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    Signature Move List by Slateman

    Version: 1.1 | Updated: 01/20/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Details:           Hidden Combo FAQ
    Game:              Tony Hawk's Underground
    Developer:         Neversoft
    Publisher:         Activision
    Platform:          PS2, GameCube, Xbox
    Revision Date:     20th January, 2004
    Revision #:        1.1
    Author:            Slateman (slateman@planettonyhawk.com)
    From:              Planet Tony Hawk
    Please note that I have listed Hidden Characters at the end of this
    document.  This can be considered a spoiler, so if you don't want to
    know, don't look!!!
                           Bob Burnquist
    Left, Right, Grind     Casper Handstand                     Freestyle
    Left, Down, Grind      Levitate Grind
    Up, Down, Grab         Shifty Shifty
    Left, Right, Grab      Samba Flip
                           Steve Caballero
    Right, Up, Grind       Ho Ho Sad Plant                      Lip
    Left, Down, Grab       FS 540
    Down, Up, Grind        Faction Guitar Slide
    Up, Down, Grind        Daffy Grind
                           Kareem Campbell
    Up, Right, Flip        360 Ghetto Bird
    Left, Down, Grab       Kickflip Backflip
    Right, Down, Flip      Quad Heelflip
    Down, Up, Grab         Sit Down Air
                           Rune Glifberg
    Right, Up, Grab        Double Kickflip Varial Indy
    Left, Right, Grab      Fingerflip Airwalk
    Right, Down, Grab      540 Tail Whip
    Left, Down, Grab       Double Kickflip Madonna
                           Tony Hawk
    Right, Left, Grab      360 Varial McTwist
    Left, Down, Grind      360 Shovit Nosegrind
    Right, Down, Grab      Indy 900
    Left, Down, Grab       360 Varial Heelflip Lien
                           Eric Koston
    Up, Right, Grind       Fandangle
    Right, Left, Grind     Yeah Right                           Freestyle
    Left, Right, Grab      Flying Squirrel
    Right, Up, Grab        Chomp on This
                           Bucky Lasek
    Left, Down, Grind      1990 Invert                          Lip
    Right, Left, Grind     Heelflip FS Invert                   Lip
    Right, Down, Grab      Big Spin Air
    Up, Left, Grind        Big Hitter II
                           Bam Margera
    Up, Right, Grab        Bam Bend Air
    Down, Up, Flip         The Jackass
    Down, Up, Grind        Stupid Grind
    Left, Right, Grind     Grind N Barf
                           Rodney Mullen
    Up, DOwn, Flip         Gazelle Underflip
    Left, Right, Grind     Crooks Darkslide
    Right, Left Grind      5-0 Fingerflip Nosegrind
    Right, Down, Grind     Rodney Primo
                           Chad Muska
    Right, Down, Grind     Moonwalk Five-O
    Right, Left, Grind     Muska Manual                         Freestyle
    Left, Down, Grind      Ghetto Tag Grind
    Left, Right, Grind     Rusty Slide Manual                   Freestyle
                           Andrew Reynolds
    Left, Right, Grind     5050 Switcheroo
    Left, Right, Grab      Bigspin Shifty
    Right, Down, Grab      Kickflip Backflip
    Up, Down, Grab         360 Flip Tail Grab
                           Paul Rodriguez
    Left, Down, Grind      Nollie 360 Flip Crook
    Down, Up, Grind        Yeah Right Slide
    Right, Down, Grab      Nollie Flip Underflip
    Up, Down, Grind        Russian Boneless                     Lip
                           Geoff Rowley
    Up, Right, Grab        Rodeo Wrap
    Down, Right, Flip      Casper Flip 360 Flip
    Right, Left, Grind     Darkslide Handstand
    Up, Down, Grind        Sproing                              Freestyle
                           Arto Saari
    Left, Right, Grind     Head Balancer                        Freestyle
    Down, Up, Grind        Mix It Up
    Down, Right, Grind     One Foot Darkslide
    Left, Right, Flip      Hardflip Late Flip
                           Elissa Steamer
    Right, Down, Grind     No Comply 360 Shove-It               Freestyle
    Right, Left, Grind     Ho Ho Street Plant                   Freestyle
    Left, Right, Grind     Coffin
    Down, Up, Grab         Semi Flip
                           Jamie Thomas
    Right, Down, Grind     Crook Bigspinflip Crook
    Down, Up, Grind        Primo Handstand                      Freestyle
    Left, Down, Grind      American Tribute
    Up, Down, Grind        Skull Grind
                           Mike Vallely
    Down, Left, Grab       1-2-3-4
    Down, Up, Grind        Flip 2 Switch                        Freestyle
    Down, Right, Grab      Flamingo
    Left, Right, Grind     Slam Spinner                         Freestyle
                          HIDDEN CHARACTERS
                           Gene Simmons
    Down, Right, Grab      Lick It Up
    Left, Right, Grind     Fire Fire Fire
                           Iron Man
    Down, Up, Grind        The Scanner
    Left, Right, Grab      Boot Burst
    Right, Down, Grind     Fire Blaster
    Up, Right, Grab        The Swimmer
    Down, Left, Grind      Scary Grind
    Legal Stuff--
    This FAQ is copyright (c) 2003-2004, Trevor Esposito
    Tony Hawk's Underground is copyright (c) 2003, Neversoft, Activision
    You may not distribute this for profit.  You may not edit or alter the contents
    herein without the permission of the author.
    For now, the only site allowed to post this FAQ is:
    This FAQ and much more can be found at Planet Tony Hawk:
    Hope the FAQ was useful in some form.
    Good luck and have fun!

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