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    Secret Tape FAQ by GameCubeGuy49

    Version: 1.1 | Updated: 11/28/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

     _______                  _    _                _        
    |__   __|                | |  | |              | |       
       | | ___  _ __  _   _  | |__| | __ ___      _| | _____ 
       | |/ _ \| '_ \| | | | |  __  |/ _` \ \ /\ / / |/ / __|
       | | (_) | | | | |_| | | |  | | (_| |\ V  V /|   <\__ \
       |_|\___/|_| |_|\__, | |_|  |_|\__,_| \_/\_/ |_|\_\___/
                       __/ |                                 
     _    _           _                                          _ 
    | |  | |         | |                                        | |
    | |  | |_ __   __| | ___ _ __ __ _ _ __ ___  _   _ _ __   __| |
    | |  | | '_ \ / _` |/ _ \ '__/ _` | '__/ _ \| | | | '_ \ / _` |
    | |__| | | | | (_| |  __/ | | (_| | | | (_) | |_| | | | | (_| |
     \____/|_| |_|\__,_|\___|_|  \__, |_|  \___/ \__,_|_| |_|\__,_|
                                  __/ |                            
    In-Depth Secret Tape Guide v1.1
    By GameCubeGuy49 (Nick Sibilsky)
    Tony Hawk's Underground is copyright 2003 Activision, Inc. and its affiliates.
    This document is completely my work. If you wish to host this guide on another
    site other than gameFAQs.com, you may as long as you give me credit and tell me
    that you are using it via email. My e-mail address is Intrnetfreak49@yahoo.com.
    If you send me an e-mail please be patient as it might take me a while to 
    reply. Now, onto the guide...
    Version History
    v1.0 : 11/11/03 : First version.
    v1.1 : 11/28/03 : Added a few things, mainly the easier way to get onto the
                      roof in Hawaii. If you saw the first version, I had the 
                      "Climb the Hotel" goal method, which is much harder then
                      what it says now. Also I was notified of a different way to
                      get the tape in Vancouver, but I have not been able to test
                      it yet. It will be added soon IF it works when I test it.
    This guide is for the people who want a detailed explanation of how to get the
    secret tapes, not just the tiny ones with very little information at the bottom
    of the walkthroughs. I hope you find it helpful, enjoy!
    Table of Contents
    1) Rating System
    2) Positions & Strategies to get the Secret Tapes
    3) Secret Tape unlockables
    1) Rating System
    Difficulty ratings for section 2:
    *    - Extremely easy
    **   - Fairly easy
    ***  - So-so, will require some skill to collect
    **** - Very difficult, will probably need full stats and skill to get
    2) Positions & Strategies to get the Secret Tapes
    This is how the formats going to be:
    Suggested Stats
    Position & Strategy
    New Jersey
    Difficulty: *
    Stats: None
    The first Secret tape is located under the bridge connecting the main area and 
    The train station. To grab it, get near the bridge on the main area side. Get 
    off your skateboard, and walk onto the grass to the left of the bridge. You
    Should see a small cement walkway that goes under the bridge. Walk slowly, 
    being careful not to fall, and get under the bridge and collect the first 
    secret tape. This is extremely easy to get, but the location is fairly hidden.
    If they hadn't given it away in a cutscene I would of gave it a **.
    Difficulty: **
    Stats: None
    When you enter the level, get to the waterfront. Once you're there, put you back
    to it. Now, the secret tape is on the right hand side of the level, on a thing
    that looks like a billboard. Now you still should be located with your back to
    the waterfront. Move onto the streets, and start moving right. When you hit 
    the corner, turn left. The billboard should be very close now. It is on the 
    sidewalk to the right of the street. Now would be a good time to get off your 
    board and look up. The secret tape is floating on the very top of the
    billboard, and you should be able to spot it from here. The easiest way to get
    it is to move to the back of the billboard. There is a ladder. Climb it. Once
    your up, double jump to the top of the billboard, and grab the tape.
    Difficulty: **
    Stats: None
    When you first start, go straight and slightly left so that you fall into the 
    ditch. Once your in the ditch, move straight. At the end there are some boards
    slanted upwards. Jump off of them, and land on the top of the building. Get off
    your skateboard. You should be able to see the Tape from here; it in between
    2 buildings that are the same height slightly to the left and across the street
    from where you are standing. And you should have noticed that there is a wire
    connecting the building you are standing on and one of those buildings. So now
    all there is to do is jump and grab a hold of the wire, and shimmy up to the 
    building. Once you're up there get above the secret tape and jump into it. 
    Simple as that.
    San Diego
    Difficulty: *
    Stats: None
    Now this is an easy one. From the start, go straight until you hit the road.
    Continue along the road until you hit the first intersection, where you should
    turn left. After this ignore the road, just go straight and up the stairs. From
    here you should be able to see the Tape in the distance straight ahead (and
    above) you. Continue going straight until you reach the platform that the tape
    is floating above, once your there just go through it. On the other side there
    is a quarter pipe, if you were still going straight it is to the right of you.
    Get some speed and go up the quarter pipe, and aim to land on top of the 
    platform. It shouldn't be too difficult. You should have landed on a second 
    quarter pipe on top of the platform. the secret tape is exactly above you now.
    All you need to do is turn around, and go up that exact same quarter pipe,
    grabbing the forth secret tape.
    Difficulty: **
    Stats: None
    For this one, you have to get on top of the hotel. If you have done all of the
    goals in Hawaii then you will know what i am talking about. If not, well I will
    try to explain it. If your back is to the ocean, the hotel is the farthest
    building to the right you can see (it should also be fairly close, and huge).
    There are two pools, and a walkway through the very middle. It IS NOT the pink
    building, which is similar, but is on the left. Ok so lets go from here. Walk
    near the two pools. To the left of them, on the side of the building is a 
    vending machine next to a door. Enter the door, and your on the roof! The tape
    is on a wire that goes from the top of this hotel to the pink hotel. Look 
    around the edge near there until you spot it. Grind it, and collect the tape!
    Difficulty: ****
    Stats: High
    This is probably the most difficult Tape to get. It is located high in the air
    above one of the huge glass domes (there are two of them, both in front of 
    different sides of the hotel. To figure out which one it is, just look up). At
    first glance it is impossible correct? Wrong. See the glass bus station 
    entrance? It is located to the side of the the glass dome. Notice the odd angle
    of the roof. That is going to be your way to the tape. This is what you have to
    do: move farther along the road away from the bus station entrance, and skitch 
    a car. When you're nearing the entrance, let go and turn onto the quarter pipe
    built into the side. Spine transfer, and then launch yourself in the direction
    of the tape, and if you aimed correctly you should get it. This will probably
    take a few tries to master.
    Slam City Jam
    Difficulty: **
    Stats: None 
    This one's fairly easy. The secret tape is in the huge box-shaped scoreboard/
    4 screens thing that is near the center of the level. To get it, from the start
    go down the ramp, and go straight up the other side of the half pipe, and grind
    on the spot lights that are a few feet above. Continue grinding all the way 
    around. When you get to the scoreboard, you will smash through the side and
    grab the secret tape. You shouldn't have any difficulties with this, besides the
    fact that its the only tape completely hidden from view its actually very easy
    to obtain.
    Difficulty: ***
    Stats: None
    The secret tape for this level is located at St. Basil's, the big building that
    sort of looks like a palace. Once you get to it, Get off your skateboard and 
    start climbing. Its fairly self explanatory for the first few levels. Once you
    get to the part where your only option is to climb onto the slanted surface 
    that surrounds the middle pillar is when it starts to get tricky. Once you're on
    the slanted surface, it looks as if there is no way to go. Do you see the 
    platform above that has the railing surrounding it? Well that is where the tape
    is. The only way up there is to jump, and when your against the side of the 
    platform double jump, and grab. Since the platform is thin, this might take a 
    few tries. Once your up there simply grab the tape.
    Hotter Than Hell
    Difficulty: ***
    Stats: High
    The last one. This one is floating above the highest catwalk in the very center
    of the level. To get there, move near the stage-area in the center of the level
    (it's below the catwalk). You can see 3 doors. If you are on the side of the
    stage where the actual concert takes place (Huge KISS in lights) then take the
    right door. If you are on the other side, take the left. Now your up on the 
    catwalk, and if you turn around and look up you can see the tape. So now, get
    some speed (by moving farther away from the tape, and then coming back), and 
    then when you get to the last part of the catwalk that slants up, you have
    to do a boneless (up, up A) off of it so that you get enough air to reach the
    tape. As long as you haven't been ignoring stats the entire game, you should be
    fine. Congrats, you now have collected all the secret tapes!
    3) Secret Tape unlockables
    Amount of tapes  Unlockable
    ---------------  ----------
    3                Video: "Bails 1"
    6                Video: "Bails 2"
    All              Video: "Always Hard"
    Other Info
    Well that's it, thank you for reading my Second FAQ (and first contributed
    work to gameFAQs in over 6 months!).
    In-Depth Secret Tape Guide, copyright 2003 Nick Sibilsky

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