instead go down the right exit...
    Hunter Frena $592
    Shroomish, Level 35
    Jigglypuff, Level 38
    Teddiursa, Level 37
    Gligar, Level 43 (Shadow)
    Aside from catching the shadow pokemon this fight is extremely easy.
    Chaser Liaks $860
    Kirlia, Level 37
    Gloom, Level 38
    Roselia, Level 38
    Stantler, Level 43 (shadow)
    Regulars are easy but catching Stantler isn't sometimes... He has a variety of
    recoil moves and usually uses them often, while he isn't difficult, he is
    difficult to catch because he kills himself.
    There is an exit between the previous trainer and the next that contains chest
    with 2 Timer Balls and 2 Max Potions.
    Bodybuilder Lonia $936
    Dunsparce, Level 39
    Octillery, Level 38
    Masquerain, Level 39
    Piloswine, Level 43 (shadow)
    Another boring shadowed pokemon fight.  You should have the tools for this one.
    At the bottom floor there is a chest with 4 ultra balls and a trainer looking
    for a fight.
    Rider Nelis $410
    Loudred, Level 41
    Corsola, Level 41
    Seviper, Level 40
    Sneasel, Level 43  (shadow)
    A long fight, but not particularly hard.
    Afterwards head inside the passageway to see Venus and some goons talking about
    going to see Ein, they head inside the train afterwards.  In one of the rooms
    past them is a chest with the Blackglasses item.  Then follow them inside.  Go
    through the train and out the other door to meet up with them again.  Follow
    them when they run off and pick up the subway key they dropped.  Then go to the
    train controls and insert the key to move the train.
    Get off the train to find you have a greeting party that soon departs.  A bomb
    goes off as you get close, but ignore it for now and head right to get a chest
    with a U-Disk.  Then go inside the blown up doorway.  Get the main gate key
    lying on the group when the goons run off.
    Now ride the train out of here and go all the way back to the world map.
    If you use the U-Disk it will take you to a room with a second time flute.
    Phenac Town Revisited
    Yea, bet you forgot that we could fight Justy when we have six pokemon, well I
    did too.  Go see him/her (?) for a match.
    Pre Gym Leader Justy $2520
    Sandshrew, Level 41
    Gligar, Level 41
    Cacnea, Level 41
    Azurill, Level 40
    Sunflora, Level 40
    Nosepass, Level 42
    After the battle, talk to Justy to receive TM27, Return.
    Also make sure to leave the building and come back in and talk to the teacher
    to receive a PDA upgrade.
    Shadow Pokemon Lab
    Go up to the control panel and use the main gate key. Then go around the
    outside fence to get to a chest with 3 revive items.  Then go inside the door
    on the base.
    Once inside go into the right room and use one of the computers to open the
    shutter.  This opens a door on the outside, so go out and use that door.
    In here you will find a save machine, but no heal machine, in lue of the health
    machine just deposit your pokemon and withdraw them and they will be healed up.
    Then head around the mini-maze and go down the stairs.  On this next floor you
    will find a scientist who will battle you.
    Researcher Myron $1520
    Voltorb Level 38 x2
    After the battle, pick up the item he dropped, it is a card key.  Then head
    downstairs and loot the chest to get 3 elixirs.  Then go back to the other lab
    entrance and use the card key on the slot next to the door.  Then ride the
    elevator down.
    This is quite the confusing place.  Basically some doors are one way and others
    are two way.  Go down first into the room and talk to the scientist here.  Time
    to fight!
    Researcher Lethco $1560
    Magnemite, Level 38
    Electrike, Level 39
    Chinchou, Level 38
    Then go back to the main corridor and head left.  When you go in the room head
    to the elevator to be ambushed.
    Cipher Peon Cole $1640
    Aipom, Level 43 (shadow)
    Furret, Level 37
    Remoraid, Level 39
    Castform, Level 41
    Easy shadow catch, as far as Castform goes, it changes its type depending on
    what the field is, so if someone uses rainy day it becomes a water pokemon.
    After the battle use the lift to go deeper into the lab.  A not so friendly lab
    researcher upon entry to the lower level greets you.
    Researcher Odlow $1560
    Electrode, Level 39
    Magnemite, Level 38
    Magneton, Level 39
    Be careful, Electrode likes to suicide attack for lots of damage to everyone.
    After the battle pick up the DNA sample item off the desk and head up the
    stairs to fight again.
    Researcher Coren $1600
    Magneton, Level 40
    Electrode, Level 40
    Magnemite, Level 39
    After the battle pick up the Down St. Key.  Now head back to the room with the
    elevator doorways, and go back down to the center section and open the door
    there with the key you just received.  Go through to have another ambush
    Cipher Peon Lare $1720
    Houndour, Level 38
    Carvanha, Level 38
    Nuzleaf, Level 38
    Murkrow, Level 38 (shadow)
    Be careful with Murkrow, I accidentally killed him many times before catching
    him.  But his defense seems low and I managed to catch him with an ultra ball
    while he was only in the yellow.
    Then head into the next area; go left to find several cells, in one you can
    find another DNA sample.  Then head down again past where we turned left;
    eventually you should come to a fork, go left for now and you should run into
    another ambush.
    Cipher Peon Vana $1600
    Swablu, Level 40
    Pupitar, Level 40
    Forretress, Level 43 (shadow)
    Zubat, Level 40
    This catch can be long since Forretress as very strong defensively.  I would
    recommend using moves that lower defense if you have any.
    After the battle ride the nearby lift down.  Head left to get into yet another
    ambush battle.
    Cipher Peon Lesar $1600
    Rhyhorn, Level 40
    Ariados, Level 43 (shadow)
    Grovyle, Level 40
    I found psybeam from Umbreon around level 49 did the perfect amount of damage
    for the capture.
    Head all the way to the right after the battle to find a chest with one full
    restore.  Then head up and right to get into another ambush battle.
    Cipher Peon Tanie $1560
    Granbull, Level 43 (shadow)
    Linoone, Level 38
    Vigoroth, Level 39
    Should be a relatively easy capture if you have a couple ultra balls.
    Afterwards go up through the weird door to be inside another lab.  If you go to
    the top of the area you can see Ein in the next room up, then battle the
    Researcher Dubik $1480
    Electrode, Level 37
    Electrode, Level 37
    Watch out for the explosion attack!
    After the battle pick up another DNA sample near the scientist.
    Go back to the room with 2 lifts and use the right one.  You will find a DNA
    analyzer machine, so use it on your DNA samples.  My three were Sudowoodo,
    Bayleef, and Mightyena.  I hear it is different for each game so be cautious.
    Now go back to the room with 2 lifts in it and take the left one.  You should
    run into a scientist.
    Researcher Kotan $1680
    Magneton, Level 40
    Electrode, Level 42
    Ampharos, Level 42
    After the battle he will sound an alarm, uh oh!
    Up ahead you will get ambushed again.
    Cipher Peon Remil $1720
    Vibrava, Level 43 (shadow)
    Swellow, Level 43
    Kecleon, Level 43
    Kadabra, Level 42
    Kecleon changes types depending on what the last move to hit it was.  Be
    careful not to overkill Vibrava.
    The door here is locked, use the panel and select the pokemon you have a DNA
    sample for.  Time to fight Skrub again!
    Cipher Peon Skrub $1760
    Graveler, Level 44
    Wobbuffet, Level 42
    Clamperl, Level 43
    Medicham, Level 41
    Be careful of Wobbuffet it likes to reflect attacks back at you, but if you
    don't attack it, it pretty much will do nothing.  After the battle head
    downstairs and you will meet Ein.
    Cipher Admin Ein $4800
    Huntail, Level 47
    Lanturn, Level 47
    Altaria, Level 48
    Golbat, Level 48
    Raikou, Level 40 (shadow)
    Raikou isn't as much of a problem as the rest.  Get rid of Huntail ASAP, as it
    will use rainy day that will boost water/electric attacks the enemy does.
    After the fight pick up the Data Rom item off the desk.  Then go into the
    corner on the left side and find the HP UP item.  Then loot the other chest for
    TM26, earthquake.  Then use the lift to escape to the top floor.  As you leave
    the complex you should get e-mail, it is from one of the smart kids talking
    about data from the lab that we just got so let us go bring it to them.
    The Under
    Go back to the building with the kids (by the satellite dish) and talk to the
    kid at the computer.  Now go back to the world map... The construction site
    should be replaced with Realgam Tower...  So head there already!
    Realgam Tower
    Pretty nice huh?
    Go left to meet Miror B.
    Cipher Admin Miror B. $4600
    Loudred, Level 46
    Golduck, Level 45
    Ludicolo, Level 44
    Ludicolo, Level 45
    Armaldo, Level 43 (depends on if you got Sudowoodo from him)
    Work on getting rid of Golduck as fast as possible, it knows a variety of
    pretty nasty moves.  The Ludicolo are very annoying also, they like to dive,
    leech seed, giga-drain and other type moves, no fire/water types will fair well
    against them.  When you win he/she will give you the Red Id Badge.
    To the right and up from the main area is Dakim.
    Cipher Admin Dakim $4700
    Claydol, Level 46
    Forretress, Level 45
    Flygon, Level 46
    Whiscash, Level 46
    Houndoom, Level 47 (replacement for Entei, thanks Big Bang Vegeta)
    Both Claydol and Forretress have high defense, Forretress likes to cancel out
    attacks with protect as well, and Claydol/Flygon likes to use Earthquake.
    Unfortunately they only use Earthquake when it won't harm their own team
    members most of the time.  Watch out for flygon's sunny day + solar beam combo
    as well.  Also Forretress knows explode, and it will deal A LOT of damage.
    When you win you should get the green ID Badge.
    If you go straight from the main area you'll come to a room with a save and
    heal station.  If you talk to the man here he will turn into a goon and fight
    Cipher Peon Bopen $1600
    Dustox, Level 39
    Grimer, Level 39
    Seviper, Level 40
    Psychic attacks = Dead Bopen
    Go left and up to meet two more goons.  Take out the one to the right first.
    Cipher Peon Arton $1680
    Piloswine, Level 42
    Delibird, Level 45 (shadow)
    Glalie, Level 42
    Delibird is very annoying, it likes to attract which will cause a pokemon not
    to attack sometimes.  Take out Piloswine with a quick water attack.
    And now take out the other trainer in the room.
    Cipher Peon Baila $1680
    Sunflora, Level 45 (shadow)
    Gloom, Level 41
    Jumpluff, Level 42
    Now if you go to the right door you reach a room with a big locked door and 4
    multi colored clots where you put the four badges, which we are still missing
    two of!  So go right again and then up.  Here you will meet Ein again.
    Cipher Admin Ein $5000
    Rhydon, Level 50
    Starmie, Level 49 (substitute for Raikou, thanks Big Bang Vegeta)
    Manectric, Level 50
    Crobat, Level 48
    Pelipper, Level 49
    After the battle you should receive the Yellow Id Badge and head towards the
    lift, you should receive e-mail from Eagun. Unfortunately the bottom of the
    message seems to be cut off for some reason, lets go see him.
    Agate Village
    Go see Eagun to receive the master ball.  There is only really one or two more
    pokemon in the game that could warrant its use.  So if your good you may just
    want to save it so you can transfer it to ruby/sapphire/fire red/leaf green.
    You probably have some more pokemon to purify so this is a good opportunity as
    There is a trainer in front of the pokemon center that will battle you.
    Cool Trainer Dury
    Swellow, Level 39
    Rhyhorn, Level 49
    Sunflora, Level 40
    Past the trainer you should see a lady in blue that will give you a Cologne
    Case.  Basically you buy scents and use them on pokemon to make their heart
    gauge decrease.
    Realgam Tower
    Head back to the room where you fought the two guards and head up this time.
    Time to fight the last admin.
    Cipher Admin Venus $4800
    Bellossom, Level 47
    Wigglytuff, Level 48
    Raichu, Level 48
    Misdreavus, Level 47
    Milotic, Level 48 (replacement for Suicune, thanks Big Bang Vegeta)
    A very annoying team especially Milotic who knows confuse and attract, and they
    will all use their annoying moves quite liberally to inflict a variety of
    status problems on your pokemon.
    For winning you get the last badge, the Blue Id Badge.
    If you have been having trouble with these battles I recommend you go to Mt
    Battle and train till your pokemon are in the sixties.  Skip to that section if
    you want some info.
    When you are ready go back to the rooms with the four slots and put the ID
    cards into the corresponding slots and enter the big door.  You will be
    ambushed, as you are about to enter.
    Cipher Peon Dioge $1680
    Masquerain, Level 42
    Ariados, Level 41
    Heracross, Level 45 (shadow)
    Should be an easy capture, I got it when it was only at about half health with
    one ultra ball and no statuses on it.
    Once inside the main chamber you should get e-mail.  It is from the kids,
    talking about really nothing important.  Talk to the guy near where you enter
    to battle.
    Bandana Guy Klest $672
    Nuzleaf, Level 39
    Graveler, Level 42
    Hariyama, Level 41
    Lombre, Level 42
    Ahh they like to use fake out that will make you flinch, very annoying.
    Now fight the trainer to the left.
    Street Performer Luper $640
    Qwilfish, Level 40
    Seadra, Level 39
    Octillery, Level 39
    Feraligatr, Level 40
    Next is the lady sitting at the desk.
    Hunter Aline $672
    Lairon, Level 41
    Mawile, Level 40
    Metang, Level 39
    If you talk to the guy by the lift he will reveal he is Silva and the boss is
    at the top of the tower.
    If you go into the right door you will get into another battle.
    Bodybuilder Givern $1080
    Wigglytuff, Level 43
    Loudred, Level 45
    Yea, that's it... sad huh?
    Inside the room is another trainer looking for a fight.
    Rider Elose $400
    Chimecho, Level 40
    Swalot, Level 39
    Noctowl, Level 39
    Cradily, Level 40
    Now leave and go into the left room.  There are three trainers here, first is
    the one on the left, then the right, then at the desk.
    Chaser Trus $800
    Magneton, Level 40
    Machoke, Level 40
    Swellow, Level 40
    Ninetales, Level 40
    Rider Kevel $410
    Quagsire, Level 41
    Donphan, Level 40
    Sandslash, Level 40
    Cipher Peon Bluno $1800
    Grumpig, Level 44
    Muk, Level 45
    When ready go back to the main area and go up the lift.
    Nascour will greet you and then run off up another lift.
    Before you head up if you enter the left doors downstairs are a healing a
    saving station, very useful.  But you will have to defeat someone else using
    the healing station first.
    Chaser Rugen $820
    Shelgon, Level 40
    Vigoroth, Level 41
    Head upstairs and try to take the elevator, unfortunately you can't use either,
    but then your old boss shows up.
    Snagem Head Gonzap $5300
    Pinsir, Level 52
    Hariyama, level 53
    Shiftry, Level 53
    Crawdaunt, Level 52
    Skarmory, Level 47 (shadow)
    Winning shouldn't be a problem, if it is then you need to go train more.  The
    capture is very difficult, as it has very high defense.  I would paralyze/sleep
    and then use a move that lowers defense till it won't go down any more and then
    tap it and let it suicide its health into the red and then use timer and ultra
    balls on it.
    Now when you ride the lift up you will arrive in a colosseum where you will
    have to battle six trainers with shadow pokemon in a row... No saving in between
    or healing unfortunately...  So if you are planning on getting them all female,
    good luck, I am just going to wait for ditto to breed them.
    Bodybuilder Jomas $1080
    Zangoose, Level 45
    Miltank, Level 48 (shadow, always female)
    Porygon2, Level 45
    Rider Delan $470
    Absol, Level 48 (shadow)
    Sharpedo, Level 47
    Mightyena, Level 46
    Cipher Peon Nella $1880
    Houndoom, Level 48 (shadow)
    Torkoal, Level 47
    Magcargo, Level 46
    Cipher Peon Ston $1960
    Tropius, Level 49 (shadow)
    Vileplume, Level 48
    Cradily, level 48
    Cacturne, Level 49
    Unlike previously, you are healed before the next fight, thankfully.
    Cipher Nascour $5600
    Xatu, Level 54
    Gardevoir, Level 55
    Blaziken, Level 54
    Walrein, Level 56
    Dusclops, Level 55
    Metagross, Level 50 (shadow)!!!!
    Metagross is one of two pokemon you should consider using the master ball on...
    It has insane defense and in general is just a pain in the butt to take down.
    Nascour also likes to use X-items on his pokemon to increase his stats.
    After the battle the friendly old mayor shows up, yay!  He shall stop this
    evil.  It turns out he is the true leader of Cipher!  Oh no!
    Your pokemon are healed before this fight as well.
    Cipher Head Evice $6100
    Salamence, Level 60
    Scizor, Level 60
    Slaking, Level 60
    Machamp, Level 61
    Slowking, Level 61
    Tyranitar, Level 55 (shadow)!!!
    Tyranitar (especially female) is the one you want to use that master ball on if
    you still have it! If you have a well-rounded team in the 50-70s he should be
    easier than Nascour.
    After the battle Eagun, Duking, and Silva all show up.  And of course Evice
    pronounces he wont lost then next time!  A helicopter shows up to sweep him
    away but a huge fireball comes from the sky and destroys it... You probably know
    who it is from if you played the gold/silver/crystal games, Ho-Oh!
    Congratulations on beating the story mode... Well not really, we still have
    things to do!  When the game comes back on you should receive e-mail and be
    back in the outskirts.  When you leave the train you should get yet another e-
    mail, time to go visit Pyrite again.
    Pyrite Town
    Go see the kids, if you don't know they are in Duking's place, go to the left
    bookshelf and search around for a passageway.  Then go back to the front of
    town and fight Cail for the third time...
    Rogue Cail $912
    Granbull, Level 56
    Gardevoir, Level 57
    Shiftry, Level 56
    Machamp, Level 57
    After the battle he will talk about another shadow pokemon you couldn't get
    previously and Snagem Hideout, which will now be conveniently on your world
    Snagem Hideout
    Enter the main gate to receive e-mail, it should tell you the name of a
    specific trainer who has one of the evolved starters you couldn't get
    previously.  For the sake of the guide the e-mail is about Bayleef whose
    trainer is Verde.
    Up ahead you should come to a chest with a max elixir in it.  Now go through
    the hole in the wall to find a save station and go through the door into the
    hallway.  You should get ambushed soon, see the ambush trainer section below
    for more information.
    Now head up the staircase to receive yet another e-mail, its an update to your
    list of shadow pokemon... In which we should only be missing Smeargle currently.
    Now head around the corner and through the door to find a chest with an elixir.
    Now head over to the next room and go down the stairs and head down and you
    should find a man and a chest containing 2 Max Revive items.  Then of course
    fight the man.
    Team Snagem Niver $530
    Grovyle, Level 52
    Rhyhorn, Level 52
    Vigoroth, Level 52
    Zangoose, Level 53
    Head up the stairs here to find a chest with 3 rare candies.  Then head back to
    the other floor and use the staircase at the bottom of the area.
    Now when you reach the top of the steps head right and up to fight.
    Rider Rions $540
    Poochyena, Level 54
    Kadabra, Level 53
    Linoone, Level 53
    Mightyena, Level 50
    The chest here contains 3 Max Potions.  Afterwards had over to the other side
    of the floor and fight another guy walking around
    Team Snagem Driton $550
    Lanturn, Level 50
    Pelipper, Level 53
    Seadra, Level 55
    Starmie, Level 52
    Now head down and you should find another chest with 3 PP Up items and another
    Now go down that staircase.  Head down and left the find a chest with 2 max
    ethers and another guy to battle.
    Bodybuilder Colas $1298
    Pupitar, Level 54
    Spinda, Level 51
    Carvanha, Level 51
    Shelgon, Level 54
    Now head up to meet another guy by a staircase going down.
    Banda Guy Crudo $880
    Swalot, Level 51
    Linoone, Level 55
    Sandslash, Level 53
    Weezing, Level 52
    Then go down the staircase and battle the guy at the bottom of the stairs.
    Team Snagem Fuston $540
    Delibird, Level 54
    Beautifly, Level 53
    Swellow, Level 54
    Golbat, Level 53
    Now head forward and you should see a bunch of poke balls on the ground, pick
    them up to receive 5 ultra balls.  Then head forward and talk to the goon, he
    holds one of the shadow pokemon you missed, so it depends on which one you
    picked, I picked Croconaw so I got this one, sorry I don't have the others, so
    I am going to assume that it is one of the three original trainers, just with
    the same lineup except the shadow pokemon
    Cipher Peon Verde/Bluno/Rosso $2200
    Bayleef/Croconaw/Quilava, Level 30 (shadow)
    Grumpig, Level 54
    Sharpedo, Level 53
    Muk, Level 55
    This should be an easy capture since you have ultra balls now and the pokemon
    is only level 30.
    At this point I left the area to explore a bit more and when I entered Phenac
    City I got another e-mail, it is another update to the shadow pokemon list, in
    which you should only be missing Ursaring.  Then I want back to the base and
    received yet another e-mail, it should say Nett in the under has some info on
    another shadow pokemon.
    Ambush Trainers:
    Near the save point you should get ambushed at the same point each time after
    you leave the area and enter.  These trainers previously held shadow pokemon,
    and if you missed them you can catch the shadow pokemon now.  I am not sure if
    the order is random per game but mine went like this, even after a reset.
    Cipher Peon Nore (Had Shadow Yanma Previously) $2200
    Ninjask, Level 55
    Forretress, Level 51
    Beautifly, Level 54
    Masquerain, Level 52
    Cipher Peon Skrub (had Shadow Hitmontop Previously) $2120
    Medicham, Level 50
    Wobbuffet, Level 50
    Huntail, Level 51
    Golem, Level 52
    Cipher Peon Kloak (had Shadow Ledian Previously)
    Volbeat, Level 53
    Ariados, Level 52
    Illumise, Level 53
    Cipher Peon Baila (Had Shadow Sunflora)
    Jumpluff, Level 53
    Roselia, Level 52
    Vileplume, Level 51
    Cipher Peon Arton (had shadow Delibird)
    Sealo, Level 50
    Glalie, Level 54
    Piloswine, Level 55
    Cipher Peon Dioge (Had shadow Heracross)
    Forretress, Level 51
    Masquerain, Level 53
    Dustox, Level 50
    The Under
    Go see Nett, the kid at the computer in the kids' grid base.  He says Gurks saw
    a shadow pokemon and he is near the Junk shop, so go pay him a visit.   He is
    on the second floor outside.
    Chaser Gurks $1120
    Wailord, Level 56
    Wailord, Level 56
    He should disclose information about the person with the lady shadow evolved
    starter pokemon.  At this point I went back to Phenac City and got another e-
    mail about the pokemon lab and that the last trainer is there.
    Shadow Pokemon Lab
    There is nothing in the shutter door except the save point.  So go into the
    main door and use the elevator down.
    Head to the left and down and get ambushed near the elevator.
    Cipher Peon Cole (had shadow Aipom) $2320
    Wigglytuff, Level 56
    Furret, Level 57
    Castform, Level 56
    Octillery, Level 56
    Then go back to the main area and head down past two doors to get ambushed yet
    Cipher Peon Lare (had shadow Murkrow) $2280	
    Sneasel, Level 57
    Houndour, Level 56
    Sharpedo, Level 56
    Nuzleaf, Level 57
    Now keep heading down and head toward the last lift on this floor to get
    ambushed again.
    Cipher Peon Vana (had shadow Forretress) $2320
    Mawile, Level 57
    Pupitar, Level 56
    Golbat, Level 56
    Swablu, Level 56
    Afterwards use the lift to go down to the next floor.  Head left to get
    ambushed again!
    Cipher Peon Lesar (had shadow Ariados) $2280
    Rhyhorn, Level 57
    Masquerain, Level 57
    Grovyle, Level 56
    Now head to the right and up and go near the 2 elevators to get, yes, attacked
    Cipher Peon Tanie (had shadow Granbull) $1760
    Linoone, Level 42
    Delcatty, Level 43
    Vigoroth, Level 44
    Now if you go into the room in the top left you can see the guy in
    red/blue/green where Ein used to be.  So go back and take the left lift.  Go
    through the corridor to get ambushed again near the door.
    Cipher Peon Remil $2320 (had shadow Vibrava)
    Kadabra, Level 57
    Kecleon, Level 58
    Quagsire, Level 58
    Swellow, Level 58
    Now head forward and down the stairs to come to the last starter pokemon
    Cipher Peon Verde/Bluno/Rosso $2520
    Bayleef/Croconaw/Quilava, Level 30 (shadow)
    Grumpig, Level 62
    Muk, Level 63
    Breloom, Level 61
    Congratulations, you should have all three evolved starters now.
    Now leave the building and you should get another e-mail.  It just contains a
    picture of the little girl and her little ugly pokemon.
    Next I went to Phenac City and received another e-mail, this one is about hot
    they think the Snagem team fixed the big snag machine, time to go back to pay
    them another visit.
    Snagem Hideout
    You should get yet another e-mail upon entering, it says that the people at
    Snagem probably have the Smeargle and Ursaring shadow pokemon.  You should get
    another e-mail soon after with more pokemon that are shadowed... We are now
    missing Smeargle, Ursaring, and Shuckle...
    So head inside and go up the stairs.  Then use the next staircase at the bottom
    of the area.  And on the next floor a bodybuilder will be blocking your path,
    so clear the road.
    Bodybuilder Lonia (had shadow Piloswine) $1320
    Flaffy, Level 55
    Dunsparce, Level 51
    Octillery, Level 54
    Walrein, Level 52
    Now head around and go down the stairs to fight another blue haired trainer.
    Hunter Frena (had shadow Gligar) $848
    Jigglypuff, Level 52
    Shroomish, Level 53
    Mawile, Level 53
    Donphan, Level 51
    Shelgon, Level 54
    Pupitar, Level 54
    Next I went to save and the bodybuilder was replaced with Nelis.
    Rider Nelis (had shadow Sneasel)
    Corsola, Level 51
    Sharpedo, Level 51
    Seviper, Level 52
    Loudred, Level 54
    As I came back Frena was replace with Liaks.
    Chaser Liaks (has Shadow Stantler)
    Gloom, Level 53
    Noctowl, Level 52
    Golduck, Level 54
    Jumpluff, Level 53
    Now head up and fight the guy again if you wish and go down the stairs.
    Now head through the next area and a trainer should fight you.
    Team Snagem Biden $520
    Smeargle, Level 50
    Smeargle, Level 50
    Smeargle, Level 51
    Smeargle, Level 45 (shadow)
    Very easy, these guys have weak stats, but make sure to catch a female, as
    Smeargle has some very interesting breeding capabilities.
    Now head past him and get into a battle with another trainer.
    Team Snagem Agrev $550
    Marshtomp, Level 55
    Shifty, Level 50
    Machoke, Level 52
    Ursaring, Level 50 (shadow)
    Congratulations, you should be missing all but Shuckle now.
    Now go look around the base and find Gonzap.  He should be in the room with the
    large table.
    Snagem Head Gonzap (had shadow Skarmory) $6400
    Armaldo, Level 64
    Granbull, Level 64
    Crawdaunt, Level 64
    Breloom. Level 64
    Machamp, Level 64
    Gyarados, Level 64
    Afterwards Gonzap disappears, never to be seen again.  Pick up the D-Disk off
    the table and leave this place finally.
    The Under
    Go to the UFO control panel, on my way I got e-mail with a picture of Miror B.
    riding the UFO down.  Which is where we are going, use the D-Disk and descend.
    Pick up the item off the ground, it is the steel teeth item, no these aren't
    for a pokemon. Up ahead is the most difficult colosseum in the game.  We will
    need to compete their to get the final three pokemon; Shuckle, Togetic, and Ho-
    But first ride the UFO back up and use the F-Disk to get to the other side,
    there is an old guy standing near the shop to the left, give him the steel
    teeth, he will give you the L-Disk so use it already.  The chest on the left
    side has an amulet coin in it.  Then back using the D-Disk again.
    The final battle for the first competition I got Miror B. and here is what he
    had, I am unsure if it is random like the others or not.
    Cipher Admin Miror B.
    Exploud, Level 64
    Ludicolo, Level 63
    Ludicolo, Level 65
    Ludicolo, Level 64
    Armaldo, Level 65
    For winning the first competition I got $20,500 and TM12 Taunt.  Afterwards I
    received e-mail warning you about the Deep King trainer.  This is whom we are
    trying to battle, since he holds Shuckle.
    Next competition I battled Dakim.
    Cipher Admin Dakim
    Solrock, Level 64
    Swampert, Level 65
    Claydol, Level 63
    Flygon, Level 64
    Houndoom, Level 65
    For finishing this time I received $21,000 And TM48 Skill Swap.  I also
    received E-mail; it is just more about the Deep King.
    Next competition is Venus.
    Cipher Admin Venus
    Raichu, Level 63
    Meganium, Level 64
    Dusclops, Level 64
    Blissey, Level 65 (why do they put in pokemon we can't get?)
    Milotic, Level 65
    At one point my Feraligatr was attracted, paralyzed and confused...
    For winning this time I receive $22,000 and TM44 Rest.  I received yet another
    e-mail, this time showing he has a shadow Shuckle.
    Next up on the list is Cipher Admin Ein!
    Cipher Admin Ein
    Manectric, Level 65
    Crobat, Level 65
    Gyarados, Level 64
    Rhydon, Level 63
    Mantine, Level 64
    For winning I received $18,000 and TM02 Dragon Claw, along with an e-mail
    saying that the Deep King has entered into the tournament.
    Deep King Agnol
    Sableye, Level 69
    Kingdra, Level 70
    Girafarig, Level 68
    Skarmory, Level 58
    Shedinja, Level 68
    Shuckle, Level 45 (shadow)
    For winning I received a measly $10,000 and no prize.
    Outskirt Stand
    You should receive an e-mail accusing you of attacking them... So head to Phenac
    Phenac City
    You should receive an e-mail that will complete the list of shadow pokemon, and
    it is TOGETIC!
    Talk to the guy running around the circle, he will accuse you again and then
    continue running.  Leave the area and come back to receive more e-mail, it has
    a nice picture of you beating the hell out of that kid, I think he deserved it
    in retrospect, oh wait we didn't do that.
    Agate Town
    You should get an e-mail telling you to watch TV... I expected this from Sony
    not Nintendo (dumb joke.)  Anyways go find a TV in town and watch it.
    You should see footage of shadow Togetic and what looks like you.  And it
    should say it was sent in by a brat in the under.
    I then ran to a couple other random places and got another e-mail saying to
    watch TV, so do so.  Seems like the villain is in Outskirt Stand RIGHT NOW!
    Outskirt Stand
    Seems he was beating up on one of your first foes.  Time to take out the trash.
    Shady Guy <your name>
    Armaldo, Level 68
    Houndoom, Level 68
    Manectric, Level 68
    Gyarados, Level 68
    Milotic, Level 68
    Togetic, Level 20 (shadow)
    A good water and electric combo in there 70s should wipe the floor with him.
    As far as catching Togetic, paralyze and put it to sleep and you should be able
    to catch it with an ultra ball at full health if you are lucky... On a side
    Togetic has a very low chance of being female.
    In the end it turns out it wasn't anything special, just another good
    pretending to be you.
    For all intensive purposes the game is pretty much beat...  There is still one
    more pokemon to get, Ho-Oh! To get him you must beat Mt. Battle in Colosseum
    mode with the pokemon you last used in story mode.  But first, you must purify
    all the other pokemon.
    Pyrite Base Revisited
    First floor:
    Chaser Kai $760
    Phanpy, Level 38
    Vibrava, Level 38
    Roller Boy Pike
    Taillow, Level 40
    Noctowl, Level 41
    Second Floor:
    Bandana Guy Geats:
    Carvanha, Level 38
    Pupitar, Level 38
    Barboach, Level 38
    Hunter Geare
    Remoraid, level 39
    Magnemite, Level 39
    Bandana Guy Loba
    Wingull, Level 41
    Wooper, Level 40
    Bodybuilder Akmen
    Electrike, Level 40
    Voltorb, Level 40
    Third Floor:
    Rider Raleen
    Doduo, Level 38
    Ledian, Level 38
    Swablu, Level 38
    Hunter Tura
    Sealo, Level 39
    Snorunt, Level 40
    Hunter Toti
    Seadra, Level 38
    Gloom, Level 39
    Sandslash, Level 39
    Bodybuilder Elidi
    Cacnea, Level 40
    Tentacool, Level 39
    Hunter Doken
    Corphish, Level 37
    Goldeen, Level 38
    Linoone, Level 37
    Cave F1:
    Street Performer Simes
    Anorith, Level 41
    Lombre, Level 40
    Cave B1:
    Chaser Maiz
    Koffing, Level 38
    Kirlia, Level 38
    Shroomish, Level 39
    Rider Twan (had Shadow Meditite)
    Machop, Level 38
    Shelgon, Level 40
    Camerupt, Level 39
    Hunter Valen
    Lombre, Level 37
    Loudred, Level 38
    Slakoth, Level 38
    Cave F1:
    Chaser Rehan
    Graveler, Level 37
    Lotad, Level 38
    Snorunt, Level 37
    Slakoth, Level 38
    Bandana Guy Noxy
    Lotad, Level 33
    Lombre, Level 35
    Lombre, Level 34
    Lombre, Level 36
    Rider Sosh (had Shadow Dunsparce)
    Jigglypuff, Level 38
    Mareep, Level 39
    Cacnea, Level 39
    Cave B1:
    Roller Boy Evat
    Lombre, Level 40
    Lombre, Level 41
    Rider Derid
    Forretress, level 38
    Shuppet, Level 39
    Koffing, Level 40
    Hunter Zalo (had shadow Swablu)
    Loudred, Level 36
    Lotad, Level 38
    Metang, Level 39
    Lombre, Level 37
    Hunter Meli
    Zigzagoon, level 39
    Linoone, Level 39
    Linoone, Level 39
    Chaser Mela
    Natu, Level 40
    Tentacool, Level 41
    Teddiursa, Level 39
    Cipher Peon Sema
    Lileep, Level 39
    Sealo, Level 40
    Dustox, level 38
    Miror B's Lair:
    Miror B. Peon Reath
    Seaking, Level 54
    Ariados, Level 53
    Luvdisk, Level 53
    Miror B. Peon Ferma
    Sharpedo, Level 50
    Yanma, Level 53
    Aipom, Level 52
    Furret, Level 51
    Mt. Battle
    Outside Mt. Battle is one trainer I couldn't find a place for in the rest of
    the guide, sorry.
    Athlete Aidel $624
    Vulpix, Level 39
    Pikachu, Level 40
    Abra, Level 38
    Now there are 100 trainers total in 100 different "zones", divided among 10
    sections. After each zone you may leave if you wish.  Once you reach the end of
    every 10 you come to a booth where you receive coupons for clearing that area.
    At the end of each section, the last trainer will have stronger and more
    pokemon than the rest of the trainers in that section.  You team is completely
    healed after each battle as well.
    Once you clear a section you may go back to that section by continuing your
    challenge and selecting the section you wish to go to... Makes it very easy to
    training after you have cleared all 100.
    #1 Cool Trainer Stum
    Taillow, Level 18
    HootHoot, Level 15
    #2 Rich Boy Cyus
    Sunkern, Level 15
    Hoppip, Level 16
    #3 Researcher Mort
    Igglybuff, Level 17
    Electrike, Level 17
    #4 Lady Auro
    Azurill, Level 17
    Sentret, Level 18
    #5 Cool Trainer Lehan
    Togepi, Level 18
    Vulpix, Level 18
    #6 Roller Boy Pera
    Magikarp, Level 18
    Zubat, Level 17
    #7 Teacher Nevie
    Poochyena, Level 17
    Swinub, Level 19
    #8 Athlete Rinos
    Wooper, Level 18
    Trapinch, Level 19
    #9 Fun Old Lady Anges
    Duskull, Level 19
    Ralts, Level 20
    #10 Area Leader Vander
    Zigzagoon, Level 18
    Whismur, level 20
    Skitty, Level 19
    Slakoth, Level 19
    Jigglypuff, Level 20
    Now you come to a room where you can save, and talk to the guy at the desk to
    receive some poke coupons.  Continue on if you dare!
    #11 Fun Old Lady Gelvin
    Wynaut, Level 20
    Pichu, Level 20
    #12 Roller Boy Pabe
    Zubat, Level 20
    Whismur, Level 21
    Grimer, Level 21
    #13 Athlete Caden
    Beldum, Level 21
    Barboach, Level 22
    #14 Rich Boy Lond
    Lotad, Level 21
    Seedot, Level 22
    #15 Athlete Albac
    Geodude, Level 23
    Sandshrew, Level 22
    #16 Lady Eloos
    Marill, Level 22
    Jigglypuff, Level 23
    #17 Fun Old Man Metz
    Abra, Level 23
    Shuppet, Level 23
    #18 Researcher Roeck
    Mareep, Level 23
    Magnemite, Level 24
    Voltorb, Level 23
    #19 Teacher Vona
    Spheal, Level 24
    Carvanha, Level 25
    #20 Area Leader Arth
    Pineco, Level 25
    Ledyba, Level 25
    Surskit, Level 25
    Nincada, Level 24
    Anorith, Level 24
    Head to the break room again and continue when ready.
    #21 Guy Gris
    Wurmple, Level 25
    Silcoon, Level 25
    Cascoon, Level 26
    I still wonder why these people don't evolve their pokemon...
    #22 Fun Old Lady Desla
    Kirlia, Level 28
    Kirlia, Level 25
    #23 Bodybuilder Eisen
    Aron, Level 26
    Phanpy, Level 26
    Sandshrew, Level 25
    #24 Cool Trainer Bedro
    Wingull, Level 26
    Bagon, Level 26
    #25 Roller Boy Grel
    Oddish, Level 27
    Gulpin, Level 26
    #26 Teacher Loden
    Larvitar, Level 26
    Houndour, Level 28
    #27 Fun Old Man Taryn
    Natu, Level 27
    Duskull, Level 26
    #28 Glasses Man Solek
    Machop, Level 27
    Slakoth, Level 26
    Zigzagoon, Level 29
    #29 Athlete Wina
    Geodude, Level 28
    Mawile, Level 29
    #30 Area Leader Renson
    Staryu, Level 26
    Staryu, Level 29
    Corphish, Level 29
    Goldeen, Level 30
    Surskit, Level 30
    Do the break room and continue if you wish again... The scenery changes to lava
    and smoke now.
    #31 Lady in Suit Malla
    Togepi, Level 31
    Slakoth, Level 30
    #32 Cool Trainer Herton
    Taillow, Level 30
    Doduo, Level 31
    #33 Fun Old Man Higson
    Natu, Level 30
    Corphish, Level 30
    #34 Fun Old Lady Allaw
    Abra, Level 30
    Clamperl, Level 31
    #35 Glasses Man Delot
    Magnemite, Level 24
    Voltorb, Level 23
    #36 Rich Boy Diek
    Cacnea, Level 32
    Shroomish, Level 32
    #37 Roller Boy Warl
    Gulpin, Level 31
    Grimer, Level 34
    #38 Guy Rone
    Anorith, Level 33
    Pineco, Level 33
    Volbeat, Level 32
    Illumise, Level 32
    #39 Cool Trainer Neira
    Numel, Level 33
    Bagon, Level 34
    #40 Area Leader Trinch
    Nosepass, Level 34
    Lileep, Level 34
    Phanpy, Level 35
    Rhyhorn, Level 35
    Barboach, Level 34
    Bla, go into the break room and continue.
    #41 Researcher Vogi
    Pikachu, Level 38
    Chinchou, Level 35
    #42 Glasses Man Terl
    Delcatty, Level 36
    Spinda, Level 36
    Vigoroth, Level 37
    #43 Lady in Suit Sowa
    Noctowl, Level 36
    Linoone, Level 37
    #44 Fun Old Man Yudan
    Sableye, Level 37
    Nuzleaf, Level 37
    #45 Athlete Magro
    Mawile, Level 37
    Corsola, Level 37
    Graveler, Level 38
    #46 Roller Boy Toli
    Koffing, Level 37
    Grimer, Level 37
    Dustox, Level 37
    Gloom, Level 38
    #47 Fun Old Lady Ropel
    Kadabra, Level 38
    Natu, Level 37
    Medicham, Level 38
    #48 Lady Vesey
    Lombre, Level 38
    Luvdisk, Level 38
    Tentacool, Level 38 (maybe, I killed him before I wrote it down)
    Seadra, Level 39
    #49 Teacher Kinson
    Sealeo, Level 39
    Houndour, Level 39
    Spinda, Level 40
    #50 Area Leader Zentin
    Beautifly, Level 40
    Swellow, Level 40
    Masquerain, Level 39
    Golbat, Level 40
    Pelipper, Level 39
    Congratulations on making it half way!
    #51 Teacher Leine
    Voltorb, Level 40
    Magnemite, Level 40
    Chinchou, Level 41
    #52 Glasses Man Laton
    Cacnea, Level 40
    Phanpy, Level 41
    Aipom, Level 40
    Nosepass, Level 41
    #53 Bodybuilder Besol
    Lileep, Level 41
    Skiploom, Level 41
    Ledian, Level 42
    #54 Cool Trainer Boda
    Delibird, Level 42
    Rhyhorn, Level 40
    Anorith, Level 42
    #55 Roller Boy Daga
    Houndour, Level 42
    Vibrava, Level 43
    Staryu, Level 42
    Delcatty, Level 41
    #56 Guy Alten
    Beautifly, Level 43
    Teddiursa, Level 42
    Skiploom, Level 42
    Clamperl, Level 43
    #57 Lady in Suit Fial
    Luvdisk, Level 43
    Goldeen, Level 43
    Luvdisk, Level 44
    Goldeen, Level 44
    #58 Fun Old Man Haken
    Nuzleaf, Level 44
    Koffing, Level 43
    Nosepass, Level 43
    Mawile, Level 44
    #59 Lady Illa
    Corsola, Level 44
    Volbeat, Level 43
    Illumise, Level 44
    Roselia, Level 44
    #60 Area Leader Loko
    Wifflytuff, Level 44
    Azumarill, Level 44
    Ariados, Level 45
    Wailmer, Level 45
    Wobbuffet, Level 45
    Scenery changes again here, and for the better.
    #61 Roller Boy Gort
    Yanma, Level 44
    Masquerain, Level 44
    Ledian, Level 45
    Ariados, Level 46
    #62 Rich Boy Perd
    Lunatone, Level 44
    Solrock, Level 45
    Dunsparce, Level 47
    Sandslash, Level 46
    #63 Researcher Mante
    Delibird, Level 47
    Clamperl, Level 45
    Dustox, Level 45
    Magcargo, Level 45
    #64 Athlete Meton
    Ninjask, Level 46
    Dodrio, Level 47
    Jumpluff, Level 46
    Linoone, Level 45
    #65 Fun Old Lady Lonno
    Murkrow, Level 45
    Misdreavus, Level 46
    Banette, Level 46
    Sableye, Level 46
    #66 Lady in Suit Reme
    Azumarill, Level 47
    Girafarig, Level 46
    Roselia, Level 45
    Bellossom, Level 45
    #67 Cool Trainer Fedra
    Swellow, Level 46
    Sneasel, Level 47
    Girafarig, Level 47
    Vigoroth, Level 46
    #68 Glasses Man Gilam
    Sharpedo, Level 48
    Camerupt, Level 47
    Chimecho, Level 45
    Medicham, Level 48
    #69 Guy Odon
    Granbull, Level 48
    Pupitar, Level 47
    Mantine, Level 47
    Sealeo, Level 49
    #70 Area Leader Athey
    Mawile, Level 48
    Machoke, Level 48
    Quagsire, Level 49
    Dusclops, Level 49
    Altaria, Level 50
    #71 Lady Caril
    Wifflytuff, Level 49
    Sunflora, Level 49
    Noctowl, Level 50
    Piloswine, Level 50
    #72 Fun Old Man Chenek
    Seviper, Level 49
    Swalot, Level 50
    Golbat, Level 50
    Kadabra, Level 51
    #73 Roller Boy Tran
    Gligar, Level 50
    Sneasel, Level 50
    Hitmontop, Level 51
    Grumpig, Level 52
    #74 Researcher Ribek
    Masquerain, Level 51
    Mightyena, Level 50
    Stantler, Level 52
    Granbull, Level 51
    #75 Bodybuilder Vitalo
    Dusclops, Level 51
    Lanturn, Level 51
    Skarmory, Level 52
    Vileplume, Level 52
    #76 Cool Trainer Daras
    Glalie, Level 51
    Breloom, Level 54
    Swellow, Level 51
    Rhydon, Level 51
    #77 Athlete Dian
    Metang, Level 52
    Granbull, Level 51
    Jumpluff, Level 51
    Xatu, Level 53
    #78 Glasses Man Hauf
    Tropius, Level 51
    Absol, Level 52
    Lairon, Level 52
    Exploud, Level 53
    #79 Fun Old Lady Naldo
    Torkoal, Level 52
    Shiftry, Level 51
    Noctowl, Level 52
    Relicanth, Level 54
    #80 Area Leader Shobon
    Hariyama, Level 52
    Cacturne, Level 53
    Weezing, Level 53
    Golem, Level 54
    Starmie, Level 55
    #81 Athlete Dobel
    Girafarig, level 54
    Ninjask, Level 55
    Zangoose, Level 54
    Dodrio, Level 55
    #82 Guy Keto
    Breloom, Level 55
    Sharpedo, Level 55
    Camerupt, Level 56
    Forretress, Level 55
    #83 Glasses Man Moit
    Banette, Level 55
    Magneton, Level 56
    Mantine, Level 56
    Whiscash, Level 55
    #84 Fun Old Man Matso
    Raichu, Level 56
    Lombre, Level 55
    Electrode, Level 56
    Altaria, Level 56
    #85 Bodybuilder Ritaco
    Crawdaunt, Level 58
    Octillery, Level 54
    Huntail, Level 58
    Golduck, Level 55
    #86 Lady Ristin
    Bellossom, Level 55
    Gorebyss, Level 56
    Miltank, Level 56
    Ampharos, Level 57
    #87 Roller Boy Dorn
    Skarmory, Level 56
    Xatu, Level 56
    Shiftry, Level 57
    Rhydon, Level 57
    #88 Rich Boy Jurek
    Weezing, Level 57
    Muk, Level 57
    Altaria, Level 56
    Donphan, Level 58
    #89 Researcher Vonder
    Cradily, Level 57
    Armaldo, Level 58
    Heracross, Level 56
    Ninetales, Level 59
    #90 Area Leader Norus
    Tropius, Level 60
    Ludicolo, Level 60
    Vileplume, Level 59
    Bellossom, Level 59
    Shiftry, Level 60
    #91 Fun Old Man Tando
    Golem, Level 58
    Relicanth, Level 59
    Cacturne, Level 60
    Sandslash, Level 60
    #92 Fun Old Lady Panne
    Golbat, Level 59
    Swalot, Level 59
    Muk, Level 60
    Tentacruel, level 60
    #93 Rich Boy Quint
    Grumpig, Level 59
    Kadabra, Level 60
    Metang, Level 60
    Lunatone, Level 60
    #94 Lady Kowly
    Castform, Level 60
    Sunflora, Level 60
    Vileplume, Level 60
    Bellossom, Level 60
    #95 Athlete Crisom
    Mantine, Level 60
    Seaking, Level 60
    Huntail, Level 60
    Gorebyss, Level 60
    #96 Athlete Raus
    Electrode, Level 60	
    Misdreavus, Level 60
    Ninetales, Level 60
    Camerupt, Level 60
    Watch out for Electrodes Explosion... It nearly killed my Level 66 Feraligatr.
    #97 Cool Trainer Trilo
    Feraligatr, Level 60
    Typhlosion, Level 60
    Meganium, Level 60
    Breloom, Level 60
    Ampharos, Level 60
    #98 Cool Trainer Lomen
    Blaziken, Level 60
    Sceptile, level 60
    Swampert, Level 60
    Altaria, Level 60
    Glalie, Level 60
    #99 Teacher Nacie
    Crawdaunt, Level 60
    Magneton, Level 60
    Shedinja, Level 60
    Heracross, Level 60
    Gardevoir, Level 60
    Now ascend to the final arena, make sure you pick up the chest to the right as
    it contains the last time flute.
    #100 Mount Battle Master Somek
    Pinsir, Level 60
    Claydol, Level 60
    Crobat, Level 60
    Gligar, Level 60
    Flygon, Level 60
    Gyarados, Level 60
    A good Psychic, Water and Electric can do these guys in easily enough.
    Unfortunately all you get for winning is a measly 1200 coupons.
    Coupons received by area
    Final Bout With Willie
    Willie at Outskirt Stand challenged my after I had caught all 48, I didn't know
    where else to put it, so I guess it'll be here!
    Rider Willie
    Linoone, Level 53
    Dodrio, Level 53
    Girafarig, Level 54
    1. Get all the pokemon in story mode.
    2. Purify all the pokemon in story mode.
    3. Put together your team you wish to capture HO-OH at.  Make it well balanced
    and have them all around the same level.  Make this team your party.  Try not
    to use legendaries, but you can.
    4. Save and quit the game...
    5. Now go to the Colosseum Mode Mt. Battle... NOT THE STORY MODE.  Register the
    story mode pokemon as your team for Mt. Battle.
    6. Beat Mt. Battle in Colosseum mode, and when you complete it you will receive
    ~3. Pokemon List~
    Here is the list of all the pokemon you can acquire in this game and how to get
    1. Bayleef - Mystery Troop Verde/Bluno/Rosso, One at Phenac, one at Snagem, and
    one at Shadow Pokemon lab at the end of the game
    2. Quagsire - Bandana Guy Divel, one of the guys at the target town in Pyrite
    Town, he is always there
    3. Slugma - Roller Boy Lon, who is roller blading past the target area in
    Pyrite Town, he is always there.
    4. Furret - Rogue Cail, who can be found at the entrance to Pyrite Town.
    5. Quilava - Mystery Troop Verde/Bluno/Rosso, One at Phenac, one at Snagem, and
    one at Shadow Pokemon lab at the end of the game
    6. Yanma - Cipher Peon Nore, at Pyrite Base first and at Snagem Hideout later
    in the game.
    7. Piloswine - Bodybuilder Lonia, first in the area near the under subway and
    later in Team Snagem Hideout.
    8. Stantler - Chaser Liaks, first in the area near the under subway and later
    in Snagem hideout.
    9. Qwilfish - Hunter Doken, on the roof of the Pyrite Base, never leaves.
    10. Meditite - Rider Twan, Always in Pyrite Base
    11. Dunsparce - Rider Sosh, Always in Pyrite Base
    12. Swablu - Hunter Zalo, Always in Pyrite Base
    13. Ledian - Cipher Peon Kloak, the under first and in Snagem Hideout later.
    14. Smeargle - Team Snagem Biden in Snagem base.
    15. Ursaring - Team Snagem Agrev in Snagem base.
    16. Sneasel - Rider Nelis by the Under Subway and later in Snagem Base.
    17. Aipom - Cipher Peon Cole, Shadow pokemon lab.
    18. Murkrow - Cipher Peon Lare, shadow pokemon lab.
    19. Gligar - Hunter Frena, by the Under Subway and later in Snagem Base
    20. Forretress - Cipher Peon Vana, Shadow Pokemon Lab.
    21. Skarmory - Snagem Head Gonzap, first in Realgam Tower and later in Team
    Snagem Base.
    22. Ariados - Cipher Peon Lesar, Shadow Pokemon Lab.
    23. Absol - Rider Delan, always in Realgam Tower.
    24. Miltank - Bodybuilder Jomas, always in Realgam Tower.
    25. Tropius - Cipher Peon Ston, always in Realgam Tower.
    26. Sunflora - Cipher Peon Baila, first in Realgam Tower and then in Snagem
    27. Heracross - Cipher Peon Dioge, first in Realgam Tower and then in Snagem
    28. Houndoom - Cipher Peon Nella, always in Realgam Tower.
    29. Shuckle - Beat the Deep Colosseum four times and on the fifth time you will
    meet the Deep King who has Shuckle
    30. Togetic - In possession of your shadow, the very last event in the game.
    Low chance to be female
    31. Mantine - Pyrite Base first, and then Miror B's Hideout in Pyrite Base at
    the end of the game.
    32. Plusle - Given to you in the storyline, non-shadow
    33. Hitmontop - Skrub, Appears a couple times in game, and can be found later
    in Snagem hideout, Hitmontop is always male
    34. Delibird - Cipher Peon Arton, first in Realgam Tower and then late in
    Snagem Hideout.
    35. Makuhita - First in Phenac city, don't know where he appears later sorry.
    36. Vibrava - Cipher Peon Remil, in Shadow Pokemon Lab.
    37. Misdreavus - Rider Vant, at circle in Pyrite Town.
    38. Granbull - Cipher Peon Tanie, in Shadow Pokemon Lab.
    39. Umbreon - Start the game with, always male
    40. Sudowoodo - Cipher Admin Miror B., first in Pyrite Town, then in Realgam
    Tower and lastly in Deep Colosseum.
    41. Remoraid - Miror B. Peon Reath, in Pyrite Base and then later in Miror B's
    lair in Pyrite Base at the end of the game.
    42. Suicune - Cipher Admin Venus, first in the under, then in Realgam Tower and
    then in the Deep Colosseum.
    43. Entei - Cipher Admin Dakim, first in Mt. Battle, then in Realgam Tower and
    then in the Deep Colosseum.
    44. Raikou - Cipher Admin Ein, first in Shadow Pokemon Lab, then in Realgam
    Tower and then in the Deep Colosseum.
    45. Metagross - Fight Nascour, genderless. Always at Realgam Tower
    46. Croconaw - Mystery Troop Verde/Bluno/Rosso, One at Phenac, one at Snagem,
    and one at Shadow Pokemon lab at the end of the game
    47. Espeon - Start the game with, always male
    48. Tyranitar - Fight Evice, Always at Realgam Tower
    49. Flaffy - Street Performer Diogo, on the circle in Pyrite Town.
    50. Skiploom - Rider Leba, on the circle in Pyrite Town.
    51. Ho-Oh - See the HO-OH section.
    52. Noctowl - Rider Nover, on the circle in Pyrite Town.
    ~4. FAQS~
    Q: Where do I find such and such pokemon?
    A: Check the freaking guide
    Q: WTF this pokemon is always male!
    A: Only 2 pokemon are always male, Umbreon and Espeon, all others have a
    chance... UNLESS, you fight the trainer, lose, and save, in which the gender is
    set permanently.
    Q: How do I purify shadow pokemon?
    Q: I missed a shadow pokemon, am I screwed?
    A: No, you get multiple chances to catch them all, and in most cases, unlimited
    ~5. TMS~
    TM1 - Pyrite Colosseum Prize, Focus Punch
    TM2 - Deep Colosseum Prize, Dragon Claw
    TM3 - Transfer from R/S, Water Pulse
    TM4 - Transfer from R/S, Calm Mind
    TM5 - Pyrite Colosseum Prize, Roar
    TM6 - Phenac Colosseum prize, Toxic
    TM7 - Pyrite Colosseum Prize, Hail
    TM8 - Transfer from R/S, Bulk Up
    TM9 - Transfer from R/S, Bullet Seed
    TM10 - Under store for $3,000, Hidden Power
    TM11 - Phenac Colosseum Prize, Sunny Day
    TM12 - Deep Colosseum Prize, Taunt
    TM13 - Buy at Mt. Battle, 4000 coupons, Ice Beam
    TM14 - Under store for $5,500, Blizzard
    TM15 - Under store for $7,500, Hyper Beam
    TM16 - Under store for $3,000, Light Screen
    TM17 - Under store for $3,000, Protect
    TM18 - Phenac Colosseum prize, Rain Dance
    TM19 - Phenac Colosseum prize, Giga Drain
    TM20 - Under store for $3,000, Safeguard
    TM21 - Transfer from R/S, Frustration
    TM22 - Phenac Colosseum prize, Solarbeam
    TM23 - Under Colosseum Prize, Iron Tail
    TM24 - Buy at Mt. Battle, 4000 coupons, Thunderbolt
    TM25 - Under store for $5,500, Thunder
    TM26 - Chest in Shadow Pokemon Lab, Earthquake
    TM27 - Reward for beating Justy in Phenac City, Return
    TM28 - Transfer from R/S, Dig.
    TM29 - Buy at Mt. Battle, 3500 coupons, Psychic
    TM30 - Under Colosseum Prize, Shadow Ball
    TM31 - Pyrite Colosseum prize, Brick Break
    TM32 - Buy at Mt. Battle, 1500 coupons, Double Team
    TM33 - Under store for $3,000, Reflect
    TM34 - Transfer from R/S, Shock Wave.
    TM35 - Buy at Mt. Battle, 4000 coupons, Flamethrower
    TM36 - Under Colosseum Prize, Sludge Bomb
    TM37 - Under Colosseum Prize, Sandstorm
    TM38 - Under store for $5,500, Fire Blast
    TM39 - Transfer from R/S, Rock Tomb
    TM40 - Transfer from R/S, Aerial Ace
    TM41 - Trainer in Phenac City gives it to you as a reward for beating him,
    TM42 - Transfer from R/S, Facade
    TM43 - Transfer from R/S, Secret Power
    TM44 - Deep Colosseum Prize, Rest
    TM45 - In a chest by where you first fight Venus, Attract
    TM46 - Let out one of the Prisoners in the Pyrite City jail, Thief
    TM47 - Chest in the lobby of Mt. Battle, Steel Wing
    TM48 - Deep Colosseum Prize, Skill Swap
    TM49 - A chest in Miror B's Lair, Snatch
    TM50 - Transfer from R/S, Overheat.
    ~6. Purifying Shadow Pokemon~
    The different natures of pokemon decide what is the fastest way of purifying
    them... Here are the 5 ways in which you can purify pokemon.
    1. Walk around with it in your party
    2. Send it out in battle
    3. Call it when it is in hyper mode, in battle.
    4. Massage it using scents with the cologne case.
    5. Put it in daycare.
    Once the bar is completely white and in the summary it says open the final
    lock, you need to take it to the statue in the agate village cave, where it
    will become a completely normal pokemon.
    There are also three time flutes that will instantly purify one pokemon.  You
    get one in the story, one from using the U-Disk and one at level 100 of Mt.
    ~7. Shops~
    These are what the shops sell at the END of the game.
    Hyper Potion $1200
    Super Potion $700
    Full Heal $600
    Revive $1500
    HP UP $9800
    Protein $9800
    Iron $9800
    Carbos $9800
    Calcium $9800
    Zinc $9800
    Joy Scent $600
    Excite Scent $800
    Vivid Scent $1200
    Outskirt Stand:
    Antidote $100
    Burn Heal $250
    Ice Heal $250
    Awakening $250
    Paralyze Heal $200
    Full Heal $600
    Great Ball $600
    Poke Ball $200
    Ultra Ball $1200
    Net Ball $1000
    Nest Ball $1000
    Timer Ball $1000
    Regular Store
    Full Restore $3000
    Max Potion $2500
    Hyper Potion $1200
    Full Heal $600
    Revive $1500
    TM14 $5500
    TM15 $7500
    TM16 $3000
    TM17 $3000
    TM20 $3000
    TM25 $5500
    TM33 $3000
    TM38 $5500
    TM10 $3000
    Herb Shop
    Energy Powder $500
    Energy Root $800
    Heal Powder $450
    Revival Herb $2800
    Hyper Potion $1200
    Super Potion $700
    Full Heal $600
    Revive $1500
    Antidote $100
    Burn Heal $250
    Ice Heal $250
    Awakening $250
    Paralyze Heal $200
    Mt. Battle:
    These prices are in coupons; you win coupons on Mt. Battle.
    TM29 3500
    TM13 4000
    TM24 4000
    TM35 4000
    TM32 1500
    Ganlon Berry 15000
    Salac Berry 15000
    Petaya Berry 15000
    Apicot Berry 15000
    Leftovers 10000
    Mental Herb 8000
    Focus Band 10000
    White Herb 8000
    Quick Claw 10000
    Kings Rock 10000
    Scope Lens 10000
    Choice Brand 10000
    ~8. Pokemon seen in story mode only~
    This is all the pokemon you will see if you play the game only and not trade
    with the cartridge.  This includes 260 pokemon, and you can only receive 273
    total by trading with ruby/sapphire.
    A to Z
    Pokemon in Ruby/Sapphire/Gold/Silver/Crystal that are missing, but can be
    traded in:
    These are currently unseen and can not be gotten until the next version of the
    Game Boy Advance games or possibly never gotten.
    This adds up to 273 that can be obtained in this game, and 104 more that can be
    obtained in future games for a total of 386.
    Thanks to George Renda AKA shadow panther that helped me with this section.
    ~9. Thanks~
    Thanks to Nintendo/pokemon team for making such wonderful games and products.
    Thanks to the people who run gamefaqs for everything, like getting me more into
    games and hopefully posting this.  And thanks to the entire message board
    Thanks to Big Bang Vegeta for information on some of the encounters and how
    much money the trainers have.
    Thanks to George Renda AKA shadow panther that helped me with the "Pokemon Seen
    in Story Mode" section.
    Thanks for the logo Alex Ngo.

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